Pairing: Yoruichi/Soifon

M Rated For language and strong sexual themes; although I will up the rating for future chapters that have sexual themes in them it won't be suitable for kids.

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Author's Note: Sorry it's been a long time since I updated this fic as well as my other works too. I know it's a little way too late for a prologue but I've had writers block for months concerning this story. I'm just seeing if readers are still interested in this story then I'm going back to updating it. I hate leaving unfinished stories around.


Soifon ran relentlessly through the rain, each step resounding in her chest, driving her already quivering heart closer and closer to breaking. She had to get away. Away from her, away from that place that had held such precious memories, away from the lies that had now corrupted them. Her vision blurred as her mind began replaying the moment that had brought reality crashing down upon her, the moment she mistakenly discovered Yoruichi's true intentions towards her.


Kuukaku smirked as she sat comfortably on one of Yoruichi's large leather sofas. "From the look of things I see you got what you wanted," the roguish looking woman commented as she withdrew a white envelope from her jacket and threw it on the glass table in front of her.

Mustered up a grin Yoruichi picked up her prize. "I don't think I want this anymore," she admitted as she counted the bills within. "I mean just proving you wrong is victory enough for me."

Kuukaku raised a brow. "Is the famous playgirl on campus actually being modest about her victory? What kind of shit are you trying to pull?" Kuukaku questioned sarcastically.

"Money just isn't important to me, you know I'm the heir to Shihouin Enterprise," Yoruichi reminded her friend while at the same time attempting to fight back a sense of guilt from forming within her.

"Drop the bullshit Yoruichi, you managed to get your arch-enemies daughter into bed with you. The girl is like a love sick puppy every time she's around you, its pathetic. 'Tch I bet you even have the kid thinking you're in love with her too." Kuukaku paused momentarily as a smart-alecky grin slid onto her lips. "Although she might be onto something there."

Trying to downplay her friend's hypothesis Yoruichi only rolled her eyes as she stood up from the couch and grabbed the television remote control off a nearby coffee table. "That's a lie. You know I don't fall in love, I only did what I had to do in order to prove you wrong. I'm just happy its over so I can move onto the next one," Yoruichi explained not realizing that Soifon had stepped into the doorway of the den.

Soi stood in place, her heart seemingly bursting in her chest as Yoruichi's admission sank in. Was this how the cocoa skinned woman truly felt? She could slowly feel her chest cave in as her stormy grey eyes stared sadly into shocked golden ones. "Is it true?…Was I just a game to you?" Soi muttered trying to keep her tears at bay.

Yoruichi froze not expecting to see the girl standing right in front on her. She suddenly felt her entire body grow cold at the realization that Soi had just heard the truth. Trying to quell the lump that had lodged itself in her throat Yoruichi tried to speak, tried to think of something to say to save the situation. Tried to stop everything from crashing down before her, however her speech failed her. "Soi…I…"

Not knowing anything else to do Soi ran, her breath labored as she pushed through the wet streets. Her blurred vision providing no assistance as the skies above mimicked her weeping heart. Blindly she propelled herself forward trying to put as much distance between herself and the profound sadness that had gripped her heart as possible. Yet no matter how hard she pressed on the sounds of Yoruichi's betrayal echoed in her mind and gnawed at her heart.

Finally arriving at Tokyo's Southside Condos Soi bolted past the doorman failing to return the friendly greeting sent her way and rushed through the hallways avoiding the elevator and shot up to the third floor. Stopping in front of 1127 she struggled to insert the keycard into the lock and after two attempts the green light flashed allowing her entrance into the apartment.

Shutting the door behind her Soi finally collapsed, slumping against its solid frame. Slowly her back slid down its wooden surface until she was but a heap on the floor. Her head fell between the knees, her hands fisting her soaked hair as her shoulders quaked.

"I went ahead and ordered the pizza, there's soda in the..." Upon seeing the drenched, crumpled form of her sister at the doorway Haruka's warm smile quickly fell from her face. As Soifon's bowed head rose the blonde's breath caught at the sight of red tinting Soi's usually clear grey eyes.

In an instant the younger woman was wrapped in her warm embrace, picking her up off the floor and guiding her to the bathroom for a dry towel. "Soi what happened?"

Safely cradled in her sisters arms Soi's tears finally flowed free, her cloudy grey eyes reflecting the pouring skies outside. The droplets sliding down her cheeks and onto Haruka's shoulder as Soifon clung to the taller woman, refusing to move as she buried her head further into Haruka's embrace. As a fresh wave of sadness fell upon her already crumbling heart Soifon released all her unshed tears, her body going limp with overwhelming pain.

Once again her heart clenched in sorrow. Why hadn't she listened to the warnings? How could she have not seen the through the lies? Why couldn't she have seen the truth? The truth that was now resonating within her chest seizing the muscle there and crippling her senses, making her cling for dear life onto Haruka's support as she wept harder.

Devastatingly Soi admitted the truth that had stung her to the very core. The fact that she was nothing to Yoruichi but a mere bet, a challenge among friends. "I-I was just a game to her."

Haruka faltered as if a piece of herself was knocked off balance as she held her sister in her arms and as Soi's statement reached her panicked mind her eyes went wide in discovery.


She was the reason as to why Soi was in her current state. How had she not figured it out sooner? She could feel her blood begin to boil as possible reasons why Soifon was crying raced through her thoughts. Leaning back and gripping the girl's shoulders the blonde questioned the younger woman again, adrenaline licking at her nerves as wisps of rage floated to the surface. Her grip tightened as she attempted to abate the feelings of anger that would soon be geared towards a certain violet haired playgirl. "Soi, tell me what happened."

Sorry it's a little way too late for a prologue but I've had writers block for months concerning this story. I'm just seeing if readers are still interested in this story then I'm going back to updating it. I hate leaving unfinished stories around.

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