Title: Rebirth

Author: Passionate Crow Rat

Rating: M

Main Pairings: Kagome/Itachi/Naruto/Sasuke

Side Pairings: Kagome/Gaara, Kagome/Neji, Sakura/Lee, Kaede/Sarutobi

The side pairings are subject to grow, as the fiction progresses, but the main pairings (a.k.a: The Harem) will never, ever ever change.

Warnings: Some harsh language. Mature content. Kagome decides play around, so to speak. Some bromance between Sasuke and Naruto. O.o

Summary: The twisted truth is out. Sasuke doesn't see Kagome as his sister, but as his possession. He desires her, and Naruto does as well. But they aren't the only ones. A certain weasel has staked his claim. What Uchiha Itachi wants: Uchiha Itachi will get.

Disclaimer: I wish I own both series, but sadly, I do not. However, Izanagi is still mine. I doubt anyone else wants him anyhow, seeing as he's an ugly, flesh eating bird. The bizarre plot that will continue to show itself also comes from my twisted imagination. Lets not forget about my muses/beta(s) that also feed me brain food on a regular basis.

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Chapter Twenty-Nine: Liar, Liar

"I miss the stupid kitsune." Naruto pouted pathetically. He was whining about like sad little puppy.

Sasuke could only furrow his brows at the mention of the godlike bijuu, "Stop whining and man up."

Naruto puffed his chest out and cracked his knuckles. Fine. At the very least he'd stop complaining about his minor aches and pains however, "How about you lift your shirt up and let me sock you a few times. Then you can tell me to man up, teme." He just had to get the last say in.

"Hn." The young Uchiha dismissed him with a grunt and chose to study the closed door. His so-called sister had been hiding away in there for far to long. Nevertheless he couldn't barge in and drag her out. That would result in another Katon no Jutsu to the ass and really… he didn't plan on suffering such embarrassment again.

Before he did anything rash, he would have to fix the damage that he had done between them and he would have to do it quickly. She wasn't the type of female that held on to a grudge too long, but the idea of having her angry with him for a moment longer wasn't setting well with him.

Let's not forget that at this point, Naruto had a major advantage and there was no way in hell he would to lose to the idiot.

Speaking of the blond…

He spied a calculating glance at his teammate.

Naruto hadn't bothered to shut his trap. The blue-eyed brat was still whining about his longing for the Kyuubi no Kitsune. The idiot was attached to the beast. His dependence on the beast ran so deep that he couldn't manage to fight properly on his own. Even Sasuke could admit that there was a time when Naruto relied on his own powers, his own skills, and his own abilities to the fullest.

However, now he used the foxes red chakra at the drop of a dime. Power was alluring, he knew that more then anyone else, but the Kyuubi could not be trusted. Naturally, his thoughts quickly traveled to the merger between him and the damned demon and his expression grew into an icy glare. The beast was a scheming liar who desired power just as much as he did. There was no way that he could believe the creature didn't have an ulterior motive- one that involved his female and his jewel.

Before he could bite his tongue the words spilled from his mouth in a fraction of second, "Naruto. Listen to me when I tell you what to do," the blond gazed up at him with both confusion and curiosity, "Don't trust that bijuu. It's better that its powers stay blocked from your reach." He continued firmly, his obsidian eyes locked with tensed blue. "I don't trust the thing and neither should you."

Naruto was nibbled at the skin of his cheeks, his eyes veiled with doubt. He was taking his friend's words into careful consideration. Sasuke… the cold bastard did make sense. He made… perfect sense to say the least. How many times had the kitsune urged him into aggression? All it took was a taste of the demon's chakra and he was overcome with animalist hunger. A hunger for violence and mayhem-

The red chakra was alluring and addicting… the power he gained from it made him feel as if he could conquer the world.

It made him feel as if he could protect his family from ANY foe that came their way. That snake was a perfect example of this. If he'd been able to tap into the power of all nine tails he would have been able to crush the freak with swat of the wrist!

His team would have never ended up in the predicament that they'd been in.


That didn't change the fact that the bijuu chakra made it hard for him to think clearly. When high off the demons power, he usually let the fox lead him. Kyuubi's devilish suggestions always seemed to make total sense at the time. It wasn't until after the taste of chakra had left his mouth that he would began to doubt his actions.

Even now, he couldn't help but think that he should have kept his mouth shut back when they were in the forest. That he should of ignored the fox and waited until after the exams ended to bring up Sasuke desires for Kagome. If he had of waited then perhaps things wouldn't be so stressed now?

Naruto shoulders were slumped, he felt as if a heavy load had been forced upon him. It was so hard to decide what was best. On one hand, he just wanted to keep those he cared about safe and Kyuubi was his best bet at that. On the other hand? The fox was aggressive and probably insane. When he was under the influence of the beast he became the same. "Sometimes I trust him and sometimes I don't." he admitted hesitantly, his eyes locking with his rival, "but the charka... you've seen what I can do! If I could just control myself, I could do anything. You and Kagome… you'd never be hurt by anyone ever again. It's that powerful and I know you understand power."

Sasuke crossed his arms over his chest and mockingly scoffed, "Power?" he parroted, "Of course I understand, power. I understand that better then you, but that doesn't change the fact that the beast is up to something."

The Uchiha was quite sure that he knew what that something was.

'The Shikon No Tama. It wants the jewel.'

The Kyuubi no Kitsune was beyond old. The creature was practically ancient when compared to any normal being. With age came wisdom and without a doubt the damned beast knew more about the Shikon then he. A shiver of pleasure rushed through him as he recalled the moment when had her body pinned beneath his own.

Her scent…

It had reeked of power.

Irrepressible power that had only served to push him over the edge-

He could smell the alluring aroma; so he was positive that the kitsune could as well. That would explain why Naruto kept sniffing Kagome back when they were in the Forest of Death.

'If any other demon came close enough they would be able to catch the scent as well!'

That damned Kitsune wanted the exact thing that he and many others would desire if they knew on its' existence. That snake was enough of a problem and the last thing Sasuke wanted was for others to find out about the artifact.


The dark-haired Uchiha was taken away from his thoughts. He cocked his head to the side, glaring at the blond through hooded eyes. "What." He replied, curtly.

Naruto's voice dropped to a low whisper, "Did um… did Kagome tell you about the merger between me and Kyuubi?" Sasuke's features soured, but he gave no immediate response, besides an imperious glare. The vessel rolled his cerulean eyes, not buying the brooding bastards silence. "I know you know what I'm talking about. There's no way she could keep it from you for so long."

Finally, Sasuke decided to grace him with a rather insolent reply. "Idiot. Rather she told me or not doesn't matter because you just did."

