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Summary: A Twisted Fairytale. A pact with the devil leaves a desperate soldier careening down a path he never imagined. Will he survive to find his happily ever after or lose his soul in the process? SasuNaru

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Dirt and Grime

A Twisted Fairytale

Part Two

Naruto turned back to Sasuke, suddenly glad for the space between them when Sasuke growled, "What the fuck, dobe?"


Sasuke watched the idiot rub the back of his neck, "What are you confused about, bastard?"

"I did not come here, dobe, to uproot your entire family. I have to leave. I can't stay here. I only came to see y…" Sasuke's eyes widened and Naruto stepped forward slowly, like a circus trainer approaching a snarling lion.

"You only came to see what, Sasuke." The blonde questioned and for the first time Sasuke wished the young man wasn't looking at him, seeing underneath everything and reading him so clearly.

Sasuke chose to fall back on generations of Uchiha training. When in doubt, mock the person and ignore the question.

"Hn, idiot. I can't marry you."

But those blue eyes kept watching, analyzing, "Why the hell not? Am I not good enough for you?"

Sasuke walked around the blonde until he stood in front of his chair, his dirty hands grasping the back of it like a lifeline… or perhaps like it was Itachi's fucking throat. It was difficult to make a distinction.

"I can't stay in one place for two more years."

"Two years?" Naruto asked but Sasuke's emotionless face said the question would go unanswered. "Fine, I'll come with you." Naruto offered as though it were the simplest thing in the world.


"Why not?!" Naruto yelled, "What are you doing? I thought that… well, this afternoon… why are you fighting this?"

"You deserve more."

"I don't want more!" Naruto yelled again and Sasuke couldn't help but wonder if the moron only had two settings, quiet and deadly or loud and aggravatingly annoying.

Sasuke shoved the chair harshly against the table, rattling the forgotten dishes, "You can't come with me, dobe. I won't let you live like I live and I have no guarantees that I'll even survive. Whether you choose to ignore it or are incapable of seeing, I am a monster. That is how everyone else sees me. It is only a matter of time before they begin hunting me down."

Naruto's tan faced paled and he took several deep breaths, "I don't understand why you are doing this…"

"I can't tell you." He watched blonde lashes fall over blue eyes and felt a piece of himself grow cold, "Naruto?"

Without opening his eyes, Naruto spoke, "Then I will wait for you."

"Dobe…" Sasuke said ready to argue.

"I will wait but you have to promise me that you will come back."

Sasuke stepped around the table until he stood behind Naruto, his hands hovering above his shoulders, uncertain if he should touch. The choice was taken away when Naruto leaned back into his chest.

"Promise me, bastard."

Sasuke stood still, arms still hovering while Naruto pressed against him. Finally, with a sigh, he dropped his hands onto Naruto's hips and pressed his face into Naruto's hair, the smell of sunshine and cinnamon calming his senses. He felt Naruto's hands cover his own and the blonde head turned sideways and up, blue eyes piercing his own.

"Please, Sasuke."

Sasuke nodded and kissed Naruto's forehead, "I promise but, Naruto, you have to promise me something as well."

Naruto closed his eyes again and nodded. Sasuke felt his fingers tighten on Naruto's hips.

"Why do you do that?" he bit out demanding an answer.

A tan cheek nuzzled the side of his face, "Hmmm… what?"

"Close your eyes when I'm talking?"

Blonde lashes lifted and blue eyes dashed about, a flush coming to Naruto's cheeks. "I… well, um… you have a beautiful voice, bastard. I just like to really concentrate on it."

Sasuke watched Naruto for a moment, hearing the truth in the words but feeling like maybe there was something more. He wanted to press for an answer, but there were bigger issues at hand and Sasuke couldn't be wholly forthcoming either.

"Hn." He let his fingers weave with Naruto's until their hands were clasp together at their sides, Naruto still leaning back against his body, "If I am not back in two years, promise you'll forget me and move on. I can't live thinking you would be pining for me."

"What? I don't fucking pine!" Naruto tried to twist out of the larger man's hold but stopped when he felt Sasuke's warm breath against his ear. "And why would you have to live with it. If you're alive, you will come. That is what you said… promised."

"Nothing, short of death, will keep me away." Sasuke whispered and licked the shell of Naruto's tan ear, feeling the young man's body shudder in response.

"Then I promise, bastard." Naruto finally twisted until he stood before Sasuke and grabbed his fur covered face in his hands, "But if you don't come back, nothing, including all the angels in heaven and all the demons in hell will stop me from finding you and kicking your ass."

Sasuke stared down into the fierce look and smirked, "Fair enough."

Naruto tried to push himself into Sasuke's space but Sasuke pulled back. "No, I have to leave."

"What? Now?" Naruto said incredulously. "But, couldn't you just stay…"

"Dobe," Sasuke whispered, "I can't stand myself around you."

"What…" Naruto gasped and Sasuke winced at the pain he heard.

"Two years, Naruto. Two years and I won't stop touching you or demanding that you return the favor."

"When you come back," Naruto said evenly and Sasuke bit his tongue not to insert the 'if', "You will tell me everything."


Naruto stepped back toward the dinner table, his back to Sasuke and this time it was his fingers that squeezed the back of the chair. "Go then."

Sasuke nodded but was stopped by the smallest whisper.

"I love you, bastard, don't keep me waiting."

"Hn, dobe."

When Naruto turned around, Sasuke was gone but he still heard the whispered words echoing like an angel's sigh, "I love you too."


Sasuke found himself once more in the circle of stones not far from his hometown, seven years to the day since he had last been there. He wished he could say that he'd made it through the seven year hell with his shoulders squared and his pride intact, but that would be a lie.

His knees gave out beneath him and fell harshly to the ground. Fisting the dirt and grass, he cried for the first time since he'd made this terrible deal with the devil. He cried for all the pain and shame he'd felt. He cried for all the children he had scared and all the people he hoped to god he had helped. He cried for all the harsh words and intense beatings he'd received. He cried for his miserable soul and that he had somehow survived. But mostly he cried for Naruto, the only bright spot in seven years of darkness.

"Oh dear, still pathetic. How sad," an amused and sinister voice drawled dragging Sasuke from his much needed angsting.

