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It Had to Be You

by Kristen Elizabeth


The first time Jasper and I made love was the night we met in Philadelphia. I'd arrived in the city three days earlier and while waiting for the handsome man from my vision to find me, I'd discovered an abandoned house in a nice neighborhood where I could hide out from the sun.

When he finally appeared at the diner, he was rain-soaked, battle-scarred, thoroughly wary, a little bit wild and completely perfect. He called me "ma'am," a gentleman from another time. I already knew I was going to love him, but I was still pleased at how just how fast it happened.

Despite everything I'd seen in my mind, I hadn't known we would make love that night. But when I took him back to the house and offered him one of the two bedrooms, he took my hand again and asked if he could stay with me.

We ended up on the dusty floor, only bothering to push aside enough clothes to join together. I had no idea if I was a virgin before that night. I like to think I was, though. Jasper had already become everything to me. It only seemed right that he be my first lover.

As we were lying together looking up at the muslin-draped chandelier, I told him about the family we'd be joining soon. I was so excited about the prospect that I could barely keep still, but only seconds later I felt so relaxed that I almost forgot about the beautiful faces from my vision.

"What are you doing?" I murmured into his chest, too at peace to put up any sort of real protest.

Jasper wrapped his arms around me tighter. "You have your gifts, Alice. I have mine."

We spent the next two years in empty houses, barns, and even the occasional night in the forest under the stars, always together, never apart. We fed as little as possible; humans were intoxicating, but taking their lives never agreed with me. I always saw things just before our teeth sank into their flesh, their hopes, dreams, their very futures blinking into darkness. I didn't learn until years later that Jasper disliked it, too, being that he could feel what our victims felt, the fear and the pain. I hadn't yet told him about the change in our diet that was coming.

Jasper was my companion, my lover, my whole world until we found the Cullens. After that day, I had a mother, a father, two brothers and a sister...and one seriously amazing view from my new bedroom, once I moved Edward's things to the garage. My world became bigger, but Jasper was still the center of it. .

One night a year later, we lay in bed listening to the lonely notes of Edward's piano through the wall that separated our room from his new one.

"You know…we're safe now," Jasper began. "Safer, at least. Carlisle and Edward are teaching me to control myself and you're so happy with Esme and Rosalie. This a good place for us."

"Yes." I snuggled deeper into his arms, thoroughly pleased. "That's why I saw us here."

"But I don't think of you as a sister." His moved his hand to the small of my back, possessively. "I never will, even if pretending to be a family with the Cullens makes it easier for us to be around humans." He winced a bit on the last word.

I saw his question and before he could change his mind, I made up mine. "Oh Jazz," I whispered, sitting up to see him better. "I don't want to be your sister, either. I want to be your wife."

Planning the wedding was the most fun I'd ever had. Esme indulged my every whim; there was no expense she spared from the decorations to the food we wouldn't even eat. Perhaps even without visions of her own, she could see that unlike Rosalie who had already married Emmett twice, once before the war and once after, this would be my first and only wedding day.

There was no minister; what would a man of God have had to say at the joining of two immortal creatures? Carlisle married us and his blessing was all we really needed. I walked myself down the aisle, floating on a cloud of white organdy and tulle. There were only a handful of witnesses outside of our family: the like-minded vampires from Denali, colleagues of Carlisle's from the local hospital who just accepted that he was an ordained minister like they accepted that he was half their ages and so much better at healing, and a few schoolmates of Edward's and Rosalie's, the ones who'd been brave enough to make the long trip from town to our house. We've always made our schoolmates nervous, especially Jasper when he was ready to attend several years later.

But on that day, I only had eyes for my lover as he stood tall and proud beside Edward and Emmett, wearing a brand new suit I'd picked out for him, his blond curls tamed for the moment. With joined hands, we promised to love, honor, and protect each other, nothing that we hadn't done since the moment we met. At Carlisle's bidding, Jasper lifted my veil and kissed me for the first time as my husband.

It was in the middle of the reception as I pretended to eat canapé for the benefit of a girl from Rosalie's English class who couldn't stop gushing on about my admittedly fantastic wedding dress that I first saw the cabin in my mind. Immediately, I sought out Jasper's face across the room. He was already looking at me, a small smile curling up his lips.

The image of our bodies writhing together by the light of a hundred candles was enough to make me grab for the nearest solid object. And while the details of Jasper's plan for the night weren't entirely clear, I knew one thing for certain: it was time for us to leave the party.

In a shower of rice, a silly tradition that I absolutely adored, we drove off in Edward's Jaguar Mark VII, which was only on loan as he'd reminded us several times during the reception. I'd changed into a dark blue dress with a full skirt and wrapped a scarf around my head and shoulders for the drive. Jasper had the car up to 105 on the back roads that led deeper into our hunting woods. I felt like I was flying.

"Can it go faster?" I asked eagerly.

Jasper was already slowing down as he turned off the main road. "We'll have to wait to find out. We're here."

The cabin was tucked away like whoever built it had been trying to hide from the world. It was rustic and completely charming. I love it and we hadn't even gone inside yet.

