Part one

A/N: Hey all! I think everyone likes this story, and I will still update the others…someday… WARNING! I know in the books, Edmund is supposed to be ten the first time he enters Narnia, but for this story I made him about thirteen…

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It all started very suddenly. I mean, I had just got done at school, and was getting ready to walk home, but I guess things like this just...happen. I turned, feeling someone behind me. No one was there, except for some kid who looked at me like I was crazy. I ignored him and continued to walk, once again feeling someone behind me. I turned around once again, frantic.

"You okay?"

I turned back around, hearing the voice. My best friend, Emily, was staring at me, eyebrows raised. "Yeah, I'm fine."

She shrugged, looking over to where her mother was waiting. "Leah, are you going to the party tonight?"

I shrugged. "I don't know. I really don't see the point."

Emily frowned. "Don't see the point? Leah, you're thirteen! Its time to have some fun!" She looked at me slyly. "Aaron will be there."

I looked away from her quickly, hiding the blush on my cheeks. Emily loved to tease me about my little crush on Aaron. Okay, big crush on Aaron…

"I might go." I said grudgingly. Emily just laughed, then ran over to her mother was waiting. "See you later!"

I didn't say anything, just waved and continued to walk away from the school. I didn't live far away, so it really didn't take me long to get home at all. I just really hated the cold. There was a couple inches of snow on the ground, and I put my hood up and scowled as I started to walk home.

I really didn't know why I hated the snow so much- I always had. I probably always would.

I gladly made my way into my house and threw my coat on the coach, then made my way into the kitchen. Mom and Dad were both at work, and my older brother was at football practice, so I was alone. And hungry.


I jumped, then turned to look towards the stairs. What was that? "Hello?"


I stayed still a moment longer, then shrugged and turned back towards the refrigerator. What could I eat? There was-


This time I knew I didn't imagine it. "Wh-who's there?" I called, grabbing onto a kitchen knife. My heart felt like it was going to break through my chest. "Hello?"


I snapped around, hearing that last one right behind me. Then I stared down, wide eyed.

In front of me was a very small, small man with a long grey beard, holding a huge looking dagger…thing. "The Queen says it's time." He announced in a high voice.

"Queen?" I asked, my voice shaking. "Who are you? What are you talking about-"

I didn't get to finish as he swung out the end of his weapon, hitting me in the head and making me fall into darkness.


I awoke to an intense pounding in my head. I frantically thought back, then bit back a sob as I remembered the events to let it feel like that. Where was I?

I fought to open my eyes. The pain exploded in my head.

"Is she awake yet?" An impatient voice spoke, a woman's voice. I fought back a groan. Where was I?

"Not yet, your majesty." Another voice spoke. I knew that voice. That was the guy that hit me!

"Wake her up." The woman commanded.

The man-thing kicked me in the side. I whimpered. "Wake up!"

I opened my eyes, blinking away the tears. There was a woman standing in front of where I was laying, her dark brown eyes focused on me. "Sit up, Leah." She commanded.

I glared at her from where I was. "How do you know my name?" I snapped, though weakly.

The woman raised her eyebrows. "I believe I told you to sit up."

The man grabbed my hair and pulled me up as I screamed at the pain that exploded in my head. He let me go as I got into a sitting position, letting me sag against the wall. "Leah." The woman started, staring at me. "I am Jadis, Queen of Narnia."

I raised my eyebrows at her. Narnia? What the hell was Narnia?

"Narnia." The Queen said, obviously knowing I had no idea what she was talking about. "Is a kingdom, one that is parallel to Earth, where you are from. A whole other world." She smiled at me. "One that will one day be yours."

I stared at her. "What are you talking about?" I whispered, my head still pounding.

"You must know you don't belong with those…humans you live with." She spat out. "You must know you are something so much more."

I just sat, staring at her. She stared back, her eyebrows still raised, her face hard. Then it changed. Her face became softer, a small smile on her lips. "My dear child, do you know who you are?"

"Leah Thomas." I replied quickly.

"No." She said, still smiling. "You are Princess Leah. My daughter."

I felt like the world fell apart. I always knew I was adopted, my parents never hid that from me. But there was no way this…witch could be my mother. "No." I said, staring at her. "No. I don't live here. I live-"

"In America. Year 2008." She smiled. "Dear child, I put you there when you were born. Didn't want you to be in danger. You see, there are many against me here."


"Yes." She snapped, then quickly hid the annoyed look on her face. I saw it anyway. She held her hand out. "Come, daughter. Lets get you cleaned up."

I looked at her hand, then at her face. She was wearing an expression, one that dared me not to take her hand. I wasn't stupid. I took it. She pulled me to a standing position, then pushed me towards the open door gently.

I walked and ended up following her, the man behind me. She led me into a big room, then motioned for me to change into a long blue gown. I did so quickly and shivered at the cold. She raised her eyebrows once again, then handed me a coat. "comfortable?" She asked, sounding sweet.

