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As much as I wanted things to go back to normal, I knew they couldn't. Not right away at least. We had to talk about things; we couldn't just push them under the rug. But I couldn't help but be a tad bit happy after his initial reaction of seeing me. He was happy. While I acted like a jealous idiot. Which I had no right to do, especially after everything that had happened. As we stood there and stood at each other, realization came to me. I had driven all the way here in my brother's car, where Edward's own car was here as well and he would have to drive back with his cousin. Then I remembered that I left my brother's car in the loading dock. I wasn't exactly sure if that was a good idea to just up and leave it.

Apparently my thoughts were too far off when I walked outside with Edward by my side and his cousin and girlfriend following behind talking about something. Emmett's car was gone. Edward went and asked one of the attendants that were outside about the situation. When he returned he looked a bit annoyed. "Apparently if you leave a car here unattended for a period of time they get it towed. Which is ridiculous!" he yelled the last part back to the attendant.

"Emmett's going to kill me" I groaned and buried my head in my hands, "Why did I think it was a good idea to drive all the way here" I didn't realize that Edward was going to take that the wrong way. His face instantly dropped and he looked to the ground. "No Edward. I wanted to see you. We need to talk"

He looked up at me and nodded, "We really do need to talk about everything Bella… but maybe first you should call Emmett"

I nodded and pulled out my phone dialing my brother's number. After a few rings he finally answered, "Bells? Did you see him? Are you okay? What's going on?"

I took a deep breath, "Yeah I saw him. But th- that's not what I'm calling Emmett.. Umm when I got to the airport I parked your car in the loading area and left it"

I heard him take a sharp breath, "You left my car in the loading dock of the airport? Let me get this straight.. You left my car in the loading dock of the airport!? Bella! What the hell!"

"Your cars okay.. I think. But they towed it.."

"Towed it where!?"

I looked at Edward as I bit my lip nervously. The last thing I wanted to do was anger Emmett. I was such an idiot sometimes, "Umm I don't know"

"Put Edward on the phone! Now!" I nodded, even though I knew he couldn't see that. I handed the phone to Edward and he graciously took it.

"Hey Emmett.. Yeah.. I'll try and find out" Edward rambled on to my brother as he walked away back toward the attendant. I took a deep breath and noticed two sets of eyes on me. I turned and looked at Edward's cousin and the girlfriend, Victoria.

"So you are the famous Bella?" He said with a smirk. "I'm James.. And this is Victoria"

"A pleasure to meet you" the girl said, but I couldn't help but notice how catty it sounded.

"Hi.." I said lowly and looked back to Edward. But James and Victoria continued to stare at me, and I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable. I took a deep breath and decided to be polite, "So is this your first time to Seattle? Washington in general?"

"I've been here before.. To visit you know" James said causing me to nod, "But Victoria's never been on this side of the United States ever"

"I really want to go to California.." she admitted as she brought her hand up to stroke the back of James' neck.

"Maybe we could all go to Disneyland?" I said hesitantly, they just stared.

"As long as Edward accepts you back after sleeping with someone else" James snickered.

I couldn't believe he had just said that, "I didn't sleep with anyone else.. It was a big misunderstanding"

"Sure, Sure.. All I know is he was brooding the entire time at the house. It was quite a mood killer"

Thankfully Edward returned just in time before anything else was just said. He seemed to notice something was wrong and placed a hand on my back, "Okay so I talked to the attendant and your brother. He's going to have to come get it which he is not very happy about since he has come up at the end of the week anyway but yeah.. So they are all going to drive up now. Since Jasper has to be here in the morning anyway. I guess we should go get a hotel room"

So we went and picked up Edward's car from the airport parking lot then went to a nearby hotel to wait for my brother and everyone else. I was glad when Edward suggested that we get our own room. Not I expected anything to happen. I just wasn't too fond of James and Victoria at the time. Once we got to the room I went and sat down on the edge of the bed and watched him walk around the room awkwardly. It was almost as if he was afraid to come sit next to me.

I took a deep breath and cracked a smile, "I won't bite.. Sit down" I patted the spot next to me.

Edward just nodded and came and did exactly that. He ran his hand through his hair then took my hand in his, "I am sorry that I left you in the middle of the street, but you have to understand where I was coming from. I love you so much Bella.. And when there was the possibility that you had been with.." he sighed and whispered, "Someone else…"


"Let me finish.. I wasn't mad.. I thought you may not love me anymore. And that scared me. I just felt like you couldn't trust me… I have to tell you I am so glad that Jacob didn't take advantage of you.. I mean I still want to kill him for everything but yeah.. I want you to know you can tell me things. Relationships are built on trust but if you don't-"

I placed a finger upon his lip, "Shut up.. I love you more than anything Edward I just didn't want you to be ashamed of me that I got drunk and could've let the stupidest thing ever happen" I brought my hand up to stroke his cheek, "I know were not going to automatically be back at the place we once were but I want you to know that I love you Edward Anthony Cullen, and no one else.. Ever"

He leaned into my hand and sighed, "I had been worried a lot about next year.. I was afraid that you wouldn't want to be with me after we graduated"

"Don't be silly"

He smirked slightly, "I want to go to NYU if you are going to go to Sarah Lawrence"

"Edward" I sighed, "I don't want you to just go there if I decided to go to school at Sarah Lawrence"

"I've always wanted to go to NYU Bella.. It just sweets the pot if you are going to be in the same state. Besides Alice wants to go to F.I.T." he brought his free hand up to stroke my cheek as well. Mimicking my own movements. He leaned in and placed a soft kiss on my temple. "Are you tired?"