Sasuke looked up and glared at the stunning devil in his impeccably clean red jacket, refusing to wipe his face. "Fuck you, asshole. I win."

Itachi's face twisted into something cruel and his black eyes bled to red, "So it would appear."

Sasuke stood gracefully, tear trails running down his cheeks but now his glare and smirk were once more firmly planted onto his dirt ridden face. "Concede to me, devil."

The sneer on Itachi's face would have made anyone shudder, but not Sasuke. He just shrugged. "When you're done with your tantrum, I am waiting."

Itachi clinched his fists, fire dancing in his eyes but he knew he had lost. Huh, so this is what it felt like. How irritating.

Forcing his body to relax, Itachi waved his hand in Sasuke's general direction, his expression bored, "Hn."

Sasuke nodded, knowing that was as good as the damn devil breaking into tears and calling him master.

Without further ado Sasuke tore the cloak off his body, clawing at the seams and wincing as it ripped at his hair. He yanked off the green jacket flinging it at Itachi's feet. When he opened his eyes once more, he looked down at himself and saw he was as clean as the day he made the devil's deal.

He ran his hands over the white cotton shirt that brushed against his skin in the gentle breeze and Sasuke sighed, remembering how just moments before the fabric had stuck to him, gritty and never quite dry, chaffing his skin. Next, he ran fingers down his tan pants feeling how soft they were, no holes or rips. His boots shined and when he looked up he found his arms filled with his bright red uniform coat.

"Please stop touching yourself. You're making me uncomfortable." Itachi snapped and turned to leave.

"Wait! You are forgetting the other part of our deal." Sasuke said and shrugged on his jacket, before looking at his pale hands and clean nails a bored expression on his regal face. "Once again, I find myself waiting…"

Itachi's hair lifted, anger swirling around him as a growl filled the small meadow.

"Cut it out. I won." Sasuke said not even looking at the devil instead feeling the smoothness of his face and running long fingers through his short, spiky hair. "This childish behavior really is unbecoming."

Itachi took a deep breath, calming himself and continued on his way throwing over his shoulder, "The same principle applies with your jacket's pocket."


Itachi stopped, turning slowly and waited for Sasuke's black eyes to meet his own, "I said I wouldn't interfere in the seven years. That promise no longer stands. Watch your soul, soldier."

And with the wind, he was gone.


Jiraiya sat in his study, his large frame balanced on the two back legs of his solid wood chair while his feet crossed at the ankles on his desk top. Papers covered the mahogany wood and some even found residence on the floor. The dying sun still lit the room, turning everything a rusty color that made the old man think he was lounging in the middle of a furnace.

Letting his head fall back he considered the last two years. He had long since recovered his fortune and the family was now ten times better off than they were before. If he ever saw Naruto's fiancé again he would be able to return everything plus a generous interest.

If he ever saw the eccentric man that is.

The morning after the failed dinner Naruto told his sisters and grandfather that Sasuke had left but would be back in two years. The sisters, now thinking they were free of any repercussions, laughed and told Naruto he should be happy that the animal was gone and he could move on.

When Naruto told them he had promised to wait, their laughter turned cruel and they wasted no time mocking the young blonde. They told him he had been jilted by a monster… how sad. They made up elaborate scenarios of the dark haired man's demise… chuckling darkly when Naruto's face would pale and he would excuse himself.

Of course, Naruto didn't take the 'pleasant' teasing lightly and it wasn't uncommon to hear the girls screaming about frogs in their bed, worms in their tea or mud in their hair. And this didn't count all the times that Naruto would calmly and systematically point out every flaw in their characters, both physical and personally, until the girls were in hysterics for days, refusing to leave their beds.

As time went on, however, the situation weighed on Naruto more and more until he stopped responding to his sisters' jabs, he stopped retaliating to their painful words and, finally, until he stopped responding to much at all.

Gone was the carefree boy that got up early to get the most of his day. Gone was the smiling jokester that would spend hours creating and executing pranks. And gone was the young man that brought sunlight into the lives of those around him. He hid it now, locking it all away for a man in a bearskin cloak.

Jiraiya growled. It had been two weeks since the two years were up and Naruto, if possible, had fallen even lower. His grandson wore black. Jiraiya ran an exasperated hand over his face. His grandson would never even consign to wearing black at dress functions and now was seen in nothing but. The boy was not made for black and it tore at the old man's heart.

And, in those two weeks, the girls had become even more vicious. They were catty in their triumph to the point where Jiraiya refused to entertain any mention of Sasuke in Naruto's presence… as if it did any good. His smile was gone. Stolen by a dark haired stranger…

The deep knocking on the front door drew Jiraiya's attention and he waited for the butler to announce their guest. He didn't have to wait long. The lengthy man announced one Mister Uchiha and Jiraiya watched as the butler stepped aside and a tall, handsome man with jet black hair and dark piercing eyes entered the room.

The visitor wore a fine midnight blue jacket over a pristine white shirt with black pants and shiny boots. His long fingers were covered by his black riding gloves and although the man must have arrived by horse, Jiraiya saw not a trace of dirt or a stitch of clothing out of place. The gentleman bowed respectfully and Jiraiya took note of his pale complexion and aristocratic features. He held himself tall and straight, his shoulders wide and strong.

"May I help you, sir?" Jiraiya said standing and returning the bow.

"Yes, sir," Uchiha said slipping off his riding gloves, "I've heard you have three beautiful grandchildren and would like to meet them, if I may, in the hopes of securing a marriage contract should we find ourselves compatible." The man's black eyes held Jiraiya's like a vise and the old man searched for deception while shaking off a feeling of familiarity.

Jiraiya's eyes widened only for a moment before a smile came to his face, "Of course, you may meet them. You seem like a fine gentleman that all of my grandchildren would find pleasing but, I must tell you that only two are available."

The man's face was unyielding and so Jiraiya continued, struggling to keep the knowing smile from his face. "Yes, my grandson is already engaged, although we have very good reason to assume that he has become a widower before ever walking down the aisle. He has taken the situation poorly and so I'm sure you will find him less than suitable."

The black eyes blinked once, "That is a shame. I will be sure to extend my condolences."

"Of course," Jiraiya said with a smile, "As luck would have it, dinner will be served in just a few minutes. I'll show you to the dining room and make sure they lay out an extra plate. If you'll follow me."

