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He was sweaty.

He was nervous.

He was red in the face.

He was breathing hard.

He was staring at me.

"You probably can't tell this and I don't know what your answer will be and I have no idea what's compelled me to say this now, but I love you. Marry me, Hinata!" the Uchiha took me into his arms and held me tightly. I could feel all his emotions through his touch. Sasuke would take care of me, like he had been doing since we met. I had a feeling that it'd never stop. Days had gone by and I wondered why he looked at me the way he did - warm then cold then warm again.

Before this confession, I had no idea he felt the way he did about me. Up until now, there was no hint that any romance could have bloomed between us. I was grateful, however, and submissive towards his passionate plea. As I felt his arms around me, I felt feelings reciprocating his. Were these real or just a reflex?

"You're...crying." He let go. My skin tightened. "Shit! Sorry."

I was crying? I touched my wet cheeks and let out a giggle. The giggle grew into a chuckle and soon became a laugh. Why does he care so much? I looked to him, still laughing, confusion took over his face. It didn't suit him either, so I laughed harder. He let out a sigh of relief and took a seat at the end of the bed.

"Hn, so are you going to give me an answer? Don't just stand there and laugh at me...hehe." he ran his fingers through his hair and looked away from me. He mumbled, "I sacrificed a lot of pride...but at least you're not crying."

This Sasuke was different from the one I knew long ago. He was different from the Sasuke I knew just a few moments ago. Perhaps this was him at his weakest point and he only showed this side to me. I walked up to him, trembling. My knees buckled to the floor and I laid my head down on his lap. He flinched at first, but then warmed to stroke my head with his hand. "Sasuke-kun?" I never called him by his first name before.

He hesitated answering, "Y-Yeah?"

"I don't know what I want to call us in the future - married, dating, friends, or what - but I don't want to change the way you make me feel. I want it to grow and I want to be closer to you. That's the only thing I know I want with you." I sat up, wrapping my arms around his torso and leaned into him. He squirmed. I looked him in the eyes and he looked away and back at me, nervously, "Please make love to me, Sasuke-kun."

He made love to me.

hmfan: Maybe this could be an alternate ending to chapter 6's Invisible. I've fallen for someone else since then and this was sort of based on that. Anyway, like I said, my schedule is busy. I hope I'm able to write more, but lately I've been working on my webcomic. So to all my fans, "Thanks a ton."