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I also want to apologize to Novelistpup for using his idea of Mugen as a guitar. He probably isn't the only one that had come up with this idea, but since he is the only one I ever read with a guitar Mugen, I leave the credit to him.

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Lavi tapped his fingers on the steering wheel in time with the beat of the song. He hummed with the song, singing as it got to the part of the chorus.

"Let's take a drive

A drive in my car

Don't care where we go

Or really how far

Need any reason

To do what we do?

Except just to drive

And go somewhere new"

Lavi say with the girl's voice, completely into the song.

This was one of his favorite songs, because it described him so well. Just like the singer said, he too was driving in his car with no reason or care of where he was going.

Of course it hadn't always been like this.

Lavi was actually the grandson of a billionaire, as well as the son of equally rich parents. He had everything anyone could ask for, except oddly enough, it wasn't what he wanted. Right now he could have been in a private jet, sleeping in five star hotels every night and eating food cooked my some renowned chief. Instead here he was driving a second hand white van, sleeping in either the back of his car or in shitty rat infested motels and eating stuff ordered off McDonald one dollar menus.

Any normal person would have dubbed him crazy. But to tell the truth, Lavi didn't really care what anyone thought of him.

Lavi knew well enough that he was being spoiled with all the money his family owned. He also knew that most other people in this world didn't even come close to having even a tenth of that money, and yet 

they were still able to get through life, happy and accepting of everything they may or may not have had.

This intrigued Lavi.

Lavi wanted to be able to experience the world the way the way the rest of the people were able to. He wanted to know what it was like not to always have everything you want right at that moment and not have people serve you on hand and feet. He wanted to know how these people could be happy with their lives. Lavi wanted to know what they know.

Lavi hummed to the new song that just came up on the radio. This particular highway was practically empty as he drove. He only saw a car every once in a while driving in the opposite direction. He wondered if it was usually like this here. It seemed so different from the city that he had just gone through the other day.

Lavi was wrapped up in his thoughts that he almost missed the figure standing on the side of the road.

It was a rather tall figure, slim and definitely in shape. They were holding a simple brown suitcase and a black guitar case. The person's long dark hair suggested that they were female, but when Lavi pulled up right in front of them, he realized they were indeed not a female, but instead male.

Lavi lowered the window and called out "Need a ride?"

The boy, who looked around Lavi's age, gave a grunt in response as if to say yes.

"Just put your stuff in the back." replied Lavi.

The boy opened the sliding door of the van to put his stuff in before closing it and getting into the front passenger seat.

"So where you heading to?" asked Lavi as he pushed down on the gas pedal to start the car moving again.

The dark haired boy shrugged.

"However far you can take me." The boy's deep voice replied. Yep. Definitely male.

"Mind if I get your name?" asked Lavi. "Name's Lavi, by the way."


"Nice to meet you Kanda."

Kanda replied with a grunt.

Lavi could already tell that this guy wasn't much of a talker, but that would be alright since he would talk enough for the both of them. Besides, even though this guy, Kanda, seemed about as social as a brick wall, it was still nice to at least have someone to talk to.

"So, Kanda," started Lavi "When you said 'however far you can take me', what did you mean by that?"

"I meant exactly as I said." Came the gruff reply.

"So you are saying that you don't actually have a specific place in mind to go to?"

"What of it? Got a problem with that?" demanded Kanda.

"Not at all!" defended Lavi "I was just curious, that's all. I don't exactly have a specific place I'm heading to either, so I'll just drive you to wherever you want to go." Explained the redhead "I just want to ask though, what's you reason for hitch hiking? You do it often?"

There was a moment of silence as Kanda thought over what he was going to say. He wasn't about to tell his whole life story to some stranger, but he did feel obligated to at least give some sort of explanation. After all, this guy was giving him a free ride.

"I'm searching for someone." Kanda eventually said "I don't know where they are, so I'm just going to have to look around till I find them. And no, this is my first time hitch hiking."

Lavi shrugged at the reply.

"Eh. Good enough for me. It's more of a reason than I had anyways. I just wanted to explore the world."

"No one asked about your own damned life." Snapped Kanda out of irritation, having momentarily forgotten about the free ride.

Lavi chuckled, not too concerned about the somewhat rude gesture. In fact, he found it rather amusing.

"I guess you're right. Sorry about that." Apologized Lavi.

"Whatever." Grumbled Kanda "but I do have one question though."

"Hm? What's that?" asked Lavi absent mindedly.

"Your car." Said Kanda "It looks like a piece of shit from the outside, but the inside is pretty damn nice. Well at least everything except for the Hawaiian hula girl bobble doll, and the stupid usagi air freshener."

"Usagi?" asked Lavi "As in Japanese for rabbit?"

The dark hair boy nodded, a look of disgust clear on his face. Lavi pouted in response.

"I see nothing wrong with it. I like rabbits." Defended Lavi.

"Whatever." Growled Kanda "I don't know about your taste in décor, but like I said, the inside is damn nice."

"Isn't it?" agreed Lavi "My folks eventually agreed to let me get this car, but they would let me get by without upgrading a few things. The seats, the radio and the air conditioning. I don't need it, but they got it for me anyways."

