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History repeated

Chapter seven

Tai grinned even before he had opened his eyes, remembering last night's events. He wrapped his arms tighter around her waist. All that he touched was air.

He opened his eyes and sat up. She was nowhere to be seen.

" Sora?" He called hopefully. She must of left before he had woken, she could of at least woken him up.

It was 9:50 already. He'd slept for ages. He pulled himself out of bed and over to his window. He pulled up the blinds and stared down at all the people rushing about below him. His eyes caught the sight of the dense rows of neat trees in the park opposite hid building.

Sora. Something twanged inside his heart, he clutched his chest in pain. A deep dread boiled up inside him.

Sora. She was in trouble, don't ask how he knew he just did.

" Go go go go go go," that distant ghostly voice whispered beside him. Its breath ruffled his hair as it edged him on.

" Yes," he whispered. He grabbed some jeans from his floor and a clean shirt off his desk chair. Pulled them both on as he hobbled across his apartment.

" Tai where are you going?" His mother asked as she bit into a piece of toast.

No time to explain he had to go. Go now, before he lost her again.

Crash! He didn't even see the blonde boy he collided with as he ran down the hallway.

" Hey Tai what's up!" Matt called after him.

" I've gotta go!"

" Tai what's going on?" Matt yelled as he chased after his best friend. He had just been on his way to Tai's apartment.

" It's Sora," Tai whispered as he dashed across the road,

" What's Sora?"

" She's in trouble. I've got to help her matt,"

" Why what's wrong with her?"

" I don't know, but I know where she is and she needs me,"

" Tai slow down! Aren't you overreacting just a little bit?"

" I'm not going to lose her again matt!" Tai yelled as he ran through the parks green archway.

" Again?" matt asked himself. Sometimes Tai was way too energetic to keep up with. But his friend was in trouble and he wasn't about to let him run through the park like a mad man.

Sora tried to open her eyes. They felt like they were being held down with metal weights. Slowly she managed to peel them open. She was in a dark room somewhere. The walls and floors were all made of concrete like some air raid shelter. Tiny rays of light peaked through some cracks in a plank of wood across a broken window to her right. She lifted up her head, it felt like she had just been run over by a bus. The room started to spin and blur in and out of focus.

" So your awake finally," an icy voice snapped behind her, " For gods sake Sora why did you have to sleep so long? It really isn't any fun waiting around for you to come round,"

" Where am I," Sora groaned,

" Your here with me," The voice answered,

" Who?"

She heard high heels click across the cold concrete. A figure came to stand infront of her, she was dressed in tight black trousers and a black shirt.

" Who do you think?" Emma asked bitterly.

" Emma, what's going?" Sora tired to stand up but to her surprise she was tied to a wooden chair by thick rope.

" Oh isn't it obvious Sora? I'm getting my life back,"

" Emma what are you talking about?" Sora felt her heart begin to beat a little faster at the glint in the girls eye. This didn't feel like a very safe place to be right now." Look just untie me and we'll talk about it okay?" She tried to reason with the raven-haired girl.

" No I think that we can talk about it just how you are,"

" Emma . . .look whatever is going on can you just tell me and get it over with,"

" I told you Sora I'm finally getting my life back,"

" What do you mean?" Sora choked through her dry throat.

" You have stolen my life Sora! My whole world. Do you know how that feels? Oh well I suppose you will do soon, won't you?" Her voice had a slippery evil ring to it.

Sora's heart began to race. Something terribly wrong was going on here. Emma's normal sickly sweet voice had turned harsh and cold. Her piercing green eyes never left Sora's face. She scowled down at her with hatred.

" Emma I haven't taken anything of yours-"

" You liar! You know you have. You know it Sora! I've worked so hard to get him back. All of that work and effort, but now it will finally be worth it,"

' Get him back?'

" Tai?"

" Of course Tai you mange little bitch. I don't know who you think are Sora. I've fought so hard to have him and I was so close. Then you come waltzing along and steal him away with the batter of your eyelashes. You deserve to pay for that Sora,"

Sora bit her lip to stop herself shouting out. This was no time to lose her temper. She needed to try and calm Emma down, try to reason with her.

" Emma I-"

" Don't you dare even speak Sora. You're not even worth that. You are scum Sora. You're as low as dirt. No one like you deserves anyone like him,"

" Look Emma, I'm sorry that Tai never asked you out-"

" He would have asked me out if you hadn't come along and snatched him away. There's been others like you, you know Sora. They thought they were good enough for him, but no one is Sora. It didn't take long to get rid of them. You on the other hand have been most annoying. You have made me work my fingers to the bone,"

" What have you been doing Emma," Sora asked quietly,

" You know Sora the tongue is by far more deadly than any weapon,"

" Emma you didn't did you. You started all those rumours didn't you!" Sora felt her blood begin to boil even though she was trying so hard to keep calm.

" Mmhhm," She smiled as though she was proud of the fact.