Naruto just shrugged, "So I'm right. She did tell you?"

Understandably, Sasuke was confused by his indifferent disposition, "If you are so positive of that then why are you smiling? Shouldn't you be angry?" he was smirking now, unable to wipe the look of sick pleasure from his face, "After all, that would mean, she told me something that was suppose to be secret between the two of you."

Naruto didn't bat a lash. The jerk was really trying to hurt his feelings, but was failing miserably. "Kagome tells you everything." He had come to expect this outcome months ago. When he tried to keep her from telling, it was because he wanted to spite Sasuke, but he knew she would be unable to keep quiet for long,

It really sucked that she couldn't keep it between them… really it did… but he could deal with it. It was hard for her to keep anything from the asshole.

"Oh yeah, and the kitsune did tell me that you'd get it out of her within twenty-four hours."

The smirk faded from Sasuke's lips, a grimace quickly replacing it. There went his moment of self-indulgence. It was no fun if Naruto didn't give a damn.

Kagome had told him months ago, but he promised her that he wouldn't snitch. He was usually good about keeping his word, at least when it was between the two of them. "It doesn't matter. Either way, I still don't trust it. Hell. That only furthers my beliefs of the demon being up to something. Let's not to forget that it practically controls your behavior."

Naruto turned away; whiskered features were finally growing exasperated. The bijuu wasn't controlling his action. It was more like… influencing him and as far as he knew, influencing and control where two different things, "The kitsune can't control me. I was already pissed off and the fox encouraged and agreed with me, but that doesn't mean he controlled me. He just said some… stuff."

"Encouraging and influencing is practically the same thing, dobe." Sasuke informed in a condescending snap.

"Teme. Just listen to me." Naruto was practically pleading with him, "The chakra helps me fight better and you know it. I need it and when Kagome merges us I'll have total control over myself. I will become Kyuubi and the Kyuubi will become me. It'll basically be all me, but with the powers and memories of the fox. There won't be any reason for you to NOT trust the damn fox, because I will be the fox!"

It was true that the kitsune said some malicious things about Sasuke, those of which lead him to believe that the bijuu didn't like him. Or to be more precise: his eyes. He could recall the nine-tail degrading the strength of Sasuke's sharingan, and each time he did so in a spiteful way. He always said that it wasn't powerful enough to harm him… that Sasuke's eyes were too weak to really do any damage.

The fox had a personal grudge against the Uchiha's kekkai genkai, and Naruto had a good idea of why he held those feelings. The Kitsune had not yet told him outright, but the demon was inside of him and sometimes-jumbled thoughts unintentionally escaped the beast's psyche and echoed through his own. He wasn't the smartest guy around, but after months of picking up fleeting memories and words from the demon, when hyped up on his charka, he'd been able to rationalize a few disturbing ideas.

When he and Kagome first visited the kitsune in the seal the demon had informed them that 'someone' had forced him to attack Konoha.

Someone… had controlled him.

Someone… with the eyes.

That someone was obviously from the Uchiha Clan.

Curious, Naruto questioned the fox about his feelings for Sasuke and his dislike for the sharingan, but Kyuubi never wanted to speak of the matter. He would quickly dismiss his concerns. Claiming that he was behaving as any proper fox would and that the sharingan was just a simple annoyance to him.

Kitsune's sought calamity and enjoyed causing conflict among others. It seemed that some foxes or at least the nine-tails in particular, fed off chaos and pain. Despite that, he had the eerie feeling that the demon literally despised the Uchiha and his eyes.

Naruto didn't like the idea of the beast hating his friend. Perhaps he wanted a little too much? Not only did he want Sasuke and Kagome to get along, but also he wanted the kitsune and Sasuke get along.

'Wishful thinking.' He thought pensively.

Everyone being happy… it was nice to dream, but it would never happen.

Even he could accept reality.

"How stupid can you possibly be, dobe!" Sasuke snarled out, totally fed up with the nonsense. "Do you not realize how inane that sounds? Something is off about this! As if the damned thing would let you have all its powers and memories while it… willingly vanishes from every corner of your mind."

Naruto flinched, hastily turning his eyes away. Sasuke had a good point, but still, what other choice did he have? "Teme... I don't know what to do. I can't stop using the chakra." He voice trembled with sorrow, his face had become a mask of self-loathing detest. "I seriously can't. I NEED it and eventually I'll have to use it again and sooner or later the seals are going to break. If Kagome doesn't merge us then I'll die."

Sasuke's handsome features contorted into a displeased grimace, at the idea of the blond's death. The thought made him sick to his stomach. He didn't want him dead… if he had of he would have already kill him. Naruto was addicted the power of chakra. He understood that and honestly, he could not fault him for it. He would behave the same way if he were in this situation.

Despite their observable differences, the two of them had a lot in common.

Naruto didn't have access to the chakra at this point, and as long as he kept Kagome from fixing the seal…

That would remain certain.

The problem was that Kagome had this irritating habit for disobeying him and at this point it was near impossible to keep her from doing as she pleased. Once Naruto begged her, she would succumb to his wishes and they would soon be back in the same rocky boat, which was destined to sink.

At this rate, Kagome would attempt to merge them. Something would go horribly wrong. She would end up dead, the demon would have the jewel and Naruto… the idiot would be no more. Swallowed whole by the demon and only he would remain-

Broken and alone…

"Damn it!" Sasuke's sudden curses startled his blond companion. Naruto's brilliant blue orbs widened considerably, and he eyed him tentatively. He could feel his partner's frustration, but he was at a lost of what to say, unsure of how to fix the problem, "I'm going loose my fucking mind before these exams end! Having to not only deal with my own issues, but yours as well as Kagome's? The two are you are beyond foolish! This is NO game!"

Naruto stumbled back, somewhat shaken and clearly shocked by his admittances. "S-Sasuke." He managed to stammer out, his voice heavy with countless emotions. He couldn't believe the bastard had finally confessed to there being something wrong with him. Just minutes before he was completely unwilling to admit to the fact.

If only for a moment, Sasuke had let his true emotions surface. As much as he denied it, the Uchiha did have a heart. Was there really a way to fix this problem? He understood where his rival was coming from, but he didn't believe the merger would end with he and Kagome dying, while the kitsune went on a rampage in his body.

There was no way to fix the problem, but maybe… there was a way to lessen Sasuke's concerns?

Naruto perked up slightly, a small smile spread across his whiskered cheek. "I have an idea!" the blond elatedly exclaimed, the smile transformed into a full on grin once Sasuke's obsidian eyes met with his.

"You're ideas are usually quite horrible, so really, I'd rather not hear this one."

