As I aged, my senses had grown more and more defined. I could now hear my parents speaking two floors above me. Grandpa Carlisle said I was becoming more and more vampiric the longer I grew. After much research in the southern jungles with the clan of human-vampires like me, he had found that I would gradually become more powerful until I was fully grown and could run, jump, see, and hear as well as Nahuel and his sisters could. Apparently, my father had forgotten this as he conversed about me with my mother.

"…has something he wanted to show Nessie. Sue gave it to him the other day and he wanted to share it with her." My father's velvety voice explained.

"Did you hear what it was? What could he possibly have t…"my mother chimed but I forced myself to stop eavesdropping. Although I wanted to hear more, I knew it was rude.

My adopted Uncle Jasper looked up at me then as he noticed I was scolding myself. Or rather, he felt it. He was confused, so I smiled at him and continued with the book I had been reading before.

I could hear thudding footsteps nearing from the forest and cocked my head to listen harder. The sound continued for a few more steps and then I felt a… disturbance in the air, soon followed by lighter, sprinting footfalls. My Jacob was coming! He had told me he wouldn't be able to see me until dawn came, but he was here!

I ran outside to meet him with a smile stretching across my face. As I approached him, I could see the he, too, was wearing a grin. He came to a stop when he was nearly two feet from me, but I continued on and slammed into his chest in a strong embrace which he was quick to return.

Physically, My Jacob was a few months older than twenty one years. Before he became the shape shifter he is today, he was about sixteen and a half years. According to Grandpa Carlisle, I was physically just a few weeks under that (and my Aunt Alice was itching to throw me a 'sweet sixteen' party). No matter what either of them claimed, the man standing before me hovered a little more than two feet over me.

I pulled my face back and stared up into the dark, sunken eyes of this wolf-man. My wolf-man. He swung me up into his arms and carried me the rest of the way to My Grandma Emse's house, knowing this was faster.

I clung to his neck. I was so high up off the ground that I was almost scared… almost. I could never be scared while My Jacob's arms held me so secure I wasn't sure if he would ever let go.

Sadly, we were at the house in a few long strides and he dropped me onto the couch while Uncle Emmet, Grandpa Carlisle, Grandma Esme, Aunt Rosalie, and my mother and father joined us. My Jacob was home early for a reason. He had news.

He looked up and locked his gaze with my father's. I knew he was passing the information on, but I couldn't help but feel curious as to what the message was.

"I didn't know if I should tell you or not, this kind of thing doesn't happen too often…" he trailed off with a look of question on his face.

My father nodded his head and then turned to give my mother a meaningful look. She understood quickly and moved to my side, glancing at My Jacob. Not wanting to interrupt the silence, I gently pressed my fingertips into my mother's granite skinned cheek and let my curiosity flow before her eyes.

"I'm not putting up with another one of your silent conversations Edward, just tell us what's going on." My Uncle Emmet was not a patient man, but I was as eager as he was to understand the situation.

My Aunt Alice's expression changed to understanding as something dawned on her and I knew she had had a vision. Uncle Emmet grunted, clearly put out that he was still in the dark.

My father's expression was almost baffled as he replied, "They'll be here in a minute, we'll just have to wait and see." He looked into my eyes then and for once, he looked almost as if he wasn't sure what to do.

After ten long, dragged-out minutes of impatient waiting, everyone turned their head to the door as the sound of a car approaching pulled into the driveway. I heard two car doors slam closed then shortly followed by a third. I could hear three heartbeats. Two of which were pulsing to their own beat, but were perfectly average, human heartbeats. A tiny, dry ache in my throat returned but I gave it no attention. The third was tiny and flying away while a small yelping sound escaped its mouth. Two sets of footsteps came towards the door and paused, about to knock.

I was up and had the door open before anyone could stop me. I froze in the threshold and stared out to the familiar faces of my Grandpa Charlie and Auntie Sue. In less than a second's time my vision was obscured as I was pounced on by a small, fluffy, yapping… thing.