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What happened? I was just with Naruto just now. Hm. This is so soft. What am I lying on? MMMM...SO SOFT! I opened my eyes slowly and looked around the room. Where am I?

"So, you're awake?" Sasuke asked me. "You fainted and Naruto brought you here. That's my bed by the way. Your bed is the top one." He sounded so cool. And he's so handsome too.

"By the way, you dropped your photo album," he handed me my lost photo album. I was in total panic. Did he look in it? Did he find out? Oh, please don't let him find out. My whole plan would be ruined!

I looked at him curiously. "D-Did you look in it?" He looked at me alarm, but turn calm right away.

"No, why? Is there something in there that you don't want me to see?" He turned his head around and took off his shirt. I blushed and turn my head.


"D-Did you look in it?" She asked me. I could've said yes but the way she asked me. Her voice was shaking and she seems so scared.

"No, why? Is there something in there that you don't want me to see?" She looked face down. She's about to cry, I think. She really is crying. I walked over to her and put my hand on her shoulder. Her shoulders were shaking up and down.

I lifted her chin up and looked at her. She was beautiful. I wiped away her tears with my thumb. "A girl shouldn't waste her tears." It was a mistake telling her that. She moved away from me. Her whole body was shaking.

Her expression changed. It changed from gloomy to scared. "H-How did you k-know?" I moved in closer but she kept moving away. "G-Get away from me!" She ran for the door but I cut her off. I pushed her onto the wall and gripped her wrists. She squirmed.

I gripped harder and pushed my body onto hers. "I found out when I looked in your scrapbook and when you fell on top of me. Anyone could have figured it out." I let go of her and she slide down the wall and looked up at me. She pouted her lips and her eyes start to water. I smile and open up my arms as she jumps into them. She grip onto me as I grip onto her.

I think this is what they call love. Heh, it's better when you know how it feels THAN hearing people talk about it. MMM...She smells like strawberries. Just the kind of fruit I like.

She snuggled into my chest. "You won't tell anyone, won't you?"

I smirked and hould her tighter. "Not even if my life was threatened."


The rays from the sun shine through the window. Then, a shadow seem to clear it away from me. Someone was sitting on and was shaking me.

"Sasuke-Kun, wake up. We're gonna be late," a voice said to me. I open my eyes to see Sakura sitting on top of me already dressed in her uniform. She smiled and got off and handed me my uniform.

"Sakura, you didn't have to go through my drawers for my uniform. I can do that myself and it's not pretty for a girl to go through a man's dresser," I said to her and she looked at me. She smiled the same smile.

"I know that, Sasuke-Kun. But you often get up late so I decided to do this everyday now. Is that okay?" She turned around and picked up her backpack and mine. But had a little trouble.

I quickly changed and she averted her eyes. I smirked. I went up behind her and hold her tight. I let go and took hold of my backpack. "C'mon, let's go get breakfast. Before, Naruto eats it all," she giggled and open the door, walking out of it. I walked out right after her and closed the door to our room.


I'm starting to like my new school. There are a lot of nice people. Naruto is so fun to hang around and so dependable. Shikamaru is lazy and a player but he's willing to help me with my studies. Neji is so serious all the time and he's a year ahead in school. He's also the dorm advisor and leader. But he's fun when he's relaxed. He is also keeping the secret that I am a girl in a boys' school. He's Hinata's cousin, of course he'll know. He's also the one that helped me get in this school. So far, school's been great.

Especially with Sasuke-Kun around. He's so nice and caring. I don't think he as any flaws at all. He's so perfect! However, he acted weird after dinner when I asked him why he hasn't been doing any high-jump.

"It's 'cause I quit," he answered me. I was shocked. I didn't expect him to say that. Why did he quit?! I nearly screamed.

"Why?!" I screamed making him look at me. He was almost glaring but he calm down and walked over to me. He sat down on the bunk and looked at me. Our eyes met. He has dark blue eyes. He said to me, "I can't jump anymore. My ankle doesn't allow me to," as he finished that sentence he showed me his ankle. There was a scar on it. 'I got it saving a girl from a gang," he said.

My eyes cast downward. "I caused the scar. I'm the girl in the incident," I told him and he looked shock.

"I remembered that she has pink hair like you but it couldn't be. You said you just came back from America a year ago," said Sasuke. I shook my head. I took out my hair tie and my hair fell down my shoulders. His eyes went wide.

I smiled a sad smile. "I told you so." I put my arms over his neck and hold him tight. "I'm sorry. Because of me, you can't jump anymore. You loved high-jumping so much." He held onto me and hold me tight.

"I'll jump," he whispered. "My ankle's already healed. I'll jump for you," I smiled. Sasuke-Kun is sweet. I picked the right man to fall for. I let go and walked over to my studies. I picked up the photo album.