"Yeah, yeah whatever. Now, here's the idea- you keep me in check and I keep you in check. It's simple and it works perfectly. What do you think?"

Sasuke's jaws slacked; his brows furrowed together, "…what?" he gruffly inquired, "That made no sense, dobe."

"It's simple!" he fervently explained, "We work together. Just like friends should. If I start acting too crazy cause of the kitsune then you can help me get my mind back."

The Uchiha appeared unimpressed, "Frist of all, how am I suppose to help you get your mind back when you are under the influence of that demon?"

Naruto opened his mouth, and then shut it before any words could come out. He had an idea of how the Uchiha could help him get his mind back, but he wasn't sure of how to explain it.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "Well?"

"You're sharingan. I'm not sure how this is supposed to work, but I think you can use it to control the kitsune."

Suddenly, he had gained Sasuke's undivided attention. His obsidian eyes grew wide, his head cocked to the right with undeniable curiosity. He regarded the blond with an analytical glare. "Oh really?" he took a step closer to his rival, his eyes so intently gazed into blue, "Do me a favor, Naruto. Explain to me where you got this idea from and do so in as many details as possible."

This information was beyond favorable and quite frankly could change everything. The power to control a demonic beast like the nine-tails was just… overwhelming. He knew a lot about his clan's kekkai genkai. There were many secrets that sharingan held and he knew all about them. It was a requirement that he know, however, Naruto shouldn't know anything about his clan's secrets.

Naruto placed his hands behind his head and shifted his feet, "Where do you think, teme. I heard the Kitsune's thoughts more then enough. He hears mine and sometimes I hear his. It's hard for either of us to keep things to ourselves these days… although he usually does a better job at it than me. So… since your sharingan is at its third stage you might be able to control the kitsune if I get out of control. You just need to make eye contact…right?"

That wasn't in as many details as Sasuke would have liked but it was good enough. Obviously the damn fox seemed to know a little too much about his clan's technique. Not that he was surprised. It was true that those who possessed the third tomoe could hypnotize and even control other people. However, those who did it were not weak. When his clan lived there were only a selective few who could completely control another person. Hypnosis was far easier and the majority of all Uchiha's could accomplish it.

Control on the other hand was a completely different technique. From what he had learned it took a lot of chakra and the weak could not accomplish it. They would drain themselves of energy by attempting.

Regardless… he was not weak. Not in the slightest and if he truly had become a demon as he believe then perhaps he would have enough chakra to control the demon? If not, then at the very least, he could memorize the fox and keep Naruto under control.

For once…

The village idiot had come up with a good idea.

"So. Can you?" came Naruto's questioning voice.

"Perhaps." Sasuke answered evenly, "I'd need to test this theory on the kitsune, first. Obviously, I've never once attempted to use my sharingan to hypnotize or control another being."

Naruto chuckled, "Heh, I'm surprised you aren't being an arrogant ass about this."

Sasuke eyed him coldly, "What is that suppose to mean, dobe."

"I kinda expected for you to say that you were the best and could easily control my kitsune."

"I am arrogant, but I'm not stupid." Sasuke smoothly admitted, "I don't know if I can do something if I haven't yet attempted."

The blond grinned at him, feeling somewhat victorious over the conversation. "Well either way, I'm sure you can do it. The kitsune is really freaked out about the sharingan. He does a good job at hiding that from me, but I can still feel his emotions half the time. So how does my idea sound? Basically, you watch my back and I watch yours and as an added bonus to the whole thing I'll make sure you don't act like a fucking nutcase and screw up with Kagome. Again." He added as an afterthought.

Sasuke sneered; the blond was still too bold. Insulting the alpha was like asking for a beating, literally. To his credit he didn't lash out even though the desire to do so was great. He reminded himself that: 'There is no point in fighting a foe that he cannot kill or tame.'Crossing his arms tightly over his chest; he managed to hold himself in place, "Humph…" obsidian orbs focused inward, his expression hardened.

Overall, he could see some benefit in the blond's idea but it wasn't good enough. There was still a problem that hadn't solved itself.

The merger.

In the end, if Kagome didn't interfere, Naruto would be killed and then they'd have to deal with a psychotic demon that would be very eager to reacquaint itself with the outside world. The blond was aware of the dangers but was counting on Kagome to prevent it from happening. He had faith in her abilities, and that was why he wasn't thinking of the possible faults.

Sasuke no longer believed that she would run out of chakra in the process, seeing as she had the Shikon no Tama lodged in between her ribs but he did believe that the damn demon was somehow planning to devour her during the merger. Killing her and taking the Shikon in the process-

Something would go wrong. Especially if Naruto and Kagome were the only ones controlling of the situation. On the other hand, if he had control over the situation the chance of errors would be limited. Unlike his teammates, he knew how to properly plan and research.

They were the type to rush right in while he on the other hand approached the problem with a logical mind-

Well… most of the time.

This little plan needed to be tweaked a little more to be perfect, "The only thing that will calm my nerves is if I have complete control over when and how this merger will happen. You two won't make any plans without me there, nor will you attempt the merger if I am not there. If I deem it unsafe for Kagome then it will not happen. Do you agree with that or not?"

"Unsafe?" Naruto hesitantly repeated; the thought was one that he never considered, "Why do you think it'd be unsafe for her?"

"I'm thinking off all the possibilities, dobe. Unlike you," Sasuke explained in a proud tone, "Neither you or Kagome like to think things through. She foolishly goes along with what you want and doesn't bother to make use of her brain."

'Yeah dumbass… and I can think of someone else who hasn't been using their brain…' wisely, Naruto kept that snide thought to himself. There was no need to have this revert back to the testosterone crazed battled, "It's not unsafe for Kag-chan. The Kitsune wouldn't dare hurt her. Actually I'm starting to think that he really, really likes her."

Sasuke didn't bother to hide his displeasure; he didn't want to hear that the fox was possibly crushing on his female. Nor did he like that his concerns were easily dismissed, "Just agree, dobe. That's all you need to do."

Naruto squinted apprehensively, "You just wanna be the boss over everything right teme?"

If he agreed to this, then Sasuke would oversee the merger, but either way, no matter what the merger would happen.

It HAD to happen.

To be completely honest, he wanted it to happen.

He wanted his name to be known.

He wanted the village to respect him.

He wanted to have the Kyuubi no Kitsune's near-deity like powers.

Not only would all his dreams come to true, but he would always be able to protect his loved ones.

"Just agree, Naruto." Sasuke coolly answered, "I really could care less about your pointless gripes."

Naruto scowled with puckered lips; his whiskers twitched in exasperation. He was the one to offer the deal and yet Sasuke had taken over, "Yeah, yeah… I agree ya bastard." The blond confirmed reluctantly.

