I have a feeling… A feeling that people are going to be turned off by this story the moment they began reading it. It is a natural feeling that would come over to whoever played that game. However, I beg that you do not jump to conclusion. Please at least read until the end of this chapter first before judging this story. Thank you!

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The conclusion
of the trilogy



Chapter 1
A Grand Birthday Celebration and the Appearance of Unexpected People!

It was a night to celebrate in the city of Soleanna. Many people were crowed on the side of the biggest river that passes through the city to witness and join in the event that is happening even as I type the story. It is a celebration that occurs once in a year to everyone in the world.

"The 16th birthday of Princess Elise! Everyone please give cheers to her!" said a random loud voice.

The crowd cheered happily as a grand-looking boat passed by the center of the river and there on top of the platform in the middle of the boat stood a beautiful girl who waved and smiled sweetly to all the people around there.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PRINCESS! YAY!" the people shouted.

If one has good enough eyes, they can spot some familiar faces standing among the crowds. "Got a good picture?" Bowser asked.

"Don't worry about this; I'm an expert photographer," Falco assured him as he snapped a picture. He looked at his digital camera to check the picture, but noticed that his finger got in the way. "Doh…"

Some time passed and this celebration was over, at least for the commoners. Now the celebration went on inside the castle courts for important nobles, political figures, and royalties of other countries. A large feast was spread out for people to dine on and the princess sat on her throne and would greet anyone who came up to her.

Dedede reached for a fruit tart and swallowed it in a single gulp and rubbed his belly in delight. "Ah! This is life! That's what I like best about royal parties!"

"Please keep your figure and reputation around here, king," Meta-Knight said to him. "Dream Land is a lesser known country, and if you do not behave as a royalty, people will look down on our country even more."

"You don't have to tell me that! I know what I'm doing around here!"

Princess Elise was on her throne and various people of important rankings came up to her and shook hands and greeted her. "You are young, but I believe you will become a good ruler in the future," Mr. Binko said to her while shaking her hand.

"Thank you for your comment, King of Monstry!" she said to him.

After Mr. Binko left, Roy and Lilina stepped up and Roy held her by her hand. "It's a pleasure to be able to come near you, beautiful princess! Your beauty overwhelms me that I am at a lost of words!"

Elise blushed and said, "Oh, thank you!"

"If only time would stop for us to spend some time with each other! What a wonderful idea that would be!"

"Okay, I think you have enough, Mr. King," Lilina said to Roy as she grabbed him by his ear and pulled him away.

"Yeow! Just a little longer, please!"

Elise giggled as the king and queen of Etruria left, and shortly afterwards, Dedede stepped up and greeted her. "Greetings, princess of Soleanna!" he said.

"Hello! You are…?"

"I am the king of Dream Land!"

"Dream Land? Never heard of it."

Hearing this came as a shock to Dedede and he slowly turned white and petrified. MK came up next to him and pushed him off the stage. "Did I hurt his feelings?" Elise wondered.

"Ow! What was that for?" Roy said to Lilina.

"She's only sixteen and you're trying to take advantage of her already!" Lilina said to him.

"I'm only a year older than her, so it's really no big difference anyway."

"Are you forgetting that you already have me at your side?"

"Yeah… Anyway, she really is beautiful! Imagine what she will look like when she becomes queen!"

As the feast went on, the gates opened and some people brought in a large box. Ike, who was in charge of the delivery, said to guards, "The special cake that the royal family ordered has been safely delivered as ordered."

"We've been waiting!" the guards said. "You must be tired too. Please come in and enjoy the feast!"

MK was comforting Dedede about what happened earlier. "Do not let this bring you down, king," MK said to him. "It is a king's responsibility to make his country known to the world. Surely you can bring the status of Dream Land to high ranking if you rule over it well enough and make your name known throughout the world."

"You're right," Dedede said. "It is my responsibility to make Dream Land a well known place! Such is the job of a king! I shall make my name roar throughout the world!" Then he grabbed several chairs and started piling them on top of each other and then he jumped to the top of it and spread out his arms and shouted out, "I am King Dedede of Dream Land! Hear my name and tremble!"

"That's not it…" MK said.

Everyone looked at him, and then someone said, "Who's that idiot?"

This came as a huge shock to Dedede and he slowly whitened and petrified again.

