Summary: Harry ponders 'why?' Established relationship.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Thanks: Thanks to my brother and his husband for letting me use their life as an outline for the story.

'Why.' He pondered.

As he sat in front of his house he pondered the eternal question.

'Why do we do what we do?' he asked himself.

'Why do we say what we say?' he thought, taking pause as the rain started.

"Why do we think the way we do?" he quietly muttered.

He though back on the past couple years of his life as the rain started to come down harder.

Almost two years ago he had been working as a restaurant when HE had showed up.

The guy had spent his whole meal watching Harry's every move.

That was where they met, and started their relationship.

As time has passed they moved to the guy's home town, bought a house, and bought a truck.

Along the way there have been the ups and downs, but through it all, they've both held on.

They lived together long enough now to be considered married, but without the actual legal documents stating so.

Now, at just past the one year and seven month's anniversary, Harry is wondering why.

'Why, when I have a wonderful life here, do I carry my doubts and fears? I have been hurt in the past, many times, but I love this man. With that love comes the trust that I have trouble giving, and rarely give wholly.' He paused in his thoughts to watch some lightning fly through the night sky.

'Why do I worry for my health, even when I know I shouldn't?'

'Why must life be this way?' he pondered.

"Why?" he quietly asked once more.

As he sat there watching the lightning, Harry recalled a situation from just a few night before.

Him and his husband had been having a fight, and in his anger Harry had upturned a partially glass coffee table.

The glass had fallen out and shattered everywhere. Glass shards had gone flying in every direction, and even into the air.

Once the glass had settled his husband had quickly and carefully made his way to Harry.

"Are you ok?" he asked worriedly.

"I'm fine. How are you?"

"I'm ok."

"I'm sorry, and I love you Harry. I'm just glad you didn't get hit."

"Me too, and I love you too Draco."

Harry came back to reality as the door opened and his husband stuck his head out.

"Are you coming in soon? You're getting soaked."

Harry smiled, remembering why.