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I sat on my bed with my knee's close to my chest as I listened to the muffled argument that was occurring downstairs. It reminded me of the fighting that use to go on between my parents when I was little, before they got divorced. This time it was different, this time it was my brother, my brother Emmett who was arguing with my mother, our mother. Arguing over me going to live with him and my father Charlie. Apparently my mom was the only one not on board with this idea, like the rest of us were.

"How do you think your father would feel if you came and moved in with me?" I heard my mother's voice boom.

"Mom!" Emmett was angry, I could hear it. "You're being ridiculous over this, you realize that don't you!?" then he started to calm down "You guys are both unhappy. You're unhappy when Phil has to leave, and you go into this mopy act and that makes Bella feel bad. And then when you go to Phil, you leave Bella alone with no one to talk to, and you end up upset leaving her by herself. Now we're giving you a solution! Let Bella come live with me and dad, we need her, and I think she needs us."

It went silent after that, I figured my mother was debating about what to do, after what Emmett had just said to her. My mother had married Phil a couple of years before, and he was a coach for a baseball team that kept him on the road. And I knew It killed my mom to be away from him, and when I did convince her to go. It didn't make it any better being alone here by myself, so I suggested to Emmett about coming to live with him and my dad. I never heard Renee give an answer, but the next thing I knew Emmett came flying through my door with a huge grin on his face. I looked up at him "What?"

"Well little sis, you better start packing, because you are coming home with me at the end of the week!"

"Really!?" I couldn't believe it, my mom had actually agreed. I jumped up and into my brother's arms "Thank you! Thank you so much Emmett"

He hugged me back tightly "I'd do anything for my little sister"

"Emmett... can't breath..." I gasped.

He loosened his grip on me and lowered me to the ground "Sorry, I forget how strong I am, but seriously! This rules Bella, I'm gonna go tell Dad that mom said it's a go.! You better start figuring out what you are gonna bring!" he started to head out of the room, but I could still hear him talking "I have to tell Rosalie! She'll be so happy"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I had started packing almost immediately after receiving the news of my moving, and before I knew it, it was 1 a.m. I could clearly hear Emmett snoring from the other room, and it made me laugh. We were really young when Charlie and Renee, dad and mom, decided to divorce. Charlie taking Emmett, and Renee taking me. Of course me and Emmett saw each other on holiday's and such, and he would always spend a month of the summer with us, but it wasn't enough. Not for me at least, I hated being away from him, even though during our visits we would sometimes argue and stuff, he was always going to be one of my best friends.

I sat down at my computer and started to check a few things before I went to bed myself. That was when an IM popped up from MissRosalie, Emmett's girlfriend, I had met her over spring break when Charlie took us to Disneyland. At first I was intimidated by her because she was so beautiful, and I thought she would hate me because I was just the annoying little sister, but that wasn't the case. We got along real well, and had continued to keep in touch.

MissRosalie: so please tell me I did NOT hear wrong when your brother told me you'd be moving to forks!?

lilBella: Nope, I am in fact moving to Forks at the end of the week :)

MissRosalie: Really? This is the best news, you are going to have so much fun here, I promise you that. I have to call Alice at once, she'll be so excited to finally meet Emmett's sister who I talk about constantly.

lilBella: haha, well I can't wait to meet any of Emmett's friends, they all sound fantastic.

MissRosalie: oh they are! Oh, Alice just signed on. I think I'm gonna make a chatroom, accept it!

Next thing I knew an invitation to a chatroom from MissRosalie popped up on my screen. I smiled and quickly hit accept.

Aliceinwonder: chatroom?

MissRosalie: Alice, guess what?

Aliceinwonder: I can't read minds Rose. What?

MissRosalie: Emmett's sister is moving to Forks! Say hi Bella.

lilBella: hi.

Aliceinwonder: REALLY!? This is fantastic! Another girl! Bella we are going to have to go shopping the minute you get here!

lilBella: I guess so.

MissRosalie: lol. Oh bella, you have no idea what you just agreed too. Alice can shop for hours.

Aliceinwonder: it is my gift :)... ugh. Edward's mad.

MissRosalie: what's wrong now? Is it Jessica?

Aliceinwonder: what else would it be? I truly hate that girl with every fiber in my body.

lilBella: Edward's your brother right?

Aliceinwonder: Yep. Him, Emmett, and Jasper are like the three musketeers.

lilBella: yeah Emmett said they are best friends. So, who's Jessica?

