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"Bella we need more royal icing and we are running low on a few things." I could hear Angela yell to me from the back. I knew we had an order coming in for supplies soon. Who knew that this business would taken off like it did. With Alice's gift of party planning and my gift of cooking we fit perfectly together. I was the sugar to bring sweetness to life and she was the spice to make life fun.

"Have you heard from Ben? I sent him out early this morning to meet the plane with the supplies." I called out to her. My mind was thinking of the order that was coming in. I only ordered the best supplies possible. It cost me more but in the long run I had more business than I knew what to do with. Fresh seafood from a supplier in a small town in Alaska. The best baking supplies from France, Spain and England. Just like Alice I only wanted the best. For someone that detested shopping for myself my love of shopping for Sugar and Spice was a love.

"BELLA! Earth to Bella!!" I waved my hands in front of her face and got her attention. " I talked to Ben and he was on the 205 on his way back but you know how traffic is. I may love the big dufus but he needs to learn how to put the peddle to the metal and get a lead foot." she rolled her eyes but did with a loving smirk on her lips.

My mind wondered back to the past. My life was so different growing up. I had two loving parents that even at their age could not keep their hands off each other. I was their only child even though they wanted more. They made me their life and their dreams were lived through me. Renee taught me how to cook and bake just like my grandmother had taught her. I was taught the family recipes and secrets. I know them so well that they are now a well guarded secret and asset to the business. Charlie what can I say he taught me everything he would have taught a son. I knew how to bait a hook, clean a fish, shoot a gun and do all the manly stuff he did just a lot more clumsy.

I met Alice through my parents. My loving parents were friends with them and through them I grew to love Alice just as much as they did. I had a humble up bringing. Mom stayed home and made sure she was there when I needed her or not. Dad was a chief of police and loved by everyone. Now Alice came from money but her family never showed it. She lived in a moderate house but drove a Porsche. I always gave her a hard time for owning a Porsche in a small town in Alaska of all places. She loved me like her sister and her parents treated me like one of their own. My parents always felt bad for not giving me the best. I remember when they bought me that old rusty truck but deep down I loved every part of it.

Alice was there when I got the news that my parents had been killed on a float plane accident. I remember that day it was so beautiful out but you could tell that bad weather was brewing just by the mist in the air. That was Ketchikan for you. The weather was so unpredictable. I was at home when I got the call that they were searching for the beacon. The weather was getting so bad that I could not see the Narrows from our living room windows. Alice and her parents stayed the night with me. We played Phase 10 all night long and drank hot chocolate. I knew that they were trying to keep my mind off the worst that I was fearing but I loved that they were there.

I must have fallen asleep cause I jolted at the door being loudly knocked. I rolled myself off the couch and answered the door to some of my fathers friends. I knew then that they were gone and for the first time in my life I did not know what to do. I just sobbed and collapsed as Alice caught me. I don't know how she caught me for her pixie size but she never left me. Her parents got the information that I needed and they told them if I needed anything to let them know. They all loved Charlie and Renee.

Alice and her loving parents were with me all the way through the funeral home, the lawyers office, the bank meetings etc. Boy did I get a shock when I found out that I would get to finish my school years with Alice. My parents made her parents my guardians but the biggest shock was I would never need anything. My parents saved and invested to make sure that I would be ok if anything happened to them. I did not care about the damn money I want my parents back.

The Brandon's treated me just like they always did. They treated me just like their own and made sure that things were normal but also made sure I went to counseling to deal with all the shock that was now my life. All through the high school years Alice and I were in separable. She the more social one and more outgoing with the boys. She always had the talent for making sure we both looked good but I tended to be the book worm I was. We both graduated with high honors with full rides to Portland State University. She knew from the very beginning fashion and party planning was for her. Our parties were the hit of the school year even though my contribution was food. I received the one and only scholarship for their culinary school. Both of our college years were tough but we excelled at what we did and again graduated with top honors with our parents at our side beaming with pride.

I knew for one I did not want to go back to Alaska to live. I loved my memories there and that is where my parents were at rest but the memories still haunted me. Alice and I had decided to go into business together. Portland was the perfect place for us. She could party plan and do fashion and I would do the catering. We figure that the market was missing a part planning/ catering business and with our talent would could make a go. We scoured the real estate adds and found nothing to our liking. Our parents gave us all the help we needed but they knew that we wanted to do this on our own. They knew that I needed to prove myself to my parents that I so dearly missed.