hmfan: I'm a freshman now. I'm working on a real novel... So I decided to make my first collection of oneshots. They'll grow, but I hope they're good. Some will be cannon, some will be AU. Some won't even focus on SasuHina. Some may focus on their children. Just read this's twisted fluff. I'm sure everyone loves twisted fluff.

Take My Heart and Break It

Rejection is the ultimate form of pain. The second I heard my heart shatter, I nearly collapsed. Even now, it's hard to move forward, literally. I was supposed to be training. There's a mission tomorrow. But now my body was falling faint. I wouldn't fall. That'd be too kind of my fate. Allowing the darkness to consume me was my only escape. I couldn't die, I simply had to rid of my source of pain. My heart was still racing, and my head grew red with heat.

I'd have to rid of my heart.

The first person I saw, was the coldest in all of Konoha. Presumably, he was colder than my father. He was training, and I knew this was the worse time possible to approach him. However, next to suicide, pursuing him would be second.

Without love, lust, or infatuation, I'd be able to survive any blow he threw at me. What was his name? "Sasuke!" I yelled out to him, he glanced over, gritting his teeth, and continued training, "Sasuke, I...need a favor."

He walked over to the tree he threw the kunai into, and leaned his forehead into it, closing his eyes, "What is it, Hyuuga? If you know anything about me, you know I don't like my training being interrupted." I nodded, and he looked no where, but took out the kunai with impressing strength, "I don't know why you would be talking to me...again."


He smirked, nodding, "Long ago, in the Academy, I said something rude to you." His eyebrow rose, allowing his eyes to open, "You don't remember?"

I shook my head, "We've met a few times, Sasuke, but that doesn't matter, right now..."

"I thought you'd never speak with me again." I didn't understand his tone, but he continued, his voice low, "You stopped coming along with your father to the meetings, and your voice became softer."

Truthfully, I have nothing against this Uchiha. I didn't agree with how he treated my fellow kunoichi, but he never spoke to me. After a certain point, I just lost intrigue in him, "I didn't mean anything personal, my mother died. I talked to no one."

Sasuke looked over to me, and came closer, "What was it you wanted?"

I switched to my serious face, "Take my heart and break it, please. You seem to be so good at it."

His smirk turned into a quiet laugh, then into a smile, then into a grin. At that momeny my heart stopped, but he kept laughing. "You, Hyuuga," he said, mockingly. People are so weird when they're out of character, "you're the heart-breaker." Me? I pointed to myself, heart beating rapidly. His expression reverted back to a smirk, "Your family is so protective, there are few ninja that can get close to you."

"Take me, please, now. I wish to be deflowered by you."

At this second, I felt like I was in a shojo. He stopped laughing, and I looked him dead in the eye, but he averted. He continued looking at the ground. I was hesitant to continue, but I need my heart's shards to dissolve. It was killing me. And yet, the sound of silence between us was uncomfortable within itself. "Hyuuga," he said, in a low tone, "you're innocent, but I'm not far off from you."

"You're the only one." I said, trying to make my voice more womanly and mature.

He scoffed, "Don't say that!" I jumped a little, but he glared at me, "I know your feelings for Naruto, but did you know my feelings for you?" This feeling was all but familiar, "I loved you, but you couldn't love me. Now you're asking to lay in bed with me?" It wasn't rejection, it was rejecting, "Were you too shy to ask Naruto?"

My eyes widened, whispering, "He's with someone else now, I couldn't intrude on his happiness."

"You're looking to be comforted or something?" he mumbled comprehensively, "I'm just as quiet as you."

"I have certain needs..."

"I'll sleep with you if you need me," he tucked his kunai into his pocket. He was pissed, "I'll make you smile if I'm the only one. I've been waiting, so I'm eager."

I blushed, holding my hand to my chin. It wasn't supposed to be this hard. He wasn't supposed to feel, "I remember now." I remembered what he said, I remember spending time with him. As I saw him blush, as I heard nothing from him, as I felt frozen by his presense, I remember everything about him. "When we were little, and waited outside the council room, you'd kick your legs back and forth. Your hair looked funny like it does now."

Two children sat on a bench outside the council room. Kids ran down the street, playing. The little girl, was blushing softly, almost constantly. The little boy kicked his legs back and forth, looking up to the sky. Neither of them were concerned about the meeting.

"Where did Itachi-san go?" asked the girl.

The boy shrugged, "Aniki went inside to the meeting, Daddy won't let me in."

The girl nodded, her voice was soft, but not quiet like the boy's. A hyuuga flame was on the back of her tank top, and she frowned. For whatever reason, she had a fascination with the heir of the Uchiha.

The boy's voice had a low tone, he didn't speak much, so it was far from hoarse, "Why do you always blush?"

"I don't know. Why are you kicking you legs?" She rebutted politely, smiling.

"Don't do that." he ordered, "You don't insult people with a smile."

She crossed her arms, "I can insult people however I want!" He blushed, feeling his heart beat faster. His legs began to kick faster, "See, now you're kicking your legs and blushing." She giggled, pointing at his legs, "Are you nervous or something?"