Aliceinwonder: UGH! My internet is acting funny. Rose can I call you and you call Bella?

MissRosalie: that alright Bella?

lilBella: mmhmm, you have the number?

MissRosalie: yep.

Not even a minute later the phone began to ring. I quickly picked it up, hoping that no one else heard it in the house "Hello?"

"Hi Bella!" a voice I didn't know yelled, I figured it was Alice.

"Hey Bella" I knew that one was Rosalie.

"Hey guys" I smiled as I went and laid down on my bed.

"I'm so excited you are moving here, we will have so much fun" Alice started to ramble which caused me to laugh.

"Me too" I said, then I decided to ask the same question I asked in the chatroom that I received no answer for. "So uh, who's Jessica?"

"A witch" Alice groaned "Her and my brother dated month's ago and she screwed him over big time. And like she still bother's him to no end, threatens any girl that talks to him. She calls constantly. I want to kick her"

"Oh" was all I could say.

"Yeah, we're not really big fans of her" Rosalie chimed in.

Before I could say anything someone picked up the phone and started to dial the number, Alice sighed so figured it was coming from her house. Then a voice started to breathe against the phone "what the... Alice?" the voice was both annoyed and beautiful at the same time.

"I'm on the phone Edward" Alice told him.

"Well I need to call Emmett so if you would please..."

I cut him off "Emmett's asleep"

"Who's that?"

I didn't know what to say, but Rosalie seemed to have me covered "That's Bella, Emmett's sister"

"Hello Bella" his voice sent chills through me.

"Edward guess what!? Bella's moving to Forks!" Alice chipperly yelled.

"Really? That is great news Bella. Well I'm going to go to bed, goodnight" then the phone clicked and Alice instantly started talking about something else.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The next morning at breakfast I could barely keep my eyes open. At one point my face and my bowl of cereal almost became best friends. This didn't go unnoticed by my mother "Honey, didn't you get enough sleep?" she pulled the bowl of cereal away from me, as I jerked again trying to keep my eyes open.

"Huh?" Emmett started to laugh but my mother told him to be quiet "I was on the phone till 3"

Emmett was standing by the fridge pouring himself a glass of juice, but stopped and looked at me "with who? You better not say that little weasel"

"No, no.. Rosalie and Alice" I yawned.

He looked at me with a smirk "my Rosalie and Alice? That's awesome!"

"Yeah, Alice is a chipper one"

He just laughed "oh you have no idea"

I nodded "I talked to Edward for a minute. He wanted to talk to you about something, but I told him you were sleeping. Alice said something happened with some Jessica girl"

Emmett nodded as if he fully understood "I hate her"

"Bella," my mom spoke "you sure you wanna go to Forks?"

I yawned again, was she really going to have this talk with me now, in the middle of the kitchen, in front of Emmett and Phil. "Yes mom"

"Cause you know.." She started but Phil placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Let's talk about this later Renee, the girl is falling asleep on the table" Phil smiled at me "go get some rest Bella"

"Thanks" I stood up and headed out of the room, Emmett was quickly behind me "yes?"

"You do wanna move with us right? I mean I'm pretty pumped my little sister wants to come hang with me and my friends" Emmett smirked.

"Emmett" I whined "I'm tired, can we talk about this later?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I knew this was probably one of the worst ideas I had ever had. My plane was leaving in 4 hours, but I had to say goodbye. Goodbye to the boy who was suppose to be my best friend, the boy who lead me on, and hurt my heart. The boy that my brother wanted to kill numerous times, and would kill me if he knew this is where I had gone. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. After a moment of standing there, I decided to turn and walk away, but then he opened the door.

"Bella?" it sounded like he had just woken up, and I wouldn't put it passed him for a minute "what are you doing here?"

I turned and looked at him, trying to keep a smile "I came to say goodbye"

He smirked "goodbye? Bella we've been over this, you'll never be able to truly say goodbye to me"

"No you, you" I sighed, I always got this way around him and I hated it "I'm moving in with my dad and brother"

"You're moving to Forts?"

Forks" I corrected him "And Yes I am.. So goodbye Jacob.." I turned and walked away, not even allowing him to get a final word in. As I was walking down the street my phone began to vibrate, I pulled it out to see a text message from Emmett 'Dude, where are you! We gotta head to the airport soon!'

I quickly typed a reply 'I'll be home in a couple minutes, I just had to do something before we left' I hit send and smiled to myself, this was the start of my new life.

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