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"Get out! Get out get out!" Vernon Dursley bellowed from the kitchen. His face, a shiny tomato red, was contorted in anger. His arms were rigid at his sides, and he was clearly attempting –and failing – to control his rage. He raised a pudgy finger and pointed it menacingly at Harry. "Get. Out. Now."

Harry braved a quick glare and turned, striding from the kitchen, through the living room, and out the front door. He took care to slam it behind him and leaned against the hard wood. Taking deep breaths, he calmed his senses. He would go back in when they all had a chance to settle down, he decided.

Five minutes prior, Harry had been making dinner for the small 'family'. Because Dudley had demanded breakfast for dinner, he was frying up bacon and eggs. If there was anything Harry had learned while living with the Dursley's it was simply; when Dudder wants something, Dudder gets it.

Dudley was a large boy, overgrown in an unhealthy way that left him pudgy and unattractive. Harry thought that Dudley didn't quite need any bacon and should probably opt for a salad instead, but thought against vocalizing that opinion.

Anyway, Dudley had been leaning against the counter, impatiently waiting for his food when the bacon had sizzled and a small glob of grease had flown from the pan, hitting him square in the face. The whale of a boy had screamed dramatically, clutching the small burn, sending Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon flying across the room to his aid.

With Dudley chanting in screams 'He's stung me, he's stung me!' ,Vernon had turned his wrath on Harry. He yelled some rubbish about Harry having cursed his precious son, pointing and shaking and causing another chorus of moans from Dudley.

Now, here we are.

Harry sighed and pushed away from the door. It was half past seven and the sun would soon be setting, but this didn't bother him. He figured the longer he could stay away, the better. He trotted down the few steps to the sidewalk and began walking aimlessly up the street.

Harry let his thoughts wander to Ron, Hermione, and the Order. He hadn't been receiving many letters at all, and was sure he was in the dark about the latest happenings… surely there must be some news to report. Hedwig had been sent over to them a few days before, and he was eagerly awaiting her return.

Harry brought himself forcefully out of his dreamland and took in his surroundings. He found himself in the neighborhood park a few blocks down from the Dursley's. Spotting an old wooden bench sitting a few meters away, he made this his destination. The old wood creaked as he leaned back against it, looking ahead at the scene splayed out before him.

It was very pleasant, really. The grass was a dark, healthy green, and the trees that covered most of the park were tall and peaceful. The sun was setting behind them, throwing the land into pinks, reds and oranges. Birds swooped in and out of the trees and across the park, singing merry tunes as they went. The leaves rustled with the slight breeze.

Just as he was beginning to relax, a quick movement caught his eye to the left. He barely had time to react before a tiny little ball of white flew at him. Caught off guard Harry yelped and attempted to block the assault with his hands. Instinctively, he snapped his eyes shut and shielded his face. After a few painfully long seconds of anticipation, he realized nothing had hit him.

A small cat – a kitten it appeared to be – was curled up against his chest, shivering violently. The cat was about ten inches long, and a shocking white color. Its little body continued to shake as Harry plucked it from his lap and brought it to eye level. "What's the matter little guy?" he said, squinting his eyes at it and giving it a slight pat.

Its wide eyes were a bluish-silver color that Harry found immensely familiar. Its small mouth was struggling to clamp around a stick, and it fidgeted and shivered under Harry's scrutiny. Harry pulled the stick from its mouth, wondering why in hell a cat wanted to play fetch with him, before he felt the elaborate grooves and shaping of the stick in his hand. Surprised, he glanced down and twirled it. It was a wand.

Harry gasped and dropped the tiny cat out of reflex, receiving a surprised squeak and angry hiss as it hit the bench. The cat immediately jumped at Harry, stretching a paw out to swipe at the hand that held the wand, claws bared. A sharp claw nicked Harry's hand, electing a small yelp of surprise from the boy. He flung the wand away and stood abruptly.

The kitten quickly retrieved the wand and attempted to hold it in its mouth again. Finding it impossible to both hold the wand and watch Harry, it settled for standing over it protectively. The wand was nearly as big as the tiny thing was, but it didn't seem to mind. The cat stared pointedly at Harry, its eyes angry. It was so human Harry found himself returning the look, his eyebrows knitted together in thought.

Slowly, Harry reached out for the wand, trying to keep an innocent expression on his face. The cat hissed slightly at him, looked down at the wand, and crouched.

"Well you obviously spotted me out for a reason. So I suggest you let me take a look." Harry said, feeling a bit stupid.

After a short moment of deliberation the cat seemed to agree and moved away. Harry's eyebrows rose and he quickly took the wand into his hands. Was this one of Miss Fig's cats?

