Michiru quickly logged off the chat and turned off her screen, since she didn't want Haruka to notice that she knew about her being Blonde_Butch. As soon as the monitor had blackened, a soft knock came from the door. "Yes please?" Michiru called out. The door opened, and Haruka poked her head in, her hair adorably tousled after sleeping. "Hi there", the butch now said. "I hope I'm not coming untimely." "No, you aren't." Michiru answered, acting surprised. "Can I help you with something?" she then asked. "No. I mean, yes. No, I…" Haruka stopped and blushed, causing Michiru to giggle. Haruka gave her a sheepish grin and scratched the back of her head. "I just wanted to apologize for being so rough sometimes." The butch then said. Michiru gave her a surprised look. "Well…" Haruka continued her babbling, "I guess we had a bad start. Maybe I should've tried to know you better before I yell at you for no reason." Michiru smiled. "It's okay. And you are right, we did have a bad start. But I think we can work it out." Haruka also smiled and nodded. "I hope so. Sorry again." She then said. "Let's just start from the beginning, okay?" Michiru suggested, and Haruka nodded. "Good idea. Umm…I have to go now, my books are waiting. See you later." "See you later." Michiru replied, and Haruka left the room.

*Blonde_Butch has entered ChatRoom 9:25*

*Musical_Femme has entered ChatRoom 9:26*

Blonde_Butch: Hi there! :)

Musical_Femme: Hi :-) How did it go?

Blonde_Butch: Oh, quite well I think. We decided to start over.

Musical_Femme: Sounds good :o)

Blonde_Butch: Maybe we'll become friends after all. Would be nice.

Musical_Femme: It's always nice to make new friends.

*Blonde_Butch hugs Musical_Femme*

Musical_Femme: Oh! What was that for?

Blonde_Butch: For telling me about Michiru :-)

Musical_Femme: :D

Blonde_Butch: ;-D Friday still okay?

Musical_Femme: Sure ^_^

Blonde_Butch: Okay. g2g now, I have class early tomorrow.

Musical_Femme: Okay. CU tomorrow?

Blonde_Butch: Sure. Same time as always?

Musical_Femme: Sure. Bye!

*Blonde_Butch kisses Musical_Femme goodbye*

*Blonde_Butch has left ChatRoom 10:15*

The next few days, Haruka chatted ever day with Musical_Femme and also managed to get along with Michiru well, much to her happiness. Finally, the big day had come when she wanted to meet Musical_Femme at the library. Haruka drove to the store and bought a big bouquet of roses, checked herself over in her room and finally made her way to the library, as butch-looking as possible. She patiently stood and waited at the front door. Finally, at five o'clock, she started to get nervous. "Will she really come? What will she look like?" the blonde butch wondered. That was when Michiru approached her. "Hi there." Haruka greeted her friendly. "Are you waiting for someone?" Michiru smiled. "Actually, the person I want to meet is already here." Haruka frowned and looked around, absolutely not getting it. Michiru giggled and said: "Thanks for the roses. Blonde Butch."

Harukas eyes bulged out, and for a second Michiru was afraid that she would yell at her again. Then, Haruka smiled at her broadly. "So you are Musical_Femme?" "Yes." Michiru admitted, grinning. "I wouldn't have guessed that." Haruka admitted. "I always thought that you are straight." Michiru giggled. "Well, to get this thing straight: I'm not." Haruka chuckled and remembered her roses. "Here, these are for you." "Thanks." Michiru replied, taking the offered bouquet. "I suggest we go to a good café." The aqua haired girl then said. Haruka nodded. "That's fine with me."

Three hours later, the girl and the butch returned to their dorm. "I would offer to walk you home, but we live in the same apartment." Haruka grinned. Michiru giggled and answered: "Well, you could accompany me to my room. If you like." "Yeah, why not." Haruka agreed. She gallantly held the door open for Michiru and followed her into her room, staring at her friends behind all the time. Suddenly Michiru stopped and turned around. "Do you want to be with me, Haruka?" she asked softly. When Haruka just stared at her dumbfounded, Michiru quickly continued. "I know that it's early to ask, but can you imagine being with me?" "It's not early to ask." Haruka finally said, her voice husky with lust. Michiru smiled and pulled the butch closer to her. "You're sure about this?" she asked once more. Harukas answer was a gentle kiss. The online romance had finally turned into a real one.