Sasuke was looking rather pleased with himself. Something was finally going his way and since he was making so much progress, he figured that he might as well keep at it, "You mentioned that the demon has said a lot of 'things' and that you hear its thoughts. So tell me," he firmly began his next order, "everything that you've heard."

Naruto's expression faulted. Couldn't they just bask in the glory of their accomplishments? They'd just made a lot of plans and maybe even connected a little! "Did you know that you're a control freak?" he asked monotonously.

"You're starting to irritate me, dobe."

Dryly, the vessel retorted, "I always irritate you, teme."

"Naruto…" a thread of warning laced his voice.

"Gah! Geez!" Naruto was a bit fed up with his rival's demanding behavior, "Where do you want me to start?"

"Start with what he knows about the Uchiha Clan and our kekkai genkai." Came Sasuke's curt reply.

'Once a bossy bastard, always a bossy bastard.' Naruto ironically mused. Despite all the progress they had made, Sasuke had quickly reverted back to his usual ways but as long as he didn't behave like a complete nut-case then he'd try not to complain, "I don't know things in detail. I only hear some of the foxes thoughts here and there. It's takes a while to put two and two together though."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes, the dark gleam in his dark orbs portrayed exasperation. There was going nowhere fast…


The door to the lavatory swung open and out came their missing teammate.

Naruto couldn't help but grin. She had shown up not a moment too soon. He really didn't feel like trying to explain every thought that he'd heard from the kitsune. However the grin on his face did not last. The marks were still on her neck- visible for all eyes and loud mouth gossipers to see. It would probably be easy for her to pretend that they were unhealed bruises from the last battle but even then people were going to wonder how she'd healed up so quickly. Then again, now that he thought about it… it wasn't anybody's business and if someone tried to be nosy he'd probably haul 'em off and sock 'em.

Either way, the miko was still pretty, with or without the bruises. She was giving Sasuke the infamous 'glare of death' but as long as that look wasn't directed at him then he wouldn't complain. The team had been in the forest for days and spent the night in an uncomfortable waiting room. Somehow that didn't negate from her attractive appearance. After what they'd been through, many females would look like total shit but not her.

Blue eyes sparkled mischievously, 'The truce. I gotta try and win her and here is where I start.'

While Naruto was plotting his next move, Sasuke was experiencing a boost of pride. She couldn't heal them, because she didn't have the ability to. The jewel did and he assumed that she didn't know how to activate it again. That was not good… seeing as it would have been very handy for her to be able to heal herself at will- but for now he'd take this as a victory.

He won the second round.

It would have been a victory he could favor had Kagome not saw his little simper. Her hazel-eyes darkened and if looks could kill he would have been burned to the bone, 'She read my facial expressions…' She was perceptive, as always, and if he wasn't careful she would be the first to see through his ploy.

She had a case of serious denial but she wasn't an idiot unlike a certain blond-

Naruto suddenly rushed past him and threw his arms around Kagome's waist. He pressed her body against his own, savoring the feel of smaller form. She was so damn small; just like a doll, "Hey there beautiful." He nuzzled his nose against her ear, "How do you feel now? Better?"

Kagome creamy skin was bearing a striking resemblance to a cherry, "N-Naruto?" she stammered out, flabbergasted by the sudden show of affection. After seeing the gleeful look on Sasuke's face, she'd been planning to screech at him, but then Naruto caught her by surprise. And hadn't he just called her beautiful? As far as she could remember that was a pet name that he'd never used before.

"Naruto…" Sasuke's piqued voice echoed ominously from the sidelines.

Said blond deliberately ignored his rival. Payback was a bitch, and he would enjoy pissing the Uchiha off. Especially after the way he treated him earlier. He kept his undivided attention on the blushing priestess, "Yeah, Kag-chan?" he grinned victoriously. Obviously he was on a roll, therefore it was time to lay on the compliments, "Did you know that you're the prettiest girl in Konoha?"

A seemingly coy smile graced her pouting lips. She tilted her head slightly, staring into his bright blue orbs. It probably wouldn't be fair of her to not give him a compliment as well, plus, she could literally sense her 'brother's' rage and this would be a perfect way to get him back for his previous actions, "And did you know that you have the prettiest eyes ever?" she bashfully cooed, "I swear I've never seen blue eyes as pretty as yours."

Naruto gave the brightest grin he could muster; his own cheeks now had a tint of red to them. She was so sweet! He'd already fallen for the adorable priestess' undeniable charms, "And did I ever tell you that I'm madly in love with you?"

"Naruto…" once again Sasuke was ignored and his irritation was starting to hit the peak. They were tuning him out and he felt as if they were doing it on purpose.

Hazel-eyes widened considerably, and she felt as if she'd just swallowed a few thousand butterflies. For a moment, she'd forgotten that part of her intentions had been irate her pseudo brother, "R-Really? Are you serious? You really are?" he admitted that so casually, that she wondered if she'd been hearing things.

Lifting a hand, Naruto brushed her black hair over her shoulder, revealing her bruised skin. He gently pressed his lips against her neck, "Yeah, serious. Really serious," he breathlessly confirmed as he littered her neck with soft kisses, "and I've been in l-"

"NARUTO!" an unmistaken voice roared out.

That loud bellow was enough to shake the two lovebirds. They turned their attention away from each other and focused it on Sasuke. The dark haired male had long since closed his eyes, so that he wouldn't have to see their interactions. Not being able to see them cuddle each other made it slightly easier for him to not lash out; in spite of his efforts, his expression was masked in rage.

He realized what Naruto was doing.

The moron had a head start and he was taking advantage of that, but the last thing he would let him do was confess his pathetic emotions to Kagome. He knew well enough that females usually turned into a pile of putty when a male said that 'L' word. Naruto's slyness pissed him off. He was fuming on the inside and outside!

'Control… you rule your emotions.' Sasuke inhaled and exhaled slowly, willing himself to calm down, 'You do not let them rule you.' He agreed to the truce, which meant he had to abide by the rules.

He was a lot of things.

Temperamental, domineering… and one hell of a backstabber-

Literally, and figuratively speaking. Nonetheless, he agreed to the truce and had no intentions of going back on his word because doing so would show that he doubted in his ability to win. According to the agreement he and Naruto were supposed to be competing for her without needless violence but upon seeing the two so close his psyche demanded that he intervene.

There was so much pent up frustration within him. He finally reopened his eyes and snarled out the blond's name. His lips had curled up to reveal the white tip of a canine-like fang, "You're going too far with this."

From where he stood he was also able to catch a whiff of her enticing sent, that of which had spiked considerably. Naruto was actually turning her on and that didn't help to quell his aggravation, "Put her down."