The young lord bowed slightly and Jiraiya left the room, smirk firmly hidden from view.


Sasuke followed Jiraiya from the room shoving his gloves in his pocket to keep himself from fidgeting with them. Jiraiya's words kept replaying in his head and he felt the most insane urge to shove the old man aside and barge into the dining room before scooping Naruto up and locking them both soundly in his room.

To talk, of course. Yeah, talk.

In the three weeks since he had finished his unsavory business with the devil, Sasuke had done nothing but work toward this moment. He purchased new clothing and a suitable horse before making the journey to Naruto's village. Unfortunately, the village was a two weeks ride away, even at Sasuke's hard pace.

He was ridiculously pleased to hear that Naruto had been waiting for him, but what was this about the idiot not handling the 'death' of his fiancé well? Hadn't they made promises about this very thing?

On the way to the dining room Jiraiya had sent the butler to inform the kitchen of their unexpected guest and so when the large white double doors pushed open the family was already seated and a plate waited for him next to none other than his dobe.

"We have a visitor," Jiraiya announced drawing the rapt attentions of his two granddaughters and the barest glance from his grandson before the blonde stared back out the windows overlooking the fields. "His name is Mister Uchiha." Turning to Sasuke had bowed his head, "If I may introduce you?"

Sasuke nodded and Jiraiya continued, "This is Sakura," the pink haired girl stood before him and curtsied. Sasuke took her gloved hand and brushed the lightest of kisses against the back. When he released the hand Sakura immediately brought it to her mouth to stifle her giggle.

"It is a pleasure to meet you," Sasuke said and the giggles filled the room. Ino pushed her sister aside and looked pointedly at her grandfather.

"This is my second granddaughter, Ino."

Sasuke greeted her much the same, forcing a small smile to his face, "What a lovely gown."

Her pink lips formed into an 'o' shape and Jiraiya had to physically force her away from their guest. The old man made to take his seat at the head of the table when Sasuke cleared his throat.

"And is this your grandson that you mentioned earlier?"

Sasuke watched Naruto's shoulders tense and his hands squeeze the napkin already in his lap. He took in the lackluster blonde locks and the shrouded blue eyes. He looked paler and thinner and the black he wore only seemed to weigh him down. Sasuke frowned before remembering himself and schooling his features. He swore silently that he would never see Naruto in black again.

"Yes, this is Naruto," Jiraiya said and then knocked Naruto on the back of the head, "Don't be rude."

The blonde stood slowly and turned to their guest. Without meeting Sasuke's eyes he nodded respectfully and said flatly, "Welcome," before sitting once more.

Dinner began and immediately the girls began asking questions and vying for their guest's attentions.

"What do you do, sir?" Ino asked smiling brightly while blonde lashes batted obnoxiously.

"I am a retired soldier but recently a gamble paid off handsomely and I find myself in a most advantageous situation. I don't believe I will even want for finances again."

"How delightful for you. Your young wife must be beside herself…" Sakura commented and Sasuke almost snorted when both girls leaned forward, nearly ruining the fronts of their gowns in their anxiousness to hear his answer.

"Actually, I have no spouse but I am in a great deal of a hurry to enter a marriage contract."

Both the girls squealed at the answer and had Sasuke not already chosen his husband, he would have extended his sympathies to Jiraiya and wished the old man luck marrying off his two annoying granddaughters before leaving immediately.

Sasuke darted a quick look to his left to see that Naruto had barely touched his dinner and that his napkin appeared to have been worried to near death.

Jiraiya chose that moment to clear his throat. "Well, sir, earlier you expressed interest in fulfilling that goal by courting one of my grandchildren. Is that still your wish?"

The squealing reached ear splitting levels and Sasuke barely contained the urge to cover his ears before nodding his head. "Yes, sir," he replied evenly, "Now more than ever." Sasuke noticed immediately how Naruto's body tensed beside him and the wicked looks both sisters turned the blonde's way.

Jiraiya nodded a slow smile lighting his face, "Well then, why don't we continue this discussion in the library in say, an hour? Girls, you can run along and freshen up." A sound of a chair being pushed back interrupted the old man and he looked to see that Naruto had stood. "Ah, Naruto, would you be so kind as to direct Mister Uchiha to the library? I have quick business in the stables that I should see to before this discussion begins."

"I… well…" Naruto said and Jiraiya saw a flash of irritation in the blue eyes before his head bowed once more. "Of course, Grandfather." Turning Naruto headed for the door, "Follow me, sir."

As soon as Sasuke and Naruto left the room, the girls broke into a fit of giggles and ran to their rooms, pushing each other the entire way. Jiraiya leaned back in his chair, slowly taking a drink of red wine. He knew he should be concerned about his granddaughters' feelings when they discovered they stood no chance at all with the handsome stranger but all Jiraiya could see was the irritation in blue eyes. It had been like a spark of life. It would be good to have Naruto back.


Naruto pushed open the heavy doors to the library and stood to the side as the fine gentleman from dinner entered slowly behind him. He clinched his teeth and counted to ten before he was sure his voice would sound normal. Something about his man made his insides twist and his fists clinch. He hadn't gotten a clear view of the gentleman but from his sister's reactions alone he was positive he would be gorgeous. But, Naruto did not want to see gorgeous. He wanted to see…

"Your grandfather tells me that you are engaged. Is that correct?"

Somehow, without Naruto realizing, the gentleman had worked his way over to the large fireplace, the shadows from the flames obscuring the man's features. Naruto stepped up behind the large couch facing the fire and the man. Taking a moment, Naruto allowed himself to really look at their visitor. He was tall, perhaps four inches taller that he was and his frame was strong and wide. Naruto could see the muscles of the gentleman's legs through the cloth of his pants and had little doubt that the toned physique would carry over to his upper body as well.

Begrudgingly, Naruto could see why his sisters were so giddy.

"See something you like? Perhaps you aren't pining for a dead lover after all."

Naruto's eyes flew to the smug man and he growled, "Do not talk to me like you know me, bas…" Naruto stepped closer his blue eyes, ablaze in the firelight, raking over the stranger's tall body before shrugging, "And I see nothing worth mentioning."

