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Background Info:

Soifon is a first year college student who stays with her parents she is 19. Her family is a middle class one and her mother works for the college Soi goes to. Soi's step father is a very wealthy man but he stays busy with investments for the stock market. Everything looks good on the surface but really their family is messed up. (I'll leave it at that I don't want to give the story away.) Soi goes by the last name Fon because she decided to keep her father's last name instead of having it changed. I like keeping it that way any way. And her mom just added Tenou onto her last name already, but she will be going by professor fon at the university.

Soifon's step sister is Haruka Tenou from Sailor Moon.

Yoruichi is a senior in college and is 22 she's known as one of the most popular students on campus. Yoruichi's father is well know investor for the university and also helped build the university and continues to contribute funds. (I'll leave it at that I don't want to give away the story.)

Chapter 1

"Yoruichi if you don't get up you'll be late for class again. Yoruichi?" Kisuke called walking to the dark bed room to find his best friend still sleep in her bed. He had been calling her phone for nearly fifteen minutes and with no answer decided to head over to hear house to wake her up.

"Five more minutes," Yoruichi grumbled slowly moving in her bed she knew today was the start of her finally year at Kansia University. She was not anxious in getting an early start to her classes especially since most of teachers that she had she didn't particularly like.

Kisuke shook his head in defeat, knowing that his task of waking his friend up would not be easy. He sat down at the foot of the bed and rubbed the back of his head in frustration. "Don't you have Professor Fon's class to go to?"

Yoruichi grumbled something incoherently and pulled her covers over her head. "Don't remind me, she gave me an F last semester. I have to take her over again thanks to her generosity." Yoruichi said that with a bit of sarcasm in her voice. She never got along with professor Fon because of the woman's stubbornness.

"She's the only one teaching Japanese History this year?"

"Unfortunately she is, why?"

Kisuke rubbed the stubbles on his chin wondering how he could tell his friend the bit of information he found out a couple of days ago. He knew this would get her out of bed, because Yoruichi hated deal with her ex's and seeing them for a whole semester would not be cup of tea. "You know that girl Sora and that guy Makoto you were seeing last semester?"

"What about them?" Yoruichi mumbled shifting in her bed she propped herself up looking into her best friend's jaded green eyes. She was not in the mood for any surprises especially when it came to encountering another one of her ex's that was still in love with her.

"I think they both may be in that class too, but I guess we won't know since you don't plan on going to your nine-o'clock class eh?"

"I'll get to the bottom of that," Yoruichi smiled quickly getting out of bed. She was dressed in a black tank top and red pajama pants. She quickly grabbed a nearby towel and headed for her shower. "There's no way I'll allow them both to stay in that class with me that'll stop my plans," Yoruichi grinned back at Kisuke who just shook his head, knowing his friend was thinking up a plan in her head.

Soifon sat in front of her mirror fixing her hair; she could feel butterflies rising within her stomach as she thought about how her first day of being in college would be. At her parents request she decided to stay at home and commute instead of campus life which she thought would be exciting but because of her mother she opted to stay home. 'I can't believe this is my first day,' she thought to herself as she tied the long back of her hair in two braids with loops hanging down at the end of both braids. Her bangs were cut short at the front adding to her style.

"Hey Soi you up yet?" a tall blond with short cropped hair walked in dressed in a white dress shirt and tan pants.

"Yeah I am" Soi answered putting the finishing touches on her hair. "There it's perfect, is mom still waiting for me down stairs?" she questioned

The blond shrugged at the mention of their mother. "Nah, she went ahead to campus. She said something about checking things with her secretary and colleagues. You know how she is."

"That's strange she said she would give me a ride to campus today," Soi mentioned knowing that her mother always kept her word when she said she was going to do something.

"Yeah well she changed her mind," Haruka sighed not wanting to say the real reason why their mother had left early.