Harry brought the delicate wand up to his face and peered closely at it, twirling it between his fingers. He had seen this wand he was sure, but couldn't exactly place it. Small, stiff, elegantly carved.

With a jolt, he remembered where he'd seen this wand. Eyes widening, he studied the cat in front of him. He took in the blue gray eyes and the white fur.

"Malfoy?" he hissed, turning back to the cat who nodded its tiny head, looking relieved.

"Why the hell are you a cat?!" Harry almost shouted in shock.

The cat rolled its eyes and made a face that said 'Do you really expect me to be able to answer you?'

Harry nodded. Then smirked."Well, well… Guess you've gotten yourself into a bit of trouble, eh Malfoy? Daddy not here to bail you out?"

Malfoy's eyes widened for just a moment and he stepped forward.

"Well there's nothing I can do about it. I'm still underage for the rest of the summer… You're on your own." Harry scowled. What the hell was he doing here of all places? He wasn't going to help him. "See you, go catch some mice or something." He turned and began to head back to the Dursley's.

He'd only gone a few paces when a sharp pain shot up from his ankle. He cried out and stumbled, looking down to see the cat securely attached to him, tiny claws digging into his flesh.

"Get off me you git!" He yelled, shaking his ankle. Malfoy didn't quite like that shaking and dug his claws in deeper to prove his point. Harry set his foot down on the ground, wincing as he glared down at his enemy. Small enough to step on…

Seeming to have a change of heart, Malfoy let go. He pranced around to the front of his savior, widening his eyes and curling up on the ground, his head between his paws. He whimpered quietly and shivered dramatically.

Oh, so the git's trying to cute his way into this. Well that's not going to work. I don't care how cute he is, Draco Malfoy is not coming with me.

He looked up, thinking about leaving again when Malfoy's sharp cries came from the ground. He trotted to Harry, looking up pleadingly, and began spewing cries quickly and loudly.

Harry sighed and shoved Malfoy's wand into one of his pockets. "Fine! Come on then." The little cat perked up immediately and made a funny little noise in the back of its throat. If he had been human, Malfoy would have been snickering.

Back at the Dursley's, Harry squatted down to get a better view of Kitten-Malfoy.

"Listen, I have to sneak you up to my room. So don't make any noise, and don't squirm too much. Got it?" Malfoy nodded his tiny head.

Harry carefully reached out his hand and scooped Malfoy up. Half-heartedly trying not to hurt him, he pushed the cat into one of the deep pockets of his pair of old baggy shorts. He heard the tiny cat huff a little about being carried in such a demeaning way, but he quickly quieted as they walked up the steps to the front door.

Harry pushed it open and slipped inside. All of the lights in the house were out, but the blue glow from the television filtered out into the hall from the living room.

Harry silently shut the door, and began to ascend the stairs to his room. He held his breath and stepped lightly, but a squeak in the wood blew his cover.

"Boy!" Uncle Vernon snapped from the living room, making Harry jump, then curse as he made his way back down the steps. He never seemed to get away with anything anymore; the Dursley's had been on high alert since he had arrived for the summer. Since this would be his last required summer with them, Harry imagined they were trying to get it all out while they still had him around as a punching bag. He stood in the doorway to the livingroom, not willing to go any further.

"Apologize. Now. For hurting Dudley. And no food for a week." Uncle Vernon snapped. Dudley grinned evilly at him, waiting for his apology.

Draco could hear the muffled conversation from his pocket carrier. This talk infuriated him for reason's he couldn't understand. How could Harry's own family treat him like this? he thought, shaking his head.

Harry felt something nudge his leg, and saw Dudley's beady eyes dart to his pocket. "What was that?" he said excitedly. "What have you got in your pocket, Potter?"

Shit. "I don't have anything in my pocket." He said, trying to keep his voice level.

"Yes you do! Daddy, he's got something in his pocket!"

"Turn out your pockets, boy!" Vernon demanded, now focusing fully on Harry. Harry sighed heavily and reached into his pocket, pulling Malfoy out of it. Under Dudley's mischievous gaze, he felt the kitten begin to shake in his grasp.

"Daddy he's got a cat! I want it!" Dudley said, using the whining voice that drove Harry mad.

Malfoy shivered violently, realizing his vital mistake.

"Thought you could sneak vermin like that into my house, did you boy?!" Vernon shouted, enraged. "Throw it out, now!"

"But Daddy I want it!" Dudley whined. "Please!"

"Oh Duddykins, are you sure you want something like that in the house?" Petunia asked, and Harry could hear the doubt in her voice. She was clearly battling between her son being happy and her house staying clean and undamaged.

