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History repeated

Chapter one

*Three hundred years ago*

She closed her eyes and breathed in his deep handsome scent as he pulled her closer towards him. She heard him sigh and felt him run his fingers through her auburn hair.

" Sora I-" He started to say.

" Sssshhhhh," she soothed him. She had waited days, spent sleepless nights just imagining being close to him again. It was unbearable to apart from him. She felt asthough her heart had been ripped out of her chest every moment he was apart from her.

" Sora I-" He tried to say again,

" Don't say anything Tai. Just enjoy the moment," She whispered to him.

He wrapped his arms ever tighter around her and kissed her forehead lovingly. She opened her eyes and smiled into his deep chocolate eyes. Every time he looked at her she was sure she would die just from pure shock that he wanted her too.

" I can't stand this anymore," he whispered to her.

She glanced up at the branches of the oak tree sheltering them away from the blinding sunrays.

" Neither can I," she told him quietly,

" I mean it Sora. This past week away from you has been pure torture. I can't stand spending another second away from you,"

She smiled up at him and kissed his lips gently.

" I know Tai,"

" I would rather die than be apart from you anymore,"

" Please don't say that Tai. You don't know how much it hurts me," she pleaded him sadly, " Threes nothing we can do about it,"

" Come away with me Sora," he whispered into her ear.

" What?" She asked pulling away from him a little.

" Let's run away together. We'll go where no one knows who we are. I'll take the money father owes me and we'll get married far away from here," She stared into his lively eyes and knew that he was serious.

" You mean. . .you want me to leave everything behind . . .all my family?"

" Please Sora marry me,"

Her breath caught in her throat, her heart pounded so hard she thought it would burst.

" Yes Tai Of course I will,"

He pulled her into a long passionate kiss. She savoured every moment dreading the second he would break away.

" Meet me here tonight at midnight," He told her.

She nodded a little dazed at what she had just agreed to, then he smiled down at her again and she knew she had made the right desion.

" I love you," he whispered.

" I love you to," She kissed him again and then ran back across the field to her cottage, to pack her belongings. He smiled to himself as he watched her dash across the dry grass. This must be the happiest day of his life. Finally he would have her and no one would be able to break them apart ever again. He watched her cottage door close and walked back towards town to tell his beat friend Yamato the brilliant news.

Neither of them noticed the girl with long ebony black hair laying in the grass near the tree, listening to their every word.

Emma clenched her fists to stop herself screaming with rage. This was never meant to happen. Taichi was hers, he had been promised to her. That dirty, slimy, filthy little farmer's daughter would never have him. They weren't meant to be together, that's not how the world worked. Taichi was hers. She'd see that peasant got was coming to her. No one but her was ever allowed to have Taichi

Sora picked up her little basket that she used to go to market and neatly packet some bread and cheese in it. Her head was spinning with excitement. Finally she would be with Tai, her only love. Her parents weren't at home neither was her little brother, she regretted that she had really wanted to say goodbye to them.

Someone hammered on the wooden door of the cottage. Was that Taichi already? She dashed towards the doorway and threw it open. The sight that met her eyes was enough to make her stomach churn with fear.

" That's her that's the witch!" Emma cried pointing at Sora. Behind her stood a crowd of people from the village holding flaming torches and sinister evil glares.

" What!" She cried.

" Witch!" People in the crowd chanted.

" No!" She cried.

Suddenly to men grabbed her arms and dragged her out of the cottage. They tied her hands and feet together with rugged rope and gagged her. They flung her in an old ricerty cart and carried her off to town. In a procession of flames and shouts.

" Are you sure this is the right thing to do?" Yamato asked Taichi as he finished eating his dinner at the local tavern.

" Matt it's the only thing to do. I love her and if I stay here I'll be forced to marry that toad Emma. I can't stand to leave Sora, I have to be with her," Out of all his friends Yamato was the only one Taichi had trusted with his secret about his love for Sora. No one else would understand how a Lords son could love a farmer's daughter.

" Well as long as you think it's the right thing to do. . ." matt whispered,

" Come on lads it's a witch burning!" An old man cried round the tavern door. Taichi and Yamato heard the shouts and cries coming from the Village Square as they prosecuted another witch.

" Not again," Taichi groaned.

" Come on lets see what's going on," Yamato suggested.

They pushed back their chairs and joined the crowd outside.

" Excuse me,"

" Out of the way," They demanded as they pushed their ways to the front of the noisy crowd.

A loud cheer went up from the people at the front. Taichi guessed they had just lit the deadly bonfire.