Soi paused staring her stepsister in her eyes. "What did you three talk about last night? I could barely go to sleep because the three of you were yelling so much."

"It was nothing, just a misunderstanding. You know how they over react to every thing," Haruka lied rubbing the back of her head with her left hand a boyish smile was on her face.

"Really that sounded like a big misunderstanding," Soi declared her misty eyes looking into the blonds' eyes in disbelief.

"Hey l'll give you a ride to campus. I have a meeting with the formula F racers today. We're trying to get ready for the next race."

"Didn't mom and dad tell you to stop racing?"

"Awwww they'll be alright," Haruka grumbled. "Come on let's get you to campus."

"If you say so," Soi sighed picking up her back pack and heading for the door where her sister was standing. "Ok, but you have to get me there fast, I have a nine' clock."

Yoruichi slowly edged to the opening of the auditorium's door unaware of the running girl that was heading right for her.

"Hey are you ok?" Yoruichi asked looking down at the ebony haired girl that was busy picking up her books that had spilled out of her back pack.

"I'm fine," Soi answered avoiding the other woman's questioning stare. She started scrambling to put all of her items back into her back pack, she was late for her first class, but it wouldn't have been so bad if this class wasn't the very class that her mother was teaching.

Yoruichi kneeled down and picked up a black book recognizing that it read History 101. "Looks like we're both late for the same class," she smiled back at the Chinese girl and handed her the book.

"Thanks," Soi sighed quickly grabbing the book and walking into the auditorium, Yoruichi followed closely down behind her.

"Miss Shihouin and Miss Fon you are both late," a medium height Chinese woman shouted at the two that had just walked into the auditorium. The entire class's eyes were staring at them both.

"She's her daughter?" whispered a guy to a girl that was next to him.

"Wow I sure feel sorry for her," another girl whispered.

Soi tried to ignore the whispers of the other students about her relation to her mother. She could feel her entire face turn pale at the announcement of her presence. It wasn't the student's that were making her nervous, but it was her mother's steal grey eyes that felt like they were boring down into her in anger. She cursed herself for letting Haruka take her to campus; she should have known the blonde was going to take her motorcycle out for them to get to school. Soi remembered she nearly screamed at how fast Haruka was going and the sudden stop once she had seen policemen in view. 'This is not going to be good,' she thought to herself just thinking about how her mother would lecture her once they were home.

Yoruichi smiled confidently at professor Fon and glanced over her shoulder at Soi who seemed like she was shuddering with fear. 'I thought this girl looked familiar and she is kind of cute too,' she thought to herself.

"Well what do you have to say for yourself?" Professor Fon demanded interrupting the pair's thoughts.

"I…it was an accident it won't happen again. I'm sorry," Soi bowed hoping her mother wouldn't be even more angry than she already seem.

Professor Fon straightened her glasses on the bridge of her nose; the lenses gave off a glare in from the lights beaming down on her. "I see and what about you Miss Shihouin?"

Yoruichi glanced at her watch she was only five minutes late. "I really don't see the problem. I was only late by five minutes," Yoruichi explained her eyes locking with the older woman's she knew this would not be a good semester.

"I see, but let me remind you Miss Shihouin and Miss Fon, when you signed up for this class its says nine' clock not nine' five. With that in mind I'll see you both tomorrow."

Yoruichi stared at the professor in disbelief. "What? But professor……"

"What, this isn't my fault. I don't even know her," Soi pouted pointing to Yoruichi a scowl began to form on her face. She knew the tanned woman had just pissed her mother off.

"I will see you both tomorrow," Professor Fon snapped at the duo and drew her attention back to the overhead with the class's current assignment.

"Great," Yoruichi growled starting to walk out of the auditorium.

"She's really pissed now and I didn't do anything," Soi grumbled glancing at her watch she still had an hour until her next class. Her silver peers glared up at the tanned woman. "This is all your fault!" she scowled.