His eyebrows furrowed, and he smirked at the girl, "It's a work-out, and m-my face is getting red! Aniki taught it to me."

"Well if you can kick your legs, I can kick them faster." She began kicking her legs, sticking out her tongue. "Hyuugas are built for agility." She managed to surpass the young Uchiha's speed.

He tried keeping up, and eventually his entire face turned red. Looking over he noted, her face wasn't even red. Although his legs didn't make much sound, he wasn't catching up to her.

At the same time, Hinata grew tired faster, and yawned, "Did I win?"

Sasuke shook his head, "No." He said, crossing his arms.

She laid down on the bench, "Wake me up when they come out."

Sasuke stared at her, blushing, she was so peaceful to look at. He'd never felt this feeling before.

Itachi came out before Fugaku and Hiashi. He smirked over at Sasuke, who was in a daze, "Look, father, sensei." He was the only one amused by Sasuke's discovery, "Maybe a union between our clans is in the making."

Fugaku, rolled his eyes, "Nonsense, son, we plan to wed Sasuke to another, stronger clan"

Hiashi smirked, "Besides, there's no way my daughter would be interested in a Hyuuga."

"But father, Sasuke's in love." Itachi, of course, was only ten at the time, "Sasuke, do you want to marry the Hyuuga heiress?" Itachi's curiousity was a trait he could not control.

Sasuke looked up, in shock, with a blush, "I don't like girls, especially not Hyuugas!" His exclamation woke Hinata up.

Itachi's eyes widened, and Fugaku was embarrassed by the statement. Hiashi, however enjoyed this small window of insulting, "Looks like it'll be hard to reproduce your clan, huh?"

"Don't say that, Sasuke!" Itachi held up a fist, grasping the little hope he had for his brother's future love life, "There's nothing wrong with falling in love."

"Shut up, Itachi. Let's go home before you two embarrass me further!"

Hinata didn't realize anything around her, and was able to dismiss her encounter. However, Sasuke would remember this for a while.

Things didn't go how I expected. We had a conversation, about our few times together. He told me everything, like we'd never see each other again. I told him everything, like we've known each other forever. We ended up walking around the town, but it was different -- a lot different than walking alone

There were many quiet times, but it was as if we were still talking.

He opened up, and didn't seem as cold. Until, of course, we ran into people we knew, then he turned back into a jack ass. However, as soon as they were unseen, he'd smile and laugh. His questions were kind of childish like, "Do you like the color blue?" or "Do you watch Dragon Ball Z?" and even the way he said, "What did you see in Naruto?" made him seem like he was five years old.

I was just as childish. When others saw us together, I'd cling to him, watching him glare them away. From the angle I was, it was amusing enough to giggle. He'd answer what ever I asked, like, "Did he ever enter the Hyuuga Estate?" or "Where did you play when you were a kid?"

Everything was fine until I asked, "Why are you so cold to other girls, and not cold to me?" The moment I said it, I felt stupid.

That'd require him to be too personal, "Because you live, as long as you do, I can't see myself with another girl." He said, with a straight face.

I nodded.

The day went on, it seemed to last forever. Each step we took, we became closer, and my heart skipped a beat. Our hands, soon, were touching, and I felt as if we were walking somewhere grand. However each time I asked him, he'd reply with a, "Hn."

After stopping at a bar, I felt myself grow tipsy. The sun was setting, and we were nearing our destination, according to Sasuke. In my state, would he take me to his apartment? Not to say, I wouldn't be okay with that. This was a life-changing walk, to say the least. "I'm falling for you, Sasuke." He didn't comment. "I'm not drunk, I know what I'm saying." I grew angry, "I'm falling for you, so you better catch me soon. That's a threat, Uchiha."

He smirked, rustling my hair, and holding me close to him, "I'm already here to catch you, Hyuuga. Just as long as you come."

We reached a field of flowers, and fireflies. It only added to my disorientation. This fast? Or had he planned it? The moon, the stars, everything was present in the sky. We lie against a tree. I felt good in his arms, "Thanks."

"How's your heart, Hyuuga, gone, yet?"

"No, it's full. Thanks a lot, Uchiha." I giggled rubbing my face into Sasuke's shirt.

The only explanation for the pace, The sole reason for my face, The definition of my heart that begins to race, Why everything he does is of charm and grace, How he's the first man I can't seem to replace, how our souls seemed now to lace, how we zoomed across second and third base, how none of this brought any disgrace, was all clear to me after a single embrace.

It was, indeed, a walk to remember.

hmfan: If only, if only, this weren't a oneshot... I rushed the ending, in fear, I'd want to write forever.I might add a prequel and sequel later on, but I have so many other themes in my mind. Fluff is always good to start off with. How about that? An angsty AU is what I'll shoot for next. In the SasuHina fanclub, we were talking about what we dislike about fanfiction. This information was very useful for a writer, and I tried to keep them in character as much as I could. I've been wanting to put a young Itachi in my story since I read the manga, so excuse me if he destroys your picture of him as a child. Not everyone is eternally cold and aloof. Until next time, Zai Jian.

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