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All right, the final chapter and also the ending of the trilogy… Hope you have enjoyed this trilogy until now!

Final Chapter
The Legacy of Gamfax Ends! Our World, We Will Protect It!

The storm had ended and everyone rushed out from the Final Destination to greet Sonic and Mario as they both walked up to them. Sonic raised his hand and said, "Yo! How's it going?"

"Sonic! I'm glad you're back!" Tails said happily as he ran up to him.

"MARIO!!" Luigi and Peach rushed up to him and embraced him.

"Don't-a worry! I'm all right-a!" Mario told them.

"I'm so worried about you! I'm so glad that you came back alive!" Luigi said with tears of happiness.

Bowser suddenly gave Mario a pat to the back so hard that he fell over and said, "Ha! You did something amazing there! You make me jealous of you all the time!"

"Thanks for da compliment…" Mario said as he got up and rubbed his back.

Master Hand went over to them and said, "You did well! It seems that Gamfax has been destroyed for real. We can now rejoice that the world is once again safe!"

"Yeah! We sure did something big!" Sonic said.

Everyone talked with each other happily, but they all remembered one thing. They all turned their heads to Smelton and his two subordinates. "What about them?" Pit asked.

"Okay, your plans came to an end already," Ike said to Smelton. "What are you planning to do now?"

"If you plan on getting revenge now, we're willing to cooperate with you too!" Bowser said.

"I say we give them royal punishment! They must make up for their crimes!" Dedede said.

"No, I don't-a think-a Smelton was ever wrong," Mario said. "He only did-a all theez becuz he wanted to fulfill his ancestorz dreams."

"That doesn't give him any excuse to use such a method!" Link claimed. "He nearly destroyed the world and innocent people!"

"I sort of agree with Mario," Captain Falcon said. "You cannot blame Smelton for doing all these. He only came up with idea because he was driven to the point of insanity by all the crimes that are happening in this world. If you ask me, it is not this world that he hates and wants to destroy, but it is actually the Smash Pros that he wants to destroy. Therefore, the real enemies are the Smash Pros!"

"Well, you do have a point in what you said," MH said. "The Smash Pros are indeed part of the reason for his ambition. After all, the people who ridiculed his ancestors and his family lineage were also ancestors of the Smash Pros."

"So what do you plan to do from now on?" Marth asked Smelton.

Both the girls looked at their master, who simply replied, "It's none of your business..." And then he turned around and walked away. "Let's go…"

"Master…" Katsura said. She turned to the Smashers, bowed down to them and then walked off with him.

"It was fun knowing you guys! Hope we meet again!" Kochou said and waved good-bye to the Smashers, and then she happily skipped off with the others.

"Are you sure it's all right to let them go…?" Lucas asked.

"So long as he won't be a threat, I'm sure it's fine," CF said.

"Hmph! I would've given them punishment if it weren't for the reason you people are too kind!" Dedede said.

"I agree... I'd killed him already if I could. You people are too soft," Wolf said.

"Nah, let's just forget it," Fox said. "I think he should be forgiven for the reasons stated earlier. I'm sure he's actually a good person deep down in heart."

"Right," Zelda agreed. "Perhaps he wanted someone to stop him all along. Why couldn't he have taken action earlier when he had the chance?"

"Maybe you're right, or maybe you're wrong," Ganondorf said.

"Hey guys, now that we're done here, can we start that already?" Yoshi asked.

"Yeah! I'm dying to start that already!" Kirby said.

"Start what?" Olimar asked curiously.

"You guys never forget about this, don't you?" MH asked. "Okay then, let's celebrate the victory over all these!"

"YAY!!!!!" Yoshi and Kirby cheered.

"We always have parties after going through big adventures like this," Dr. Mario explained to Olimar.

"I see… It sounds fun!" Olimar said.

"By the way, where are the Chaos Emeralds?" MH asked.

"Oh, they separated and went off in their own direction afterwards," Sonic answered. "That's how they work. Don't worry; when the time comes, they'll automatically find a way to reunite with each other again. That's how mysterious and mystical those emeralds are."

Unknown to all of them, Eggman and his two clumsy lackeys had witnessed the whole thing from the sky. "Well, looks like the plan is out," Eggman said.

