The Brain-Eaters Labyrinth

A Random fanfiction: A Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro version of Labyrinth. (Za Nougami Rabrinsu) Summery Translates: (The Brain-Eaters Labyrinth)

Yako encounters a handsome & mysterious man named Jareth, who solves her families murderous deaths. After a desperate wish, the horrifying 'truth' behind the myth-ed 'Labyrinth' & Jareth's true self. Now, the most powerful sadistic demon ruler of the underground, has come to claim her as his property.

(The Brain-Eaters Labyrinth)

A young teen of the age of seventeen was sprawled across her families olive pluffy congfty couch. Her attention bind to the text in the tattered-mystery-purple hard- leather-covering binding chapters of the myth-ed written papers.

'In Japan, there is a myth-ed demon highly feared by all humans around the world.

For centuries, this powerful sadistic demon ruler has tortured both demon and mankind alike.

The Goblin King Nougami Neuro, ruler of the underground labyrinth.

The Goblin Kings main interests are in puzzles and mysteries of evil intent.

He seeks them to fulfill his labyrinth (kingdom) with the maze which only he can solve.

His labyrinth he uses to out wit his victims by giving them the chance to solve his labyrinth with in thirteen hours.

Impossible for anyone to solve in twenty-four-hour day, let alone in thirteen hours.

Only his highness and his closest servants (trusted loyal slaves) can for fill this challenge.

He has enslaves many creatures to his benefit including humans, by turning them into goblin slaves that were either wished away or have simply defied him.

Be warned. The Goblin King Neuro shall do anything to get what he wan-'

The short golden-hair teen quickly shut the book she was reading. Questions pondering in her mind as she turned to her father who was in the kitchen finishing dinner.

"Dad, why is this myth believed all around the world if it can't be proved that Neuro even exists? The Goblin Kings Labyrinth doesn't eve-?!"

She was immediately cut off by her fathers rage.

"Yako, don't you EVER call his name!! That's just asking for trouble and you know it's forbidden in this house hold!!"

Her father scolds her. Shocked that his own daughter even dared to speak such a horrible mans name.

"Yako, go to your room and get some sleep. It is already nine and your betrothed groom Raruuk, shall be arriving here tomorrow morning -to be with his beautiful bride."

Yako turned a light shade of red at the thought of marriage….

Yako suddenly became betrothed to wed seventy-six, -no it would be seventy-seven days ago after midnight tonight,to a teenage boy who she GREATLY dislikes. Her 'wedding' has been fully planed-out the Friday July, fourteenth and tonight was now going to be July seventh, one week before her name would become misses Sazmith Yako. To the guy who finds her 'everything that's plain & nice, as soft white sand' the noble Raruuk. She never trusted him…. "There was always something he was after an yet he would never tell her what it was -no matter how many times I've confront him-and this wasn't the only thing that bothers me! " Her fathers' complete refusal to 'call-off' the engagement. -

After she said goodnight to both her parents, Yako headed up the green carpeted stairs to her bedroom to changed for the night. Her thoughts, were on her betrothed, trying to make him look appealing to her... with little success. As she undressed into her favorite light-red maidens-wear nightgown. She let her thoughts wounder, to the conversation she overheard after she refused her parents proposal to become the betrothed bride of Sazmiths' son two months ago.

-about two n' three-fourths months ago...

Both families were barely close to each other in status. Her (rich) noble status was higher due to her fathers and mothers success in the research fields. Yako's considered a higher noble and was now the official heir to her parent's fortune…. The next mourning after Yako's official heir-ship was announced, him & (Mr)Sazmith made the sudden engagement with my father and my mother -she COMPLETELY AGREES with this!! She was in rage and still ranting her fury in her mind on her parents decision. 'Raruuk is the adopted son of the archaeologist Mr.Sazmith, his son is a nobel who whishes to marry you-So WHAT!? Raruuks' mother was a poor lower peasant, who died shorty after giving hischildbirth. That still doesn't mean you can engage me to that rude toad Raruuk!!' As she past by her parents bedroom door she stopped to try to calm down, to over hear them softly talking.

"She hasn't had the best of luck on her own personal life." Her father stated to my mother as she then spoke.'

"She longs for a tall, handsome man, who would care for her…, protect her… and perhaps... even… respect her. ..."

Yako's heart jumped. They were talking about her, most likely her rejecting on being betrothed to Sazmith Raruuk.

"Our duaghters' large eating habits can't be respected & be afforded by rarely anyone! Raruuk is a noble, who is more than willing to become her husband!!"Her father yells slightly in his frustration. He soon calmed as he then spoke to her mothers' uncertain face. "I admit, I am majorly concerned for our daughters' future... I just...I fear... she would be alone and not able to survive out there when she turns eighteen."

Hearing this struck Yako like a thousand bricks. Yako has always realised that she consumes three times the portions of an average person, but... how on earth is she going to afforded her food expenses... let alone her living.

'Yako desperately thinks on how she is going to live on her own(-to escape her betrothal). 'I need a job, that pays at least a thousand a week,... this would be barely anoth to scrape b- SHIT!! How on earth am I EVEN going to get a dead-end-job with my grades -I fail at everything!!' She wanted to cry, as she spoken the truth in whimpered whispers. "I have no choice but to marry Raruuk,... if I even hope to survive... Heh heh heh."

"Unless I meet a prince willing to take me... . Hah...-as if, not even the Goblin King Neuro would take me to hell- within three months..."

She was than ashamed on how she acted towards her parents... that night she spoke to them about on what she had heard, apologized and excepted becoming betrothed to Raruuk... .

- Back to the present...

Yako glanced at the grandfather clock in her bedroom through the violet comforter that tangled her and the bed. (...) After her eyes finally comprehended the the numerals she than groans into her pluff pink pillow agitated. It was eleven-thirteen. The wind storm that crept up during the evening, had made the night uneasy to reach for the desired amount of sleep in which she needed. Yako switched her thoughts to something less stressful to something more intriging as she ever so slowly drifted into her slumber, her thoughts where on the book she was reading… on the Goblin King…, and his Labyrinth….

-The clock chimed eleven-thirty….

During her dreamless sleep -The hands of the grandfather clock neared the final hour- as a shadow past through her parents' doorway downstairs. She was suddenly awakened by her mothers' deathly-horrifying screams coming from their master bedroom. Yako was terrified; (-The final hour struck. Singing the song of midnight. -) She felt: true and utter pure terror. As the song of midnight was sung, her mothers piercing screams, become instantly no more…in a deathly horrifying silences.

(Za Nougami Rabrinsu)

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