The dark haired man stepped closer and Naruto still couldn't make out the man's features but for the dark black eyes that caught and reflected the flames of the fire.

"I believe you are a liar, Naruto. Had I not just joined you for dinner, I would have feared that you might devour me."

"Go to hell," Naruto hissed and turned his back on the smirking man, planting his hands and leaning against the wooden table in the middle of the room, "And I do not lie."

"Oh, but you do," Naruto's entire body stiffened when he felt the dark haired man's breath against his neck. When had the man moved?! Before he could pull himself away he was trapped in strong arms and pushed gently forward against the table, "Did you not promise your fiancé that you would move on and not pine away in his absence?"

Naruto's breath caught and his struggles increased, "How can you know…"

"But here you stand dressed in black, barely eating or talking at all. Is this keeping your promise, Naruto?" Sasuke whispered in the blonde's ear and instantly the young man stilled.

"Who are you?" Naruto whispered and latching onto the man's pale wrists, squeezed until the arms released him enough that he could turn around. Letting go of one wrist, his now freed hand fumbled for the Tiffany lamp on the table, trembling fingers finally yanking the cord and bathing the taller man in light.

What he saw made Naruto stumbled backwards, hitting the table with enough force that had Sasuke not reached out to still the lamp, it would have crashed to the floor. His face must have twisted in his shock because the soldier's eyes filled with concern and a frown colored his beautiful features before he yanked his wrist free and both hands grabbed Naruto's upper arms.

"Sasuke…" the word was barely a sound and Naruto's eyes slid shut, a single tear sliding down his cheek.

"Naruto," Sasuke said squeezing his shoulders, "Dobe, are you okay?"

Naruto's eyes opened again and Sasuke nearly fell back at the emotion swirling in their depths. Tan hands cupped either side of his face and thumbs ran over his cheek bones, along his nose and over his lips. "I… this can't be real."

Sasuke captured the pad of one thumb gently with his teeth before kissing it softy. "I came back. I promised and I came as quickly as I could."

Blue eyes shut once more and the tan fingers mapped out his face, feeling the smooth skin and combing through his dark hair.

"Dobe," Sasuke whispered, taking one of the hands into his own and bringing the open palm to his lips, "Why do you close your eyes?"

Naruto chuckled lightly and using both hands pulled Sasuke's head down until their foreheads touched. "All those years ago, when I would close my eyes," Naruto said opening his smiling eyes and bumping noses with a wide eyed Sasuke, "This is exactly how I saw you."

Sasuke let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding and failing to find the words to express to Naruto everything that swirled chaotically in his mind, he tilted his head and captured Naruto's pink lips in a kiss.

At first it was the softest brush of lips and Sasuke nearly growled when Naruto leaned forward, pressing their mouths together and opening his lips slightly trying to deepen the kiss. Sasuke parted his own lips and felt Naruto's tongue run along his bottom lip before cautiously dipping into his mouth. After a moment, Naruto's tongue, having explored his teeth and gums, dipped in farther and teased Sasuke's tongue gently. Both men moaned at the sensation and Sasuke dropped his hands onto Naruto's hips, gripping tightly and pulling the shorter man flush against his body. Naruto's hands slipped from his cheeks, into his hair, fisting the dark locks while their tongues battled playfully for dominance.

Naruto broke away first and leaned his head down, kissing along Sasuke's smooth jaw bone back to the pale earlobe where he whispered, "Explain."

Sasuke tried to focus through the feather soft kisses being placed on the sensitive skin just under his ear, "Seven years ago I had nothing and thought I was going to die," a harsh nip on his earlobe made him hiss, "Dobe!"

Blue eyes looked up at him, love, lust and not just a bit of mischievousness making them shine in the firelight, "Sorry, bastard. Please continue." And the blonde head dipped once more sucking gently on the junction between Sasuke's neck and shoulder while a tan hand roamed his chest sliding lower across his taunt abdomen.

Taking a breath, Sasuke closed his eyes and continued, "The devil found me," Sasuke felt Naruto stiffen and he ran his hands up and down the shorter man's back, "He offered me a deal. We would trade jackets and for seven years I wasn't allowed to take the jacket or his idea of a 'cloak' off or wash myself. If I lived, I would be restored to normal with all the money I would ever need and if I died, he would take my soul."

The silence as he finished seemed to fill the room like a dark cloud. Sasuke nuzzled the top of Naruto's head. "Dobe?"

Without warning Naruto shoved Sasuke away from him so hard he fell against the back of the couch with such force that he flipped over backwards, landing on his knees on the bearskin rug on the other side.

"What the hell, Naruto!" Sasuke hissed and blinked his eyes while he body regained its equilibrium.

"You gambled your soul," Naruto stated calmly his eyes narrowed at the kneeling man, "With the devil?"

Sasuke stood slowly and watched as Naruto rounded the couch like a dangerous predator. "Well, who else would use a soul as collateral?"

"You fucking bastard!" Naruto yelled and swung his fist catching Sasuke by surprise. The sound of impact echoed in the room and Sasuke's head snapped to the side, black hair falling into his face.

"Fuuuuck," Sasuke yelled and glared at the angry blonde before him, "I was going to die, idiot. I had nothing to lose. If I hadn't, it's true I wouldn't have lived for seven years in hell but I wouldn't have met you either. For that reason alone, I didn't, nor will I ever, regret my decision."

Naruto opened and closed his swollen hand, shaking it out before running it harshly over his blonde spikes. "That's why you couldn't tell me. Why you jumped away when I tried to clean you. Why you left."

"I couldn't stay and I would have given anything to tell you that I wasn't as I appeared, I wanted to beg you to understand that I was so much more than what I seemed and that when I came back for you I would be…"

His words dried up when Naruto stepped into his arms once more and rested his cheek against Sasuke's heart. "You didn't have to tell me, I already knew." Sasuke wrapped his arms around Naruto, relaxing into his warmth. Naruto continued speaking, "Never again, bastard."

Sasuke's dark eyebrow rose in blatant disbelief, "Do you think I'm an idiot?"

"Given the evidence so far, Mister Uchiha, the verdict is wide open." Naruto stopped any response by once more capturing Sasuke's pink lips with his own. Sasuke's hands wove through golden spikes and he tilted Naruto's head to the side and attached himself to Naruto's pulse point, smirking into the warm skin when Naruto whimpered and his knees buckled slightly beneath him.

