Dreams come True: Sequel to dream confessions

Summary: Three years after Sesshoumaru saw Kaguras' soul in his dream she contacts him again only this time her soul is in danger…Some how Sesshoumaru must save her but how, read to find out…

Chapter One: Castle and Hot springs

Sesshoumaru had just made his way back to his castle from a trip to Inuyasha's village. He paid a visit to his adopted human pup Rin and gave her a kimono and a few other items she will need. He wanted her to stay with him but too many of youkai enemies hated humans and he didn't want to put the child's life at risk. He knew they would try to use her against him like a certain spider did in the past. He still blamed himself for Rins' death in hell and that is not an experience he wishes to repeat. Not that he wouldn't be able to protect her, but she has experience enough pain in her short life time. Putting her happiness and safety first, he decided it would be best to place her in a human village. The best place for her was Inuyasha village. Since he and Inuyasha are no longer hated enemies, he knows Inuyasha and his pack will take care of Rin. He also thought it was a good idea for Rin to train with Kagome and become a miko. That way she will be capable of defending herself and with her kind hearted nature, she will be able to heal the sick and aide the injured.

As he flew over the castle he saw his small group of soldiers and servants line up in the court yard. They knew he would be arriving soon and went outside to greet him as always. The castle it self was built in a traditional Japanese style with four statues of Inu youkai in there true from sitting on the roof. One statue sat on each corner of the roof and their heads were held up in a proud regal fashion. The castle was made to blend in to the surrounding forest, making it hard for enemies invade. It's hard to attack something they can't see.

The pathway his servants and soldiers stood on lead to the large, arched, heavy wooden door was were Sesshoumaru landed gracefully as always. In doing so his small green retain Jaken lost his grip on his fluffy tail and hit the pathway face first, skidding a good five feet before coming to a stop. The servants that were lined up on the left side of the pathway bowed low before their King trying to conceal the snickers that were coming forth. The soldiers were two the right of the pathway kneeling to their General. Then managed to hold in their mirth from sheer discipline and control they learned in training. Inwardly however they were rolling on the ground holding their stomachs laughing at the klutz of a toad that is Jaken. Sesshoumaru inwardly smirked at Jaken as he struggled to pull his head out of the dirt.

Then Sesshoumaru gave a simple command:

"Rise." He said in a low deep voice. Every one except Jaken did so immediately. Sesshoumaru kick the toad in his side with enough force to dislodge his face from the dirt. The servants started to snicker a little while the soldiers could barely contain themselves. While Jaken was sputtering and gasping for air Sesshoumaru looked at his second in command of his small military and said.

"Report." The inu solider stepped out of line and kneeled before Sesshoumaru as he said. "Nothing unusual has occurred in your absence milord. Everything is peaceful no one seems to want to challenge you milord." The second in command sighed as if he was disappointed Sesshoumaru had no challengers. When an upstart did show their face his King took care of it on his own. Sesshoumaru had many enemies, but they were either afraid of him dead or waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Daini (second in command) was bored and wanted some action. Sometimes he wondered why his Lord kept an army within the castle in the first place.

"Of course no one will challenge the great Lord Sesshoumaru You should be grateful to be under milord protection, you sound as if you want our Lord to be attacked!!" He squawked. The second in command was getting ready to dive on the big mouth imp when Sesshoumaru glared at him, which was a non verbal command. He knew what that look meant and he stopped in his tracks, although he was seething on the inside Daini regained his composure. Then he pinned Jaken with his famous glare and said:

"Be silent Jaken." He said sounding a bit annoyed. Jaken bowed low and said.

"Please allow this lowly servant to offer his sincere apologies…"


"Yes milord?"

"I will not repeat myself." Finally taking the hint Jaken shut his big beak. Sesshoumaru knew that Daini was a true warrior and felt useless. But Sesshoumaru didn't ask for help. If he needed help which was rarely he would demand it. Since he hasn't needed the soldiers' aide in who knows how long, they were restless. The only reasons he kept his soldiers and servants around is because they were loyal to his father.

"Everyone has eaten their evening meal have they not?" He asked addressing his second in command.

"Yes milord."

