Part IV

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The Bane of Neku

Chapter 5

Part 1: A Final Choice

Bane started to sir on the ground, it was still the cold concrete of the crossing. He slowly sat up looking around. To his right was Eri resting peacefully on the ground stomach on the ground she her head resting on her arm. He smiled looking at her, she still looked as beautiful as the day he met her. He carefully moved a little bit of hair out of her face and behind her ear. Once again a hiss of a voice went into his ear. So beautiful… it's too bad she will betray you… Coarse if you just plunge your sword into her, she can never betray you. before he knew anything he had a hand on the handle of his sword. His eyes widened immediately letting go of the cloth covered handle. He shook his head of the mental lapse and looked around him, there were other players laying just after Eri, not many left. But it looked like some of the players were in fact still looking for the answer at the end of the last day. There were about 40 people left sitting around sleeping soundly. He was indeed the first one up but didn't stand up, he was in the middle of the group, if he tried to stand up he would end up stepping one someone. He looked over at Eri, she looked a bit cold shivering a bit. He took off his sweatshirt and laid on top of her, she seemed to settle down a small smile on her face. He smiled and laid back looking at the clouds roll by to relax.

Neku, Shiki and Beat were sitting in the Raman shop with a little girl who claimed to be Rhys' sister. She was eating the ramen at the moment. None of them were looking forward to what they would have to explain to the little girl. She must have been barely in 4th grade. They hadn't had much progress telling her about the UG besides learning that her name was Hannah. The little girl stopped spooning in the chicken broth for a second and looked at all of them "Um… is there a reason you called me here besides this great soup?" she said looking around.

Both Shiki and Beat looked at Neku, out of the three of them he understood how the game worked the best. Neku sighed he knew why they wanted him to talk to her but he had very little social experience, even more so with kids. He took a breath and looked at the girl "Hannah… have you ever played a game…"

She looked at him and the others before speaking "… this isn't like a Saw like deal is it?"

Eri had begun to stir from her slumber, slowly. She realized she had once again been sleeping on the ground which had become a norm. She lifted her arm that was riveted with stones indents. She did feel slightly different. Because of her skimpy clothing she always felt cold, but today was different, she moved her hand to her back and found some foreign piece of cloth; she sat up slowly and pulled the cloth in front of her. She realized it was Bane's sweatshirt, she blushed realizing what had he had done. She stood up looking around, looking for Bane, to her dismay he was nowhere to be found. She was surrounded by all the other players but Bane wasn't there. Many were talking to each other, everyone seemed to have misplaced their partner. Suddenly a loud vocal whistle and everyone turned toward the most hated people of the game. The Reapers.

Rhys woke up to a rude awakening, some of the people he had led were now kicking him while he was on the ground. He didn't resist after a short while, he felt like he deserved it. They stopped after something happened; he finally stood and saw the reapers.

Owowowowow…Rhyme thought in pain from her first hangover came over her. She swore that she would never drink again. Rhyme knew what was going on and had been dreading this day. Today was the day for the Sgt. Reaper choosing (AN:read Chapter 1 Part 5 if you don't remember this). Once again it would be a time for betrayals and heartbreak. Still incase there was a change in rules Rhyme listened closely.

Yoshiro and Kariya stood Yoshiro looking unexcited once again, Kariya on the other hand was ecstatic he spoke with vigor "Hello players welcome to the second day of selection!" he said a for once new colored lollipop in his fingers like a cigarette "There are new rules so listen up! Today as you've noticed you can see the other players, this is so you can observe where most people are going and make your decision then, you will be able to see where your partner has gone after you pass the barrier" he said with a smile "Now another change is if you choose to be a reaper, you won't necessarily doom your partner eraser, they will simply need to make a new pact with someone, coarse if their odd man out…" he took his thumb and drew it across his neck line to simulate decapitation. "Remember if you switch over now you become almost as powerful as us" to either side of the reapers were the large graffiti symbol, one was the same as that of the players, and one that represented the reapers. "Choose wisely"

The choice was easy for Eri, she stood up, taking special care of Banes sweatshirt as she made her way to the players' side; she came through the barrier before turning around. She turned around. Her eyes widened, to her great surprise there was a mass movement towards the reaper side.

