Prompt from PND

Prompt from PND

Bleach: Kenpachi/Ukitake

Prompt: Ring Watches

I was told that ring watches were stretchy. Ignore that. They are not stretchy. Nooootttt attt allll...

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To PND, because she is the best, and prompts from her are amazing.

-You inspire me, darling.-

He was late again. Ukitake sighed as he waited for Kenpachi to show up for his reading lesson. It wasn't like he had to teach the brutish man the fine art of literacy, in fact, he would go so far as to say that he only did it for the other's company. Kenpachi was interesting. Diverting. Riveting.

And strangely complex.

Shunsui would laugh at him if he heard him thinking that. He'd say he was smitten.

And maybe Shunsui would be right.

But it didn't stop Kenpachi from being late. Or make Ukitake any less fascinated.

He glanced at the time.

Ukitake Juushiro was a man known for his patience, and even if it took all day, he would wait for his hulking student to show up. And he would show up.

He checked his watch again.

It was still pink with sparkles and it would still only fit on his pinky. And it was still 3:07, the time it was stuck at.

Luckily, he had another time-piece that showed the correct hour. It was on the middle finger of his other hand, and it had a skull face.

He was going to give it to Zaraki. Ukitake idly wondered if his fellow captain could tell time.

…Well, if not, Juushiro could teach him how.

A good fifteen minutes later newly instated Captain Zaraki Kenpachi burst into the room and sat down opposite Juushiro.

He grunted. "How late am I?"

"About an hour and a half." Ukitake said calmly, starting to remove the ring-watch from his middle finger.

"And you waited? What the hell for?" Zaraki was amazed. What was up with this gorgeous guy? Why wait an hour and a half for someone?

"I wanted to give you something. And it's not like I had anything else to do. My Third Seats are taking care of the paperwork." He inwardly groaned about the mess he was going to have to clean up later. His Third Seats were rather useless. For anything other than amusement, at least.

The ring-watch was stuck on his finger.

"What did you want to give me?"

"Uh, actually, let's do your lesson first."

"…okay. Whatever." The big man grouchily leaned over to see what he had to read that week. He began to read it out loud, as his teacher (and fellow captain) insisted. "One fish, two fish, red fish …"

Ukitake, meanwhile, was trying very hard to get the little time-piece off his finger. It was stuck just around his knuckle and the more he tried to pull it off, the worse it was stuck.

He swore under his breath and didn't even notice when Kenpachi stopped reading.

"Are you having trouble?"

Ukitake jumped. He hadn't even noticed when the larger man had come over to his side of the table.

Zaraki's breath was hot on his neck and smelled vaguely like sage and peppermint. The other man was practically leaning on him.

"Uh…well…I seem to have gotten your gift stuck on my finger." Because that didn't sound weird at all. Ukitake rolled his eyes at himself.

"Let me help you, then."

Zaraki's calloused hand caught his in a hard, but gentle, grip and brought it slowly to his mouth.

Ukitake's breath caught in his throat.


"Hmmm?" Kenpachi mumbled around Ukitake's finger.

"That's the wrong finger."