Like Three, One had so many titles packed with proper names it was almost unintelligible within one drabble, so his list of titles has been split in two with various results. The leftover word for each set became its title.


I. Marinus

Ian was on edge; ever since the destruction of the Daleks, after that Dalek invasion, it'd been one long space crusade, from the Roman reign to the Aztec terrors. And planet after planet!

The Doctor was, like Earth's Marco Polo, an eccentric explorer. While Ian would never see a museum the same again, he was still seriously considering stealing the TARDIS keys, or sabotaging its sensorite knobs or whatever those were.

It was an unearthly, giant technological web; no child's play, but he and Barbara were in need of a rest, or maybe a rescue.

II. Bartholomew

"Hoo-hoo-hoo!" chortled the Doctor as he hurdled the tenth savage gunfighter. They gave chase, but this time he was on a mission. The plug was pulled; soon their master plan was in ruins.

"Meddler!" cried the tin gunfighters in unison.

All the war machines the Daleks had created were based on celestial myths - no playthings, their creators were evil toymakers bent on massacre. Indeed, terrible toys overflowed the shop - a veritable Ark of false creatures smuggled into the galaxy from some unknown planet.

The Doctor laughed, watching as smoke and sparks began spouting from the eves.