Last of Her Kind

Last of Her Kind


Returning to the feudal era from a break at home, Kagome stumbles upon a severely wounded InuYoukai with her pup. The Inu is dying, and the wounds are too severe for Kagome to heal them. At the female's request Kagome adopts the pup as her own and forms a blood blond with him. During this, the Inu tells Kagome that her kind will die out for she is the last female of the InuYoukai kind.

Kagome is mortified by this tidbit of information and is desperate to help. The Inu is surprised a Miko would help a demon, but tells Kagome the only way to save her kind. A female human must willingly change into a female Inu. Kagome agrees to the drastic measures. The Inu doesn't have enough power to do this painlessly, so it is excruciating for Kagome. In the end, Kagome is changed and the Inu dies. Kagome is the very last female Inu, and her new demonic powers working alongside her Miko powers draws the attention of many male demons. Including a certain Ice Prince. But Kagome's two sons, Shippo and Takai, arnt willing to share their Momma. Sess/Kag


Chapter 1: The Last

A young girl climbed out of an old dried up well. Her raven black hair waved in the slight summer's breeze and the patched up yellow backpack looked ready to burst.

"InuYasha is going to kill me! I'm three days late" Once her feet were on the ground she started running towards the village. Her long legs were well muscled from the constant fights and fleeing from demons. Her sword training with Sango has strengthened her upper body. She is no longer that weak ningen onna that was pulled into the well three years ago today.

But some things still don't change. Kagome and InuYasha are still at each others throats when InuYasha acts like an idiot. Miroku will always say it was his 'cursed' hand that rubs Sango's butt and it has a will of its own. And InuYasha throws a huge temper tantrum whenever Kagome is late.

But in contrast to three years ago, Kagome adopted the young Kitsune Shippo and formed the blood bond she heard about from an elderly Miko in another village. Kagome doesn't have that schoolgirl crush on InuYasha anymore; he is more like a brother to her then anything else. Miroku gave Sango an engagement ring that Kagome bought for him to make sure that Sango knew that Miroku was dead serious about marrying her after the final battle. It was so Kawaii!

At the moment, Kagome had slowed down to a walk. Even without InuYasha's sense of smell, she could smell the rusty, metallic smell of blood. If she could smell it, then there must be a lot of it.


Kagome walked slowly, and kept her senses open. No ill intent could be sensed, but pain, suffering, desperation, and the need to protect could be. Her eyes widen as she looked around. Blood was splattered on the surrounding trees, there was also claw marks everywhere. 'This had to have been some fight' Kagome mused as she followed the bloodied drag marks on the ground.

They led to the clearing where Goshinbou, The God tree, stood tall and proud among the short oaks, pines, and maples. Sitting on the gnarled roots was an InuYoukai. She was bloodied and holding a bloodstained bundle. Kagome approached slowly, she didn't know how hurt Inu's would act when approached by a stranger but she did know how stray dogs acted when they were hurt and had pups. They growled and tried to attack to protect their pups even if they were dying, females were like that; protecting their family fiercely.

She reached the furthest root away from the tree before the Inu looked up at her and snarled. Pale blue eyes flashing red the Inu kept snarling as Kagome inched closer.

"It's ok, Im not going to hurt you. I want to help you and your pup" Kagome slowly made her way up the twisted roots. She sent out a calming aura to the obviously wounded youkai.

"Why would a Miko want to help me, a demon" The demoness spat. Kagome wasn't fazed by this at all. Most demons she helped were scared of her when she first met them because they were afraid that she would purify them straight to hell. Taking a few more steps forward she was only stopped by the females threatening snarls.

"This Miko is not like the others. I do not purify Demons without a good reason. Not all demons are bad, and you know what I am saying to be true. I know InuYoukai can tell just by scent if someone is lying" Kagome walked straight up to the demoness and kneeled down, balancing on the balls of her feet.

"You speak as if you have met InuYoukai before. What is your name Miko?" The demoness was no longer snarling, but curiosity was visible in the pale blue pools. The wounds were still bleeding heavily, and were all over her body. The worst was right on her chest, it was staining the pup's blanket.

