The First Adventure Of Larry The Imaginary Plastic Bag

The First Adventure Of Larry The Imaginary Plastic Bag

By DethRose

This is my first work of fiction. I do own everything in this story.

Larry the Imaginary Plastic Bag was running as fast as a dog to the opening of Imaginary Land. He was running away from a can of Beets.

"Everyone knows that a can of beets can be dangerous. Adults, you have been warned. Keep the beets locked up for safety."

"Can we get back to the story?" Larry asked.

"Well adults should be warned." I being the author stated.

"I agree but come on, this is my story." Larry said.

"No it is actually my story since I am writing it." I said, "But, I will continue."


"Alright then."

Larry made it to the opening of Imaginary Land and went inside, but only for a while.

One day, an Imaginary Plastic Bag was brought to Imaginary Land. Its name is Larry.

"Whoa. Hold on there. What do you mean by it?"

"Alright then, he." I said or wrote.

"Thank you." Larry thanked me.

"Can I get back to writing the story?"

"Yes you may proceed."

"Who uses the word proceed anymore?"

"Fine then! You may continue."


Larry loved Imaginary Land, He thought he would stay forever.

Well, one day, a clown named Zoinks the clown, who was ugly that people ran in fright when they saw him, came to Imaginary Land to buy himself a new face. When Zoinks the clown came up to the cash register to pay for his new face, the cashier, who I am suddenly going to call Bill, had to fight the urge to run away. Larry as a result was picked to be the not-so-lucky plastic bag to be kicked out of imaginary Land.

"Nooooooooooooooooooo!!" Larry cried out.

He was so loud deaf people heard and were cured from their deafness. Dead people raised from the grave but that is a different story. All the while, Zoinks the clown was checking out and handed Bill the cashier the money for his new face.

Maybe my mommy will love me now!" Zoinks the clown exclaimed.

Zoinks the clown dragged Larry to his trashed up Pinto and got in side. All of a sudden they were in Las Vegas, which is known to be big and smell of spoiled milk, Nevada. Larry was afraid, but he was determined to go back to Imaginary Land. So when Zoinks the clown got out of his trashed up Pinto and went up to Larry to take him to his trashed up apartment, Larry kicked the clown in the knee.

"Ouch! You bleep bleep dumb bleep plastic bag!" Zoinks yowled in pain. "I'll kill you!" he added.

"Run, run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm Larry the Imaginary Plastic Bag!"

"Okay now I really will kill you because that was stupider than me." Zoinks the clown backfired.

"Whatever.' Larry said, "Don't blame me, blame the author."

While the carnivorous clown was still holding his knee and screaming obscenities, Larry ran for Imaginary Land, whose opening coincidentally appeared near him. He ran faster than the wind. Or maybe the wind just blew him towards Imaginary Land. I don't know.

Larry ran all the way to the store and went inside. The store owner, who I am suddenly going to call Bob, was waiting.

"Why did you do this to me?" Larry was crying.

"Why you ask? Because I don't like you."

"But why? What did I ever do to you?"

"Nothing really. It is the idea of the author to have me not like you"


"Also it was a joke." Bob said, "This whole stupid story is one big joke."

"What do you mean this story is a joke?" I asked.

"Well I mean really. An imaginary plastic bag named Larry? Why not Curly or Moe?" Bob asked.

"Oh I am real. You are not. Do not anger me, I have the power to erase you from this entire story." I snapped.

"Oh I'm real scared. You are typing this story. You can not erase."

"No but I can highlight and press backspace to delete you."

"Crap." Bob deflated, "I'm sorry."

"Can we please get back to the story? I'm getting tired." Larry yelled.

"Alright, alright."

"As I was saying, this was a joke." Bob said.

"Oh well, how was I supposed to know that?" Larry demanded.

"Well I gotta go." Bob shrugged.

"Wait!" Larry yelled.

"No I rather not."

"Well, well, well. Who do we have here? Oh yeah, now I remember, It's that stupid plastic bag that kicked me in the knee. How can a plastic bag kick anyway? How can one talk?" Zoinks the clown inquired.

"Well duh! It's called Imaginary Land!" Larry said.

"Whatever. Give me back my face."

"Silly carnivorous clown, you so ugly, I said you so ugly you make onions cry." Larry cracked.

"Hahahahahahahaheh." Everyone laughed.

"Dude! Where did everyone come from?"

"They magically appeared."


Well this story goes on forever because in Imaginary Land, Zoinks, Larry, Bill, Bob, and the people that magically appeared out of nowhere have never stopped fighting. So my friends this is the end. Wait. Breaking news! Imaginary Land just blew up! This is horrible. All those poor- hey look a chicken! Come here! Don't leave me!

This just in folks! Everyone survived. This is the end of the story. Tune in next time for Larry the Imaginary Plastic Bag vs. T-Rex Skull or The Second Adventure Of Larry The Imaginary Plastic Bag! Thank you and good night.

"Well I think I just wasted about twenty minutes of life reading this story." Random reader said.

"What did you say?" I asked.



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