At the front door, Jasper swept me up into his arms, somehow managing to balance me and the one bag of clothes I'd been allowed to bring along. Clinging to him, I laughed and kissed his cheek. "I'm so glad you decided to do that. You weren't sure; you kept changing your mind in the car."

"It's my pleasure, Mrs. Whitlock." It was the first time he'd called me that; I was thrilled. He nudged the door open with his foot and stepped inside.

My grasp on his shoulders faltered and I might have slipped to the floor if he hadn't had such a good grip on me. I was dumbfounded by what lay inside, even after what I'd seen in my vision. It hadn't prepared me for the lengths to which my new husband had gone.

The entire cabin was illuminated by hundreds of white candles in various sizes and heights, all placed around the biggest bed I'd ever seen which sat in the center of the room. It was made up with sheets the color of snow; the hand-crocheted eyelet cover was scattered with red rose petals.

Jasper set me back on my feet. Even in my stiletto heels, I had to tilt my head back to look up at him. "How did you...?"

"Emmett ran up here and lit them during the reception."

"I didn't notice him gone."

He arched an eyebrow. "He's rather quick on his feet."

I clasped my hands together at my heart. "You arranged all of this?"

"Well, I had some help. Emmett, like I said. And Edward...the candles were his idea." He snorted softly. "The kid's a born romantic."

"He's going to make some girl very happy someday." I shook my head, lost in my own happiness. "I can't believe you did this for me."

"Alice." He cupped my face in his hands and leaned down to brush a kiss across my mouth. "There is nothing I wouldn't do for you. Don't you realize that by now?"

As I kissed him back, the only answer I had to give, I carefully pried the handle of my overnight bag out of his hand. He pulled back and gave me a knowing look. "Whatever you're planning to change into, you won't be wearing it for very long."

"But you can't wait to see what it is, can you?"

Jasper considered this. "I won't stop you," he eventually decided.

I blew him a kiss as I slipped into the washroom to change. He'd made the right choice. Even Edward had grudgingly approved of the black lace nightgown when I'd shown it to him. I reminded myself not to be quite so eager to share such things with him in the future. He was, after all, my brother now.

Jasper had shrugged out of his suit jacket, loosened his tie, and undone the top three buttons of his shirt by the time I came out of the washroom. The look on his face when he saw me made the nightgown worth every single penny.

"Do you like it?" I asked unnecessarily. "I saw it and…"

He moved so fast that even I didn't see him coming. I never got to finish saying how I'd picked the lingerie because it felt old-fashioned, like him. Jasper's kiss was as deep and thrilling as it had been on that first night in Philadelphia. My feet left the ground as he lifted me up to put our mouths on the same level as we kissed.

Minutes, maybe hours later, I drew back. Safe in his unfaltering embrace, I studied him solemnly. "Tell me we'll always be together."

Jasper's eyes, so much lighter now than when we'd met, crinkled at the corners as he smiled. "Nothing will part us. I won't allow it."

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I kissed him hard enough to nick his lower lip with my teeth. The best thing about being with Jasper was that I never felt nervous or scared or apprehensive about anything. And it wasn't because he used his powers on me; I was just completely free from any stress when he was near because as long as I could see him and touch him, everything was just fine in my world. He was right. Nothing would part us. I wouldn't allow it, either.

I was almost disappointed when the very carefully chosen, very expensive nightgown ended up in a heap of dark lace on the floor. I had hoped to wear it a little longer, but in all fairness, Jasper had warned me about its fate.

His shirt joined my dress on the floor after he carefully laid me on the bed. Propped up on my elbows, I watched him lick his lip, tasting the tiniest drop of my venom. The candlelight threw warm light onto his skin, almost lessening the visibility of his scars.

Two years earlier, he would have kept his shirt on to hide them, but now he bared himself without shame, knowing, I hoped, that I loved every scar, not only individually, but as part of the whole man.

"You're too far away," I told him with a pout.

In a flash, Jasper's body covered mine. I was open and ready for him, but still…the feelings that coursed through me when his flesh entered mine had me crying out to the shadows dancing on the ceiling. I gripped his upper back, my nails digging into his muscles as he moved within me, faster and harder, but never savage.

"Alice, Alice…darlin'…" he groaned into my neck. It was only when he was lost in passion like this that his accent shone through. He was too close to the edge too soon; I decided to slow things down just a bit.

It took barely any effort on my part to reverse our positions. I winked down at him and he let me pin his arms to the bed as our hips rolled, back and forth, up and down, crashing into each other over and over again.

When ecstasy washed over me, I had a vision. Perhaps it was my state of mind at the moment, but it wasn't like my others. It was something different entirely…a crystal clear image of Jasper and I together like this someday, in the front seat of a sleek, yellow, futuristic-looking car.

I told him about it a little while later and he laughed, his chest rumbling against my ear. "Maybe they'll fly by then."

It was an exciting thought, but not nearly as wonderful as the idea of the future itself, my unending eternity with my husband, my first, my last, my only love.


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