I nodded, "I haven't had a good sleep since.."

"Me either" he pulled me towards the pillows and laid down, "can I just hold you?" I nodded and laid in his arms, slipping into a deep relaxing sleep.

When I woke up I realized I was no longer in Edward's arms and began to worry. But then I heard his voice in the doorway. He was talking to my brother and Jasper. "Are you guys back together?"

"I don't really consider that we were ever broken up.." Edward said as he glanced back to the bed. I quickly shut my eyes and pretended I was still asleep. He turned back and looked at Emmett and Jasper, "I don't want to be without her.. I just want to make sure that she feels the same and trusts me enough to tell me what's going on"

"Good, because her mopping was driving me crazy" Emmett groaned, "okay I'm going to get my car!"

"Shh, she's asleep" Edward hissed and then closed the door a few moments later. He came and laid next to me, "I know you're awake"

"No I'm not" I mumbled and buried my head into the pillow.

"Yes you are.. Are you hungry?" I shook my head. I really wasn't, and I had no intentions of getting out of this bed. "Okay then.. Umm can I ask you a question?"

"Of course.." I opened my eyes and looked up at him. "What's up?"

"Did James or Victoria say anything to you earlier?" he brought his hand down to push some stray hairs out of my face. I bit my lip nervously, "Well?"

"Kind of, it was nothing big though.. I just didn't know you told them what happened"

"I didn't.. I told my aunt and James overheard" he groaned, "I really did not want him to come back with me. He's going to be a leech"

I just shrugged, "He didn't seem that bad"

"Have you started using drugs as well as drinking?" he stared at me smirking.

I smacked him on the chest, "First off that is not funny at all. And sometimes first impressions aren't always correct so I don't want to judge him.. But how long are they staying?"

He shrugged and sat up, "Not really sure.. Hopefully not long.. Do you want to take a walk?"


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We ended up walking around Seattle for about two hours. And we talked even more about everything and I felt better. I think he felt better as well. As it started to get later, he wrapped his arm around me and placed kisses against my temple. He had yet to kiss me on the mouth. But I wasn't going to complain. This was enough. Enough for now.

The next morning before Jasper had to leave for the airport we all decided to get together for breakfast. To my dismay James and Victoria came as well. I knew I was being harsh in judging them right away. Just something about them rubbed me the wrong way.

"I can't believe you are leaving" Alice said sadly as she looked down at her untouched food. She just didn't have it in her to eat.

"And I will call and write every chance I get. And I will visit for Thanksgiving.. And hopefully you'll visit me as well.." Jasper told her as he draped his arm around her, "I mean that's only if you want"

Alice giggled and playfully slapped her. Jasper always knew how to change her mood, "You know I want to visit you Jasper Hale.. I love you"

"I love you too" he leaned in and pressed a soft kiss against her lips.

"How disgusting" Victoria muttered under her breath which received her a glare from Rosalie.

The rest of breakfast went out uneventful. Saying goodbye to Jasper at the airport felt so unreal. Here was someone who I've come to consider like a second brother, and now I was losing him to college. I knew it was harder for Alice and Rose to say goodbye. I reckoned that I would have the same problems as Rose when I would say goodbye to Emmett at the end of the week.

Afterwards Alice suggested James and Victoria ride with her so Edward and I could talk. Even though we had talked about basically everything that had happened so much in the last day. But there was always room for talking I guess. And we did, we talked about everything and it felt like old times. When we pulled up to my house I didn't want to say goodbye to him. I couldn't say goodbye to him. I couldn't help but fear that it be the last time ever. But I guess after all that happened it wasn't the stupidest fear ever.

We sat in the car silently, "I don't want to go inside.. I don't want to leave you.. I'm afraid"

He reached over and stroked my cheek, "don't be afraid.. I love you more than anything Isabella.. You are my life.." he chuckled slightly, "Couples have ups and downs.. Sometimes they need to not see each other for a few days.. But that's normal.. And you are never going to be able to get rid of me.. Unless you really want me gone"

I chuckled and leaned in to kiss his cheek, unsure if he wanted me to kiss him on the lips, "I could never want you gone" he moved his head and brushed his lips against mine. It sent a fire through me, a fire I knew that would never die.

"Can I come tonight?" I knew he was referring to sneaking into my room.

"I wouldn't want it any other way"

When I got inside I was greeted by Charlie and Anna's smiling faces as they stood in the foyer with their arms crossed. "So I take it with the smile on your face everything is better with Edward?"

I nodded, "yeah"

"That's good.. Although I'm not a big fan on how he acted even if I don't know what went on.."

"Charlie shh.. Boys and girls get into fights.. It's normal" Anna smiled and pulled me into a hug. After breaking down in her arms that day I had come to accept her. Maybe I was wrong about her being the enemy. Maybe everything was going to be just fine. For everyone.

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