Teaching, SAS Style

Teaching, SAS Style

Let's just see how this turns out.

"Do you understand your orders?" Mr. Blunt asked the twenty men in front of him.

One man spoke up with an incredulous look on his face, "Your telling me that you want us, the SAS to pose as teachers for some prep school?" This was honestly degrading for them!

Mr. Blunt sighed, "It's not a prep school, it' Brookland and we have…something of great importance in that school. Something we cannot afford to lose." Blunt hated to admit it, but what he had said was true. Alex was far to invaluable to the MI6 to lose him.

A different man spoke up, "But why sir?"

"Because we have received information that Brookland is going to be targeted by Scorpia. They do not mind murdering children to get what they want and imagine how bad the MI6, the Prime Minister, and Britain would look if word got out and we did nothing to protect them."

The man nodded. "That makes sense. Does this have anything to do with the…thing…you have in Brookland?"

"Yes Eagle," Mr. Blunt responded, "but that's all I can tell you for the moment. Though, I do believe at least four of you will find out why we sent you there; and what exactly is in Brookland." If Blunt had been able to smile he might have cracked a small one then. If he had a sense of humor he might have been anticipating the reaction K-Unit was going to have once in the school. But since Mr. Blunt did not smile and did not posses any sense of humor, his face stayed exactly the same.

The SAS units in front of him, K-Unit (including Fox), D-Unit, C-Unit, G-Unit, and F-Unit looked resigned. They were not happy with their orders, but there was nothing they could do.

"You start tomorrow," said Blunt, in a clear dismissal.

"Yes sir," they said before marching out the room. They stopped outside the frond ors of the Royal and General bank, knowing that 20 armed men walking out would alarm the people on the streets. They went out in their units, one every couple of minutes and hid their weapons from view.

K-Unit was the second to last unit to go. While they waited they talked amongst themselves.

"Not more teenagers," complained Snake. "Our last long term experience (if you could count two weeks as long term) did not turn out so well."

"Though," giggled Eagle, "it didn't end too badly. Cub managed to safe Wolf's ass by kicking him out of the plane." His giggles died when he saw the glare Wolf was giving him. Wolf growled faintly, he did not like to have that particular memory brought up to often.

"What! I thought you started to get along with the kid," Eagle said, desperately trying to back away from Wolf though Snake and Fox formed a wall behind him. "I mean, after the whole Point Blanc thing I thought you guys tolerated each other, for short periods of time at least. And didn't you send Cub a 'get well' card when you heard he had appendicitis?"

The rest of K-Unit looked up in surprise, Wolf didn't, did he? I mean, Wolf just didn't do that. Especially to the kid he'd tried to get binned at the beginning of the year.

Wolf grabbed Eagle, "How. Did. You. Know. About. That?" He said; each word like a sentence.

Eagle searched frantically for a good excuse, or a good lie, but couldn't find any. "Um…what are you talking about?" He said, trying to look innocent. He stopped when Wolf gripped him tighter and held his hands up. "Ok, you left the card lying on your bed before you put it in the envelope and I got a little curious."

Fox, also know as Ben, and Snake were watching the exchange in amusement, their smiles growing wider and wider. Who'd have thought Wolf would have developed a soft spot for the boy. Snake decided it was time to speak up.

"Awww," he said, grinning, "that's sweet, I didn't think of doing that for little Cub." He meant to put a hand on Wolf's shoulder but seeing the look on his face, Snake decided not to and quickly pulled his hand back.

"Ummm, am I interrupting something," A man from D-Unit called Bear said as he cautiously walked forward toward the group.

Eagle looked up, still smiling. "Do you remember Cub?" He asked the other man, still in Wolf's grip.

Bear nodded.

"Well," continued Eagle, "he got appendicitis a little while ago and Wolf here sent him a 'get well' card. Wolf growled again but then stood up and released Eagle.

"I don't see why it's a big deal," he said nonchalantly, "I would do the same for you."

Fox, Eagle, Snake, and Bear rolled their eyes, they knew he wouldn't.

"Well," said Bear, "It's your turn to leave now."

"Thanks," Wolf muttered before K-Unit strode out the door.


Alex hopped off his bike and locked it before heading into Brookland. He noticed the different atmosphere in the school immediately; after all, he had been trained for that. The air seemed to be humming with excitement and tension. The students were all whispering to each other and the teachers….were not there. That was odd; normally there was at least one teacher in the hallway in the morning.

Alex looked around for his best mate, Tom. Spying him, he jogged over, maybe Tom would know what was going on.

"Hey Alex," Tom greeted him, "Did you hear?"

"About what?"

"The principal wants to make an announcement, he's called an assembly that's going to start in just about a minute, I wonder what he wants to talk about." Tom said.

Alex wondered too, this was going to be an interesting day. Alex smiled, "Well I can promise you that I haven't blown up the science lab." He said with a laugh.

"Again," Tom added with a smile. Alex punched his shoulder.

"Hey! It was an accident, and it was a matter of life and death," Alex said in a mock hurt tone. They both laughed and made their way to the auditorium for the assembly.

They grabbed seats near the front so they could see what was going on. The principal was talking to some men against the wall.

Alex stiffened and swore when he noticed several important things about these men. There were 20 of them, and they were all wearing army fatigues and Kevlar and they all carried weapons. He didn't think they were Scorpia because of the fatigues but still, whatever the reason there were army men it could not be good. Then he noticed something else, he knew four of those men.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. What the HELL was SAS doing here? And why K-Unit?