The two males shared a long stare. The blond cautiously studied his rival's aggressive body language. 'He's barely controlling himself,' he quickly realized that it would only take a small push and Sasuke would go tumbling back into the state he'd just been in.

He didn't want that.

Maybe it was too soon?

Maybe he should restrain from flirting with her when the Uchiha was within range?

A long time ago he would have cuddled her more just to aggravate Sasuke. As of now he actually had a good reason to do so. The teme always treated him as if he were beneath him so in his point of view that meant that he was entitled for a little revenge. Besides, it was always fun annoying him. Their relationship had always been like two brothers battering one another.

Harmless yet entertaining and no serious backlash (besides a little collar grabbing) came out of it.

A part of him wanted to ignore Sasuke's orders, but somehow he knew that now was not the time for taunting play. He'd already made quite a bit of progress with the priestess anyhow, so there was no need to push his luck-

As a result, he decided to listen to his rivals demands.

Sadly though, Kagome wouldn't have that.

As soon as he made the motion to put her down, her arms encircled his neck in a vice-like hold. She deliberately pressed her round bottom into his groin and flirtatiously purred, "Iie, Naruto–kun," she sultrily whined, "please don't let me go. I like it when you hold me."

The blood in Naruto's body instantly traveled down, heading right towards his nether regions. His skin turned an even darker shade of red. He was suddenly stricken with the same condition that Sasuke had the night before; and since Kagome was pressing her butt against his 'stuff' then she probably felt it, "O-Okay. I-I won't." he stupidly answered.

He was embarrassed, 'I called the teme sick for having a hard-on and now I got one! Great I'm a pervert too!'

"Good… besides Naruto-kun, just because Sasuke-nii tells you to do something doesn't mean you have to listen," she turned a fiery gaze towards the Uchiha; and her soft voice grew callous, "We can do whatever we want. He needs to realize that he isn't the boss of us."

Naruto immediately cringed, his hard-on shriveled up into a pile of nothingness, "Aw, shit…"

Right about then he wished he'd never flirted in the first place. He knew that while Kagome appeared to be shy and timid that it was far from the truth, but he hadn't realized, until now what she was doing. Kagome was trying to get back at Sasuke, just like he'd been trying to do.

Only problem was that she didn't want to stop, while he did.

'I'm stuck,' he unenthusiastically realized, 'Oh well.'

Sasuke didn't know what to say. He realized Naruto was actually going to listen to him and without any qualms but clearly Kagome had other plans. The little hell-cat had flipped the situation around on both of them. He wanted to drag her out of Naruto's arms but that would end badly. Violence wouldn't work on this occasion… he'd need to try something else…

"GIRLY!" a shrill, hyperactive voice howled out.

That was the last thing Team Seven heard before poor Kagome was unexpectedly plucked from Uzumaki Naruto's arms.

Life had a funny way of tossing rotten eggs at her. One minute she was extracting revenge on Sasuke for being an ass and the next her face was being smothered in Mitarashi Anko's ample cleavage.

"Girly! I've been looking everywhere for you! Do you know how late you are?" Anko grasped her by the waist, their bodies nearly meshed together from the massive hug.

The older female tightened her grip on her, refusing to let her go despite the fact that Kagome was madly flailing her limbs to break free of the suffocating hold. Sadly Anko's breast didn't provide enough oxygen. After escorting the Hokage and his girlfriend to the tower's arena, they quickly discovered that one squad was missing. Team Seven was nowhere to be found, quickly explaining the growing impatience of The Konoha Rookies and the Sand Genin as they waited in the large room. According to the rules, if a squad didn't show up in the allocated time, they would be instantly disqualified.

Nevertheless, Sarutobi wasn't willing to do that with Kaede there. Disqualifying her granddaughter's team would be a sure way to get on the old bat's bad side.

So basically, Team Seven got lucky.


Then she so kindly volunteered to seek them out.

'I'm so fucking nice! But I'd do anything for my new student! My protégée!' With that passionate thought, Anko squeezed her tighter, completely blocking her oxygen flow. At that moment, both boys snapped out of their shock of Anko's unexpected appearance.

Naruto was the first to leap forward, beating Sasuke by a fraction of a second, "You psycho bitch!" he howled, frantically grabbing Kagome by the waist, he tried to pry her from Anko's vice like hold, "Let her go before you kill her!" Perhaps he was over exaggerating but with the way the poor miko was thrashing about, he seriously doubted it.

Surprisingly, Anko obeyed. She let Kagome go and he barely managed to maintain his balance when the oxygen-starved priestess dramatically fell into his arms. There was no time for recovery, because Anko decided to stick her kunai underneath his right eye. All she had to do was thrust the blade through his skin, and then he'd need an eye patch.

Suddenly the last encounter he had with the woman came back to him.

'Oh yeah.'

She was loony.

A complete nut-case and he'd just called her bitch. Apparently he was becoming fond of using that word against females who he seriously disliked or who annoyed the hell out of him.

That dead sound chick was a prime example.

But what was he suppose to do!

She was suffocating Kagome!

Said girl was resting against Naruto, his arms around her waist. She gazed up and paled at the horrifying sight, "Anko-san!" she yelled anxiously, reaching out to slap the blade away, "Get that kunai away from him!"

Her pupil-less brown eyes flickered onto her. She didn't say an anything at first; instead she took a brief moment to observe her flustered student. It didn't take long for her to spot the unmentionable marks the danced about the child's neck. They were so large and discolored – many pigments of black and blue stood out- that they could possibly pass for mere bruises. However; due to the fact that she'd had a nice few of last night's 'soap opera' she knew that was far from the truth. The damned Uchiha didn't just suck the girl's neck- he bit and pulled.

'Stupid brat.'

It was a good thing that she was here for her new student. The poor child needed some guidance if she were to deal with her brother's attention; and no one knew how to handle a man like she did! "Girly!" Anko exclaimed with a feverish giggle; instinctively she ran her tongue over her bottom lip, "Call me Anko-sensei. You're my little protégée now."

Kagome's own eyes widened while her tummy turned. She felt terribly ill, "I…" She didn't even pick up on the fact that Anko had just claimed her as her student. The first thing that came to her mind was the sickening battle with Orochimaru.

It was a quick, but disturbing flashback.

The retched smell of when his skin burned away from his flesh, dropping into sizzling heaps on the ground, leaving nothing but the bones behind flooded her senses. She was still traumatized over the battle. The immense fear and helplessness that she felt when she battled the powerful Sanin may never leave. Her mind had enjoyed playing tricks on her but fear was a difficult emotion to overcome, especially for a child.

Her arms fell to the side; the fright was effective enough to stop her attempts.

