Candy Canes and Lollipops



Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or any of the mentioned games and/or movies.

AN: Written as a speed fic against JudiKicksHiney with the prompt of "Byakuya and Stark. Candyland." I lost. sniff

Dedicated to Judi: Great job on your first time out!

"It looks like you have to move back to the Candy Cane Forest," a bored voice said, glancing at the other player's card.

"It seems as though you've read the rules incorrectly," an equally emotionless voice replied, grey eyes flashing. "I haven't reached the Candy Cane Forest yet, so I get to advance."

"Whatever," came the still-bored reply.

"If you win," the grey eyes flashed again, this time a little darker. "I'll let you advance to my Candy Cane Forest."

Stark gave a slight sigh, "That was horrible innuendo, Byakuya. Just move your piece."

The pink piece skipped ahead seven spaces and landed on the candy cane happy space. Stark frowned and drew his own card. "Who the hell is Princess Lolly?"

"Does it really matter?" Byakuya pulled the card out of Stark's hand and tossed it to the side. "Why do you need that Lolly when you can have mine?"

"What is with you?" Stark coughed slightly, looking around the room to see if anyone else had noticed. No, Yumichika and Szayel were still busy with Pretty Pretty Princess and Kenpachi, Ikkaku, and Noitora were being captivated by "Barbie as Rapunzel".

"There's nothing wrong with me," Byakuya looked affronted. "I'm merely trying to finish this wonderful game we're being forced to play."

"'Forced' my ass, you were just mad because those two pretty boys over there stole the game you wanted to play."

Byakuya sniffed, drawing a new card. "You act as if that's a bad thing."

"It is," Stark leaned forward and pulled a new card then moved his green piece to a yellow square. "I'm only playing with you because none of the other guy's wanted to play with you and I don't think Barbie's all that hot. I've seen the movie, it sucks big time."

"So can I," Byakuya moved forward a few more spaces.

"Geez, I would almost swear this is why no one wants to play with you," Stark drew a new card and glared at it. He'd just gotten stopped by Gloppy the Molasses Monster. "Do I lose a turn?"

"Yes," Byakuya picked up a card and peered at it carefully. "Oh my," he picked up his piece and set him on the rainbow decorating the end of the line of colorful blocks. "It's looks like I've won."

"So, what do I get if I lose?" Stark asked absently.

"Nothing," Byakuya took the stack of used cards and straightened them into a neat pile.

"And what do you get since you won?" Stark asked hesitantly.

"Just you."

Byakuya's eyes glimmered mischievously and he brushed off his pants.

Stark dropped the Gloppy card that was still in his hand.

Byakuya tackled him.

Yumichika sniffed as he put on his tiara and looked at himself in the mirror, "You would think men that age would behave more maturely."

"I'll say," Szayel twisted his fingers in the plastic necklace around his neck. "They aren't behaving like men at all!"