He pushed past another few people and finally came into sight of the Village Square. In the middle of the square was a large bonfire made out of hay, now burning quite rapidly. In the centre of the bonfire a beautiful young girl was tied to a large stake. Her long auburn hair hid her face as she bit onto the gag to stop herself from screaming with terror.

" Nnnnnnnnooooooooo!" Taichi yelled as he saw the flames quickly licking at the feet of the love of his life.

" What the hells going on!" He screamed, " What do you think your doing," He grabbed the throat of the chief executioner and demanded to know.

" The-the girl has been found guilty of witchcraft," he stuttered as the youth scowled down at him.

" No that's a lie!" he cried. He ran towards the fire but was pulled back by some men in the crowd.

" Let me go!" He howled.

This had to be a nightmare, any minute now he would wake up and find it was a bad dream. They couldn't do this to her. Not to his Sora.

Sora lifted her head and look at him sadly. Tears ran down his face as he saw the torture she was going through. She shook her head as though to tell him to keep away.

" Nooo! Sora I can't live with out you!"

The flames suddenly roared into life and enveloped her in there fiery torment.

" Noooooooo!" He wailed. He kicked and pushed the men off him. He was telling the truth he really couldn't live without her. He threw himself on the flames and gladly let them lick all over his body, burning his flesh and setting fire to his clothes.

He would rather die than live without her.

* Present day *

" Come on Sora you have to meet him!" Mimi squealed, " He has to be the cutest boy in the world!"

Sora sighed and rolled her eyes. Great another afternoon spent watching the boy Mimi had the hots for. What fun.

She followed Mimi into the diner and they sat in a both next to the window. Mimi's hazel eyes scanned the diner looking for her latest crush.

" There he is!" She whispered Shrilly.

Sora's eyes darted lazily to where Mimi was pointing. Standing at the counted putting away some glasses was a tall boy with spiky blonde hair. Mimi was right about him being cute, but he wasn't that good looking.

" Come and talk to him with me!" Mimi begged.

" Mimi can't you have a conversation with him by yourself?" Sora moaned.

" Yes but I really need you there to help me," Her Hazel eyes pleaded with Sora.

" Oh all right," Sora groaned, she never could say no to her best friend.

Sora sat on a stool at the counted next to Mimi.

" Hi Matt," Mimi Called. The blonde haired boy turned around and grinned when he saw her.

" Oh hey Mimi what's up?"

" Nothing much. Matt this is my best friend Sora," She said coolly.

" Hey," he nodded at her.

" Hi,"

He turned back to Mimi and carried on talking to her about nothing in particular. Any excuse to make a conversation. Matt leaded on the counted casually at smiled at the mousy haired girl. Mimi had a gift for acting totally cool even though Sora knew she was about to burst with excitement inside.

The two talked for what seemed like hours, while Sora went unnoticed. She sighed and stated playing with a loose strand of hair.

Suddenly she had the feeling of being watched. She turned her head and saw a tall, athletic looking browned hair boy watching her. He quickly looked away and carried on wiping the table he was cleaning. He wore the same green shirt that matt was so she guessed he must work here to.

He glanced up again at her and their eyes met.

Suddenly Sora felt asthough the temperature had been turned up 100 degrees. She was setting like mad, her whole body felt asthough it was burning up. She couldn't catch her breath. Everytime she tried to breathe nothing happened. She thought she was about to throw up. Her stomach was churning over and over like a washing machine on fast spin.

She had to get out of here now.

" Umm. . .Mimi I've got some stuff to do. I'll see you later," She told her best friend.

" umhm," Mimi murmured absentmindedly as she listened to what Matt was telling her about some band he was in.

She dashed out of the diner door and back home before her fiend had probably even noticed she was gone.

Sora poured out a glass of orange juice and sat down at the kitchen table. She opened up her magazine and flicked through the pages.

" Oh Sora I'm so glad your up!" her Mother cried as she ran into the kitchen still wearing her slippers and dressing gown, " Can you do a favour for me?"

" It depends what it is?" Sora said cautiously.

"Ryan's soccer practise ends in ten minutes and I really need you to go and collect him for me," She told her desperately.

" Well it doesn't look like your going anywhere so I guess I had better," Sora smiled.

She picked up her summer jacket and left the apartment.

" Thanks!" her Mother called after her.

Why anyone would want to get up at seven o'clock on a Sunday morning was beyond Sora. Wow did she just say that! Sora the queen of soccer. When Sora was a kid she would get up a five in the morning and wait two hours for her mother to take her to soccer practice. Even though she was seventeen now she stilled loved to watch soccer, even though she didn't play it anymore. Her little brother Ryan had just joined the local soccer team and was having the time of his life apparently.

