Anime: Get Backers

Characters: Kudou Himiko (aka Lady Poison,) Kuroudou Akabane (aka Doctor Jackal,)

And Midou Ban

Genre: Romance/Angst, lyrical 1st POV

Long lost words whisper slowly to me, my memories of your voice and looks recollect when we meet again

Still can't find what keeps me here, why do I stay as a Sender to work beside Docta Jackal and Mr. No Brakie, besides hoping to encounter you again?

When all this time I've been so hollow inside, knowing that you, Midou Ban, killed Anakii, made me harden

I know you're still there, when I finally realize you regret it for his own good, I know I could rely on you again

Watching me, wanting me, I can feel Docta Jackal's unpredictable, lustful intent steal on me at times

I can feel you pull me down, but why do I let his savagery take over me when you hold me down from life?

Fearing you, loving you, occasionally, the fear of his sadistic ways smother in my deep admiration for him

I know I'll find you somehow, and I know in my heart I'll find the best way to tell him

Hunting you, I can smell you – alive, Lady Poison's familiar scent fulfills and reassures myself of her presence, releasing me from my incessant worries for her from the back of my thoughts to fight Ginji-kun clear-mindedly

Your heart pounding in my head, I can hear her rapid heart beats drift faraway and near in my ears

Watching me, wanting me, when her surprised gazes lock to mine, I can sense your restrained yearning beneath that fierce, wondering, awed face

I can feel you pull me down, although I know jobs are meant to remain professional, I always judge them by the amount of excitement I experience with and without you

Saving me, raping me, watching me, I ponder if you cherish the minutes I spend with you; when we exchange discreet looks, saving each other from our own mistakes by forgetting them in the rush of your thrusting, pleasing, beautiful, virgin body below and against mine in those late, cold, working nights we hid away from Magumara

Watching me, wanting me, your pristine, blue eyes glow softly and sparkle like stars when they try to read my face and actions to understand my reasoning

I can feel you pull me down, and if you misstep or misjudge the situation, I know I'll follow you down all the way until I am satisfied that you have escaped to safety before I disappear from my bloodshed fun.

Fearing you... loving you, the only real unease I feel is when we part from our mission, is seeing your face haunted; downcast in a rain storm and anxiety for our paths to cross again and continue our private, personal pleasure with each other

I know I'll find you somehow, but don't despair because I know we'll always meet again, somewhere, somehow, I believe our fates out intertwined with destiny to be together

How is it? This is my first Akabane Kuroudou x Kudou Himiko fic and contribution to the awsome show called Get Backers so far and I think this song fits they're relationship pretty well (and Ban plays a part in it too but it's mostly a split POV for Doctor Jackal and Lady Poison; I love this couple so much! And if anyone knows, can you give me a few tips for websites beside Photobucket, Deviantart and Google to get pictures with these two? Same with Shido/Madoka, Makubex/Sakura, Ginji/Natsumi, Kadsuki/Ren, etc!)

I thought about making this a story with these lyrics at first, but I thought it might be a bit too much like the show so I made this lyrical-feelings-POV story. Oh, and I spelled Dr. Jackal(Akabane Kurodo) and Mr. No Brake(Gozu Magumaru) like they're pronounced in the show, which I think is a good touch- Okay, so please...READ, RECOMMEND and REVIEW! Bye!