I'll Make Flames shoot from you

Summary: just a little silly thing I thought up of. Parody of 'I'll make a man out of you" from mulan. Zuko has trouble training Aang in fire bending.

Disclaimer: I don't own ATLA or Mulan. If I did Shang, Zuko, and I would be having some real fun.

"No, No, No I told you, widen your stance, monitor your breathe, and punch like you mean it!" Sighed an exasperated Zuko.

"I don't know Zuko, I'm still a little nervous around fire and stuff and well I was thinking, I got three out of the four elements down pretty pat. Maybe I'll be okay." The bald monk scratched his head, embarrassed. He had failed to produce anything more than a spark.

"Okay? OKAY!?" In the distance drums began to play a steady beat and suddenly Zuko burst into song

Let's get down to training

To defeat, my dad

Don't be such a huge wimp

Like during, black sun

"Oh come on now that's a little uncalled for"

You're the best bender I've ever met

And you can know, before I'm through

Avatar, I'll make flames, come from you.

"Zuko really, I get it, you're trying to help but maybe- AHHH!" The older boy was attacking the younger monk trying to get him to fight back as he sang

Flames start from inside us

From the breath, within

Once you feel it growing

You must reel it in

"Like this?" Aang asked but Zuko shook his head and tapped Aang's arm into proper position

You're a dodging king, and your circles rock

But you haven't got a clue

How to make, Flames erupt, out of you

Then the strangest thing happened. The others in the group joined in to Zuko's singing, even the animals

He's never gonna get the breath Said Zuko

He's the one who always flew me grunted appa

Boy was I a fool not learning Bumi's Jing chimed Toph

Poor Aang he's scared to death commented Katara

Hope he doesn't blast right through me yelled Aang, still incorrectly mimicking the movements

Man I really wish I was as hot as him said Sokka, eyeing Zuko enviously

Learn to bend They all sang over and over except Zuko who deviated

You must be bold like a flaming tiger

With a ferocity yet unknown

You must have learned this by end of summer

To be able to knock my dad off his throne

The comet races towards us

And millions will die

Learn your fire bending

And they might, survive

Are you ready for?

The end of war?

Go suit up, come back, and soon

I will have, flames shooting, out of you. Aang left to change into a more effective training uniform that was supposedly fire proofed by Iroh. He came back wearing it and began his forms with new invigoration

Learn to bend the others chanted in between Zuko's word. Aang was starting to produce larger flames now, which was encouraging and reason for celebration to everyone except an unsatisfied Zuko.

You must be bold like a flaming tiger

With a ferocity yet unknown

You must have learned this by end of summer

To be able to knock my dad off his throne

He kept repeating this, shooting fireballs at Aang who dodged them until he finally took one to the chest, turned it around, and launched it right back at Zuko who deflected it into a tree, much to the disgruntlement of Katara who put the fire out.

"Good, there's hope for you yet. Now get back to work"

"Yes Sifu Hotman, one hot squat, two hot squats, three hot squats…"