She walked into the soccer field and saw Ryan waiting at the side of the pitch for her.

" What are you doing here?" he asked.

" Mum sent me because she couldn't get up," Sora informed him.

" Oh but my coach wants to talk to mum!" he wined.

" Well he can talk to me instead. Where is you coach?"

Ryan grabbed hold of her arm and dragged her across the pitch to where a group of kids were gavelled around a teenage boy.

Her breath caught in her throat again, her heart started pounding in her ears as she realised it was the same boy from the diner yesterday. She was about to turn around and run the other way, what ever had happened to her in the diner yesterday was something to do with him and she really didn't want to go through it again.

" Hey Tai! " Ryan yelled, " My Mum couldn't come, but my sister is here so you can talk to her,"

" Great I-" Tai turned around and paused as he saw Sora being dragged towards him. He blinked nervously and swallowed, " umm hi.." he whispered.

" Hi," She smiled at him cautiously. She have to make this quick, or else she was sure the same terrifying thing would happen again.

" I'm Tai Kamiya. Err Ryan's soccer coach," he introduced himself.

" I'm Sora," She told him.

" Weren't you at the diner yesterday?" He asked eagerly.

" Yeah, that's right,"

" Your friends with that girl matt likes aren't you?"

" Mimi, yeah I am," She grinned, Mimi would be thrilled to hear that.

" So what school do you go to?"

" Obidia high,"

" You do! I haven't seen you around there before,"

" No I haven't seen you either before," She smiled sweetly.

" Hey Tai aren't you going to tell her?" Ryan asked impatiently glaring at the two teenagers.

" Oh right . . .Umm, what was I going to say,"

" Tell her about the match," Ryan groaned.

" Oh yeah. Um your brothers really good at soccer and i.. I was wandering if he would play for us next Friday. I kind of need your permission first,"

" Yeah of course he can!" She cried happily that her brother was taking after her, " Do you need a number to get in touch?"

" Yeah that would be good!" His eyes lit up as she suggested it.

She spelled out her telephone number and he wrote it down on the back of his hand.

" Okay. .Well Seya later then," He grinned at her.

" Yeah I'll see you at the match on Friday. Or maybe at the diner. I know Mimi will drag me along there again," But perhaps Mimi wouldn't have to be so forceful this time.

" Yeah bye," Tai waved dumbly as she walked away with her little brother. He suddenly realised he was staring at her and shook himself out of it.

Sora took a deep breath to calm her as she walked away from Tai Kamiya. She smiled as she remembered she had been so scared of talking to him, in case the same strange burning feeling over came her again. Tai seemed like a really nice guy, athletic, smart, sweet and gorgeous. And she'd just had a proper conversation with him, without fainting. She looked over her shoulder and saw that he was still watching her walk away. She smiled to herself and a flock of butterflies soared around her stomach.

Sora sat at her desk staring into space as she tried to work out a math problem. She hadn't bigger things on her mind than equations. Like Tai Kamiya. A smile spread across her face as she thought of the way he had stared at her yesterday. He defiantly was cute, she had spent all day looking for him at school but she couldn't find a single trace of him.

Suddenly her bedroom door burst open.

" Sora you have to come down to the diner with me!" Mimi cried, her voice was shrill with excitement.

" Why what's going on?"

" Matt told me he wants to talk to me there this afternoon. I think he's going to ask me out!"

Sora smiled, every other week Mimi would be asked out be the new love of her life. It didn't look asthough this week would be any different.

" Alright I'm coming," Sora sighed. She was actually quite glad Mimi had asked her to go again. Maybe it would give her an excuse to talk to Tai.

" Is she here yet?" Matt asked Tai as he heard the diner doors swing open.

" No not yet," Tai said rolling his eyes. He was being look out for his best friend while matt tried to act cool. Apparently he was pretty worked up over this girl Mimi. It was unusual for Matt to get so nervous over a girl.

" You will tell me when she's here won't you?"

" Yes," Tai sighed. He stacked some more glasses underneath the bars counter. The diners' door swung open again. He popped his head over the surface to check again.

He suddenly ducked back down away from view of the customers. It was her again. The same girl that had made his jaw drop when he had seen her on Saturday. The same girl who had actually spoken to him at soccer practise yesterday. Sora. What a gorgeous name. He had thought about her constantly since the other day. He had hardly spoken to her, he hardly knew her but there was just something about her that made him think of her every time he started to daydream.

His throat felt incredibly dry. He had to talk to her. But how could he when he was sure the moment he opened his mouth he'd start drooling.

" Is it her?" Matt asked eagerly behind him.

