Online Romance

Haruka Tenoh sat in her psychology class, obviously bored, and listened to the instructor babbling about schizophrenia. She stifled a yawn and was relieved when the bell rang, signaling the end of the course. Haruka quickly packed her things and left the lecture hall, heading over to her dorm she shared with Michiru Kaioh. Haruka shuddered at the though of her room mate. The two of them really had problems to get along. Haruka, who was as butch as someone could be, thought that Michiru was a stupid little bonk, and she didn't want to know what Michiru thought about her. Haruka finally reached her dorm, entered the room and immediately went into hers. Luckily, the dorm was parted into two single rooms, so that she didn't had to face Michiru too often. Haruka sighed and logged on into the Internet, since she had nothing better to do. "Shall I go for a little chat today?" she wondered. "Why not." The blonde butch then decided. She quickly chose a chat room and logged herself in as Blonde_Butch.

Blonde_Butch has entered ChatRoom 5:56

Blonde_Butch: Anyone here?

*Musical_Femme waves to Blonde_Butch*

Musical_Femme: Hi there!

Blonde_Butch: Hi :-)

Musical_Femme: Are you really a butch?

Blonde_Butch: Yup. You really a femme?

Musical_Femme: Yes :-)

*Blonde_Butch scampers over to Musical_Femme*

Musical_Femme: Wanna go PC?

Blonde_Butch: Sure.

*Blonde_Butch, Musical_Femme invited you for private chat in room "Butch&Femme" . Click here to accept the invitation*

Haruka grinned and clicked on the offered link, entering a private chat room with the mysterious girl that called herself Musical_Femme.

Blonde_Butch: Thx 4 inviting.

Musical_Femme: You're welcome.

*Blonde_Butch smiles at Musical_Femme*

Musical_Femme: You're cute ;-D

Blonde_Butch: *laughs* Thanks.

Musical_Femme: A / S / L* pls.

Blonde_Butch: 21, female of course, university. You?

Musical_Femme: 20, also female (what else? *lol*) university.

Blonde_Butch: Hey, you at university too? Cool.

Musical_Femme: Yeah, that's cool :-)

Blonde_Butch: What do you study?

Musical_Femme: Arts and music. You?

Blonde_Butch: Psychology and law.

Musical_Femme: Pew, that sounds hard.

Blonde_Butch: *grins* It is.

*Blonde_Butch checks hys watch and goes O.o;;;*

Blonde_Butch: For heaven's sake, it's late. g2g now, cu here 2morrow?

Musical_Femme: Sure. Same time?

Blonde_Butch: Same time. Bye!

*Blonde_Butch blows a kiss to Musical_Femme and leaves*

Blonde_Butch has left ChatRoom 6:35

Haruka turned off her computer and grinned at the empty screen. "Musical Femme…what a cute name." The butch grinned again before walking into the middle room that laid between the two single rooms in her dorm. She made her way over to the fridge when the door of the other room opened and Michiru came out, also grinning from ear to ear. "Hi there!" Haruka greeted, the first time since they lived together in a friendly tone. "Hi!" came the also friendly answer. Haruka opened the fridge and grabbed a can of coke from it before she walked back into her room. She still had to learn for her law exam that was next week.

The next day, Haruka had only a few classes, and the rest of the day went by way to slow for her. She couldn't wait until 6 p.m., since she had the urgent need to meet the Musical_Femme again. Finally, when it was 5:50, she logged on.

*Blonde_Butch has entered ChatRoom 5:51*

Musical_Femme: Hi butch!! *waves*

Blonde_Butch: Hi there!

*You invited Musical_Femme to room Femme&Butch*

*Musical_Femme entered room Femme&Butch*

Musical_Femme: Now it's my turn to say thanks for inviting.

Blonde_Butch: Welcome. :-) I'm glad you're on again.

Musical_Femme: Sure. Couldn't wait until it was time :D

Blonde_Butch: I also couldn't wait *lol*

Musical_Femme: In which room do you live?

Blonde_Butch: Not important, I think. In which room are you?

Musical_Femme: XD Not important.

Blonde_Butch: *grins*

Musical_Femme: Soooo…do you have a g/f?

Blonde_Butch: No, unfortunately not. What about you?

Musical_Femme: *sighs* No butch in sight.

Blonde_Butch: Well, I'M here *wicked grin*

Musical_Femme: Yeah, you're cute. I think I like you.

Blonde_Butch: *laughs* You THINK you like me?

Musical_Femme: I just know you for…two hours? I can't tell if I like you now. But you seem nice :-)

Blonde_Butch: Same here.

Musical_Femme: .

Blonde_Butch: What is it?!

Musical_Femme: Write more than two words!

Blonde_Butch. Sorry.

Musical_Femme: -(

Blonde_Butch: *laughs* You're cute when angry, Femme.

Musical_Femme: You think so?

Blonde_Butch: Yep.

Blonde_Butch: AFK*

Haruka quickly stood up and turned on the CD-player, inserting her favorite CD: Geri Halliwells album "Scream if you wanna go faster" before she returned to her computer.

Blonde_Butch: back

Musical_Femme: *hmph*

Blonde_Butch: ?_?

Musical_Femme: It's my stupid roommate. She's listening to her friggin' music again.

Blonde_Butch: *grins* Don't like you roomie? Me too. She's a cucumber.

Musical_Femme: A *cucumber*? How can someone be a *cucumber*? *laughs*

Blonde_Butch: Oh, you should see that girl. She's so incredible stupid and bitchy…

Musical_Femme: Wow, you really don't like her, do you?

Blonde_Butch: Nope. We don't get along.

*Musical_Femme comforts Blonde_Butch*

Blonde_Butch: Thanks :D

*Blonde_Butch sings along to the song she's listening to*

Musical_Femme: I wish I could hear you sing in reality. Do you have a nice voice?

Blonde_Butch: Ppl say I have. I think it's perfect for a butch like me, husky and low.

Musical_Femme: Oooh, husky. I love husky voices.

Blonde_Butch: :D

Musical_Femme: Do you think we could meet sometime?

Blonde_Butch: You mean in real life?

Musical_Femme: Yup.

Blonde_Butch: Maybe, sometime. I think it's a little to early now.

Musical_Femme: Yeah, think so too. Just wanted to know if you'd meet someone you met on the internet.

Blonde_Butch: Sure, if it's someone as nice as you.

*Musical_Femme blushes*

Blonde_Butch: *lol*

*Musical_Femme checks her watch*

Musical_Femme: O.o

Blonde_Butch: Whassup?

Musical_Femme: Look at the time!

*Blonde_Butch does so*

Blonde_Butch: O.O

Blonde_Butch: It's LATE. I'll go to bed now…to my little, empty and cold bed ;_;

Musical_Femme: *evil grin* Maybe I'll be in that bed with you…someday…

Blonde_Butch: Yes, maybe.

*Blonde_Butch kisses Musical_Femme goodnight.*

Blonde_Butch: Sleep well, femme.

Musical_Femme: Sweet dreams, Blonde_Butch.

Blonde_Butch: Thanks.

*Blonde_Butch has left ChatRoom7:45*