I was sitting in my bedroom when I heard a trilling sound. It was the tiny silver cell phone Edward had given me. I picked it up and flipped it open.

"Hello?" I said.

"Bella!" Alice's high voice said through the phone. "You're coming over tonight! I already called Charlie, and he said it was alright. We're going to watch movie and everything!"

I groaned. I really hoped they wouldn't give me makeovers or dress me up or anything. Alice and Rosalie knew I hated being primped with a burning passion.

"Did I mention the whole family's going to be there?" Alice said. I perked up at that thought. With Edward there, Alice and Rosalie wouldn't force me to be their Barbie doll!!

"Sure, Alice. I'll be right over." I said, then hung up the phone. I changed into a set of comfy, baby blue sweats, grabbed my keys and headed out the door to my truck. I climbed in and put the key into the ignition, my car roaring to life. I carefully backed out onto the street and rove to my home away from home.

I walked into the Cullen household and smiled. Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper were playing a card game on the floor, and Alice was crouched down looking through the movies.

"GO FISH!!" Emmett yelled. He could get very competitive playing this game. i stepped into the living room and watched my future siblings play. I looked up and around, wondering where Edward was. Suddenly, I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around my waist. I looked up into Edward's beautiful, angelic face.

"Hello love," his musical voice said. "Sorry I was late." He leaned down and kissed me with his soft lips. I eagerly kissed back until he pulled away, smiling my favorite crooked grin.

"That's alright," I said, a little breathless. That rush I get after he kisses me always leaves me feeling this way. We watched Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper play for a little while longer. Emmett won every single game (go figure), then we got bored.

"How about we play a little game of would you rather before the movie?" Alice suggested. Emmett, Rose, and I immediately agreed. Jasper and Edward were hesitant at first but eventually gave in.

"Ok, I'll go first." Alice said. Her eyes scanned the room and landed on me. Uh-oh.

"Bella. Would you rather call Mike Newton and tell him that you are passionately in love with him or stay away from Edward for a whole summer?"

"Call Mike Newton," I said automatically. I couldn't stand the though about being away from Edward and, by the way he tensed up next to me, I knew he couldn't either.

"Ok, um, Jasper. would you rather get a makeover from Alice or have her take you shopping for a whole new wardrobe?"

"Uh, the shopping," Jasper said. I didn't know which was worse. I guess it was a pretty crappy would you rather, since those things only seemed bad to me.

"This is getting boring! Let's play go fish!!" Emmett said eagerly. We all looked at him and yelled, "NO!!" really loudly. Emmett just pouted and started muttering something about how all cookies are magical and special in their own way.

"How about we start the movie?" Rosalie said. I nodded my head in agreement.

"Okay, so there are three movie choices. The first is She's the Man, the second is No Reservations, and the third is Cinderella." Alice told us.

"OH, LET'S WATCH CINDERELLA!!" Emmett screamed in excitement. Alice looked at us and we nodded our heads warily. If Emmett didn't get to watch this movie, there would be a major temper tantrum coming our way.

"Alright, we'll watch Cinderella," Alice sighed. She put the movie into the DVD player and pressed play. We all sat on the couch, Emmett and Rosalie on one side, Jasper and Alice on the other. Edward and I were in the middle. I snuggled closer to him and he wrapped his arm around me. Just then, the music for the opening credits started and we settled in to watch the movie.

Right before Prince Charming put the slipper on Cinderella, I yawned. My eyes started to flutter closed when Edward;s sweet voice woke me.

"Do you want to go to sleep now love?" he asked me gently. I looked at him and smiled just as another yawn came on.

"No, I'm... fine." I said sleepily. My eyes started to droop closed again. I heard Edward's melodic chuckle and felt him stand up. The last thing I remembered before I drifted off to sleep was Edward sweeping me up into his arms and carrying me up to his bedroom.