"Attend to your duties." He said calmly speaking to everyone and waving his hand in dismissal. All the servants and soldiers knew what they were suppose to be doing. They all went off to perform their tasks as Jaken stood by his Lord side awaiting his orders. Wanting to get some time to himself, he thought of something for Jaken to do.

"Jaken see to it that my bedchambers are prepared when I return."

Jaken stood there for a second then said.

"Where are you going milord?" Sesshoumaru growled low and put a lump on Jakens' head so fast that Jaken couldn't tell if he used his fist, a rock or his foot. While Jaken stumbled to the castle mumbling "Why does milord treat his loyal servant so harshly?" Sesshoumaru walked away as if nothing had occurred while thinking.

'That bothersome little toad will never learn to halt his tongue. Why do I even allow him to servant me?' He told Jaken to shut up but he just had to question him, which is something he hated. Most of the time he would ignore his questions but he was irritated more then usual today. Then he heard a loud squeak and a splash as he kept walking without glancing back. He knew Jaken had somehow managed to stumble all the way from the path to the pond. With a smirk on his face he though 'Amusement.' Sesshoumaru needed a little amusement especially because of what today remained him of. Now if only he could hear Rins giggles at the toads' mishaps, which would really make his day. Oh how he missed not having her by his side. His loyal servant was always aggravating, but he always managed to stimulate Sesshoumaru deadpan and sometimes dark sense of humor…still he missed his Rin.

After Sesshoumaru had transformed into his true form he hunted down a couple of boars for dinner. Since he was a huge dog in his true form he had a large appetite. Although he wasn't completely full he figured it would due for now, so he transformed back to his humanoid from and decided to take a bath in the hot springs and relax. It was the three year anniversary of Kaguras' death. "Three years since Naraku took you from me." He said to himself trying not to let his anger get the best of him. After all Naraku is dead and with his body destroyed, there is no way to bring him back and torture him for his crimes.

He stripped off all of his clothes, armor and weapons placed them neatly on a flat boulder. He had long silver hair with blue streaks that hung down to the back of his muscular calves. A blue crest moon adored his forehead and he had two maroon color strips on each cheek. He had golden eyes with cat like pupils. His eyes appeared cold most of the time but they also held years of wisdom. His ears had a pointed tip and his skin appear pale, yet it shined with a healthily glow. More maroon strips marked each side of his pelvis leading to a nest of silver and light blue curls. He has two strips on his ankles matching the ones on his wrist. He had two more strips that start at the small of his back, circling around his waist and curved upward to each side of his belly button. At the small of his back where the strips started, a small blue crest moon was there also. He was very tall with well defined muscles on every part of his body. Yes a beautiful creature indeed.

He stood there in all his naked glory as he looked at the setting sun. Soon the moon appeared giving him energy like the sun gives energy to humans. A gust of wind blew whipping his silver and blue tresses around his body as if the wind itself was embracing him. He is a creature of nature and he always had some type or connection with the wind. Sometimes when he walks the wind swirls around him as if he is its' focus point. In fact, the wind that seems to be centered on him affects the whole area he is in. When he calls forth his true form, the wind wipes around him as he transforms. Inuyasha has control of the wind when he uses the wind scar, but Sesshoumaru seems to have a special relationship with the wind.

'Perhaps that's why I was intrigued by her, why she was drawing to me.' He thought. Even though he was an animal and she was an elemental youkai, they both were connected with nature and they both are connected to the wind. Kagura was the wind and he seems to be bonded with the wind. Deep down he knew that they were soul mates.

When the wind stopped he finally walked gracefully into the hot springs relaxing as he thought about what it will be like to hold Kagura and to make love to her. He knew he would for he was Lord Sesshoumaru if it took five hundred years for her reincarnation to appear, she will be his. As far as he was concerned she already was.

After being up for two weeks straight he closed his eyes while his beautiful warrior kami like body soaked in the hot springs and said body soaked up the beams of the moon. Before dosing he sniffed the area as he always did for any potential threats. Finding none he allowed himself to drift to sleep. He rarely slept but when he did, he would always search out Kagura soul in his dreams never finding her. He longed to see her in his dreams again since that day by the cliff, but it seemed it was not to be. Oh how wrong he was…