Hey this is my Fanfic of TWEWY, this is my first story so please email me your thoughts and suggestions

Hey this is my Fanfic of TWEWY, this is my first story so please email me your thoughts and suggestions. This uses a couple of my OC's as well as the original characters.

Disclaimer: I don't own and of TWEWY Charcters owned by Square Enix

Time from main story: 2 weeks post game three

The Bane of Neku


Part 1: Bane

BEEBEEP BEEBEEP. The sounds of the alarm clock filled Kurai Omoi's room. He lived alone in a dorm at his school; Shibuya High single bed small bathroom. His cloths lay where they fell, a small desk strewn with papers. He slammed his entire palm on the clock "…Damn it why did I set my clock for Saturday" he said with a groggy contempt in his voice. He slept in his cloths of a grey zipper sweatshirt with a hood, a pair of blue cargo pants a simple t-shirt that simply said 'Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell; Spirituality is for people who have already been there'. Kurai Omoi was a teenager of 16 years old. He gets average grades he had little or no friends and divorced parents; a relatively normal kid… except for 1 thing…

Kurai grabbed for a leather belt from the littered floor. The belt had a large loop on the right side in which he slid a sheath of a katana sword into. He had a theory that if there would be sign of a struggle a mugger will chose a different target. Therefore having a sword will make them leave him alone altogether. It worked, on muggers as well as anyone else. Everyone in his school was scared of him; deathly afraid. Many joked that he was the bane of their school, the problem with their lives. Soon enough he became known as Bane. Rumors spread, some ridiculous ones of him massacring a small town for his summer vacation. While others say that he murdered a man for looking at him wrong, Most knew these were lies but still the way he acted towards others always left that small bit of doubt in their mind.

Soon enough he trusted no one he met. Everyone he thought were either idiots, gullible, or just plain jerks. He wandered the streets sword at his side. Ear bud inserted wandering towards a mini-mart; even with the crowded streets of Tokyo people seemed to still keep a small distance from the boy. 'Let them avoid me, why would I need them' he thought silently 'Let them shun me, I deserve it' now a dark look came over his face

'You did this… you… you monster' his mind was speaking to him now 'SHUT UP'

He tightly closed his eyes clutching his head. Not paying attention to where he was going slammed into a girl running from something… or someone. She wore a small yellow sweatshirt, a small pink & black tee & a really short green skirt with a bag, and pink hair. "Help me please" she pleaded and scrambled behind Bane. He stood up seeing a couple of guys running towards them. The leader had a mean look on his face a scar on his cheek and a pocket knife in one hand, and a large hat in the other.

"Little girl come out come out wherever you are" the leader said as he made contact with her "there you are!"

"Friends of yours?" Bane said in a bored tone

"N-n-no" she stood up putting her hands on banes shoulders using seeming to use him as a human shield

Bane stood there as the only thing standing between her and them was him

"Hey its Psycho Bane what luck" the leader of the flunkies said, Eli looked at Bane closely realizing that she may have chosen a bad person to help her, Bane looked down to the ground knowing once again they believed the lies that flew around . "Looks like we'll have to share her with one more guys" the pink haired girl started to back away ready to run again

"Leave. Now" He looked up from the ground with a crazed look in his eye "Basterds like you sicken me" He placed one hand on the swords handle "Now leave before one more rumor is added to my repertoire" The three looked at Bane then at the pink haired girl back and forth deciding whether it was worth it

"Lets bounce guys it she ain't worth the trouble" the other two snarled said something under their breath then turned and walked away

Bane smiled seeing that people fearing him was useful he turned back to the girl and had smiled a little "you ok?

"Ya" she simply replied back uncomfortable standing near Bane looking at the cement

'she still fears me' "Well if you are fine I'll take my leave" Bane started off to leave when he heard "wait" He turned back "Hm?"

"T-thank you B-Bane was it" She said looking up at him

For the first time in a long time he smiled "yes that's my name, and yours?

"M-my name is Eri"

End of Part 1