AD/GG. Slash.

A piece of candy-inspired fluff. Not explicit. Features a young Albus and Gellert.


The candies jingled in their shallow glass bowl.

Albus looked up, confused. A rare moment for him, normally.

But with Gellert, every gesture, every look, every touch puzzled him.

(heartsick confusion)


Gellert hated Muggle sweet shops. They were usually too noisy, too crowded, too sticky.

But as he passed the shop today, something bright caught his eyes. He stopped and stared.

A glass jar of sunshine-yellow candies sat innocently in the window display. Gellert raised an eyebrow.

He wanted them, those little circles. He couldn't really explain it, but something about the yellow color captured him.

He strode in.

Oddly enough, there was nobody there except for the portly shopkeeper, who looked up as the bell tinkled.

"I'd like that jar, please."

His smile was charming enough to make anyone melt, which the shopkeeper subsequently did.



Gellert marched over to Albus's with a paper bag tucked under his arm, a satisfied smile on his face.



Albus examined a small candy sphere. "Muggle sweets, Gellert?"

"I picked them up on the way."

"Ah…" This time, Albus gazed at his friend. "You don't seem to be the type for sweets."

Gellert smiled, and Albus suddenly felt drunk.

"They… caught my eye, you might say," Gellert replied. He picked one up between two slim fingers and looked at it with drawn-out interest.

"They're the color of your hair," Albus observed suddenly. He still felt slightly dizzy.

Gellert was surprised. "Really?"



"Try them, why aren't you trying them?"

Albus regarded the bowl warily. "They look suspicious."

Gellert couldn't hold back a laugh. "What?"

Albus flushed, and tried to explain.

"Yellow… yellow strikes me as suspicious. It's rather--cheerful--"

"You're not making any sense," chuckled Gellert. He was inwardly delighted as Albus reddened even more.

"Never mind then…" He paused, and muttered, "It looks sour, anyway. I don't really like sour things."

"I see…" There was a long silence. Gellert looked thoughtfully at the glass bowl of candy.

He suddenly picked a circle up and tasted it, running his tongue around the curve.

Albus looked at him, half-smiling.

"What are you doing?"



Lemon. A lemon drop.

Albus rolled it around his mouth. It tasted curiously sweet, and the bit of sourness he'd expected disappeared as he sucked on the little yellow sphere.

"Lovely, isn't it?" Gellert said, watching him intensely. Albus nodded.

"I thought so." The golden-haired boy sounded extremely satisfied. Slightly suspicious, Albus peered at him.

"What are you--?"

He stopped. A lemon drop was pressed to his lips.

"Open," whispered Gellert, leaning in.

Their eyes met, and Albus felt like he might faint.

Obediently (unconsciously), he parted his mouth.

Gellert pushed the candy in, along with his finger.

Albus wanted more--



They ended up feeding each other the lemon drops this way.



And some were transferred by mouth.



Lemon drops, Albus decided, were absolutely the most delicious things that existed in life.