I nodded. She went over and sat in a chair at the corner of the room, then motioned for me to sit. I quickly made my way over to the bed, then sat facing her. "Leah." She started, staring straight into my eyes. I shivered. "I am Queen of Narnia. But there is a prophesy- one that states four children, two sons of Adam, and two daughters of Eve will come to take my throne. But you can help save me from that. Help me save our kingdom." The way she spoke to me, so intently, like she really cared about Narnia, about saving the kingdom, it made me want to help her.

But for some strange reason, I couldn't shake the feeling that she was lying to me.

"That's why I sent you to Earth." She spoke once again. "I thought you would be able to help me when the time came, help me understand these…children who try to take something that is rightfully mine."

"Why am I here now?" I questioned, my mind frantically trying to understand why I didn't trust this woman. My mother.

She smiled at me. "I met one of the sons of Adam. He came to Narnia with his sister- though I didn't see her. When we talked, he understood the error of his ways. Decided to help me. But I am still worried about his family. He said he would bring them to me."

"And?" I questioned.

She raised her eyebrow. "Well, I have to be prepared, don't I?" She questioned, laughing slightly. "I know you can help me, and if things don't go as planned, you will."

"Why do you think I can help you?"

"Because, Leah." Her voice was growing impatient again. "You're like me. A witch."


I have to admit, it took me awhile to except what she told me. The whole, being a witch thing. But now, I believe in it. I have to, considering last night, during our regular "training session" I melted the ice all around her as fire shot out of my hands.

I'll never forget that moment. She stared at me, in slight shock, as I stared at the space around her.

"Well," I muttered, now glancing up at her. "I never did like the cold."

She was angry, sent me to my room. I could tell that's not all she wanted to do, by the way her hand twitched, like she wanted to hit me or something. It was a scary thought.

I stared down at my hands, willing them to do it again. Create that fire that made me feel warm. Nothing happened. Maybe it was just a fluke…or maybe I was so cold, I just somehow made it happen. Maybe it would never happen again.

I was still looking at my hands when I heard a noise outside. One of Mothers guard wolves was growling. I frowned, then made my way out of my room and into the throne room. Mother was walking down the hall towards the same door I was headed to. "Ah, Leah." She said, her voice like the ice she loved so much. "Stand my me." She commanded.

I nodded quickly, looking at the ground. Something told me not to cross her at the moment. We walked into the throne room. I smiled slightly when I saw a boy around my own age sitting on my mothers throne. He looked around, like he wanted to own everything he saw. It made me smile slightly.

"Like it?" My mother said, her hand resting on the throne.

The boy jumped, startled. I saw his eyes glance at me, before quickly looking back at Mother. He jumped to his feet. "I- yes." He said. "Your majesty."

Mother walked to sit on the throne herself. "I thought you might." She sat. "Tell me, Edmund." Edmund? What kind of name was that? "Are your sisters deaf?" I looked at my mother. Huh?

Edmund looked just as confused. "No."

"And your brother, is he….unintelligent?" Mother continued.

Edmund smirked slightly. "Well, I think so. But mum says-"

"Then HOW," Mother stood, yelling. I jumped in surprise. "dare you come alone!"

"I tried!" Edmund said, backing away from her. His eyes landed on me once again.

"Edmund, I asked so little of you." Mother said, still walking towards him.

"They just don't listen to me!" Edmund continued to defend himself. "I did bring them halfway. They're at the little house dam, with the Beavers!"

Instantly, my mothers face softened. Somewhat. Edmund continued to stare at her, looking slightly frantic. I was also staring at her. My mother was insane.

"Well," Mother said, her voice softer. "I suppose you're not a total loss then. Are you?"

She turned to walk back to her throne. Edmund followed. "I was wondering," he said. "could I…maybe…have a small Turkish delight now?"

My eyes instantly widened. One of the first lessons Mother taught me said that magic made food instantly gives some power over whoever eats it. She wouldn't have given something to this Edmund…

Would she?

"Our guest is hungry." Mother said, looking at someone behind me. I turned quickly, only to see Ginarrbrik behind me.

I instantly felt afraid at the look they shared. I wanted to tell the boy to run. Ginarrbrik walked towards him. "This way." He said. "For your num-nums." He pulled out his dagger and pressed it into the boys back. I gasped.

The boy looked at me. I stared at him, wide eyed.

"Morgrim!" Mother commanded. I still hadn't looked away from Edmund, who was looking back over his shoulder at me. The head of the wolves came up beside mother. "You know what to do." She told him.

He howled and the entire pack came out from where they had been hiding. I stared at them. She wouldn't- send them after his family!…would she?

Edmund looked at all of them in shock, then his eyes snapped back to mine, shocked. I stared back, tears filling my eyes for some unknown reason. We continued to stare until Ginarrbrik led him away once again.

"This might end quicker than I though." Mother said, still staring at nothing as she sat on her throne.

I didn't say anything, just turned and marched back to my room.