"Yes, I'm sure," and with that Dudley was off the couch so fast he must have defied the forces of gravity.

Draco screeched in surprise and began clawing at Dudley's hands violently, his claws and teeth both sinking in. Dudley screamed and jerked the cat around, gripping him by the nape of his neck. Malfoy stopped his thrashing but continued to scream and hiss.

"Don't, you'll hurt him!" Harry shouted, suddenly concerned.

"Too bad! It's mine so I can do whatever I want with it." And with one final smirk, he waddled from the living room, lumbered up the stairs, and disappeared into his room.

Harry turned and fled up the stairs behind him, slamming the door to his room and flipping the lock.

He flopped down onto his mattress, kicking his feet and rubbing his eyes with his fists until he saw stars. He brought out Malfoy's wand and stowed it in a desk drawer for safe keeping. He would wait this out. He had to. As soon as everyone was sound asleep he would sneak over and steal Malfoy back. Dudley would soon get bored with having a pet, or forget about it all together. How hard could it be?

Surprisingly, it wasn't hard at all. The Dursley's seemed to have completely forgotten about him, as Vernon didn't lock the door from the outside as usual.

Sometime near midnight, when all the stirrings had stopped and he could hear Dudley's steady snoring through the thin wall separating their rooms he slid under his bed and pulled out his trunk. The thing he needed was right on top; his invisibility cloak. It had been a while since he needed it, and he grinned at this perfect opportunity. He draped it over himself and padded across the room.

He took his time turning the handle and pushing the door open; he knew that any sound would put Uncle Vernon on alert. After the door was open enough for him to step out, he slid through and crept down the short hallway to Dudley's cracked bedroom door.

Harry cautiously stuck his head in first to make sure Dudley really was asleep. The large, stable blob in the middle of the bed confirmed this, so he stepped inside.

Dudley's room was filthy. Toys and clothes littered the floor, broken gaming systems and cd's seemed to be Dudley's favorite form of decoration. "Malfoy… Malfoy?" Harry whispered. For a moment he saw grey-blue eyes glint from under the bed. Malfoy looked around and began to back into safety, unsure of where the voice was coming from.

Harry whipped off the cloak. "Come on!" he whispered urgently, and Malfoy darted from under the bed and out the door.

When Harry had shut his door and discarded the cloak back into his trunk, Malfoy was sitting at the desk by his window. The moonlight silhouetting his tiny frame and Harry thought with a grimace that this was not how he wanted to be spending his summer.

"Well… I'm tired and I'm going to bed. Goodnight." He climbed onto his bed and settled underneath the covers. Then he turned to see Kitten-Malfoy staring at him. "Well… sleep where you want," he grunted, motioning to the room as a whole. The little cat looked appalled at the thought of having to sleep in the same space as Potter.

Harry smirked. "Yeah well. It get's cold at night so choose wisely." He rolled over so he was once again facing his wall. "Oh, and you owe me one," he mumbled before drifting off into a deep sleep.

Harry woke the next morning to the pale light creeping through his window and a little body breathing beside him. Malfoy was curled up into a tiny ball next to his pillow, maybe a foot away from him.

Not surprised, he reached out to poke the little white ball with his index finger. He effectively pushed it over, and Draco sprang to his feet, staring groggily.

"Time to wake up," he said in a mocking voice. "And I see you decided you wanted to sleep with me. I know that's what you've been waiting for." Harry waggled his eyebrows at Malfoy.

The little cat made a disgusted noise in the back of its throat then stuck out its tiny tongue at Harry in a childish gesture. For a moment Harry was silent, but couldn't contain his laughter for long.

With a nudge of his hand; he sent the tiny creature sprawling onto its side. If Malfoy was going to be taking advantage of his kindness and his home, he would have some fun with it.

He stood up, ruffled his fur a bit, then crawled to the end of Harry's bed and curled up again, facing away.

"Come on Malfoy. It can't be that bad living with me," he said to the animal. The tiny animal grunted in disagreement. "Well you did ask for it you know." At this, Kitten-Malfoy buried his face further into his soft fur.

"But you didn't ask to be cat I take it…" Harry murmured more to himself then to Malfoy.

A tiny amount of sympathy for Malfoy crept through him. He closed the blinds on his window to the brightness slowly spreading across the sky then reached down and scooped the little cat up around the middle. He plopped the cat back up onto his pillow and laid back, determined to go back to sleep.

Harry's last thought was that he would try to help Malfoy, because it seemed that maybe the boy was just as miserable as he was.

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