Soon afterwards…

Dedede was now sitting on a chair with his head sulked down in depression and MK was constantly trying to cheer him up. Roy then walked up to him and said, "Hey, you really like to grab attention, don't you?"

Dedede turned to him and gave him a look and said, "What do you know? It hurts me to think that barely anybody knows about me even though I'm a king."

"Not everyone is bound to be well known and famous you know. Just because you're an important figure doesn't mean your name is known throughout the world. For example, I don't know who the president of Ivory Coast is."

"That doesn't mean I deserve to be ignored! I'm a king and you cannot ignore a king like that! If they know that I am a king of some country, they should be bowing down and paying respect to me!"

"But what you were doing just now would only make people take you for a fool, which you are anyway if the time you spent with us taught me anything."

Hearing this offended Dedede somewhat and he said in anger, "What did you call me?"

"I think he meant Bowser not acknowledging you as a king," MK told him.

"That turtle! I'm going to make him bow down before me someday if it's the last thing I do!"

"But watch your actions or else you'll only prove yourself to be a mindless clown, haha!" Roy said jokingly.

"What did you call me again?"

Meanwhile, the box that came not too long ago was unwrapped, and everyone watched with awe at the giant and well decorated cake that was underneath it. "Wow!"

"It's so beautiful!" Elise exclaimed.

"I'm glad you like it, princess!" her royal advisor told her. "It is done by the finest bakery in the world and imported over to our country. It took a long time to get this done."

As the princess got up from her throne and readied to step down the stage, a sudden shouting grabbed the attention of everyone. "Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me, princess!" the voice said.

Everyone looked up and saw a metallic pod of sorts coming. Dedede and Roy did not notice it because they got into a small argument. "Um, king…" MK said to Dedede while tapping his arm, but he ignored him.

The pod touched floor and a person that is much too well known among you all stood up from the cockpit. "Happy birthday, Princess Elise!" the man said. "I'm sure you know who I am, but in case you forgot, I shall introduce myself! I am the brilliant scientist Dr. Eggman!"

"I heard of him!" the advisor said. "He is a dangerous man well known for inventions of mass destruction!"

"I'm sorry for interrupting your party, but I'm going to get this done in a jiffy," Eggman said. He stretched out his hand and said, "Princess, I am here for the power that you possess!"

Elise gasped in shock and backed off a bit upon hearing this.

"I'm sure you know what I am…"


Eggman fell over and hit the floor as a pie flew into the side of his head. Everyone turned to the direction the pie flew in from and saw Roy ducked down and Dedede in a pitching position. "Who did I hit?" Dedede asked.

Eggman got up and wiped off the cream on his face and said, "How dare you hit me with a pie? Hmmm… Tastes sweet!"

"Hey, you're Dr. Eggman!" Roy said as he came over to the front him. "What are you doing here?"

"I heard him saying that he is here to take the princess's power," MK said. "Though I do not know what that means."

"So to put it simple: You want to harm the beautiful Princess Elise, don't you?" Roy asked Eggman. "If that's the case, I'm not going to allow you to do anything to her!"

"I'm not going to let you Smashers mess with me again!" Eggman said angrily. He reached to the nearest table and picked up a pie there and tossed it at Roy, who ducked down to avoid it.

"Ha! Missed!" he laughed.


"PRINCESS!" screamed some voices. Roy turned around saw that Elise was smacked in the face by the pie and she fell back onto her throne.

He turned back angrily to Eggman shouted, "Hey you! How dare you lay a hand on her?"

"Blame yourself!" Eggman said as he jumped back into his Egg Mobile and it hovered into the air. Then missiles launchers came out from its side and took aim. "Get out of my way and let me have the princess and nobody will get hurt!"

Roy pulled out his sword and said, "You're not getting her anywhere from here!"

"Then eat this!" Eggman pushed a button that fired the missiles at him. Roy got into fighting stance and swung his sword to unleash a wave of fire that burned down the incoming missiles. Eggman quickly flew over him and went for Elise, and mechanical arms came out from the mobile and readied to reach forward to grab her.

"Oh no!" Roy quickly turned to get to her, but Ike beat him to it when he jumped onto the stage from the side and gave a kick into the Egg Mobile and sent it flying aside.

"Ow! How dare you mess with me?" Eggman growled.