"I travel with an Inu Hanyou and I've met his older half brother who is a pureblooded Inu." Kagome smiled at the Demoness, trying to reassure her that she meant no harm. "I'm Kagome, and you are?"

The demoness' eyes widened slightly and she bowed her head. Kagome was confused as to why an Inu demoness would bow to her.

"You are the Shikon Miko! You travel with Lord Sesshoumaru's half brother InuYasha. It is an honor to meet you. I am Kirai, and this is my pup; Takai-Sachi." 'Hate' and 'Death Wish'? Those sound like names an Inu would name their children.

"It would be even more of an honor if you allowed me to heal your wounds." Kagome gently moved Kirai into a laying position, careful not to touch Takai. Female demons are scary protective of their young and Kagome didn't want to be sliced in half for accidentally brushing against the little one. Kirai winced in pain and looked up at Kagome with forlorn eyes.

"My wounds are too deep to be healed. They have been there for to long" Kagome's eyes welled up with tears as she brushed the demoness' silvery red hair out of her face. Still wanting to try, Kagome placed her hand on Kirai's forehead and the other on her upper chest, not touching the pup; Kagome's hands were engulfed in a calm blue light and she proceeded to try to heal the severest wounds.

After several minutes, the only thing Kagome could do was give Kirai another hour of suffering to be with her son. Kagome hadn't felt so weak since she came out of the well the first time. Tears spilled over and Kagome looked into the eyes of the pup. Stormy grey met Navy blue. 'I'm Sorry young one' Kagome muffled a sob when she looked back into the eyes of the pup's mother.

"Im sorry Kirai, I just gave you a few more suffering hours with Takai. I should have listened to you." She picked up Kirai's bloodied hand and held it in her own. The demoness smiled weakly up at her.

"You could have just purified me and got it over with. Instead you attempted to save me, for that I thank you. I would like you to do me a favor." Kagome nodded, wondering what Kirai wanted her to do. "I would like you to take in Takai like you did for the fox kit. He deserves to grow up with a kind soul"

"NANI! I wouldn't be able to train him in his demonic abilities. I am no demon." Kagome stared wide eyed at the woman in front of her. This female demon, this female INU demon was asking her to take her pup and raise him as her own.

"I don't care; I will be able to rest in peace knowing that he has a good mother figure taking care of him. Please Kagome; He will die once I die if he doesn't have some one to care for him" Kirai really cared for her pup and wanted him to be safe. Kagome numbly nodded and picked up the boy. Tired pale blues eyes watched as Kagome carefully pricked the pup's skin on his forehead and did the same to her own. Pressing the two marks together before they could heal up she mixed their blood together; bonding her by blood to him as she had done to Shippo. Her mark; a pink teardrop, appeared on the spot.


I am your adopted mother. But I will take care of you as if you were my own.

Then you will be my momma the minute my real momma passes on.

Takai's advanced intelligence surprised Kagome. She stared down at the pup that was snuggling close to her breast and falling asleep. Kirai had heard the conversation between the two and was smiling to her self. She reached a clawed hand and brushed the boy's hair from his eyes with motherly gentleness.

"My only regret is that eventually the Inu population shall die out" Kagome's head snapped up and she regarded Kirai with worry.

"What do you mean?" She set the pup down on his mother's abdomen and stared into Kirai's eyes. Pale blue clashed with stormy grey; the latter challenging the other to tell her. Kirai sighed and slowly, but painfully pulled herself back into the sitting position against the trunk of the God Tree.

"I will tell you a story. Listen carefully." Kirai took a deep, slightly labored breath.


About a year ago, something or someone has been killing off the females of the InuYoukai. Those who stood in its way were obliterated and left no trace except for the bodies them selves.

A small band of females escaped the Western Lands in hope of actually continuing their lives. I was a part of that band, along with my mate and Takai. We were able to survive hidden away deep in forests away from all other demons and humans.

The peace did not last.

It was only a few weeks ago that four of our females and their growing daughters were found dead. We panicked and fled. There were only two full grown females left, me and another, and my mate and my son. Her twin daughters had been caught in the slaughter long before.

It didn't take long for whatever was killing us off to find us. In the battle, I lost my mate and my last female companion. Poor Hikari sacrificed herself to save me; she wanted to see her daughters and her beloved in the after life.