" Was it you who said they saw me start the fire?" She whispered,

" Not only did I tell the police you did it. I looked them in the eye and flat out lied to them. Can you believe they really thought it was you when they were looking at the real culprit the whole time? Oh you have no idea what an accomplishment that is Sora,"

" Emma that's not something to praise yourself for! Someone could have been hurt! You could have got me expelled!"

" That's the whole point Sora, duh,"

" And you really thought that Tai would like you if I wasn't around-"

" Of course he will Sora. I love him and he loves me. Once you're out of the picture we'll finally be together,"

" Emma he dos-"

" Don't you dare say that! You don't even know him!"

Sora took a deep breath and swallowed hard.

" Emma . . .please listen to me. Untie me now and I'll go and get Tai. I'll break it off and you can have him back,"

" You really think I would believe you! What type of fool do you think I am!"

She walked across the cold room to a wooden table in the corner. Sora could just make out a couple of objects on the surface hidden in the shadows.

" Emma if you really loved him you would want him to be hap-"

" Of course I want him to be happy and he'll only be truly happy when he's with me,"

" Emma I know that you're having some . . .problems at the moment. But you have to really look at this situation. See how stupid it is? Locking me up in here. It's almost crazy. If you untie me we can forget about and. . . and I'll help you get over him,"

" I'll never get over Tai. I'm sorry Sora I really am. If we'd met under different secumstances we could have been friends perhaps. But as it is, this is the only way out,"

She picked a bottle up off the table and poured a golden liquid on the floor around Sora.

" Emma what are you doing!" Sora cried, she couldn't disguise the fear in her voice any longer.

" I've tried to get you out of my life Sora. I've tried more . . .reasonable methods, but in the end it looks like this is the only way out,"

The stench of gasoline filled Sora's nostrils as Emma splashed it around her feet.

" Emma you can't do this! This is crazy, there are other ways, we could sort it all out,"

" NO Sora! This is the only way,"

" Please Emma you can't. Please!" Her stomach churned as she begged for her life to be spared.

" No matter what you say Sora, there's no going back now. Don't worry, I'll comfort Tai for you,"

Crash! The metal door flew open filling the room with blinding sunlight.

" Tai!" Sora cried as she saw him and matt standing in the doorway.

" What the hells going on!" he cried as he smelt the gasoline and saw Sora tied to a chair.

Without hesitation Matt threw his penknife to Tai who ran forward and started cutting at Sora's binds.

" No! Leave her!" Emma cried frantically. She picked up a box of matches of the old table.

" Tai I swear she's crazy you've got to get of here," Sora tried to explain as her ties loosened,

" No Tai! She's lying. Don't listen to her Tai. You don't know her, you don't want her. Please you have to stay here!"

Tai looked over Sora's shoulder at Emma as he cut away at the rope. She was shaking her head gibbering like a mad man.

" Emma what they hell have you been doing?" Matt asked carefully,

" Stay away from me Matt! I don't want you I only want Tai!"

" He doesn't love you Emma. Can't you see that!" Sora yelled as the ropes finally gave way. She shook them off and stood up.

" No! No that's not true!" Emma wailed, " You're lying. You deserve to burn Sora!"

" Come on," Matt cried as he stood in the doorway,

" It's not true," She whispered desperately.

Tai slowly walked over to her. She suddenly through herself at him and rapped her arms around his body.

" It's not true is it Tai. Don't worry about Sora. I know you don't love her Tai. You don't have to pretend anymore. You do love me don't you Tai,"

Tai pulled her off him and let her fall to the floor. He'd never felt so much hatred before. It flowed through his veins and over powered his body.

" No Emma I don't. I never did and I never will,"

He turned around and walked towards the door.

" Come on Sora let's go," He whispered as he took her hand and led her outside.

" No no Tai please!" Emma cried from the concrete janitors building. She hugged her knees against her chest and cried desperately into her hands.

" Please Tai please!" She called.

" Lets go get the police Tai whispered as he pulled Sora away from Emma's cries. She nodded dully as she turned to look at the small square building.

Emma reached out a hand to the open doorway. She had no over choice now.

She picked up the box of matches lying on the floor beside her.

" Oh my god!" Sora screamed as flames burst out of the building door.

" Shit!" Matt cried,

" Tai we've got to do something!" Sora yelled desperately,

" Sora she tried to kill you!" matt reminded her,

" We can't let her die! She needs help. I have to help her!" She let go of Matt's hand and ran towards the building.

" No!" Tai cried out. He grabbed her arm ion a vice like grip, " I'm not going to lose you again!"

" Tai I have to help her!" Tears poured down Sora's face. This was all her fault, she couldn't just stand by and let that girl burn.

Tai stared into her terrified amber eyes. She was right.

He let go of her arm and pushed her into matt, then ran into the burning flames.

" Nnnnnnooooooooo!" Sora screamed, " No Tai come back! Tai!"

