Chapter 17: Dreams Come True: Part V

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Echo's of panting, growling, groaning and moaning were heard throughout the large extravagant chambers inside of the daiyoukai…no scratch that, inside of the couple castle. The wind sorceress found herself positioned in a rather awkward fashion. In the fray of their lovemaking, her soul mate had gotten on his knees, leaned over her and tossed both of her long legs over his broad shoulders; causing her ass and lower back to arch into the air. Sesshoumaru allowed the portion of his tail that held Kagura in a reclined position 'Lazy Boy Chair Style' to decrease its elevation. When the Inu got finished positioning her the way he saw fit, the top segment of her body was in a 45 degree angle while her legs wrapped around his shoulders. The tip of his tail continued to assault her firm nipples as her breast bounced from the sheer force of the Inu's thrusts. The daiyoukai powerful hips caused the back of the wind sorceress head to rub against his prehensile tail every time his erection rammed into her core. The rubbing of her head against his tail and the sensation of her delicate hands gripping the furry appendage sent shivers of ecstasy through his blazing hot body. His hands traveled slowly over every ounce of her soft skin. He enjoyed the feel of the beauty beneath him with his hypersensitive sense of touch. Sesshoumaru's hands paid particular attention to the crescent moon on her back and the clit in her core. Kagura wanted to continue her game of seduction however all of that elapsed her thoughts when he placed her legs over his shoulders and begin hitting her g-spot perfectly every time.

The daiyoukai other hypersensitive senses took pleasure in the stimulating sensory information Kagura's body was giving him. The sounds of her voice moaning in delight were like sweet harmony to his ears. Although it has been said that 'music can soothe the savage beast' Kagura's melody brought his closer to the surface! The smell of their natural aroma mixed with the whiff of lust and a hint of Kagura's blood spilled when her virgin barrier was broken tickled his nose pleasingly. The touch of her flesh to his sent wonderful sparks throughout the daiyoukai body. The taste of her scrumptious skin made him yearn for more. And the sense of the bond between the soul mates was the best hypersensitive scent of all…

Continuing to enjoy the taste of her skin to his hypersensitive palate, his nefarious long, slick soft tongue lapped at her right collar bone to the left collar bone in one long swipe of his wickedly delicious tongue. Said tongue worked its way up to the juncture between her neck and left shoulder. The black markings on his tongue grew in size, indicating that it was almost time to place his mark upon his soul mate.

Kagura body continued to rock back and forth forcefully. She moaned shamelessly as she clenched his furry tail and forced her eyes to stay as focus as possible. She wanted to see all of the expressions on his normally expressionless face while they made love. However the mind boggling intense pleasure he was giving her made it extremely hard to concentrate; her mind too indisposed, enjoying the rough yet tender treatment to focus.

Kagura's aura begun to flare up and join the already present powerful energy of her soul mate. The wind sorceress eyes turn white with golden irises, no pupils to be seen. The wind made by the daiyoukai own power, the same wind used to create Kagura's new body made itself known as the couple's manes begin to whip back and forth again. Kagura's own strong wind came forth causing the already mess of material items in the chamber to stir once again. The different items begin to encircle them as the soul mates winds became one tornado twister that surrounded them. Amazingly however they stayed rooted to the futon instead of being lost in the whirlwind as the entire futon floated into the air.

Oblivious to her surroundings the wind sorceress did what Sesshoumaru said she would do, what she wanted to do…

"Lord Sesshoumaru!!!" She shouted so loudly that her voice could be heard over the raging winds. The dam within her core broke, causing her juices to burst forth like a monsoon. Her essence rained down upon her inner thighs, his manhood and his tail which tensed soon after the heavy rain of her warm essence touched it.

It was too much for the beautiful Inu to hold back any longer! The shout of his name WITH his title falling from her full lips once more, the tightening of her womanhood around his impressive erection, the clenching of her soft delicate hands on his prehensile tail, the spasms of her entire frame, the smell of sex and their natural scents, the sheer power they felt within them and most importantly, the pleasured filled fatigued expression accompanied by her half lidded glowing white and golden eyes undid him. His fangs pierced the flesh of her left shoulder as a muffled uncharacteristic roar rumbled in his chest and escaped his throat as he reached his climax. The now mated couple slowly lowered to the floor along with everything else. Then carefully, Sesshoumaru lowered his tail so Kagura body could lay comfortable, flat on the appendage.

The Inu engorged member swelled within her, locking them together for thirty minutes while his erection continued to shoot his potent seed into her core. The whole time his strong jaws latched on to her left shoulder while his tongue flickered out randomly to taste her sweet life nectar. The daiyoukai left leg laid between his soul mates as his arms wrapped possessively around her upper back. His large right hand cradled her head, supporting it. He kept just enough of his heavy weight off of her to prevent her small frame from being smothered by his.

When Sesshoumaru's shaft finally softens, he withdrew his fangs and lapped up the blood that oozed from Kagura's mating wounds until they were nothing but small pink circles. Then reluctantly, he pulled himself out of his soul mates warm lower cavern; a place where his hardness made itself a home. Sesshoumaru gazed contently as the mark of a blue crescent moon took up residence upon her forehead while he hovered above her sleeping form. Although all Canine youkai like to make their mark bite on the left or right shoulder of their intended, the marks will appear in different areas depending on the species. In Sesshoumaru's case the mark of his intended appeared on her forehead, like his mother's did when his father marked her so long ago…

Kagura had long passed out from exhausting bliss two minutes after they reached their zenith. However her wish was granted, she briefly got a glimpse of her 'pretty man' reaching his orgasm right before he bit into her. She managed to repress the urge to throw her head back as she reached her pinnacle and saw the half lidded red and blue eyes, the larger darken zigzagged strips on his cheeks and wrist and the elongated fangs that were bared as he panted. The black birth markings on is tongue could be seen as they increased in diameter while he breathed heavily. And his entire face save the birth markings was flushed red like her own. She also felt the power within them, the tremble of his body, the sharp pain of his razor sharp fangs as her marked her and heard the muffled roar as his seed made itself a home within her. Soon the sharp pain and pleasure became too much for the wind sorceress body to handle and she blissfully slipped into slumber.

After their first long joining was done, Sesshoumaru slide down towards her belly giving it a quick lick across her navel, used said belly for a pillow, wrapped his muscular arms around her trimmed waist, took one deep inhale through his nostrils and followed Kagura into the land of slumber with another genuine smile on his face. Sesshoumaru's smile matched his soul mates as she smiled happily in her sleep. They smiled because they both knew that their determination to be together made their desire become a reality. Even with death in the way their dreams did come true.


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