She walked over to our studies and picked up her photo album. She turned around and smiled. "You haven't seen the rest of the photos in here, have you?" I shook my head and she skidded back to the bed. She opened the album and showed me a picture of her with her friends. They were at an amusement park. Sakura was wearing white shorts with a light blue tank top with her hair up in a ponytail. She looked so cute.

Her three friends were next to her. They look pretty as well. There was a blonde with long hair. She was wearing a miniskirt with a red tank top. I can tell that she's a flirt. The girl next to the blonde had brown hair past her shoulders. She was wearing jean-shorts and a red

t-shirt. She's probably a tomboy. On the other side of Sakura was a girl with a dark indigo blue hair. She was wearing a light green sundress. She has the same eyes as Neji, our dorm R.A. They're probably related.

Sakura noticed my curiosity and gigled."The blonde's name is Ino Yamanaka. She's a really good friend. The one next to her is TenTen Konai. She looks like a tomboy sometimes. She's kind of pushy sometimes, too. And the indigo-haired one is Hinata Hyuuga. She's really sweet."

I looked up from the photo album and looked at Sakura in the eyes.She blushed and looked away. I turn her head back and kissed her passionately. She started kissing back. I licked her bottom lip asking for permission. She parted her lips allowing my toungue to enter. I slipped my tongue inside her mouth as I explored. I met with her tongue. Our tongues started a dance inside her mouth. We ended up kissing until we were worn out and fell asleep on my bed. She cuddled into my chest. She looked so beautiful.

The next morning...

The sun was shining too brightly this morning. I looked over to the side of my body. Sakura was not there. Did she go out to eat breakfast already? I guess it could be right. We don't have school today. She probably left me to sleep.

I picked up my towel that was hanging on the wall. I walked to the bathroom and opened the door. I saw Sakura with only her bra and panties on as she screamed. I blushed a deep red and closed the door. Blood started to drip from my nose. I'm such a pervert! How can I walk in on my girlfriend?! And a nose-bleed to top it off!

It's 'cause she's hot and sexy.

Yeah, she is.

And you want her.

Yeah, I want-wait what?!

You heard me. You want her.

You shut up. Who the hell are you anyway?

I'm you, stupid idiot.

Shut up.

No. You know you want her. You want to caress her soft skin. You want to touch and lick all of her. Her milky breasts, her soft vanilla skin. And "down there". Get it, now? You want to make love to her.

Argh! Shut up.

Che. Whatever, but you'll thank me later.

I had another nose-bleed. The way my inner said was so tempting. It makes me want to touch her, to lick her, to make love to her. I cleared my thoughts.


The door opened revealing me in my bra and panties. I screamed. Sasuke-Kun's eyes went wide as he closed the door. I panted heavily. Sasuke-Kun saw me! Oh my god! And I'm only in my bra and panties, too.

I-I wonder what he's thinks of me. My bests aren't that big and my curves are not that well develpoed. I wonder if he'll think I'm not hot enough.


I called the girls as soon as I was out of the bathroom. Sasuke was still blushing and we haven't talked all morning. Maybe he doesn't like me anymore.

I dialed the numbers of my three girlfriends. I was in the girls bathroom outside the school I went out to the mall after breakfast, as a girl. I wore a red plaid skirt with a short-sleeve blouse and black hig-heel boots. My hair was down.

"Hello?" my three girlfriends said. I started crying through the phone. Tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Sakura? What's wrong? Did they find out?" Ino asked me. I can hear the raors of the cars.

Ino was probably driving. Her phone's on speakers, probably.

I sniff. "I...I...I don't know what to do anymore. Sasuke-Kun already knows I'm a girl, b-b-but he saw me in my bra and panties this morning. He...must think that I'm not hot enough."

"S-Sakura-Chan, that's not true." Hinata said into the phone.

Ino jumps in. "Yeah, you are so hot."

"Not really." TenTen said. She heard me sniffing and started talking again. "Sakura, you are hot, but you just need to develope your breasts and body more. Get more curves. We're coming over right now. You know the school across from yours? We transfered there. That way, you won't be lonely anymore."

"Yeah, anyway, we just arrived. Sorry, Sakura but we got to go. We'll see you back in school in two hours."


I wiped away the tears. I started to take off my clothes. I looked through my backpack and found my boy clothes. I quickly changed and walked out of the bathroom. No one thought that I was a boy. They thought I was some tom-boy. But, at least it worked.


I can't find her anywhere. She's probably mad at me. She's been avoiding me all day.

I searched the school grounds, hoping to find a glimpse of her. Instead, I saw a couple of girls walk in through the gates. Everyone turned their eyes onto the girls who just ignored them. Then, I saw her. Pink hair and small body walked through the gate. I ran to the gate. The three girls hugged Sakura.

"Hey, Saki, you know who these girls are?" Shikamaru said to her and pointed to the blonde.

"Me? I'm his girlfriend," the blonde said and hold on to Sakura tightly. She had a shocked expression along with the other girls.


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