" Huh. . .oh yeah it's her," Tai whispered suddenly coming to his senses.

He stood up and walked over to the part of the long counter Sora and her friend were sitting at.

" Hi," He smiled brightly at her.

Sora turned around and looked up at him. Something flickered in her eyes when she saw him.

" Oh hi!" She beamed up at him.

" Can I get you anything?" he asked suddenly remembering he was infact a waiter. The moment she had smiled at him he had been totally blow away.

" Is Matt here?" Mimi asked him eagerly.

" Yeah he's in the back. You can go and see him if you like," He said his line perfectly, just they had rehearsed.

" Great," She stood up and practically ran around to the door leading into the kitchen.

That just left him and Sora, alone. Well nearly alone, apart from a dozen other customers.

" So would you like anything?" he asked her slowly.

" No it's alright. I only came here so Mimi could see matt. She won't go anywhere by herself," she laughed.

He smiled at her, she had such a bright musical laugh.

" You must be really busy, working here and coaching the soccer team," She racked her brain trying to think up a conversation.

" Yeah I guess so. I'm captain of the school soccer team as well. So some times I get pretty busy. But I'd be bored if I didn't do any of it. I can't sit still for five minutes,"

" I didn't know you were on the school soccer team!" She exclaimed.

" Umhm, I've been captain for two years,"

" Wow that's really cool. I love soccer. I haven't played for ages but I always watch it with my brother and dad,"

He grinned, great she was into sports! This could only get better.

He leaned on the counter talking to her for a half an hour, but it felt more like a couple of seconds. They didn't just talk about soccer, they talked about music and school and movies and how stupid matt and Mimi were acting. Then he got her a chocolate milk shake and they started talking even more. Until a familiar voice interrupted them.

" Tttttttaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii," A sweet innocent voice pleaded beside Sora, " You know how much you love me?"

Sora turned around to see a girl of about fourteen giving Tai huge puppy dog eyes. She had short brown hair the same colour as his and there was defiantly a resemblance between them, much to Sora's relief.

" What do you want now?" he groaned.

" Just a little favour," She smiled at him sweetly.

" Sora this is my little sister Kari and Matt's little brother T.K," he introduced her to the girl and a blonde boy about the same age behind her.

" Hi," The girl smiled at her,

" What is it now then?" Tai asked expectantly.

" Well T.k and I want to go to the movies, but I don't have any money. So can you lean me some and I'll pay you back later,"

" The Movies!" Tai exclaimed, a look of horror spread across his face as he looked from Kari to T.K,"

Sora had to stop her self from laughing at the shocked expression on his face.

" Oh come on Tai just five dollars,"

" You two are going to the movies,"

" As long as you give me some money we will,"

Tai frowned and gave poor T.K a look that plainly said. Touch my sister and you die.

He fished some money out of his pocket and handed it over to Kari.

" Thanks tai, love ya," She grinned as she rushed out of the diner after T.K. Tai stared at the door watching her run across the road.

" Suddenly realised your little sisters all grown up huh?" Sora laughed.

" Yeah sort of. I didn't realise that she was fourteen now. It still feels like she'd three years old,"

" I know how you feel. Some times I can't believe how mature Ryan is even though he's nine now,"

" I don't think I expected her to go to the movies with boys for another ten years yet,"

Sora grinned up at him. It was really sweet the way that he seemed so worried about his little sister.

" Hi Tai," Out of no where a dark haired girl suddenly sprung infront of Sora,

" Oh hello Emma," Tai said quietly.

" I called you last night. How come you never called back?"

" Oh you know I was just. . .busy. Emma do you know Sora?"

The black haired girl turned around and glared at Sora.

" No. Anyway I was wondering if you wanted to go and see that new action movie tonight. I know how much you liked that last one,"

" Maybe some other time,"

" What time do you finish here tonight,"

" Not until seven," He said quietly,

" Great I'll wait for you. We haven't talked properly for ages," the girl turned to look at Sora and gave her a glare that plainly said, you can go now.

" Um. . . I better go home. I've got loads of maths homework to do tonight," Sora almost whispered.

" Can't you do that a little later?" Tai asked hopefully.

" No I better go," She stood up and left the diner without looking back.

Oh god she had been so so stupid. Of course a guy that great would already have a girl friend. How could she of ever think that he would like her? Maybe he wasn't that great after all. A really great guy wouldn't lead you along when he already had a girl friend. Why did nothing ever work out for Sora? This time she had really thought she was getting somewhere. She had been right about Tai being a cute, funny, smart, sweet, kind guy. She just hadn't bargained on someone else already thinking so.

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