Alright I know this story is way overdue, I was supposed to start it in August, but I've been busy. Anyways, here it is! My first Ace x Bubbles. I was struck by inspiration! Visit my profile to see the poster. Reviews and criticism are adored. I always love to know what I can improve on. Dracori helped me with that quite a bit in True Friend. Although I still suck at commas. Anyhow without further ado.

The white light on the signal across lit up, and she held her sister's hand as she began crossing the street. It was a rush in the city today... but then again maybe it was always like this. Maybe she just never noticed because she was always the one in the car. Always trapped in her house or the school. Maybe it was because she had never walked to the grocery store. She'd only been to the grocery store five times actually. Her father believed it was ridiculous for a young girl like her to even be in the grocery store.

The sound of a loud car slamming brought her back to reality as her eyes widened. Her red headed sister pulled her close. She was terrified at the loud sound of the car that had quickly turned 'round the corner. Could people do that? Was it allowed? She couldn't help but gaze over with her large blue eyes, completely astonished at what she had witnessed.

"Don't look Bubbles..." said her sister. She quickly returned her gaze back to the ground as she solemnly nodded.

"Yes Blossom...sorry Blossom.." she whispered. It was at that moment it begun. Four boys stood by a pole, all wearing unacceptable clothing! According to Blossom at least. Bubbles gazed at them amazed. The boys were wearing loose hanging black pants that were filled with chains. And white colored t-shirts with very rude logos on them. The man in the front was the only one who stood out, he wore the same thing except for the fact that his shirt was completely different. It was Grey with nothing written. Bubbles tore her gaze away, as she held on to her sisters hand more tightly.

"Hey babe what's cookin?" asked the man standing right up front, the rest of them laughed. She jumped up and was about to politely reply when her sister hushed her.

"Bubbles don't talk to them, they aren't at our level, it's forbidden..." she looked up wide eyed and nodded.

"Yes Blossom..sorry Blossom.." she repeated, and gazed at the ground. But that day Bubbles Utonium couldn't help but glance back at the man up front, he was wearing black shades and his jet black hair was down. He seemed...different. She shook her head and gazed at the ground for the rest of the walk home.


This was just a teaser, I'm evil that way. Let me know if I should continue with this! I love all suggestions. Thanks!