"Are you sure," Naruto breathed and fisted Sasuke's blue jacket when teeth entered the mix making his eyes roll into the back of his head, "Bastard, are you sure the devil is done with you?"

"Hn," Sasuke licked the bright pink bruise and smiled down at his handy work before gliding Naruto back onto the couch, "Oh no, I'm sure he is after my soul with a sadistic zeal all his own," Naruto's eyes widened comically and Sasuke smirked, "But no more than he is after yours, your grandfather's or the vegetable vendor's. The safest my soul was from that asshole's meddling was the last seven years I spent buried in dirt. Now I'm just like any other of god's creations… fair game."

Sasuke's eyes darkened as he remembered things that Naruto would hear about one day, but not today.

"Hmmm," Naruto said and Sasuke forgot much of anything when Naruto pushed him back against the arm of the couch and straddled his waist, "Enough of that. You promised me that you wouldn't stop touching me and I certainly want to touch you, bastard." Tan fingers pushed the midnight blue jacket off Sasuke's broad shoulders and started to slowly work loose the buttons on his shirt. "Please."

"Fuck," Sasuke moaned when nimble fingers found the dark nubs on his chest and ghosted over then until they hardened. When the pebbled nubs were rolled and pinched, Sasuke's hips jerked up in response and blue eyes widened in surprised before clouding over in need.

"Oh god, Sasuke…" Naruto slipped one of his hands between them, cupping and rubbing Sasuke's covered cock while his hips began to rock, slowly… so slowly that Sasuke reached out to grab Naruto's sides to force him to move faster only to stop when Naruto's lower lip was worried between white teeth and the softest purr of pleasure escaped.

The sound immediately sent blood rushing south and Sasuke moaned deep and, instead of moving Naruto's hips, his hands were suddenly in the blonde's hair yanking his head down so that he could taste that sound, feel it vibrate in his mouth and over his tongue and then brand the sound on his soul.

Sasuke released Naruto's hair but kept his mouth busy nipping on plump red lips and sucking Naruto's delicious tongue into his own mouth. With his hands free, Sasuke yanked Naruto's black shirt out of his pants. Releasing Naruto's tongue, he pulled away panting slightly before pulling the shirt up and over the blonde man's head.

Naruto sat back on Sasuke's thighs and blew a stray blonde spike out of his face. Sasuke felt something in his chest tighten and he sat up, cupping Naruto's cheeks and claiming his lips once more.

"I never want to see you in black again, dobe."

Naruto chuckled and shifted off of Sasuke until he was standing next to the couch, looking down on Sasuke sprawled out before him. Sasuke leaned up on his elbows, one of his legs bent on the couch and the other rested on the floor. His coat and shirt gapped open and Naruto saw the marks of his own fingers, teeth and lips around peaked nipples and trailing over the pale collarbone. He watched the chest rise and fall and how Sasuke's tight abdomen glistened in the firelight. Finally his eyes landed on the junction of tight black pants and the bulge that…

"Dobe," Sasuke growled and blue eyes jerked back to black. Suddenly the blonde was all too aware of how he must have looked standing there ravishing the soldier with his eyes. His vision was slightly blurred and he knew his breath came out in pants.

"See something you like…" Sasuke purred and white nearly overcame Naruto's vision when Sasuke pressed a pale hand between his legs and arched into it, moaning. "…Na-ru-to?"

"Shit…yes," Naruto whispered and stepped forward slapping Sasuke's hand away before nimble fingers began untying the black pants, yanking them from slim hips until Sasuke's cock was freed from its confines.

"Ohhh…" Naruto shyly wrapped his hand around Sasuke's cock, marveling at how hard and silky it felt in his hand. "Oh god, Sasuke… you are so fucking gorgeous."

Sasuke's elbows gave out beneath him and he fell back against the arm of the couch as Naruto started to move his hand up and down his erection, slow and steady. The callused thumb trailed under the shaft and over the pulsing vein before circling the head and smearing precum down the other side. His free hand kneaded into Sasuke's pale thigh and stopped Sasuke's hips from jerking… too much.

Sasuke forced his eyes open so that he could watch Naruto and he nearly stopped breathing at the sight. The tip of Naruto's pink tongue jetted out of his lips while blue eyes stared at Sasuke's stiff cock as though nothing else in the world mattered. Sasuke moaned and he reached a hand out, his long fingers grazing along Naruto's side, feeling the muscles tense under his touch. Blue eyes met his own and Sasuke sat up suddenly causing Naruto to fall back onto the rug.

Turning so that both feet were on the floor, Sasuke looked down on the wide eyed blonde. The light from the fire made Naruto's blonde locks shine in the room and his sun kissed skin looked like warm honey. Good enough to eat.

Slowly Sasuke shrugged off his blue jacket and pulled his white shirt up and over his head. "I dreamt about seeing you like this, dobe. At my feet, wanting me like I have always wanted you."

The pink sliver of tongue was once more caught between white teeth and Sasuke smirked, basking in Naruto's attention. He stood slowly and slipped his pants the rest of the way down, toeing off his boots until he stood naked before Naruto.

Reaching out his hand, he helped Naruto to his feet and immediately pulled the shorter man toward him until their chests met and he felt Naruto's warmth to the very depths of his soul. "I've dreamt about tasting you, Naruto." Sasuke's mouth found the side of Naruto's neck and he kissed the spot tenderly before abusing it with his teeth and hissing when Naruto's clothed erection jerked into his own.

"Bastard!" Naruto growled and yanked away from Sasuke's body, panting, his skin glistening in the light of the fire and Sasuke boldly took a step forward. "No, stay there…"

"You are wearing too many clothes for my liking," Sasuke purred again and this time when pale lashes slipped closed he took the opportunity to wrap his arms around Naruto. Bending his head to demand entrance into the willing mouth, his teeth nipped at the abused lower lip, eliciting a moan of pleasure from his dobe while his fingers ran down Naruto's side and began untying his pants before pushing them down to Naruto's knees.

Breaking free of the kiss, Sasuke's mouth blazed a trail of fire across Naruto's jaw and down his lithe neck. The torturous pleasure continued over his collarbone and when lips found his dusty nipples Naruto grabbed Sasuke's head on both sides and forcefully pulled Sasuke back up his body.

