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The sound of the alarm ringing woke me up. I angrily pressed down on it to keep it quiet before slowly pulling myself out of my warm and comfortable bed. Even after all the times I'd done this, I still hated early mornings and it seemed that I always would. Mondays suck, especially.

I found my small silver phone on my bedside table and flipped it open. One new message, from my boyfriend of two months, Jacob. Morning babe, can't pick you up today my car died, can u come get me? I rolled my eyes before replying with a simple 'OK'. A please would've been nice, but Jacob didn't bother with things he deemed pointless, such as every day politeness. I shut the phone angrily and tossed it on my bed before walking into the bathroom to shower.

As I showered, I thought back to Jake and the stunt he'd pulled last night. I was still angry at him and his message this morning really didn't help that. Things had gotten hot and heavy last night and he'd been ready for us to have sex right then and there, in the back seat of his little car. Things had gotten that way a lot lately. Back when he first pursued me, Jake had been sweet, romantic even. Nothing more than a sweet kiss. Then it became passionate deep kisses, followed by groping and other things I honestly didn't appreciate the majority of the time.

Jacob and I had touched one another, in fact I would touch him to distract him from touching me. However, I was yet to allow the actual act of sex to occur. Jake was no virgin and I knew he wasn't used to having to wait for a girl but I was determined not to commit the act of love until I was actually in love.

He'd failed to see my point and tried to get into my pants in any way possible. It used to be funny because he'd stop when I'd push him away, but lately it was really bothering me. How could he expect me to fall in love and actually want to do it when he was being so darn pushy? I didn't mind the fact that he tried, but the way that he was persistent when I explained to him why I didn't want to do it yet, that is what annoyed me the most.

I got out of the shower and pulled on my jeans and a white singlet, as well as a black jacket. I didn't dress up for school, Forks High wasn't exactly the place of a fashion statement. Forks in general was just a casual place. I walked downstairs to find the house empty, Charlie was already at work, I assumed. I grabbed a slice of bread and gulped down some orange juice before running out to my old red chevy pickup.

I sped down to Jake's house. He lived in Forks, only five minutes away from me. He'd lived here with his parents his whole life, while I moved here six months ago after Renee, my mother, remarried. Jake had family who lived on the reservation down in La Push but said they were 'superstitious old bastards' so he chose to stay in Forks. I met him on my very first day at Forks High School.

I pulled up at his medium-sized house, Jacob's rabbit sitting out the front. That car had always been unreliable but Jacob insisted it was a beast and he couldn't be without it. I beeped the horn and Jake sauntered out to the car before jumping up and into the passenger's seat.

"Hey babe," He greeted me, to which I scoffed. "Sorry, Bella," He said, emphasising my name. I hated when he called me babe, it made me think of a piece of meat, which further emphasised my belief that Jacob was primarily a physical being and would continue to attempt to sleep with me until I finally succumbed.

He reached over and placed his hand on my thigh, making pointless chatter all the way to school. I added my input here and there but was thankful when we pulled up to school so I could be away from him. I was no good at hiding my emotions and I didn't want to snap at him when technically he'd done nothing wrong, this morning that is.

When I pulled into the school parking lot, I noticed a shiny silver Volvo parked in the spot where Jacob usually parked his rabbit, and next to where I parked my chevy. Jacob jumped out of the car and greeted me on my side of the car, slamming my door behind me after helping me out. He pushed me up against the car and crashed his lips onto mine, parting them with his tongue.

I pushed him away. "Jake, we're at school!" I said harshly.

"Well you don't give it to me when we're in private either babe," He said with a chuckle. His face lit up with his child-like smile, reminding me of why I was attracted to him in the beginning. I slapped his arm away before he grabbed my hand and held it in his and we walked off into the school.

We were half way through our Junior year and I had biology first period. Jacob had government so we peeled off onto opposite directions in the school. I walked into the lab and sat at the table I shared with my best friend, Alice. She bounded through the door and took her seat next to mine.

She pecked me on the cheek, perky as always. "Morning Bella!" She greeted me. I greeted her back before she launched into the latest gossip. Nothing overly intriguing, just a new boy starting in our grade. I assumed that was who the Volvo belonged to.

"Ooh there he is," Alice said, pointing towards the front of the classroom. A boy stood there, conversing quietly with the teacher before walking towards a free bench. He had bronze-colored hair that looked unstyled but a style all in its own at the same time. He had bright, green eyes that scanned the room quickly before glancing down. He was tall and lean, yet still somehow muscular. Definetly good looking and not in the way that Jake was. I shrugged off the thought, analysing good looking new students was not a way to make things better between Jake and I.

"So," Alice began, "Anything happen between you and Jacob last night? Or did you turn him down again?"

"You already know the answer to that," I said sternly.

The teacher gave me a sharp look but continued to ramble on about some pointless topic I'd already learnt in Phoenix.

I lowered my voice to a whisper before finishing my discssion with Alice. "I just want my first time to be special. I want to be in love, I don't want to feel forced into it by my boyfriend of a mere two months,"

"I know, I'm just joking. I waited with Jasper and it was amazing, now we are free to do it all the time. It is fun though, Bella!" She whispered back, following her statement with a giggle. Alice and Jasper had been together since before I'd moved here and it wasn't the first time I'd heard about their active sex life. I sighed before opening my book to the page indicated by the teacher.

The bell rang, just in time to save us from enduring yet another lecture on evolution from the teacher. Alice bounded out, squealing something about Jasper. I gathered my things into my bag, accidently knocking my biology text book of the table. I bent down to reach it, but a pair of arms had already picked it up and were handing it towards me. I looked up to see the face and looked deep into a pair of beautiful green eyes.

"Thanks," I said.

"Your welcome" He murmered. "I'm Edward," He said as he extended his hand towards me, and I took it in my own, giving a small shake. We stood up again and headed out the door.

"Bella," I said politely.

"Um...do you know where classroom 16E is?" He asked once we were standing up again. His voice, I noticed, was soft and ran off his tongue, like smooth velvet.

I was about to reply when I felt a large warm hand wrap around my waist and noticed that it was Jake. He pulled me into his arms and Edward looked away. After introducing them, Jacob refocused his attention on me. I pushed him away just long enough to direct Edward in the right direction before Jacob had grabbed me hard on my bum.

I slapped his hand away and stalked off. He called after me, that hated name Babe, but I ignored him and walked off to gym.