"So what?! You think you can just go around and do as you-"

"Why yes, yes I can.."

The simpleness of his tone, and the hint of boredom clearly showing in his eyes made the blond want to punch his nuts right there! Of course, she would never admit that, in fact, she hadn't even known about it until one day Buttercup decided to enlighten her with the information. Enough of that though, right now Bubbles was in a situation that was far more...nerve racking. She struggled once more to get her hand out of his tight grasp, but only managed to end up stumbling and leaning into him. The innocent one didn't really understand much of the awkward position, nor did she understand how this was quite a...well...intimate position. She simply focused on channeling the anger building up inside of her per second.

"Ace!" Her voice was came out as a loud squeaky shriek as she continued struggling. This made him quite uncomfortable, for the first time since highschool's drop out year, Ace felt a certain heat in his body. He ignored it and finally let go of her wrist.

"About time..." mumbled Bubbles as she looked down ad her wrist and started observing it to make sure there was no damage done.

"Look here princess, you gotta, no, you have to eat those damned vegetables. You don't just walk out on Ace when he's trying to tell you something." Ace's tone was a very tired one as he rubbed his temples and leaned against the small kitchen counter.

"First of all, I don't have to do anything. Second, your cooking isn't really all that pleasant. And third, what are you my dad?!" her eyes were filled with rage as she glared up towards him.

Ace let out a deep chuckle as he eyed her with amusement, simply staring at her face for a moment before speaking.

"First of all, my house my rules. Second, my cooking's all you gotta live and survive with, and I need you alive so tough luck. Third, god forbid the day that I become anything like your father."

Her gaze softened as she went over to the table and sat on one of the old creaky chairs.

"What...what do you hold against him?" she whispered

"What do you hold against him?"

A question for a question, interesting. But Bubbles was left speechless, did she hold something against her father? Ace's question echoed through out her head for the entire night...

"And for such a tragedy to occur in the famous Utonium house, and that also to the princess of the group is a tragedy,"

"Oh but Suzy my dear"

Blossom snapped out of her trance as the television was turned off abruptly, she turned her head a bit only to find an infuriated Buttercup. Her jaws were obviously clenched and it looked as though today would be the death of their poor remote control.

"Stop watching these dumbasses on T.V." She muttered before throwing the remote across the room and making her way up the stairwell.

"But isn't this what you've always wanted?"

Buttercup paused as she was halfway up, only to stare down at the red head in disbelieve.

"What makes you think that I would want that?" She yelled down, her hands now had a strong hold on the stairwell's wooden railing.

The room which was dimly lit became filled with silence before the sound of small sobs finally came through.

"Just stop with the fucking crying! It's not going to change anything, sure we were never really the best of friends but that doesn't mean I'm happy with this. Go bullshit over to your asshole of a boyfriend."

Surely enough the television talk show was long forgotten, both sisters knew that this was something entirely different.

"This is so cool!"

Butch rubbed his temples as he leaned against his room's rough door, why was he here again? No rather, why was she here?

"Ace, ya owe me big time..." he muttered as he eyed the bubbly teen once more.

"For what? Your shirts that were probably two bucks? Yeah I'll pay ya that..." he replied with a smirk as he too diverted his gaze towards the short blond who looked like a little kid on christmas day. She was dressed in Butch's old collared shirt, and it looked more like a night gown then a shirt. Her measly body was obviously not going to fit well in a shirt that belonged to an overly tall and muscular guy like Butch. But she just seemed so happy, for some odd reason. She kept on looking at the shirt as though it was some sort of a strange device that was going to make chocolate pop out of nowhere.

"What's so fucking amazing hon?" Said Ace, finally breaking the silence.

"Oh well, this shirt doesn't have any traces of cologne or perfume on it and it's not Gucci or Armani, I've never worn a guy's piece of clothing that's not gucci or armani, this is amazing!! And it's so rough and torn up, brilliant, and I don't even get scolded for wearing it!! Plus it's not a coat, it's a shirt!"

Her eyes were filled with excitement and they were both forced to arch their eyebrows and stare at her in amusement.

"What the hell?"

"She's Utonium's kid," mumbled Ace, his tone darkening.

"Oh." Butch was suddenly quiet, he knew that it wouldn't be wise to speak right now. Ace had his arms crossed across his chest, finally he broke the silence by half singing an old line from a song he'd once heard.

"And it's drivin' her mama crazy, 'cause daddy's little girl is now my baby..."