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"Seriously, way to frickin go, Tom Brady. Way to make my life suck!" Emmett pounded his fist on the bar, gaining the attention of the other patrons watching the replay of the latest football game. "Yeah Emmett, I'm sure Brady is

secretly rejoicing in his diabolical plans of single handedly unhinging your fantasy football team." Jasper snickered, throwing down the last of his beer before ordering another one.

Shaking my head at the two of them, I scanned the bar for a familiar face. My watch read 10:40, telling me what I already knew. She was late. Knowing that engaging in another round of pool would not take the edge off, I turned

back to the television and the numerous highlights of the evenings sporting events. After another ten minutes, another beer, and several eye rolls from Jasper sent Emmett's way I heard a low whistle from near the door. I didn't

need to turn around to know that she was here. She would come and find me when she was ready.


This week at work had been a week of pure hell. Newton was busting my ass over a stupid ass deadline and I had had enough. The last straw was him paging me over the intercom to his office in a snide, condescending tone, only

to berate my tardiness in front of half the office. Never mind the reason for my tardiness; he knew it and so did I. He'd be damned to let anyone else know that it was his own fault.

He had mistakenly double assigned a project to me and one of the lesser staff writers. When I turned mine in completed, three days early, he was livid that I had not completed the assignment he THOUGHT he had given. Thinking

we had hashed the misunderstanding out, I continued onto what he wanted me to do. Not even eight hours later he proceeded to ream me about tardiness and how it was detrimental to our paper.

BLAH BLAH BLAH, was all I heard for half of his spiel. Today, I cracked. It was just after lunch and we were approaching our final deadline. I had of course finished the piece late last night but was holding out on him till the last

minute to make him sweat. My eyes rolled as my name was called over the PA and I strode towards his office. He met me in the hallway, calling my name much too loudly for our proximity.

For the next fifteen minutes and twenty-four seconds he proceeded to cut me down in front of my peers and colleagues. I walked back to my desk, knowing he was following me. "You come back here and show me some respect!"

His face was turning an unattractive shade of purple and that vein above his right eye was making it hard to stifle my laughter. I handed him my article along with my press pass. I had had enough of Newton and his crazy ocular

vein. I picked up the cardboard box under my desk and headed towards the elevators. I had this box packed for almost a week now, knowing it wouldn't be long before I couldn't tolerate any more.

"That color purple looks horrible on you Newton and I think the vein above your eye is about to burst." I walked into the elevator, and gave a tiny wave after pressing the parking garage button. As the doors closed so did my eyes

as I sighed and shook my head gently. It had been a long week and I needed to unwind. I pulled out my cell phone and texted Alice. She knew this had been coming and would understand my need to get it all out.


I flipped my phone open, smiling at seeing Bella pop up on my inbox. She had quit. Good for her. Newton was a pig anyways. She said she needed to get out tonight and forget about it, but knowing the plans Edward had for her

tonight I wasn't sure how to go about it. I knew Edward wanted to play their little game tonight, but I also knew Bella really needed me and Rose's shoulders right now. I ducked into my bedroom and gave Edward a little call; he

was all for it really. He said it would help it be more realistic, if I got her to the bar. I hadn't thought at first to take her there, but that gave us both the best. I would get to have some drinks with my best friend while she dealt with

her shit, and well, Bella and Edward would get to have their fun too.

I ran into my closet, already having dialed Rose, and went straight to my Bella section. Edward was going to owe me big time for this. I hung up with Rose and texted Bella, telling her to come straight to my house and that I would

get her all ready to go out.


The cab pulled up in front of Alice's two story brownstone. I dug my key out and walked upstairs. I knew she would be immersed in the closet and I was not disappointed when she whipped around with several hangers, startling at

my sudden appearance but quickly recovering. "Good, you're here," she said with a genuine smile. "Go try these two on and pick whichever one you're most comfortable in." I took the hangers, somewhat confused, and went to the

bathroom and closed the door. Alice almost never gave me choices and almost never told me to go with what was comfortable. Shrugging to myself, I tried on the first dress. It was too high maintenance and uncomfortable.

The second was much more comfortable, a slinky material that felt good across my body. The scooping neckline in the back was just low enough that you could see my bra across my back. I removed it, shuddering at the feel of the

material across my nipples. Folding my work clothes up I walked back out into Alice's room, where she was waiting for me with hangers so my clothes didn't get wrinkled. She raised her eyebrows at the sight of my bra in my hands

and I blushed. She smiled and hooked it around the hanger and laid it on her bed. Alice was all ready to go as she handed me a pair of shoes. "We're just waiting for Rose and then we're going to take her cab down to Halligan's,"

she said slipping on her own shoes. "Halligan's? Are we slumming it tonight Alice?" I asked with a smirk. She shrugged, "I thought we'd keep it low key since this is about you and your horrid ex-job."

A honk and then Alice's cell phone vibrating alerted us to Rose's arrival. We hurried downstairs, me only as fast as these heels would take me. Alice flitted down as though on air, as always, and I scowled at her natural grace. We

got into the cab and Rosalie gave me her award winning smile. "Bella I'm so proud of you; you finally gave that pig fucker what he deserved!" Alice tried with much difficulty to look scandalized, though the laughter in her eyes told us

both that she agreed wholeheartedly with Rose's sentiments. Alice gave the cabbie the address and we were off for a night of bitching, moaning and drinking. Little did I know it would not be in that order.

The trip took us almost an even twenty minutes. We made our way past the bouncer after showing our IDs. Alice found us a small table on the side, near the pool tables. Setting my purse on the table I sat down and leaned back,

letting the impact of the day come out of me in the form of a small growl. A smooth velvety laugh followed and I couldn't help but let my eyes drift to what had to be the most stunningly beautiful man in all of history.

Another growl left my mouth, this one directed at Alice. She smiled and lifted her shoulder in indifference. "I knew they'd be here, they're doing their thing and we're doing ours. If our paths meet later so be it, but we're here for you

right now. So drink! Bartender!!" I rolled my eyes and put my head down, embarrassed by Alice's brazenness. Again the velvety laughter carried through the room as Rose ordered double shots of Absinthe all around. My eyes shot

up at Rose as she smirked, "seriously Rose are you trying to kill me?" "Bella, a shot is exactly what you need right now. It will loosen that tongue up so you can let it all out." Alice nodded in agreement and I felt drunk just looking at

the shots the waitress had brought back to us. They raised their glasses to me, and I picked mine up, tentatively eyeing the green liquid. "Bottoms up!" I wasn't sure if this was Alice or Rose. But we did, and god did it feel good.

By the way, Halligan's is a real pub in Chicago, and my husband got Brady as QB for his fantasy football team so that was all he bitching about today. You know the routine lovelies leaves me reviews! I will try to update soon!