My mate, Kuro, was killed protecting me. I felt so useless as I fled. I lost everything, my mate and my closest friend and I couldn't do a damn thing about it. My son Takai is my last tie to this world. The drive for his safety kept me alive the last month.

We lived off of small ground animals, and we drank water from every source we could find. It was during this time that I realized I was the last female of my kind; the Inu Youkai race was going to die out.

It was just yesterday that they caught me. I hid Takai in a hollow made by the roots of this tree and faced them further away so he would not be found. There were so many, I am proud to say that I caught them unaware and took out at least three before they got a hit on me.

Powerful demons they were. All bearing the mark of a spider on their back. The closed in and attacked. I was terrified and was in so much pain. They left me to die; I had nothing left except for Takai. I used my last strength to drag myself here and spend my last moments with him. I have been here since early this morning.


Kirai's breathing was labored and slow. She wasted too much energy telling the story. Kagome wanted to help; but she didn't know how. Then it hit her…

'Powerful demons they were. All bearing the mark of a spider on their back'

"Naraku" Kagome whispered viscously. He was the only demon, HALF-DEMON, who could have done this.

"How is that hanyou connected to this" the question came out in one gasp of air. Kirai was in her very last couple of minutes.

"All of his spawn wear the mark of a spider on their backs" Kagome explained, "He has to be the one behind this. I feel so bad; it is my fault the jewel shattered and he is terrorizing everyone."

Kirai just looked confused.

"I want to help your kind! I will do anything to help save the Inu Youkai! Just tell me how" Kagome set Takai on a cradle shaped branch and grabbed the demoness's hands.

"There is only one way…but you are a Miko. It wouldn't work, or shouldn't work." Kirai looked into Kagome's eyes, searching for something.

"Tell me! I want to help! It's for the good of your race and its will be good for Takai"

"The only way to save my race is…if a human female willingly decides to become an Inu Youkai"

Kagome gasped. In order to help, she would have to give up her humanity; and possibly her miko powers.

But it was her fault that Naraku is so strong. Kagome's eyes filled with determination and she grinned down at the Youkai.

"I'll do it"

"Are you sure? The transformation will undoubtly be extremely painful"

"I don't care, just change me! I don't want Naraku to achieve his goals. And this way, it will easier to defeat him"

"Ok then. I need you to lie on your back and relax."

Kagome did as she was told. To tell the truth she was scared shitless; but she still thought it was her fault that Naraku was even here.

Kirai scooted closer and used a bloody claw to make a long gash down her arm. She then smeared her own blood into the gash and closed her eyes pouring some of her youkai into her body to heal it.

An intricate black design was left wear the gash was.

"It signifies what you once were, who changed you, and it looks gorgeous" Kirai managed a small smile before laying a hand on Kagome's heart and the other on her head; almost like when Kagome was trying to heal her. She recited ancient words long forgotten.

Take My Power; Take My Soul.

I give this willing human the bonds of a Youkai.

Grant her the power of immortality and grace.

Great Gods, give this girl the power of an Inu.

Bless her with the last of my life to ensure that our race continues.

Give her our instincts and the power of the Beast.

Our Language

Our Power

Our Instincts

My everything.

My son.

Change this mortal to a Youkai.

Forever more.

Kagome and Kirai began glowing a fiery red. It was concentrated around Kagome's body and Kirai's hands. Kirai was sweating from all of the power being forced into Kagome's body. It slowly started to dissipate and Kirai slumped backward, exhausted and dying rapidly by the second.

"Thank you Kagome…" were her last heartfelt words.

Kagome's eyes flashed open as she heard the last words of Kirai before squeezing them tightly shut and screaming in pain. It was excruciating.

Let us all hope you don't have to feel your own bones being lengthened, new powers surfacing, your ears changing, add in the growth of claws and fangs.

Kagome's back arched and let out another pain filled scream. Her hair grew longer, as long as Sesshoumaru's. Red and silver streaks appeared throughout the ebony locks. Her shiny new claws sparkled like deadly diamonds.