Matt held tightly on to her. She struggled and tried to break free, although he couldn't believe what his own best friend had done, he knew better than to let go of her.

" Matt get off me! Let me go!" She sobbed as the tears ran more violently.

Matt didn't trust himself to speak. Right now he didn't think he ever would again.

" No-no-no-no-no" She whispered frantically. She stopped fighting him and dropped to her knees on the damp grass.

" No,"

He could see her lying on the floor in the corner of the room. He squinted and held his arms infront of his face against the flames. He saw a clear path along the left wall. He quickly edged his way along, away from the snapping flames.

Her body shook as she sobbed.

Right now he would of let her burn to death. That's what she deserved, that's what she was going to do to Sora for no good reason. He despised that girl he was risking his life to save. Loathed her more than any creature under the sun. But he couldn't let her die.

" Tai, oh Tai I knew you'd come back for me. I knew you were lying. Just so that Sora wouldn't get hurt. It's alright now Tai we can be together now,"

" I didn't come back for you Emma. I came back because Sora wanted it. If it were up to me I'd let you burn,"

" You don't mean that Tai!"

" Yes I do Emma. I detest you. I love Sora and I detest you,"

" No! No go Tai. Go let me die if it's what you want. I'd rather die than live without you!"

" Not today Emma," He grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her off the floor.

Sora stared at her reflection in the oval mirror hanging on the wall. Her long red hair had been curled into dramatic waves, two chunks had been pulled away from her face and pinned back.

She was glad it was her own reflection this time. What a stupid thing to think of today of all days. Perhaps it wasn't her reflection looking back at her. Not her old reflection anyway. She'd changed so much in these last five years, she barley recognised herself. She hadn't noticed before how different she looked from that eighteen-year old school girl. Her eyes seemed deeper, more refined. Her hair was a darker colour as well now, her face didn't seem as soft and innocent as it had once done.

She rubbed the golden locket that hung around her neck with her thumb and forefinger. She chewed her glossy lip, a habit she had when she was nervous. She couldn't remember ever feeling this nervous before.

She stroked her stomach gently with her over hand. No one could notice the small bump that would soon form, it was to early for that yet. No one knew yet, she'd tell them after this entire hassle was out of the way.

" Sora?" Matt's voice asked as he poked his head around the expensive hotel suites door, " Wow," he whispered as he laid eyes on her, " You look . . .sensational,"

She grinned at him.

" Thanks. So what are you doing poking around up here?"

" Oh just spying. He's wearing a whole in the floor pacing back and fourth. So I thought that it was my duty to come up her and settle his mind,"

" Mimi will kill you if she finds out your spying,"

As if on cue Mimi burst through the wooden door.

" Matt get out you traitor," She grabbed hold of his collar and pulled him backwards, " I told you your not allowed up here. You're going to go down and ruin the surprise now!"

" Promise I won't tell him anything,"

" I know you your going to go blabbering straight away. Get out of here. Go on shoo," She snapped.

All morning Mimi had been ordering people around. Demanding things and nagging constantly. Sora was begging to regret making her maid of honour. She pushed Matt out of the door and threw him into the hall.

" He never listens to me," Mimi muttered as Kari ran into the room.

Her face was just a huge beam of sunshine.

" Their ready Sora," She squealed excitedly.

Sora smiled and tried to contain the flock of butter flies swooping around her stomach.

She watched as Kari and Mimi disappeared around the corner and through the reception room doors.

" You'll be fine," Her father whispered as she held onto his arm.

She gave him a nervous thankful smile, then the music started and they followed her bridesmaids down the aisle.

The moment she entered the room filled with brass chairs and white flowers, she felt every person in the rooms eyes fix on her. But there was only one persons eyes she really cared about.

He stood at the end of the aisle in his handsome tuxedo, matt stood beside him grinning his head off.

He smiled warmly and lovingly at her, their eyes never left each other's. She knew she was making the right choice. No matter what thoughts had been running through her head about being trapped, now she knew this was the right desion. This was her destiny, no matter what happened in her life he would always be there for her. He'd never let her go.

She stood beside him as the vicar started to speak. A terrible thought ran through her head as he read out the vows. This would be a perfect time for Emma to come storming in here and call the whole to a tragic stop. But Emma had been locked away in a mental hospital for the last five years. Sora was glad to think she was slowly getting better, but even happier to think she was no where near to ruin the most important day of her life.

" I do," He answered the old man softly,

" I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride,"

Tai bent down and engulfed her in a passionate kiss, which explained exactly how they both felt.

Suddenly a great weight seemed to be lifted off of Sora's chest. She finally felt asthough she could be at peace. Finally after so many years, more years than anyone else realised. Finally they were together. And nothing was ever going to break them apart. They had already shared a deep connection that could never be taken back. There was already a part of him growing inside of her, he just didn't know it yet.

This was forever. Even when they had parted from this world they would still be together.

He'd already told her that. She was eternally his and he was hers.

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