The two of them were sitting there in comfortable silence except for the continuing music coming from the radio. Whenever a familiar song came on, Lavi would hum or sing with it, while Kanda snorted in disgust and sent a few glares at Lavi. The two would also argue every once in a while, but otherwise it was a very peaceful drive.

Around six o'clock Lavi's stomach declared that it was time to eat.

"Hey, Kanda-san, I'm hungry." Whined Lavi.

"Just because I'm Japanese doesn't mean you can use those honorifics, Baka Usagi" snapped Kanda. By this time Lavi had already been dubbed as the Baka Usagi. He wasn't exactly sure as to why, but he didn't particularly care either.

"I'm hunnnnngggggrrrrrryyyyyyyy…" complained Lavi "I need to eat…"

"Then just stop somewhere."

"But where?" asked Lavi.

"The gas station" said Kanda, pointing to the one that was coming up further down the street.

"Ah! Good idea!" exclaimed Lavi "Dinner, here I come!"

The two entered the gas station, grabbing bags of beef jerky, chips, sport drinks and Twinkies. Not the best meal ever, but Lavi already knew this when he started traveling, and Kanda probably knew just as well.

"Here, let me pay for it." Said Lavi.

"Just because I asked for a free ride doesn't mean that I'm too poor to pay for my own stuff." Snapped Kanda "And aren't I suppose to be the one paying for this and not you?" asked Kanda, already pulling out his wallet. Kanda failed to notice his driver's license fall out, although Lavi saw it.

Lavi went to pick it up, noticing Kanda's full name. He smirked.

"Hey, Yuu-chan, here's your wallet."

Kanda instantly spun around to face the red head.

"What. Did. You. Just. Call. Me?" demanded Kanda, emphasizing each word with a shake of his fist.

"Yuu…chan… eek!" cried Lavi as he ducked from Kanda's punch. It missed his face by inches.

"Never fucking call me that unless you want to die!" threatened Kanda.

"Okat, okay!" cried Lavi "Just spare my beautiful face! I folks would throw a fit if it ever got destroyed, and I would probably never get a girl, and it would all be your fault!" Lavi pointed and accusing finger at the dark haired boy.

"How the fucking hell would it be my fault?" asked Kanda.

"Are you two going to pay for it or what?" asked a girl standing behind the counter "If you don't, I'm going to have to ask you to leave." She emphasized her statement with a pop from her pink bubble gum.

"Hey, hey. Would you go out with me even if ponytail boy destroyed my face?" asked Lavi as the girl checked over what they had bought.

"No." came her reply "And I probably would go out with you even if your face had been normal."

"Ouch. That's some rejection." Whined Lavi.

"But I just might agree to go with you friend." The girl continued, nodding her head towards Kanda "Besides the hair, he's pretty damn good looking. I bet he's good in bed too."

'Seriously didn't need to hear that one' thought Lavi, and by the look on Kanda's face, he probably didn't want to hear that either.

"Look," growled Kanda "I'm not that pathetic that I need some cheap shit like you to sleep with." he said as he grabbed the 'dinner' he had just bought. Lavi couldn't help but laugh at the poor girl's expression as they left the gas station. What Kanda had said was mean, but it was sure damn funny!

"Let's just get going." Said Kanda once the two of them had gotten into the car again.

They drove for a little longer before finally stopping the van on the side of the road. It didn't look like there was any place they could stay, so the two of them would just have to sleep in the back of the van.

"Oi, Yuu-chan, can you play me something on your guitar?" asked Lavi. Kanda shot Lavi a glare for using his first name, but his mouth was so full of chips that he could say anything. Instead he just reached over and grabbed the guitar case, pulling out a black acoustic guitar.

Lavi closed his eyes as he listened to Kanda play. The notes sounded fairly simple, but it was still a beautiful piece.

"Hey, I've never heard that song before. What's it called?" asked Lavi.

"Doesn't have a name. I wrote it." Replied Kanda "I was just strumming Mugen one day and it just came to me."

"Mugen?" asked Lavi "You mean your guitar? Jeez, you don't have a name for your song, but you have one for your guitar? That's weird."

"Look who's talking." retorted Kanda.

"Eh, fair enough." Agreed Lavi "Hey, maybe someday we could write words to go with it."

"I don't want words to it." Huffed Kanda.

"Maybe not now, but someday you will. You just need to find the right words for it." Replied Lavi wisely.

Kanda 'che'd at the red head's words, but said nothing to argue against it.

The two continued to sit there, enjoying the moment, before Lavi suddenly yawned.

"Hey, I'm totally pooped out. I think I'm going to go to sleep."

"I'm not going to keep traveling with you. When I figure out where I need to go, then I'm leaving." Said Kanda rather than just saying a simple 'Good night'. Lavi couldn't help but smile at the words. He knew the other boy didn't mean it something to hurt his feelings, but instead just to remind him not to get too comfortable with his new companion.

"Don't worry. I remember. But you stay as long as you want. Just promise to help pay the gas every once in a while."

And with one more yawn, Lavi closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Hm….the first chapter isn't really all that great right now. It was even a bit slow, but I promise it will get better. I just needed to get the story started, and this was best I could do…..(lame) It will get better.

So pretty much the point of this story is all the D. Gray-Man characters traveling together in Lavi's van. They all have different stories as for why they are there, and that will be explained.

Hope everyone (somewhat) enjoyed the story so far. Next chapter, Linali shows up!