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The dark looming clouds separated. The moon peered from behind its dark cover. The illuminating moonlight fell down across her form. She stood on the edge of the cliff, surrounded by the waterfalls, raging in anger from the storm, falling into a pool of thrashing water down below. He could hear her heartbeat. He could feel her fear and he could taste her tears.

The way she was bathed in the moonlight reminding him of that night…watching her from the shadows and memorizing the way the moonlight danced across her skin like a gentle caress. She was much paler than she was then, dark circles forming from her lack of sleep and her pained drawn look of one experiencing excruciating agony on a daily basis.

And all he could do is watch.

They arrived in swooshing clouds of black smoke behind them, forming flowing robes of coming death. She turned to face them. He saw it on her face.


She told him this would happen.

She told him she would die.

What she didn't tell him was that he would be the one to kill her. He could see the conviction building in her. She was at peace with her death and ready to see it come…ready to end it, yet she still had the look of a caged animal…caught between two deaths. Naito grabbed her, hands cupping her face; his ash colored hair darkened by the falling rain fell into his face as he stared intently into her eyes.

"Do you trust me, Hermione?"

Born from the shadows this man was everything she should fear…everything many people did fear…a former prince…a leader of Shadows.

"Yes," she whispered.

He glanced over the edge, a moment of peace washing over him. He glanced back at the Death Eaters surrounding them and said nothing, gave no warning. He grabbed Hermione's hand and jumped from the inevitable precipice. The sound of the raging water echoed in Hermione's ears, surrounding her and the feel of Naito's arm wrapping around her, pulling her to him…falling into the darkness.

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