"I wasn't given the order to do this, but I can't sit around and let you do whatever you want," Ike said. He turned to Elise and asked her, "Are you all right?"

Her advisor wiped off the cream on her face with a piece of cloth and she replied, "I'm fine…"

"I'll get you for this!" Eggman shouted. He flew higher into the sky and shot out more missiles in their direction. Ike pulled back his sword and then threw it forward, causing it to spin like a propeller that grinded down the missiles, and he jumped at the sword and caught it by the hilt and flew towards Eggman, much to his surprise. "What?"

"Aether!" Ike slammed down the sword forcefully just as Eggman moved back, but the Egg Mobile was cut slightly in the front.

"Argh! I'm angry now! You'll pay!" Eggman shouted. A gun came out from underneath the mobile and Eggman looked through a scope that was in front of him and took aim. "Get ready to die!"

"Geronimo!" Dedede shouted as he suddenly shot up from behind the Egg Mobile and came falling back down above it.

"What?" Eggman looked up just in time to see the large royal buttock crashing down on him and they fell down together right onto the cake with a great big crash.


Creams and pieces of the cake flew everywhere and everyone covered his or her faces. "Oh no! The cake!" the advisor cried. "We spent so much on this!"

Dedede got up from the ruins of the cake and licks his lips. "Hmmm! This is the best cake I've ever tasted! Whoever said cakes are lies anyway?" When he walked away, the guards surrounded the cake and pointed their guns at Eggman, who was knocked out on the seat of the Egg Mobile and he was also covered in cream.

"You're under arrest for threatening the princess and crashing the feast!" they said.

"Doing evil doesn't pay off in the end, Eggman!" Roy said to him.

"Argh… I'll let you go for now…" Eggman grumbled. "But don't think I'm giving up on this! The princess's power will fall into my hand someday!" He pressed another button and smoke suddenly came from all around the Egg Mobile and it was so thick that it blotted out everyone's view.

"Smokescreen!" the guards gasped.

Then the Egg Mobile shot back up into the sky and flew away as fast as possible. "Remember this!" Eggman shouted as loud as he could.

"Dammit! He got away!" Roy cursed.

"At least things are safe here for now," Ike said to him as he patted his shoulder.

"Thank you…" Elise said to them. "Thanks a lot for scaring him away…"

"Oh, you're welcome! How can I let a beautiful girl like you get taken by him like that?" Roy said to her, but he was then tackled away by Dedede.

"I saved you, princess! I'm so great, ain't I?" Dedede asked her.

"Yeah, you're so amazing in the way that you jumped so high!" she said. "Oh, you have cream on your face." And she got a cloth and wiped his face.

"Now you know that I am a kind and helpful king!" Dedede said with joy.

Elise then saw that the people were a bit panicking from what happened just now, and she stepped forward and said to them, "Everyone please calm down! I know you are all scared by what happened just now, but fear not; the threat is gone for now! There are strong people here that will protect us all, so please do not be afraid! I am sorry for what happened here."

"She sure knows how to talk for her age," Roy commented.

"You should learn some lessons from her, you know," Lilina said to him.

Everyone was calmed down by Elise's speech, but just as everyone was starting to go carefree again, a sharp object suddenly shot down from the air and stabbed into the floor in front of Elise. This shocked everyone and they all turned to where the sharp object came from.

"Who's there?" the guards shouted, pointing their guns in that direction.

There on top of the castle stood a person dressed up as a ninja. He was covered from head to toe in purple ninja attire and there was only a slight opening for his white pupil-less eyes. He had a sword strapped behind his back and his red scarf drifted in the flow of the wind.

"Where there is happiness and celebration," the ninja said, "I will end it by bringing down sadness and terror. I am the Joykiller!"


As you can see, the plot is based off the ill-fated Sonic 2006. However, I still hope that you give this story a chance as I have no intentions to make it follow that game entirely. The plot is only slightly based off it, as there are much more things that are very different.

Even if I have to bow down and beg to you, please give this story a chance and read it to the end. Surely you will not be disappointed.

Having that said, the mysterious newcomer at the end, Joykiller, is my OC, as well as Mr. Binko, but you probably know him if you've been keeping up with my stories. Remember this: I will make mention of it if there is an OC, so please do not assume that it is an OC if you do not know the character. Thank you!