Anko didn't notice the change in her so called protégée's features. Her eyes were already focused back on Naruto, "Now… where was I? Oh yeah-" she hissed and pressed the cold blade deeper into his skin. A little bit more force and the kunai would draw blood, "what did you call me, blondie?"

Having a sharp object digging into his skin was disturbing, but he was an impudent boy and this time he couldn't hold his tongue, "You're a fucking nut!" he insolently insulted the older woman, "You can't do this!" Anko was still a Konoha Jounin. So she couldn't run around, randomly popping out the eyeballs of genin's who pissed her off.

Anko was merely amused by the insults. Unsurprisingly, this was becoming rather interesting. If put in this alarming situation, most genin would be trembling in fear, but not Uzumaki Naruto. It was a stupid move, but still, she was impressed, "Still lively, eh kiddo?" she inquired nonchalantly, clicking her tongue. She was enjoying every moment of this, "but I did ask you a question. So hehehe… answer the fucking ques-"

Anko got no further than that due to Sasuke who seized her wrist.

"Oooo… so the little Uchiha wants to play with me too?" Anko inquired in a playful chirp.

His obsidian eyes narrowed, and he tightened his fingers around her wrist. The strength behind his grip was quite impressive, she noted to herself.


To the point of being painful.

She had the feeling that he was purposely trying to harm her and one look at her hand showed that the skin was already becoming discolored. It was surprising for a mere twelve-year-old boy to possess such strength. He didn't even look as if he was straining but she was having a difficult time maintaining her hold on the kunai-

Sasuke placed his thumb against her skin and put deliberate pressure on a precise point of the wrist…


And that was the sound of the kunai as it unexpectedly connected with the concrete floor.

Anko blinked, a little surprised, but not at all frightened. As if she would be. She was a Jounin, and this was a genin. He could only do to her what she allowed him to do. "Well it looks like you paid attention in the Academy, because I know your shitty, porno reading sensei didn't teach ya'." she complimented with a smirk, eyeing him vigilantly. He'd easily located one of the many pressure points on the human body. On the inside of the wrist, there happened to be a set of nerves. Perfect for wrist control and the Uchiha had used it to his advantage to relieve her of her weapon.

'Hehe…' Anko laughed under her breath. 'He looks like he wants to slice me open. Blood thirsty little shit. Entertaining… but he'll be trouble in the long run. It'd be better to get rid of em' while he's still a brat.'

Something about Uchiha Sasuke, spelled both danger and betrayal. As irresponsible as she was acting, she was an observant woman. She didn't reach the status of Jounin by being an idiot. It was easy for her to see through the guise of another… he was protecting his teammates but it wasn't out of the goodness of his heart.

He kept them because it benefited him.

He needed them, 'Mmm… he reminds me of Orochimaru.' She wasn't fond of the male race due to her previous sensei, she felt herself experiencing a unnatural sense of aversion towards the Uchiha.

"You mentioned that we were late, Anko." Sasuke frigidly reminded; his voice held not an ounce of respect, "So I doubt we have time for your childish games." The last run in with Anko, pre exam, he'd stayed silent. At the time, his nature had been easy to control and she hadn't done anything too serious. Therefore he had no reason to pounce.

Things were different now. She'd used a weapon against them and scared Kagome. They were going through some difficulties but he wouldn't tolerate anyone harming her. Anko and Naruto did not see the sudden fear in her expression but he did. He suspected that the Jounin's behavior reminded her of Orochimaru.


Anko reminded him of the snake-like sound ninja! The woman even possessed a cursed seal, an exact replica of the one that was once on his neck. Thanks to the shadow of her jacket, the brand was barely noticeable, but from where he stood he could see it. Clearly she to had a run-in with the same freak that they did.

Ironically, neither knew that they were comparing one another to the same, repulsive Sannin.

"Aww, aren't you sweet. Saving your teammates!" Anko smiled deviously. "Okay, okay! No more games. Got it! But…" her voice dropped to a deadly whisper, "If you don't let go of me I'll castrate you."

Sasuke hesitated briefly, not liking the idea of the older female ordering him around, but after a moment of consideration, he released her. She was probably serious and it wouldn't be wise to take her on. Despite his confidence in his abilities, common sense told him to not attack a Jounin.

Anko smiled brightly surprisingly she looked quite innocent. Strolling down the hallway, she waved a finger in the air, "Let's move it kiddies! You three can't be anymore late then you are. Lucky brats."

"Hey Kaggy are you okay?" Naruto asked, having finally noticed her disturbed expression.

Kagome simply pushed away from him, "I'm fine…" she assured, flashing him a forced smile.

Naruto saw right through it, "You sure?" he pressed apprehensively.

"Hai. I'm sure." She walked ahead of them, purposely avoiding Sasuke's inquisitive stare, "Come on, Naruto-kun." She treaded ahead of them but still kept a distance between she and Anko. The last thing she wanted to do was be around the female. In the past, she would have been able to deal with Anko's behavior without an issue, but after dealing with that snake it became slightly difficult. Fear was a terrible thing and she had never been as frightened as she was when fighting Orochimaru. It was the feelings of helplessness that played the biggest part in her fears.

Not to mention his freakish appearance… and the putrid smell of burning skin…-

She placed her hand over her mouth holding back a gag. She could not let herself dwell upon that moment. It was in the past and there was no point in dwelling upon what could not be changed. She wouldn't worry about it, nor would she worry about her whoremonger of a brother's horrible, yet typical behavior. She had more important things to concern herself with. For example, the short talk she had with the deity-priestess was something that needed to be deciphered. Perhaps Naohi hadn't left her without answers as she'd once thought.

When she took a moment to think about it, Kagome realized that she knew what a fledgling was and of course she knew what a youkai was as well. To put it in the exact terms a fledgling was defined as: A young bird that has recently acquired its flight feathers.

Had she been in a better mood she would have fallen into a fit of laughter.

The idea of Sasuke being a bird was hilarious. She supposed it fit as well. After all, he did have a bird-sized brain. But on a serious note, the last time she checked, she hadn't seen any wings or feathers popping out of his back; as a result the phrase made no sense. His entire aura still had the same youkai air about it and the energy still did not mimic the disgusting aura of the curse seal. On the other hand, that didn't mean that it was pleasant to her senses.

If she were asked to explain the feel of his chakra in two words, she would say dark and malicious. It didn't make her skin crawl, and the hair on the back of her neck rise like Kyuubi's chakra did, but still, it wasn't all that wonderful. When they had the time, she would have to give him a full body chakra examination, after which she would discuss the demonic changes within him.

In her silence, Naruto had spied another glance, "Kaggy," he began curiously, "are you sure you're-"

"Are you alright?" Sasuke swiftly intervened.

