Epilouge- Better To Have Dreamed

A few months later, just at the beginning of spring, Lady Glinda Chuffery dropped in to Colwen Grounds for an unannounced visit; she had Elphaba with her. The Thropp family had never expected to see her again. The Eminent Thropp even made an appearance- his health had begun to fail that winter. Nanny cried some. Frex embraced his oldest daughter, his religious zeal having cooled since her assumed death years before. He didn't even comment on her by now very apparent pregnancy. That task was given to Nessarose, who seemed to have absorbed her father's discarded religion.

Elphaba didn't answer at first- they all could tell somethinghad happened. She was quieter and calmer than they remembered. But she had been a teenage girl when she left and more than a few changes had taken place. Glinda pursed her lips, ready to come up with some explanation but it wasn't necessary. "Can we all sit?" Elphaba asked, feeling a bit like a child in the house she'd only been in once, at the age of two.

Frex nodded, taking her arm. They all settled into the formal sitting room, Glinda grasping Elphaba's hand for support. "I... I left Shiz because I fell in love." Glinda tensed up, and Nessarose and Nanny exchanged a glance. They both could remember the odd little romance she had had at Shiz. "And I was living in the City and I realized we were going to have a child... but then he died."

"You were widowed?" Frex said, hoping she'd at least married.

She didn't confirm or deny it. "And when I found him...dead, that is, I went to Glinda. And she convinced me to come home. That is, if you'll all still have me."

"Of course we will, dearie." Nanny patted her knee- she hadn't shrunk away from Melena after hearing of her affairs and granted Elphaba the same courtesy.

As Fiyero had wanted, she had a home again. She was safe, her relationship with her family as mended as it would ever be. There was a bit of drama over which sister would inherit their Great-Grandfather's title but Elphaba was quick to assure Nessarose that she didn't want it. Nessa perked up and then seemed quite happy in her role as future aunt.

The birth was a quiet affair. Glinda had returned to her home after Elphaba had settled in, but had come back out in time. A boy was born, that Elphaba named Liir. When the colorless birth eyes had brightened to a distinct shade of blue that was known to be present in the Arjiki royal family's line there was a little stir but in the end no one dared comment on it.

Once she had been left alone with her son, their son for the first time, Elphaba let out the breath she felt like she had been holding for years. She hadn't succeeded in saving the love of her life, but she hadn't thrown away his love for her. She wasn't forced to spend the rest of her life asking 'what if's, wishing she had truly had him. She had. And she had their son to show for it. That sweet, loving chapter of her life had ended. But she was not alone.

The End

Seeing as I'm still here to post this, I guess it means you haven't killed me yet for killing Fiyero. This was something I'd wanted to do for awhile, right something darker. I'm very pleased with how it turned out and hope no one was too disappointed in that our Yero died.

What's on the horizon? Well, I've got three projects in the outlining phase. Which means I have a fifty percent chance of writing at least one of them. Seriously, for every story that comes to light, I have about six outlines that just don't work for whatever reason. One is a sequel to You Can Do All I Couldn't Do... which is probably the least likely to come to light. There's also a Nessarose centric musicalverse fic that came to me a few days ago. Also, another bookverse Fiyeraba romance, this one more than a little AU... so if you REALLY are interested in reading one of those stories, tell me in a review.

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