Rhys was still sitting on the ground as people were passing him, most were spitting insults at him angrily, to his surprise one person wasn't so mad at him, he looked up to him, it was the partner of SIC, his second in command "Sorry general, but when your beat, your beat" the boy went into the reapers side. Rhys sighed not knowing what to do at the moment; I thought I'd never see my brother again.

Suddenly someone sat next to him, he looked over at the blue tipped boy who had fallowed him for the last couple of days. SIC decided to speak "Wow looks like our battalions becoming a squad huh general?" he said casually looking as his former partner walked through the reaper section, "looks like I need a new partner huh?" he said with a sigh though it was a much lighter voice then normal.

Rhys kept looking to the ground "Why are you talking to me everyone else thinks I'm a betraying bastard" he said sadly expecting SIC to walk away.

"Eh, we can't help who were related to, I don't blame you, if you wanted to we could have all died two days ago" he said, Rhys had never listened closely to him before it kinda sounded like he hadn't hit puberty yet "You didn't sabotaged us yesterday, you got caught in a game of 3-Card Monty, there was no right choice besides no choice at all"

Rhys looked up, he hadn't thought of it that way. He looked over at him and smiled "Huh, you think so?" he never realized how androgynous he looked.

The boy nodded with a smile "Defiantly"

Rhys nodded in agreement then looked up face palming himself "You know man, I still don't know your name" he said with a slightest bit of embarrassment.

"Don't worry about it, names Amy" he said putting his embarrassment at ease and a hand out to shake. Rhys shook his hand with a slight chuckle

"Amy? Sounds kind of Girly" he said chuckling closing his eyes. He could feel his new friend stop shaking his hand. He opened his eyes half opened in a 'Are you serious?' kind of look.

"You think I'm a boy?" the girl said with incredulous eyes

Nearly all of the blood seemed to fade from Rhys' face from his mistake. He never took a close look at hi-. Her before, at this close she was defiantly a her. He saw her fist rise from the other hand and braced himself. As it came crashing down, he winced Christ it's like a sledge hammer. After she let go of his hand he used it to rub his arm. She was obviously upset at that point hugging her knees to her chest "I-I'm sorry, you always acted so tomboyish I just didn't… you don't really look like a…" he stated awkwardly trying to make her feel better; failing miraculously.

She looked over at him, eyes slightly glistening with tears. "Trust me… I'm a girl" she looked away blushing gravely "I'm just underdeveloped" she said under her breath.

For a few moments they were quiet, Rhys finally decided to speak "Your hair is pretty cool"

She looked over at Rhys with a raised brow "W-what?" she said not sure if she heard him correctly. What an odd thing to say.

Rhys felt nervous but continued anyways "Your dye job" he said risking flicking a small part of her hair up "It looks nice" he said with a small smile.

She chuckled not sure why he said that, but she liked it "Thanks Rhys" she said with a small smile. She stands up not bothering to dust off her jeans, she leaned down. "Don't doubt yourself general, you'll do fine" she said giving a small kiss on the cheek to Rhys before leaving towards the player's side. Rhys sat dumbfounded, blushing.

Rhyme, much like last time was already confidently making her way to the players side. On her way she ended up walking next to a very tomboyish girl around her own age. Rhyme looked at the girl who seemed to be blushing slightly.

Amy looked over at Rhyme and smiled "Oh, your Rhyme. Rhys' partner right?" Amy had failed to notice any kind of romantic feelings between Rhys and Rhyme.

Rhyme smiled back "Uh ya I am. You look happy what happened"

Amy blushed a bit before speaking "Uh I just kinda kissed a guy I liked" she said with a smile.

Rhyme giggled a bit at her, receiving a small punch in the arm from Amy "Well good for you" she said rubbing her arm even though it didn't hurt. Both of them together walked into the players side.