Kagome's expression instantly soured. He knew he was taking a gamble by speaking to her but he had to get back in her favor. Sadly it wouldn't be easy. His point was proven when she rebuked him, "I didn't say you could talk to me, teme. I'm mad at you, remember?"

Sasuke resisted the temptation to roll his eyes at the juvenile behavior, 'I'm sick of her calling me that… too much time around the dobe.'

"Kagome, listen-"


"Kagome…" he impertinently repeated again.

She stuck her fingers in her ears and sung: "Lalala! I can't hear you!"

An irked growl escaped his lips. This was going nowhere, "Stop acting like a spoiled brat and listen to me!"

'Welp, hell is about to break loose again.' Naruto sarcastically thought, 'ordering her around ain't gonna' work teme.' This was getting a bit repetitive. He was sick of the dispute, and hoped that Sasuke would finally fix the damage that had been done. Problem was that he had temperament issues.

It looked like his rival needed some help with this… and he knew just how to give it!

The priestess stopped in her tracks and pulled her fingers out of her ear, "Are you trying to boss me around again?" her sweet tone took on a derisive tone, "Umm nii-kun?"

Sasuke opened his mouth, but before he could say a word, he saw Naruto behind Kagome, crazily waving his arms in the air.

He arched a brow, 'What is that moron doing now?'

Frantically, Naruto mouthed out the following: 'Don't. Fuck. This. Up. Stupid!'

Sasuke jaws twitched.

Who would have known that he was capable of reading lips? No matter, the idiot had a point. He was letting his anger cloud his judgment. This time, before speaking he took a deep breath and regained control of his emotions. Once he felt as if he were stable, he put his earlier plan into motion, "Kagome, I was wrong. I shouldn't have said those things to you."

Kagome's eyes grew wide; instantly she was suspicious. She must not have heard him correctly, "W- What? " she stammered, "You shouldn't have said what things to me? "

Sasuke held back a groan and kept his features impassive, 'She isn't going to make this easy for me, is she? '

"The things that I said to you..." he carefully chose his following words, "they were incorrect."

Naruto was disappointed. He hadn't known what to expected but for a moment it seemed like Sasuke had decided apologize. However, if the teme was going to do that then he wanted to hear a heartfelt apology! 'He's kinda' doing it but he's not really saying sorry… then again I don't think he's capable of saying the word.'

They had forgotten about Anko, who was curiously watching, 'That little shit is actually apologizing? No. I doubt it. He's just horny and he knows she ain't gonna let him fuck her if he doesn't suck up. Men are all the same.'

Kagome shook her head in disbelief. This made no sense. Something was off about his sudden confession, "Why? Why are you saying this? What made you change your mind in just thirty minutes!"

Sasuke felt his exasperation hit its peak. Again. "Why the interrogation? " his voice grew high with aggravation, "Just accept what I am trying to tell you!"

Naruto's palm connected with his forehead. The bastard had just messed up. In a last ditched effort to save his friend from failure, he desperately waved his arms in the air, 'NO! YOU DUMBASS!' he mouthed out to the Uchiha, 'YOU'RE SCREWING UP AGAIN!'

Sasuke saw him and sneered. He had hoped that she would easily buy into this, seeing as he was telling her what he KNEW she wanted to hear but that wasn't happening. Maybe this strategy wouldn't work with her? If he didn't get this right, there would be no jewel... no power... and no mate. He'd have to try a new method, and that was something he didn't feel like doing.

With that thought in mind, he reached out and snatched hold of her wrist, "Kagome-"

"Let me go," she angrily retorted; glaring back with a ferociously, "You're too much of a bastard and I'm sick of it."

On most occasions, he would have disobeyed, but this time he actually released her, "I'm trying to apologize to you, Kagome." he coolly admitted, "Can you not see that?"

"You're not trying to apologize." The miko heatedly reply, "It makes no sense for you to be sorry when you weren't sorry thirty minutes ago!"

"I didn't realize how foolish I was behaving," he quickly answered back. At this point he was no longer thinking about his words. He was just saying what he needed to say, "You know how my pride tends to speak for me. I was wrong."

Kagome, ever stubborn, was still not buying it, "Oh really? So what made you realize that?"

Sasuke was unsure of what to say. The truth was that he didn't feel as if he was in the wrong. In his mind, what he said had been truth. She and the jewel belonged to him. Nothing would change that. Despite his ideals, he needed to say something that would please her. Anything would do. Lost in his own thoughts, he just so happened to glance at Naruto and that something finally came to mind, "The dobe."

"Naruto-kun?" Kagome turned a curious eye to Naruto who was blinking back at her with wide, confused eyes. He hadn't expected to be pulled into this bizarre conversation. She furrowed her brows and narrowed those hazel eyes onto her dear brother, "What do you mean?"

He held back a victorious smirk. He suspected that he had said the right thing. He had her attention and now all he needed to do was run with it, "We had a very in-depth conversation and it helped me to realize my mistakes."

Kagome looked to Naruto for confirmation and he quickly nodded in agreement, "Really, Naruto-kun?" she asked apprehensively. Her crush had lied to her once before, but that had been pertaining to his use of Kyuubi's chakra and she wholeheartedly believed that he would never intentionally deceive her again. So why did she still feel as if something was off about this?

Naruto nodded once again, "Yeah, really." He was surprised that Sasuke was mentioning him, or more importantly, the things that they'd talked about. For some reason, that seemed uncharacteristic of him, but then again, apologizing wasn't something he'd dreamed of seeing the teme do. He still didn't understand what was going on but one thing was certain-

This was getting a little weird.

Sasuke could see her confusion lessen with Naruto's confirmation. Inwardly he gloated over his intelligence. Using the dobe was a great idea and Naruto being the idiot that he was really believed that he'd gotten through to him with that pointless speech. The only thing he'd done was make him realize that he needed to change his strategy immediately if he wanted to get anywhere with the priestess.

"Are you sure, Sasuke-nii?" Kagome softly questioned; her eyes closed and he felt her finger clenched the hem of his shirt, "Are you sure you're sorry?"

He could hear the doubt in her voice. Even with Naruto's 'help' she was still uncertain, but he knew that she wanted to believe him. However, common sense was warning her of deception. His mate was intelligent.

He closed the distance between them; casually wrapped his arms around her waist. He caught a strong whiff of her captivating scent and his nostrils flared. She's so close and her addictive smell was so much stronger, "I'm sure," he slickly confirmed while mentally ordering himself to keep his hands from wandering, "Don't doubt me."