"Sasuke," Naruto whispered against his lips.

"Hn," Sasuke responded and used his foot to pull Naruto's pants down to his ankles. Naruto kicked himself free and pressed himself firmly against Sasuke's body.

"It hurts…" Naruto whimpered and tightened his grip on the sides of Sasuke's face kissing him harshly until both men were out of breath.

"What, Naruto? What hurts?" Sasuke questioned as one of his thumbs rubbed teasing circles around the sensitive nubs on Naruto's chest.

Naruto growled and snatched Sasuke's wrist, squeezing so hard that the dark haired man winced. Naruto yanked the hand to his groin and thrust harshly against it, both men gasping at the action.

"This, bastard!"

Sasuke snaked his wrist free of Naruto's grip and palmed the hardened flesh in his hand while he leaned forward, pulling a tan earlobe between his lips. Naruto's hips thrust into his hand and his other arm wrapped around Naruto, keeping him steady.

"I know, Naruto," he whispered softly like a breeze at night and it sent a chill down Naruto's spine, "I hurt too…"

Naruto whimpered when Sasuke's hand pulled away but when his own hand was wrapped in pale fingers and then pressed harshly against Sasuke's hard cock he hissed and cried out when Sasuke's hand returned to his own aching cock.

"Sasuke!" Naruto moaned and his head fell against Sasuke's pale chest, his hips still pushing into Sasuke's hand and he kissed the sweat glistened skin. Keeping his hand moving slowly on Sasuke and more than just a little pleased that Sasuke returned the favor, Naruto pushed them both until they were standing in the middle of the large rug before the fire.

"You are so beautiful," Sasuke murmured and his free hand came up and carded through Naruto's hair. He released Naruto hard flesh and pulled the blonde's hand away from his own as well, lacing their fingers together before dipping down and kissing Naruto's confused expression, gently reminding Naruto with no words at all how much he missed him, loved him, and with a seductive circle of his hips that brought their arousals together, how much he needed him.

He took a step away from the blonde and let his eyes wander up and down the golden expanse of skin, watching the firelight glow off his hair, the thin sheen of sweat on Naruto's chest and thighs and the singular bead of precum that perched precariously on Naruto's swollen, purple cock.

"Oh fuck, Naruto," Sasuke moaned, "I want to taste you, dobe. Taste you mouth, your sweat, your cum. I want to touch you, everywhere, feel you beneath me, writhing and moaning, feel your muscles tense and relax and how your breathing and heartbeat speed up with every moment that goes by while I bring you closer to completion."

Naruto let his head fall back, exposing his long neck and Sasuke couldn't resist the invitation. Stepping forward he attacked the skin, leaving bites and bruises, nearly unable to make out the delicious noises that came from Naruto's throat but unable to hear anything else.

"Sasuke…" Naruto hissed and in the next moment Sasuke found himself on the floor, the brown fur cushioning his body as Naruto slowly kneeled and crawled over his body with the grace and determination of a lion. Naruto's chest touched Sasuke's taunt stomach and slid slowly over Sasuke's body until his mouth met the pale man's once more and his hips ground down into Sasuke, his tan hands pulling at dark black locks.

Pale hands cupped the firm, tan ass and helped Naruto push down as he arched up into the friction. When Naruto's breath started coming in pants, Sasuke forced himself to still and cradled Naruto against his chest. "There's more, Naruto. I want to be inside here," A pale finger ghosted his hole and Naruto gasped lifting his head to look into Sasuke's black eyes. "I want to feel you wrapped around me, tight and hot, I want to move inside you, filling you, making you moan and scream…" Sasuke felt his own breathing increase just talking about it but forced himself to calm when Naruto only stared at him.

"Hey, we don't have too…" Sasuke reneged hugging Naruto close and kissing his forehead.

Naruto's hands fisted Sasuke's hair once more until Sasuke winced and hissed, "Dobe."

"Tell me, Sasuke," Naruto demanded in a low voice that Sasuke couldn't read.

"What…" but the sentence was cut off by Naruto's lips, attacking his own, biting and licking, trailing down his neck and abusing the skin over his pulse point until Sasuke arched, "Naruto!"

"That's a good beginning. Now tell me that you love me…" Naruto whispered and gently soothed the redden skin with his lips. When Sasuke remained silent, Naruto bit harder than before, enough to break the skin and suddenly his head was being yanked back and he was flipped so that he was on his back with Sasuke tucked between his legs.

"I love you, idiot," Sasuke growled, "and I'll never stop, regardless of what we do tonight. Or any other night… I can wait…"

Again he found his lips busy with Naruto's teeth and tongue. He growled into the blonde's mouth before taking control, pushing the questing tongue back and diving into Naruto's mouth, tasting everything that Naruto was. The growl quickly became a moan until Naruto twisted his head away.

"Then show me, bastard," Naruto challenged and smiled up at Sasuke's frozen face, running feather soft touches over his face and hair, "Please."

Sasuke nodded, "Yes…" and reached for his coat. Finding the small bottle he was looking for, he turned back to Naruto to see a pale eyebrow lifted.

"Someone was confident." And Sasuke watched Naruto lean back onto his elbows as he settled once more between the strong tan thighs.

"I wish I could say that was the case," Sasuke said and ran his warm fingers from Naruto's ankles, up golden calves and over tense and quivering thighs. "The truth is…" Sasuke looked up and Naruto saw the uncertainty and fear that had clouded Sasuke's eyes two years ago swirl in the inky depths, "I was just hopeful."

Naruto sat up and ran his hands over Sasuke's chest, still absolutely amazed that this man was his… his Sasuke, finally. "I love you. Be confident, be hopeful, be whatever the hell you want," Blue eyes sparkled in the firelight, "But, do it on your own time. I'm hoping to be a little busy here."

Sasuke leaned forward pressing a kiss to Naruto's forehead and when he pulled back all uncertainty was gone replaced by something sinfully darker and it made Naruto close his eyes and moan.