Yoruichi glanced at the Chinese girl confused. "What are you talking about? Professor Fon has always been that way, she can't stand anyone coming to her class late."

"If you hadn't said anything to her, she would have let us stay!"

"I'm sorry, but it's not that bad," Yoruichi apologized she extended out her hand. 'At least I can get to know you better,' she thought to herself then extended her hand out. "My name's Yoruichi Shihouin what's yours?"

Soi glanced down at the other girl's hand and avoided shaking it. She was still a little angry about being kicked out of her mother's class. "My name's Soifon, now excuse me I have to go," she concluded desiring not to associate herself with other girl, it was obvious to her she would be trouble. She started to walk off but her right hand was caught by the other girl's. Silver eyes glared at golden ones. "What do you want?"

"You do have an hour before your next class right? Do even know this campus, aren't you freshmen?" Yoruichi smiled a cat like grin on her face she didn't want the girl to leave. Soi's looks and personality immediately sparked her interest and she wasn't willing to let this girl slip through her hands this fast.

Soi withdrew her hand hastily out of Yoruichi's grip. She hated being asked questions by people she didn't know it made her feel like she was being looked down on. "Yes, but I certainly don't need any of your help, thank you," she growled wishing she had never met the other girl.

"Hey there's no need to get angry I'm just trying to help," Yoruichi explained taken aback by the other girl's reaction. 'This is going to be a hard one to get,' she thought to herself but was up for the challenge.

"I don't need your help," Soi concluded quickly walking away from Yoruichi.

Yoruichi paused for a moment, but wasn't willing to let the Chinese girl go that easy. She was interested in getting no know who this Professor Fon's daughter really was especially since she was cute. Within in seconds she walked alongside the girl catching onto her pace. "Where are you going, anyway?"

"Leave me alone," Soi snapped feeling a bit agitated by the tan woman's persistence advances to question her. 'Why does she keep bothering me?' she thought to herself while looking at the other woman from the corner of her eyes.

Yoruichi smiled knowing that she was getting to Soi, but wasn't willing to stop bothering her right now. She was enjoying this cat and mouse game between them.

Soi quickened her pace more and started to run, she glanced over her shoulder to see that the tan woman was still behind her and gaining speed fast. She dodge out one of the main door's entrances to the History building and could still see that Yoruichi was catching up to her.

'I won't let you get away from me that easy,' Yoruichi thought to herself, while self consciously licking her lips at the possibilities of her and her new found interest. She quickly quickened her pace to catch up with the Chinese girl.

"This is nuts," Soi huffed now outside the history building. She continued running until she was in the center of the courtyard standing in front of a water fall. Without any hesitation, Soi stopped desiring to put an end to this game of chase.

Yoruichi stopped running not even breaking sweet. "You give up?" she smiled mischievously.

"What do you want from me?" Soi queried she was still hutched over catching her breath from running. She stared up at Yoruichi with a puzzled stare.

A sly grin graced Yoruichi's lips at a thought that passed through her mind. She affectionately cupped Soi's chin with her right hand and stared into her eyes devilishly. "Well if you must know…..

"Hey Soi !" a tall blonde yelled walking over to the two girls.

Soi looked in the direction of the blond. "Haruka?"

"I thought your class didn't end for another fifty minutes what are you doing out of cla…. Haruka stopped mid sentence recognizing the tan woman that was near her sister. "What are you doing here Yoruichi?" the blond demanded in a not so friendly tone of voice her eyes were narrowed at the other woman.

"Just having a friendly run with a classmate," Yoruichi smiled recoiling her hand away from Soi's chin, while disregarding the other woman's tone towards her she quickly winked at Soi. See you in class." Yoruichi walked away from the two without another word.

Out of sight from the two, Yoruichi balled her fist up in frustration. "She just had to come and interrupt me," she growled. 'That's ok tomorrow's another day,' she thought to herself. She looked over her shoulder in the distance at Soi pouting to a smiling Haruka.

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