"Bella… Bella… Bella, love!"

Who is that and why are they making such a racket? Oh, right. I forgot, it must be Edward. When he brought me back to the castle last night, I must have fallen asleep. I smile warmly and stretch, the thought of a lovely breakfast in bed filling my mind. After all, what else would one expect in a prince's castle?

"Mmm… Prince Edward…" I murmur sleepily. I groggily grope around for his hand to make sure that it really is him instead of one of the maids. Sleep can do that to you sometimes.

"Prince? What did I do to deserve such an honor?" My eyes snap open and I quickly sit up. I raise my head and find myself looking into the most beautiful pair of eyes I've ever seen. They look like a pair of emeralds sparkling in the ocean… wait, emeralds? I thought Edward's eyes were topaz… And then I realize. What had seemed so incredibly real a minute ago was really all a dream. The ball, the slipper, everything! It had been such a nice dream too. I must have looked a little out of place because Edward had reached a hand out to put his palm on my forehead, as if I had a fever.

"Are you alright, Bella? You look a bit pale."

"Oh, I'm fine, Edward. What happened last night after I went to sleep?" I was only asking because I was afraid that I had maybe talked in my sleep, and knowing the dream I had, that could either be very bad or… very bad.

"Nothing, really. We finished the movie and then Emmett insisted that we watch Finding Nemo. It was almost past midnight, though, so we all went to bed," Edward says, looking at me like I have a third head. I glare at him and say "Edward, why are you looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?" I hastily wipe around my mouth, just in case there is.

"I was just wondering why you had called me 'Prince'… Is this some new game we're playing?" He grins mischievously and starts to lean forward so he can kiss me. Before his lips touch mine, I lightly put my hand on his chest.

"If you must know, I had a dream that I was Cinderella, except my name was Bellarella, and you were the prince, and Lauren and Jessica were my evil step-sisters, and Alice and Emmett were both my fairy godmother! And then it got really weird, because Jasper was a horse and Jake was a dog and Carlisle and Esme were the king and queen and-" I am cut off by Edward's lips on mine, kissing me hungrily. When he pulls away, he is smirking.

"I think I would much rather that this be a game." I contemplate him for a moment, and then decide that I like to be spontaneously kissed for no reason.

"Me too," I say lightly, leaning forward to peck his cheek. "But right now I'm kind of hungry, so why don't we go downstairs and you can make me breakfast?" Edward grins at me and slips his hand around my waist, pulling me into a hug.

"Of course, my dear. Lead the way!" I get up from the bed, giggling, taking Edward's hand with me as I go. I really do feel at home with Edward. It dawns on me then that if I ever want our relationship to be something more, I have to act now. I spin around on the top step of the stairs and wrap my arms around Edward's neck.

"Edward, I want to ask you something," I look him straight in the eye. Hopefully, I am emitting more confidence than I feel. Edward eyes me with one eyebrow raised.

"Sure, love. Is everything alright?" he asks me, his tone sounding a bit worried.

"It's more than alright. Actually, everything's perfect," I begin, my voice shaking. "You know I love you, right? And that I couldn't ever love anyone as much as I love you?" I am biting my lip now, willing myself not to cry despite the nerves rolling around in my stomach.

"Of course. Bella, what's going on?" There is a note of panic in his voice now, and I know that I have to say what I want to say before things get out of hand.

"Edward, I want to marry you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to wake up next to you every morning and I want to be the one cuddled up to you in our bed at night. I want-" Once again, I am cut off by Edward's lips kissing mine. He kisses me slowly and sweetly, like he is trying to say everything he feels with just one kiss. He pulls away and gently leans his forehead against mine.

"Yes," he whispers lovingly. "A thousand times yes." I grin and squeal slightly; enveloping him into the biggest hug I can muster. I grab his hand and start pulling him down the stairs. We get to the bottom and I veer left, heading toward the backyard instead of the kitchen. Edward looks amused, as I am still tugging him along. He laughs and says "Bella, where are you going? I thought you wanted breakfast."

"I do," I say simply. "But first I need to find Alice."

"Alice? But why?" Edward says, puzzled.

"Because we've got a wedding to plan," I say, turning around and giving him a kiss. He chuckles and takes my hand in his. We continue onto the backyard, where we will begin to plan our own happily ever after.

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