Bane stood there feeling a bit cold after relinquishing his sweatshirt to Eri. He would rub his arm every once in a while to warm it up. He shook his head in shame at the people who walked into the reaper side, after a couple of minutes there were 17 people left outside, of either bubble not sure where to go; even so, he could tell that they were leaning to be a Reaper "H-hey let go of me you asshole" he heard the familiar voice and turned around. He saw Amu struggling against her ass of an older brother who was pulling her towards the reapers side "Now then sister dear, don't struggle so much, were better off here" Bane didn't need much reason to punch the bastards lights out. Still, it was always nice to have justification.

Bane walked over to the two and elbowed Justin in the face. Causing him to let go of his sister. Amu looked at Bane surprised at his very intense entrance. After a moment she shrugged "A bit of overkill… but effective" she admitted with a chuckle. Justin on the other hand, was not quite as amused.

"You damn crazy bastard can't you keep your hands to yourself?" Justin said holding his temple where the elbow had hit.

Bane examined his elbow then looked over at Amu "Elbows are apart of the arm right?"

Amu chuckled "Last time I checked" she said with a smile

"And I believe the proper term for what I did yesterday is, kick your ass, so technically, I haven't touched you with my hands since I've known you"

Justin stood up angry, but he ignored Bane for the moment and looked at Amu "So you'd rather die with these, scum sucking losers then live with me, your own brother?" he said trying to play the guilt card

Amu looked down "You know brother, you've always been popular but… even with the way you acted, I still thought you had a good heart… but these last few days…" she looked up at him "even in private I realized you are a real asshole… good luck br-… reaper…" when she was finished Justin looked shell shocked. It was the only time that Bane had seen any kind of emotion from Justin, well besides Lust, Pompousness, and in general assholesmanship. It didn't last long.

Soon rage filled Justin's face, he turned around throwing his hands into the air "Fine, be erased like the rest of the losers I'm saving myself" he crossed the barrier into the reaper territory.

Amu looked a little sadden but Bane put a hand on her shoulder "It's the right choice" he said and she nodded happy with the encouragement. She started walking to the players' side, then looked back at Bane who hadn't moved "Just give me a moment love, I mean… People expect a speech" Amu smiled and rolled her eyes as she entered the players zone. Bane counted up the people outside the bubble, about 10. Then counted up the people that were in the players' box, 5. He assumed that Eri was in one or the other, more likely in the players side, She wouldn't betray me. If she did I'd have to hunt her down – Not to erase her, just to get my damn sweatshirt back. You never notice how cold the astral plane of Tokyo is until your standing there in just a t-shirt. Well now or never. Bane took in a breath and started off towards Yoshiro and Kariya.

Yoshiro watched, as Eri all but raced towards the player side first. She wasn't sure why she was holding onto a sweatshirt but didn't really care. Just glad she decided against being a reaper. Then she looked over at Bane who was approaching them Crap this kid again. She watched as he begun to draw his sword Holy crap.

Bane strolled over towards the reapers side, calmly strolling past the reapers, sword still in hand. He went up to the brink of the barrier of the reapers side looking in with a smiling devilishly at the people inside "'Ello everyone If you didn't know already my name is Bane" he looked across the faces some of them fearful, some of them brave… well mostly fearful. Some of them just the other day were congratulating him. "It's always nice to figure out who the Judas's are in a group"

One of the older kids not quite as afraid of bane came forefront of the group "What would you have us do, staying a player would be suicide" he said confident that he was right.

