Letters to Ron
In which it is the end, or is it the beginning?

Dear Ron,

Happy Birthday! I hope you like the Keeper gloves. I had a really tough time thinking of what to get for you. I wanted to get you a book on something useful and practical, because we all know the only time you get a book is when it's a present from me. But I got talked out of it. You may thank Ginny and Harry for that one.

I know nothing about Quidditch, but I have been reading up on it ever since you tried out for the team. I've read enough now to know that you're great at what you do and a definite keeper.

Love always,




Thanks for the gloves! They're definitely my favourite present. Just so you know, I would have appreciated the book if you gave it to me. I've read every single book you've given me! No matter how boring it was. Yes, even the one on house elf rights. Fred and George thought I was barmy when they found it on the table next to my bed last summer.

Hmm, definite keeper? If I didn't know better, I would think you were hinting at something else.

Love, Ron.


Dear Ron,

I want to say I told you so, but I think the hangover did it for me.




Dear Hermione,

So I was drunk. But at least I was a good drunk! And it was my birthday! You should be on Harry's case, not mine! He was the one who went around kissing every girl in the common room!

Ron's head hurts, won't Hermione wave her wand and work her magic?



I have taken pity on Harry. Ginny is not speaking to him and he has a permanent wounded puppy dog expression on his face today.

The spell to cure hangovers doesn't involving wand waving Ron, technically it involves a few firm taps on the head. I wrote down the spell and left it by your bedside, it's your fault you didn't see it!

P.S. You were trying to tell me something before you passed out last night, what was it again?



You are a lifesaver!

Harry is annoying me with his moping. Can't you tell Ginny he's sorry? He has admitted to me that in his drunken state all the girls in the common room looked like Ginny. Fancy that.


P.S. Er, I can't remember.


Er Ron?

Merlin, are you initiating a note passing session in Potions?

Shut up, I just wanted to tell you that you have something stuck on your forehead. How on earth could you not notice something like that? And technically, we're not note passing.

Do you always have to have the last word 'Mione? And I'm not stupid, I know very well that I have something stuck on my forehead.

So why aren't you taking it off? Do you enjoy having pieces of paper stuck to your head?

Harry stuck it there! And I like what it says.

Ron, I hate to tell you this, but the piece of paper does not say I am Ron and the most fanciable Gryffindor like he told you. How could you believe him? Harry stole one of the tags from my books and stuck it on your head. You're basically proclaiming to the whole Potions classroom that "I belong to Hermione Granger".

I know.



Well, Professor Snape would notice it sooner or later, the rest of the class sure has.

Good point, I shall just have to move it somewhere less prominent.

How about moving it back to my Potions textbook?

Nah, I got a better idea. See, its here under the Gryffindor crest on my robes, right over my heart.

I think I just heard all the girls in class let out a collective sigh.

Ha. So it wasn't my imagination then.

No, it wasn't. Hey Ron, would you mind passing me your book bag please?

Sure, why do you need it anyway?

You'll see.

Merlin, you're brilliant! I think Pavarti just squealed.

I realised. The question is how come Professor Snape hasn't?

I don't know. Don't ruddy care actually. You should see my legs, they're bobbing up and down with excitement. Harry is giving me a weird look. Did you have to choose Potions to do that? I feel like standing up and shouting my discovery to the entire classroom.

Ron, it's not much of a discovery is it? You've just been too dense to believe it until now.

You're amazing, have I told you that?

Maybe, but I wouldn't mind hearing it again. Er, Ron. Stop looking down at your book and grinning like Christmas came early, Snape is swooping towards you right now.



You should have been there! It was priceless I tell you! The stuff of legends. I'm sure this story is going to circulate around Hogwarts for many years to come. And I'm proud to say that credit goes to me! I'm brilliant really, stealing the tag from Hermione's book and sticking it on Ron's forehead. You know how Hermione has this almost compulsive need to label all her books and quills and ink bottles. Lately she's taken to labelling Ron's and mine too. It's bloody funny the way she sticks tags on our quills and books. This book belongs to Ron Weasley. This quill belongs to Harry Potter. Really, like I wouldn't know what my quill looks like. Just yesterday I caught her trying to tag my Firebolt! But what really surprised me was when Hermione reached into Ron's book bag, tore off the tag from Ron's old Charms book, scribbled a little something extra on it and stuck it over her robes. Ron couldn't stop smiling, and he got all fidgety like all he wanted was to jump up, grab her and snog her senseless. Snape soon came over though but surprisingly wearing an expression that looked halfway between a smirk and a knowing smile. He merely flipped Ron's textbook to the correct page.

It was like watching history in the making. I know our Potions class has been going around bragging about it. Oh yes, I was in that very classroom when Weasley and Granger finally got it together. Yes, I know! About bloody time!

I nicked the tag from Hermione after Potions. Thought you might like to see it. She didn't notice. She and Ron were too caught up in each other to notice anything really. Hagrid could have pranced in front of them in a pink tutu and they wouldn't have given him a second glance.

This bookworm belongs to Ron Weasley.


P.S. We're having a party in the common room tonight to celebrate not having to listen to the both of them whine about each other anymore. Ron and Hermione would be off on patrol duty, think you could get Fred and George to sneak in some firewhisky?


And it's finally the end! I hope you folks enjoyed it! I had much fun writing it, maybe in the near future I'll post up more one-shots that occur in the Letters to Ron universe. Thanks for all the reviews, favourites and alerts! Till the next fic, love!