A Zutara Love Epic

Katara was wondering through the woods when all of a sudden Zuko leapt out and captured her.

"Ahahaha" he said "now I've got you captured and the Avatar will have to come find you and then I will capture him muahahahaha!"

Katara was distraught, and Zuko tied her up sexily. Zuko looked into her icy orbs with his fiery gold orbs and noticed she was attractive. But no he shouldnt be feeling this way shes just a peasant and he's a prince. He was in emotional turmoil so he went to his ship cabin to be confused.

Uncle came to him and said "whats wrong prince Zuko?" and Zuko said "none of your business!" very angry. He slept an emo sleep that night, he had a dream with a fiery dragon who falls in love with a fish person. It was very deep.

The next day Zuko was angry and Katara tried to be nice to him but he was like "no go away peasant wench!"

Then Zuko went to take a bath in a river and Katara went out to collect firewood and saw him naked. She blushed because she thought he was hot. Zuko turned around then and saw her and they were startled.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" he said extra angry and she got scared and Zuko felt bad so he kissed her. Katara looked into his orbs and kissed him back. Then he took off his pants and his member popped out, boing!

Katara took off her clothes, and her vagina was wet. She was a waterbender so she gets extra wet. Zuko stuck his penis in her and his penis thrust in happily. His penis was hot because he was a firebender and it evaporated her vagina juices.

He thrust in and out super hard and Katara was like "ohhhhh" sexily. His penis was feeling maximum pleasuromity and he orgasmed fire! The fire burned Katara's vagina but she was like "it's cool" because it was sexy pain. They had sex then after she decided to go with him because she loved him even though they were so different like ying and yang.

The End.