Sighing deeply, Kagome rested her head on his chest, "Don't doubt you, eh?" she spoke with flushing cheeks. Her body was reacting positively to his touch, but she did not let her hormones cloud her senses. Unlike the majority of males, she did not let her body govern her psyche. She encircled his waist with her skinny arms and held him tight. Burying her face into his chest, she muttered, "Well I still doubt you."

Sasuke tensed at the unanticipated reply. She had embraced him and yet she'd said that? This made no sense. Why? He didn't understand. Why hold him, if she didn't believe him? She made no sense whatsoever!

Naruto stood in the background watching the scene with a solemn gaze. He could just barely hear their interactions. Her uncertainty was making him wonder. He hadn't noticed before, but it was strange for Sasuke to have seen things his way, and so quickly. Then again… Sasuke never actually said that he agreed with him.

He only grunted.

'No. There is no way he is lying about this. It's way too serious. I got through to him. I know I did!'

He wanted to be positive, or to put it in plain terms; he wanted to be the savior. The one who helped his friend get back on track.

Sasuke was teetering on pins and needles. Cautiously he beseeched, "Why do you doubt me?"

"Because I know you better than anyone else." As she gazed up; her light hazel eyes connected with his dark obsidian ones, in an impassive tone she explained, "You've lied to me before and minus that one occasion, I've always seen through it. You should know that you can't fool me … but I am sick of being angry. So nii-kun tell me the truth and I won't be mad. Are you sorry, or not?"

Sasuke mind was turning a few mental loops. Vying to find the right way to reply to that simple question. He didn't expect this response and he wasn't sure of what to do. Was this a trick question? Females made no sense, he deduced. He had told her what she wanted to hear, and instead of taking it in and accepting it, she demands the truth.

He couldn't tell the truth.

That would be counterproductive to his cause. The last time he'd spoken his true thoughts she'd reacted horribly- by spitting a huge Katon at his ass. So logically, wouldn't the same thing happen again? He was convinced that it would. She said she wouldn't be angry, but that didn't mean anything. For all he knew, this could in fact be a trick question. Perhaps she was trying to mind fuck him, just like he was trying to do to her. Paranoia helped aid his decision, "What I said was the truth." As soon as the bold spoken lie left his mouth, she removed herself from his embrace and took several hallow steps back.

Her attractive features were heavy with a disappointment. His breath was suddenly caught in his lungs; his eyes grew ample with apprehension. That was not the reaction he wanted, and already did he miss the feel of her body against his; and or more importantly the strong scent of power. He could still smell her… but it was nowhere near as strong as before.

His drug. He felt empty. He'd just lost his drug, "Kagome?" he implored warily, "Why did you move away from me?"

The priestess' massaged her temples; hoping that the action would ease away the headache that was trying to form. She expected this but she was still displeased. He was lying to her to get his way. She desperately wanted to believe that he was genuinely sorry; everything he said sounded so good, too good in fact. It just wasn't him. He would never honestly say things like that. It wasn't his nature, so this meant that he had attempted to feed her a load of hogwash. Obviously, he and Naruto had some sort of discussion but Naruto got nowhere during it.

Sasuke wanted her, she knew that, and he was doing anything possible to get her. Nevertheless, he wasn't doing the right thing, because his lying was frustrating. Her pseudo brother had been a deceiving little liar since they were children. She'd once pretended that he wasn't THAT bad but deep down she always knew the truth. This was typical behavior. 'He's not going to change the way he thinks and I'm not going to be able to make him do so, but at the very least- he could be himself and not treat me like an idiot!'

Did he seriously think that she would buy into all that bullcrap? And she had given him a chance to drop the act but instead of taking that chance he decides to keep it up! After all these years, he did not understand her, and really, she wasn't that difficult to figure out. If he had told the truth, she would have been exasperated still, but she would have accepted it and been happy that he'd decided to be honest with her!

He was treating her like she was some dumb fan-girl! Only they would have fallen for his smooth spoken lies, "You know what, nii-kun?" she finally retorted, her thoughts had only furthered riled her, "I know you way better then you know me, so do me a favor and don't try to mess with my head again."

Naruto's mouth was hanging open. He was confused and speechless while Anko was bearing a striking resemblance to a Cheshire cat. Sasuke was also wordless, seeing as everything he'd assumed was being shoved into his face.

"Don't worry about me being mad at you, because I've decided that there is no point. Why waste my energy? But you know what?" the priestess' eyes narrowed precariously, her cheeks flushed red, "Don't you ever try what you've done again! And don't even speak to me until you decide to be yourself. I would rather deal with a real jerk than a fake one!" With those steaming words, she turned her nose up into the air and stomped down the hall leaving the three behind.

Naruto scratched his head. He was still confused. "Ugh… teme…" the blond looked at his rival, "I don't know what just happened but I think you fucked up again."

Before the Uchiha could utter a decent reply, Mitarashi Anko interrupted them with a fit of hysterical laughter, "Hahaha!" pointing a finger at the Uchiha she taunted, "You're a fuck up, kiddo! Hahaha!" she hacked a little on her cackles and struggled to catch her breath. Sadly, she was unsuccessful and within a matter of seconds she'd had turned a light shade of blue and collapsed onto to the floor.

Sasuke looked down upon her with a devious glare. If only he could take his anger out on her. He'd break the Jounin's neck. He hated her, and hoped that she would die from the lack of oxygen. Not that it was likely, but he could always hope. She was taking pleasure in his mistake.

Females made no sense. Kagome in particular. It wasn't supposed to go like that and he felt as if she had played some sort of mind game with him. Tell the truth she says. She would rather deal with the 'real' him, rather than a 'fake' him. How could she say such things when she'd verbally and physically attacked him the night before for speaking the truth?

'Fine… no more games then. I'll behave in the manner that I always behave in and if she has a bitch fit then so be it. Either way, I'll have her.'

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Rebirth Notes:

- Sasuke needs lessons on females. He doesn't understand them at all. For example, he was unable to realize that Kagome would have rather dealt with him being honest. While she will never agree/support his possessive/obsessive ways she wanted him tell her the truth, rather than try and feed her hogwash. She knows how he is (even though in the past she tried pretend that he wasn't as bad as he was) and she knows that she cannot change him. He can only change if HE wants to change, and obviously, as of now, he doesn't. Even so, she loves him and will accept him for who he is. Accepting and agreeing with his ways are two different things.

- - In Chapter 24: Revelations – Kagome was angry with Sasuke because he did not stop when she told him to. He selfishly disregarded her feelings and then had the gall to verbally attack her. Naturally she reacted out of anger. However, she has had some time to cool down, which explains why she isn't hurling a few more fireballs at his ass. Let's just hope that he doesn't piss her off too much or she might react the same way. Again.

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