Tom heard Alex's expletives and looked concernedly at him. "What's wrong?" He asked.

Alex slid down in his seat and put the hood of his hoodie up, trying to hide his face. It's not that he didn't like K-Unit, but he wasn't exactly where he stood with them, except maybe with Ben. Also, he didn't want his 'normal' life at school to have contact with his MI6 life, he needed to keep them as far apart as they could. For his sake, if not for anyone else's.

Tom repeated his question and Alex snapped out of it. "What's wrong, I know that something isn't right so don't lie to me."

Alex sighed, "See those men against the wall," he pointed and Tom nodded, "they're SAS."

"Oh," said Tom, grasping the situation, "it can't be good if they're here." Alex nodded.

"And K-Unit is with them," he said. Tom winced, "Sorry man. Do you think this has anything to do with you?"

Alex sighed, "I can't think of anything specific but I'm pretty sure this has everything to do with me. I'm just hoping that they don't know I'm here, maybe I can hide."

Tom nodded and was about to say more when their headmaster walked on stage and the chatter died down.

"I'm sure you are all wondering why I called this assembly," the headmaster started and Alex could tell he was nervous about having 20 armed personnel in the room. "It's not really my place to tell you what is going on but Mrs. Jones is here to explain to you."

Alex groaned, not Mrs. Jones. The rest of the students started to chatter excitedly. They'd heard of Mrs. Jones, the deputy leader of MI6 but never had seen her before.

Mrs. Jones took the stage. "I'm sure you may have heard of me," she began, "I am here to tell you that your school is being targeted and it is now a matter of government security." Several of the kids looked shocked and they paled, Mrs. Jones noticed, "You have nothing to worry about. These men," she pointed at the SAS units, "are from the SAS, I'm sure you know what that means." More whispering and pointing, directed at the men this time. "They are here to protect you. They will temporarily be taking over the teaching positions so they can protect you from assault in the classrooms. They do not use name but will tell you what they want you to call them. Wolf, take it away," and with that she walked offstage.

The man in question took her place, looking ferocious and not a little angry. "Alright listen up," Wolf said. No body but Alex and Tom were quiet. Wolf got fed up with the chatter and decided to take drastic measures. "SHUT UP!" he screamed into the microphone. Instantly the auditorium was silent. The headmaster tried to send a stern look at Wolf and quailed when he caught sight of his expression.

"That's much better," Wolf said, still looking like he wanted to kill someone, "Look, we are not here to coddle you, we are here to protect you. And, to some extent, teach you. But we are armed and you can believe me when we say we will not hesitate to use whatever measures possible," some kids paled at the thought. "We are not allowed to kill you, but those were the only instructions concerning you, no one said anything about a bruise or two." He grinned a feral grin which made some of Alec's classmates shudder. Alex smiled; he would have expected no less from his one time unit leader.

"Wolf!" Someone who sounded like Eagle called, "don't scare the little kiddies."

Wolf sighed, "Students will be continuing with their regular schedules. Dismissed."

The students took his hint and filed out of the auditorium talking amongst them selves. Alex stayed back and located where Mrs. Jones was also heading up to the exit. He got to her side quickly and knocked into her, causing her to stumble.

"I'm so sorry ma'am," he said loudly, "I didn't mean to do that, are you all right?" Then, in a lower voice he said, "Anything I need to know about," while gesturing at the men. Which to Mrs. Jones translated also as 'anything to do with me?'

"Later Alex," she whispered. He nodded slightly.

Alex spoke up again, "I hope you are all right ma'am."

"I'm fine thank you Mr.-"

"Rider," he finished before smiling and shaking her hand.


Alex had maths with a man from D-Unit first. It went well. Though he vaguely recognized the guy from his brief stay he couldn't remember anything about him but his code name, Wasp. Wasp however didn't seem to recognize him though Alex made sure to keep his hood up.

The students filed in and sat down at their desks, whispering excitedly. Wasp stood up and cleared his throat, seeming a little awkward. The kids remembered Wolf though and shut up as soon as he stood.

"Your going to have to bear with me," he said attempting a smile, but because of a lack of practice, it looked more like a grimace. "I am still not sure quite sure what I'm supposed to be teaching you. Where did you leave off?"

A brave girl spoke up and told him but then asked, "Um, what should we call you? You haven't told us your name."

Wasp paused for a second, thinking. "I guess it would be alright if you called me Wasp."

Someone in the back of the class sniggered slightly. "What kind of a name is that," whispered Aaron, the stuck up popular kid. Unfortunately for him, Wasp herd.

Wasp had a temper, sometimes it was really, really bad. He hadn't been happy about the assignment but hadn't complained. But when this kid insulted him that was all it took, didn't the brat know enough not to insult a man in uniform.

Wasp spoke he looked friendly but everyone could hear the hard edge in his voice. "The SAS does not bother with names. When you receive a code name, like Wasp, it symbols that you have done well; it is a mark of honor. We are here saving your sorry little buts from being killed and you just mock us?" He was edging closer to the boy who was gulping and looking around for help.

"From now on, you will speak to me, to all of us with the respect your superiors deserve," he hissed. Aaron swallowed, his Adam's apple bobbing, "Y-y-yes sir," he said.

"Good," said Wasp, who walked back to the front of the room to begin lessons.