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Author's Note: I just saw the preview for the October 1st episode. Ned looked jealous of the man who was talking to Chuck before he died again.

Young Ned was 10 years 3 months 5 minutes and 2 seconds old. He was sitting on the bench watching the kids play on the playground at the home for boys. He missed talking and playing with Chuck. He still remembered when Chuck had kissed him and wondered what it would be like for him to kiss her again. He wished that he could see her again, but he was here at the home and he didn't know where Chuck was. He wondered what she was doing at this very moment. Was she thinking of him too?

Ned watched from the kitchen as Chuck was laughing at the man who had just come in. He had been here before and it looked like he took a liking to Chuck. She was his girl. He loved her and not that man who was sitting in the booth. He knew her from childhood and he didn't. He knew her and she knew him. How come he couldn't tell her that he loved her? He wished that he not only could tell her that he loved her, but he wished that he could kiss her too. Just like that kiss so many years ago when they were just children. He remembered the days that they would play. They would make little clay people and pretend that the clay people would running for their lives as they stomped on them.

He quickly looked away from the two sitting in the booth and quickly making some more pies. This was not the first time that he wished that he could hold and kiss Chuck, but right now he was jealous. Jealous of the man who was making Chuck smile and he would touch her hand once in a while. He wished that he could do that, but he knew that if he touched her she would die and there would be no saving her again. He would never be able to hear her sweet voice and watch her smile.

He looked up one more time and saw that the man was done with his pie and was getting up after paying his bill. He smiled at Chuck and kissed her cheek before he had left. Quickly looking away he went into the refrigerator and took more berries out for the next pie.

The End