"Lean back, Naruto," Sasuke whispered and once Naruto was laid before him he pulled the blonde's ass and lower back off the floor and onto his bent knees. Picking the bottle up once more, Sasuke poured a generous amount into his hands and rubbed them together, warming up the oil. He wrapped his left hand around Naruto's softening cock, jerking it up and down, twisting his wrist so that his palm slid over the leaking head until Naruto was rock hard once more and panting on the floor.

"I don't know, bastard," Naruto hissed through clinched teeth while his hands fisted the fur beneath him, "how much more I can…"

The words died when Sasuke pushed one finger past the ring of muscles. Naruto eyes widened and his entire body stiffened at the intrusion. Sasuke picked up the speed in which his other hand moved around Naruto's purple cock and Naruto let loose a sound that could only be the combination of a whimper and a moan. Taking that as a sign, Sasuke slid another finger in along with the first.

"Are you trying to be gentle, because it isn't working…" Naruto bit out and Sasuke smirked, twisted the fingers, circling them trying to stretch out the entirely too tight heat and reminding himself that plunging into Naruto would be a bad thing.

Sasuke stilled all movement for a moment and looked at the blue eyed man beneath him, "You are so fucking beautiful, Naruto. Laid out before me, golden and warm. The light has turned your hair the color of honey and your eyes are so alive, so brilliant, like a clear blue sky or the ocean on a breezeless day."

Naruto hummed and Sasuke smirked when he felt the muscles tighten around his fingers, pulling them into his tight warmth.

"Perhaps," Naruto panted using a shaking hand to wipe off his face, red and sweaty for the fire's heat but mostly from Sasuke's preparations, "you can serenade me when you don't have your fing…" Naruto's back arch when a third finger was added, "Bastard!"

Tan fingers fisted the rug beneath him tightly and Sasuke's thumb brushed over the head of Naruto's cock smearing the clear droplet before he ducked his head down and licked at the glistening member. Naruto sucked in his breath, his mind warring between the painful sensation of being stretched and Sasuke's mouth and tongue wrapping around him, pulling him in and making him rock against the mouth and the fingers still pushing in and out.

"It feels," Naruto said his voice barely above a whisper, "God, it feels…"

Sasuke bent his fingers inside Naruto and smirked to the best of his ability around the hard cock in his mouth when Naruto gasped for breath and moved his hands into Sasuke's black spikes.

"Again," he said breathlessly and Sasuke sucked hard before rubbing relentlessly against Naruto's walls as the blonde arched off the rug. "Jesus, Sasuke…"

Sasuke pulled his fingers out and released Naruto with a playful lick on the leaking slit. Blue eyes clouded with lust stared at him half mast and then Naruto grabbed his wrist and pulled him up his chest. Sasuke settled between Naruto's legs and kissed him gently.

"Tell me how it feels, Naruto?" Sasuke whispered into Naruto's ear.

Naruto nodded, kissing Sasuke's shoulder before his hands moved down Sasuke's back, trailing over the hard muscles and cupping the pale ass. He arched up into Sasuke, sighing at the glorious friction. "Like nothing I've ever felt before… it hurt, fuck, it hurt, but now I feel empty and I know that no one else can fill me but you."

Sasuke pushed down onto Naruto, their erections burning together, "Only me."

Naruto's eyes narrowed at the possessiveness but then Sasuke shifted and turned Naruto over onto his hands and knees rubbing a comforting hand down his tan back, "It will make it easier…" he explained and finding the bottle again coated his cock.

Naruto twisted his head around suddenly very unsure of what was happening. He didn't like not being able to see Sasuke but just as he was about to express his thoughts, Sasuke leaned over him, one hand gliding his member to Naruto's hole while his chest covered Naruto's back in warmth and his free hand found Naruto's and laced their fingers.

"I'm right here," Sasuke purred into Naruto's ear and squeezed Naruto's fingers before kissing along the tan neck. "Are you ready?"

Sasuke felt Naruto take several deep breaths, his head falling against the rug before Sasuke felt Naruto's fingers tightened around his own. Naruto's head lifted and twisted to look over his shoulder. Sasuke looked into the blue eyes and Naruto smiled, "Yes, Sasuke. I'm ready."

Sasuke smiled and leaned further across Naruto to take his lips with his own, hoping that Naruto understood how much he loved him, wanted this and wanted him. "I love you," he whispered against Naruto's lips and slowly pushed against Naruto, feeling Naruto tense and then hiss when his cock pushed passed the tight ring of muscle.

The blonde head fell once more and Sasuke felt and heard the deep breaths Naruto took. He stilled but Naruto pushed back against him, "Just do it, Sasuke."

Sasuke's fingers tightened on Naruto's and his free hand splayed across Naruto's abdomen before dipping down and gripping Naruto's erection, working it back to hardness. "Oh, Naruto… you are so tight… almost… too much…" Sasuke whispered into the tan neck and his hand worked faster wanting Naruto to enjoy this as much as he was.

Naruto didn't say anything until Sasuke stopped fully inside him. He could feel Sasuke shaking behind him, his hand sweaty in his own and his breaths fast and shallow in his ears. He release a tight breath and forced himself to relax. "Move, Sasuke."

"Are you sure?" Sasuke asked honestly concerned but the strain in his voice told Naruto all he needed to hear.

"Yes, I want to feel it, you, moving inside me." Naruto pushed back. At the sensation, his mouth opened wordlessly, his eyes closing tightly, while Sasuke moaned loud and long, "Now, move, now."

Sasuke pulled out before thrusting in slowly and stopped once he was hilted again, "God… so good, Naruto. I want to… but…"

"God dammit, Sasuke," Naruto growled and leaned forward until Sasuke was nearly all the way out before he shifted backwards harshly, impaling himself once more and both of their yells were muffled, Sasuke's in Naruto's neck and Naruto's in their joint hands.

"I want to feel you fucking me…" Naruto panted and Sasuke pulled out once more before rolling his hips as he pushed in again. Naruto's back arch and the muscles tightened to the point of pain around Sasuke's member.

"Oh fuck, Sasuke, yesssss…" Naruto hissed and pushed back again, "Do that again."

Sasuke obeyed and was rewarded when the muscles tightened and Naruto hissed out his name, followed by a new command.

"Faster, Sasuke, faster and touch me. Oh god, please, touch me."