Bane started chuckling, it was slow but continuous. Then it went into full blown laughter, after about a minute he was done, the new reaper boy wasn't so sure anymore "No… Nononono… you see what your doing is suicide"

Justin felt the need to once again try to lead the new group "How do you figure that you insane bastard? Were out of the game, were going to be fine"

Bane just smiled shaking his head "no your not out of the game, you just switched teams. Cept your team… has a cut off" he said leaving that hang in the air before continuing walking beside the barrier hands held behind his back "Does anyone remember the original rules for this whole reaper thing? No? Well I do…" he said with a smile "You see all of you to survive to next week as a reaper, need to erase two players; otherwise you'll be erased" he stopped at used his arm to gesture to the group of players still deciding which way to go. They were all intently listening to Bane. "Now use what you learned in grade 1, how many are left? 16 players, if they all decide to stay player?" Some people in the reapers bin could tell where this was going. "That means, best possible scenario, only 8 of you avoid being erased. Now look around you" they all did starting to feel a panic go through the crowd. "how many are there of you? Thirty, forty? All of us, we have the chance based on how good we are to go back to living our lives, go back to a normal world where shit makes sense" he gestured at them now a pointing finger and a devilish smile. "You… You have a one in five shot of being mercenary slaves to those idiots" he gestured towards Kariya and Yoshiro "or you die" Bane laughed turning towards the player side "But no, your right… your much better off" he said sarcastically as he walked towards the player side. A heated panic flooded through the reaper group. The eleven remaining players all immediately flooding towards the player side. The 5 players already in the player side were astounded. They were rather freighted of Bane at the moment. As he walked through and they were all looking at him "Ya whats wrong" he said calmly sword sliding his sword into it's sheath.

Eri was probably the only one not freighted by Bane at the moment so she just remained quiet and listened. Rhys on the other hand wanted some answers "What the hell was that all about" a murmuring of the same basic statement went through the group.

Bane shrugged "Come on Rhys, you should know this, Psychological Warfare, they are all going to be scrambling to get one of those eight slots, and I got those eleven to stay with us" he said thumbing to the approaching group. Rhys nodding at this "Besides, nearly everyone fears me, if I can't convince them I'm not I can at least use it to get us out of this hell hole. He said with a smile. Amy was hiding behind Rhyme, fearing Bane, she was now looking out at him with unbelieving eyes. Bane looked at her with a smile on his face "Hey there, haven't I seen you somewhere before?" he said to the girl

Amy looked around seeing if he was talking to somewhere else then stepped out from behind Rhyme and rubbed the back of her head, "Uh… ya, your the T.A. in my World History class" she said tentatively. As if she was holding a lit match in a room full of gunpowder.

Bane nodded then chuckled "Ah yes you're the one who continually challenges the teacher on all his crap" he said with smile.

Amy chuckled a bit, Bane wasn't so scary after all "You were actually listening? You looked really interested in that book you were reading, some Psych thing"

Bane nodded his mood seeming to drop for a moment before brightening again "Yea, yea, but still I like to like to listen to anyone intelligent" he said, Bane had ironically gotten better socially since he had died.

Soon enough everyone had gotten used to each other. Amy and Amu, both without partners decided to partner up. Rhys had formed a plan for everyone to meet up in front of 104 or Cat Street. At this point Bane was relaxing at the edge of the players section, feeling tired from waking up earlier then everyone else. He opened his eyes to look at the clouds when he realized Eri was sitting next to him "How long have you been there?" he asked curious.

She smiled back at him still holding onto the sweatshirt "O-oh, uh just a few minutes… you looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake you" she said holding out the sweatshirt to Bane "Uh here's your sweatshirt back" she said keeping it at arms length towards him. She was blushing lightly.

Bane sat up against the barrier taking the sweatshirt from her "Thanks for holding onto that for me" he said starting to slip his arm into the sleeve before Eri spoke

"Um… Bane, why'd you give me your jacket anyway?"

Bane looked at her then thought for a moment and shrugged slipping the other arm into the sleeve "I don't know, I woke up early, and you looked cold sleeping on the ground"

Eri smiled at his answer "I figured as much" she sat up against the barrier right next to Bane "Nice hit on Justin by the way, he really can't fight for crap can he?". She said trying to change the subject.

"Ha! You can say that again, he's way too weak for the crap he pulls on people" he said with a smile. He was gonna say some more before everything started to go black, Day Five had begun.

End of Part 1

Wow I am infinitely more proud of this chapter then my last one. Thank you to Hopeless for inspiring me to continue on with this. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it.