Her screams turned into desperate howls. They were heart wrenching sounds, making all the forest creatures want to comfort the pained demoness. A group of two humans, a two-tailed Neko, a Kitsune pup, and a Hanyou heard the sound while they waited for their Miko friend to return, and moved to investigate.

Kagome's howls died down into whimpers. The pain was residing and she could hear the comforting sounds of her pup.

Mama? Im scared…why are you hurt? It will be ok.

Its fine Takai, I am no longer hurting. I actually feel…powerful.

You smell like Youkai now…I think Kirai-mama did that.

She did.

Kagome slowly sat up and looked down at the other demoness. She closed the unseeing pale blue eyes and brushed the blood off her face.

"Your welcome" she whispered with silent tears running down her face. She picked up Kirai with her newfound strength and laid her in the soft grass at the base of the tree. She collected Takai and laid him on his birth mothers chest.

"I won't fail you Kirai. I will help save the Inu race and I will see that Takai-Sachi grows up good and strong" Kagome whimpered. She felt bad that she robbed the Demoness of her last moments, but she knew it was necessary.

"Miroku! Sango! It's a demoness, and she has killed another one and her pup. Defensive positions" InuYasha's voice rang out. Kagome picked up the whimpering Takai and turned around; her eyes bleeding red and a protective snarl sounded the area.

Sango had her Hiraikotsu positioned across her back with her hand on its handle strap thing. Miroku had his hand on beads that kept the Wind Tunnel in line while Kirara and Shippo were staying back. InuYasha of course was wielding his great sword, the destructive Tetsusaiga.

"Who are you" Sango called out while Shippo took a couple of test sniffs, a confused look crossing his face.

"You don't recognize me? That makes me feel so sad" Kagome was mocking them slightly. She knew she must look different but she didn't know exactly HOW different, "Surely InuYasha your sense of smell hasn't faded. Or yours Shippo"

She held back a laugh when realization dawned on her adopted Kits face. It was priceless.


The excited Kitsune launched himself at Kagome who caught him in the arm that wasn't holding Takai.

"I knew you would figure it out. Shippo I want you to meet your new little brother Takai-Sachi. Takai, honey, meet Shippo."

The two brothers connected instantly and started talking in Inu, something Shippo learned from listening to InuYasha.

"You can't be Kagome! She was a human, you're a demon. You're just an imposter" InuYasha growled pointing at her with his sword.

"Oh really? SIT! How DARE you say that! I may have changed but I know for a fact that my scent hasn't. You always said I smelt like the forest after a rain storm, and I still smell like that. Don't I Shippo"

"Yes Mama, except the scent of lilies is present. Isn't that the smell of Demoness who is still a virgin? I think Papa said that once"

"What?! I didn't know that. Miroku touch me and I will send you to hell" Kagome growled teasingly at the monk who had snuck over was getting ready to grope her.

"Who is the dead demoness behind you" Sango asked relaxing her position.

"It's Kirai, Takai's real mother. She was killed by Narakus minions. He had been killing off all the female Inu's. She was the last one; until I willingly gave up my humanity" Kagome explained with barely suppressed rage. Her thoughts centered on murdering Naraku in a very graphic way, "I want to bury her here and then I need to go see Ayame. She may be able to help me learn to calm myself down and stop thinking of killing Naraku in the most graphic ways…Its kind of annoying me."

"It must be your inner beast. It wants revenge for the unforgivable crimes. Im surprised your still in control; I would have thought you would have killed us when we appeared. You must still have some Miko powers helping you control it." Miroku nodded scratching his chin in a thoughtful way.


"I refuse to go jewel hunting until I have full control of my new demonic powers. I am not taking the risk of killing you guys" Kagome snarled. She turned away from them and began walking towards the Eastern Mountains where Koga's den was located. He would know where Ayame was.

Who was that Mama? Takai yipped. He was very curious to why his Mama felt so angry towards the strange Hanyou.

InuYasha, my Hanyou companion who will no longer put me down about my power. She snarled. She was the one thing he wanted to be most, a full demon. So of course, he was going to be an ass about it.

Put him in his place. WE are superior! Make him respect us!

You must be my beast

Damn Straight

Well shut up and explain anything you can about my new powers.


Kagome spoke with her beast while her boys chatted away, and the others followed behind her.


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