Sasuke hand pumped setting a rhythm that his hips soon met. Naruto whimpered and moaned beneath him, pushing and pulling until Sasuke thought for sure he'd go crazy. To stop himself from yelling out incoherently Sasuke attached his mouth to Naruto's neck, sucking and licking before biting and kissing.

"No, Sasuke," Naruto said breathily while squeezing their joint fingers, "I want to hear you. If I can't see you, let me hear you."

Sasuke jerked out of Naruto and releasing Naruto's hand he wrapped pale fingers around golden hips and flipped the man onto his back, burying himself into Naruto before the blonde could even catch his breath.

Naruto screamed arching upwards, his fingers clawing down Sasuke's back as Sasuke set a brutal pace. Sasuke shook his head to get wet, black strands of hair out of his face. "Now you can hear me and see me…" His chin fell against his chest and he moaned deep and low, "I… god, Naruto."

Naruto watched as Sasuke's head lifted and black eyes met his own, full of love and lust and need. Naruto pulled the dark head toward his own and whispered into the dark locks, "I love you. I need you. You feel so good, touching me where no one else has… now, do it, bastard. Make me cum. Make me scream your name." He punctuated the request by pulling Sasuke's pale earlobe into mouth while he moaned and arched up to meet Sasuke's thrust.

"Fuck," Sasuke growled and wrapped his hand around Naruto's bobbing cock, jerking it wildly while his hips snapped into the tight heat again and again. Their joint breathing synchronized, fast and hard while their moans and garbled pleas for released filled the air.

"Now, Naruto," Sasuke said locking eyes with Naruto, even while the white teased at the edges of his vision, "Oh god… I can't hold it…"

Naruto's neck arched backward and he felt the heat coil tightly in his abdomen, scorching hot and ready to explode.

"Now! Sasuke… now!" Naruto's back bent like a bow and he spilled between them while his muscles tightened around Sasuke pulling the dark haired man over the edge.

Sasuke's lips attacked Naruto's desperately while wave after wave of pleasure washed over him and into Naruto.

Sasuke slumped forward, shifting to the left so that he didn't hurt Naruto and pulled the blonde close. He nuzzled his face into the crook of Naruto's neck, dropping gentle kisses until their breathing returned to manageable levels. Reaching around the rug, he located his underpants and cleaned them quickly before pulling a quilt off the couch and tucking it around them.

"Hmm, no, S'uke," Naruto mumbled sleepily, "… coming."

"No, dobe," Sasuke smirked, "We already did that."

"Bastard," Naruto huffed and turned in the pale arms until they were face to face, their naked bodies pressed together like pieces of a puzzle… perfect. "My grandfather is coming."

Sasuke pressed a chaste kiss against Naruto's lips, "I got the distinct impression that he knew who I was," Naruto two eyes widen, sleep fleeing, "I don't think he'll be in a rush to hurry back."

"My sisters," Naruto whispered and ducked his head to kiss along the pale collarbone within his reach.

"Should get used to it." Sasuke said carding fingers through Naruto's hair and smiling when he felt the blonde man relax into his arms.

"Rude, don't you think?" Naruto mumbled his eyes slipping slowly closed.

"Hn," Sasuke said and pulled Naruto even tighter into him, "I love you, Naruto. Stay with me."

Blue eyes blinked once more and tried to focus, "Yes, but if you ever leave me again…"

"It'll never happen. The devil couldn't drag me away."

"Not funny, bastard, and I'd kick both of your asses and drag yours back."

"Duly noted. Now go to sleep."

A sleepy sigh was Naruto's response and Sasuke closed his eyes, following closely behind.

He had made a deal with the devil and survived but the reward wasn't his life and it wasn't endless wealth. His reward was wrapped in his arms, tucked against his chest and he'd never let him go.

"… love you, bastard."

Sasuke smiled. He won.


Sakura and Ino stood outside the doors of the library trying to compose themselves and the giggles that threatened to erupt from their mouths.

"I don't know why you are here, forehead. He'll never choose you."

"Shut up, pig. Like he'd choose someone as disgusting as you."

They pushed the doors open and blinked, adjusting to the darkness. The fire burned low and a single lamp was burning on the table. Stepping further into the room, they both stilled, hands flying to their mouths as they took in the mound on the bear skin rug before the fire. Legs twisted together, having kicked off the quilt in their sleep, arms wrapped tightly around torsos and a blonde head was tucked securely against a strong, pale chest. Their faces were peaceful but the clothes spread across the room told a story of the not so peaceful activities the room had seen before.

Sakura gasped and black eyes opened, pale arms instinctively pulling the man they held closer. Recognizing the intruders, Sasuke smirked, kissing Naruto's hair before muttering shushing sounds to the shifting man in his arms. Without another thought, he closed his eyes and drifted back to sleep.


They both turned wide eyed toward the door to see their grandfather leaning against the frame.

"It's rude to stare." He tilted his head to the hallway and with one last glance toward the fire, the girls left the room, their grandfather closing the doors behind them.

"Naruto!" Sakura hissed, "He… he did something. Stole Mister Uchiha from us… twisted his mind…"

"Mister Sasuke Uchiha," Jiraiya interrupted.

"… you need to stop this, grandfather," Ino complained, "What?"

"Mister Uchiha knew who he wanted two years ago and now he's back to claim him."

"That is Sasuke!" the girls shrieked simultaneously. "That's not possible. He's beautiful. Nothing like before."

Jiraiya hummed, "Funny that. Now, I insist you leave them alone. I will hear none of your whining or complaining. You will support Naruto and Sasuke with your whole hearts or never leave your room."

"But, it's not fair… Naruto had to have…"

"Enough," Jiraiya knew that neither girl would ever understand that Naruto had always seen Sasuke as he truly was. "Go now."

The girls cried and ran down the hall. When they entered their room, their sobs loud and their faces covered with tears, they fell on their bed. "I'll kill myself before supporting them…" Sakura declared melodramatically and Ino nodded.

A polite clearing of someone's throat quieted them and they turned to see a devilishly handsome man leaning against their white dresser. His pale skin shone in the light of the moon through the window and his midnight black hair was pulled back by a green tie that matched his pristine green jacket.

He stood, carelessly adjusting his coat sleeve before he looked up, his blood red eyes trapping them in his gaze.

"Ladies… do I have a deal for you…"


And most of them lived happily ever after…

The End