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"The first few weeks, weren't so bad. It was only you that called me Beaver, and it wasn't even that often. When you were around Dickie would let an occasional 'Beav' slip out. But I managed, it was a joke; a lame one in my eyes. Hey, Logan quick question. Do you know what happens with a nickname? I bet you that you do. But let's have a refresher course. It gives people an invite to forget your real name, and call you-well in this case me, by what ever name you decided that I should be called. Soon after the first few weeks, it caught on to the royals, and their beloved court. Then my family. Well the first person besides my family, and your beloved royals to call me 'Beaver' was at the place you all started it.

Saturn's Ice Cream.

The next stop on the map, B-3."

I stopped and pulled out the map, I held it out in front of me. I knew where Saturn's was, I used to go there with my family for Ryan's early birthday parties. I sighed, then shoved the map back into my bag before walking again.

"I went there for the first time in over a month, since I went with you and Dickie. I walked in, aching for my Icy Ring Sundae. Haven't had it? You should they are amazing. Vanilla Ice Cream with bits of ring pop's in it; my favorite treat. I walked to the counter, looking over the menu, I remember I contemplated trying the new Titan; Chocolate ice cream with bits of marshmallow and bits of chocolate. I looked at the boy behind the counter, he had worked there for as long as I could remember. He was wearing a name tag, 'Tad.'

"Ice Ring Beaver?"

I froze, looking at this boy who I only saw in this shop. I felt anger rise in my body, but also something else sadness. I nodded and shoved a five dollar bill on the counter. I got thirty-seven cents back. I walked to my normal table, and waited; my appetite was long lost now. I moved back to the counter a minute later to grab my bowl, before slumping back in my booth.

Hey Logan, did you know that I never went back there? Did you know that I took my untouched Icy Ring and threw it away. Did you? Didn't think so.

That was MY spot Logan, I went there once a week to get an Icy Ring, it was my escape. The thirty minutes spent there, thinking of nothing but my ice cream. But you tainted it.

Does it seem like I'm overreacting? I might be, maybe a little bit. But this isn't your set of tapes, you aren't the one rotting in the ground. Think I'm still overreacting? Well get over it."

I looked up from my shoes, and looked across the street. A large neon sign, seemed dull in the bright sun light. It was a large Saturn, with Saturn's Ice Cream writing across it. I reached in my pocket, and pressed stop. I heard the tape click, and the spindles squeak as they stopped abruptly. I hit the crosswalk button repeatedly, losing my patience with each passing second. Saturn's was never really popular, especially with a Dairy Queen down the street. It was small only ten tables, and ten booths. I let out a sigh of relief as the red man turned green and I hurried across the street.

No bells chimed, when I swung the door open. I wonder if there was bells, when Cassidy came through these doors. I let the door swing shut, letting the door slam into the door frame; causing the kid at the counter to look up. I ignored him, looking at the menu from the back of the room. There it was, still there. Icy Ring. How sick would I be if I ordered one?

I walked to the counter, scanning the kid's name tag, 'Jeff' damn. Am I crazy that I'm bummed it isn't tad?

"Can I help you?" Jeff askes, obviously bored.

"Yeah, an icy ring" I say voice shaky.

"Six fourty-two."

I pulled out a ten. He comes back a minute later with my sundae in his hand.

"Anything else?"

"Does Tad work here?" I asked, before I could bite my tounge.

"No, he moved out of here two years ago."

"Oh," I whispered before grabbing my sundae.

I began walking out of Saturn's and ripped the chiming bells from the door. I sat a table outside, dipping my spoon in and out of the ice cream. My eyes were fixed on the door, picturing Cassidy doing the same thing I did minutes ago. I tossed the bells down the street, they rang as the bounced off the ground.

I took a spoonful of the ice cream, and held it above the bowl; watching drops of ice cream fall back into the plastic bowl. I wasn't hunger, how could I be? I just ordered this because Cassidy did, thus proving how sick I really was. It was the tapes, they were messing with me.

"You know what you said to me Logan, after I told you to stop because people I don't even know well calls me Beaver.

You said "Take a chill pill Beaver."

Wanna hear what I heard Logan? 'Beaver, stop whining. I am cooler, better, richer, and did I mention better than you? I can call you whatever I want, and you can't stop me.' I said 'Logan this isn't funny. My name is Cassidy.'

You replied with two words. 'okay Beaver.'

I heard-Really Cassidy? Want me to call you that? I don't think so. Beaver, Beaver, Beaver. Hey Cassidy-ha ha just kidding- Beaver you are a bitch.

OK so maybe, I have dived off the deep end, but I don't give a fuck."

I dropped the spoon back into the bowl.

"Logan you know there are some fucked up people out there- I'm probably one of them. But that stupid nickname caused an avalanche of problems. I hope you made yourself sick Logan, and I pray that I haunt you for the rest of your life."

The tape suddenly stopped startling me, and I hit the stop button and closed my eyes. I chewed on my button lip, and picked up the uneaten Icy Ring. I shoved it roughly in the trashcan, causing ice cream to run down the side and splatter on the sidewalk. I took a deep breathe, and pulled out the next tape.