"So… What happened to Everything? Did it just explode and disappear along with Gamfax or whatever it's called?" Scratch asked.

"If I remember correctly… The power will be released throughout the atmosphere after its container is destroyed. It would be impossible to try and gather this power again and it would take several years for all the bits of the power to gather together in one place."

"Your plans never seem to come to a success, boss," Grounder stated.

"That's none of your business! But I'm not giving up!" Eggman said. "Every genius knows how to come up with new plans for world domination! So long as I still walk the earth, my dream to create Eggmanland will come true for sure! Hahahaha!"

"I can't believe how Sonic is able to be so patient with him…" Scratch whispered to Grounder.

"Yeah… I wonder if the boss's parents could tolerate with him too…" Grounder replied.


A day later, back at Smash Mansion…

The kids were all gathered together looking at the computer screen. "Looks like the site really is down…" Ness said.

What they were looking at was the website Gamfax, but instead of the usual homepage, a white screen with this message was seen instead:

The informational site Gamfax has been closed due to certain reasons. I apologize if this was a website that you always relied on, but after careful decision makings, I have decided to close down this site. There is no more use for this site as there are more and more websites out there that can substitute for this one. I thank you for your long term support on this site. I hope that you have nothing against this and accept this fact. Thank you for your cooperation.

Webmaster, Jim Smelton

And there was a picture of Kochou with a peace sign next to the signature.

"Well, looks like he decided to shut down the site," Young Link said.

"I never liked that place anyway," Popo said. "Especially the message boards..."

"Yeah, I go blind every time I visit that place," Ness said. "I'm glad it's gone. There are other sites that are like this, so it's no big loss. But still, I'm stuck at the game 'Legend of Zelda: The Wind Breaker', and I don't know if I can find any other places for guides…"


Some of the others were at the living room, sprawled out on the sofa and watching TV like they always do. "And now let's have a word from the billionaire Willis!" the news reporter said.

"So… What is there to do?" Falco asked.

"Nothing," Bowser replied while reading a book entitled How to Win a Human Girls' Heart for Anthropomorphic Beings.

"There's never anything for us to do whenever peace is around, is there?"

"It's not that bad," G&W said as he fed a LCD turtle in a glass tank. "It's nice to have some relaxation once in a while. Nothing can go wrong with this, right?"

The phone rang and Bowser picked and handed it to Parry, who spoke into it, "Pizza Palace here! What will it be? Seafood Pizza with cheese crust, garlic bread, bread sticks with zesty sauce, New Orleans Wings, and a big bottle of Pepsi… Okay, we'll be there within 30 minutes!"

And Bowser hung the phone. "More like 30 years…"


Fox and ROB were in the underground lab doing some computer works. Fox turned to ROB and asked him, "Haven't remembered anything about your past yet?"

"It is something that is difficult to remember," ROB said, "but I am having visions of what looked very familiar to me, yet I cannot comprehend the meaning of these."

"Your memory must be starting to flow back. Surely you will remember everything sooner or later. Keep it up!"

"I thank you for your encouragement, but I am not sure if I want to remember my past. I am always reminded of incomprehensible dreadfulness whenever I have these visions."

There was silence in the room as they looked at each other…


Peach's entered into the Mario's Bros. room with a tray of food in her hand. In the room, Mario was on his bed while Luigi was sitting next to him and chatting with him. "I brought you your meal," Peach said.

"Thank you!" Mario said.

Peach placed the tray on a table next to Mario and asked him, "Are you feeling any better?"

"Better now," Mario said. "Boy, eet sure eez very tiring using all that-a power from da Chaos Emerald! I'm not-a sure eef I want-a to do that-a again."

"You looked so cool when you transformed, brother!" Luigi commented. "I should've picture it down so that we can look at it again!"

"I bet-a Sonic must-a be worn out-a too," Mario thought, looking at the blue sky outside the window. "But-a eet wuz worth eet in da end. I'm glad-a that we can have peace for a while!"

"I sure hope so!"

"Have your meal while it's still warm," Peach said. "Want me to feed you?"


Meanwhile, in South Island…


Eggman came out from a pile of scrap metals and shouted, "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!!!"

"Better luck next time, Egghead!" Sonic taunted as he ran away from the mad scientist.

"Sonikku!" shouted a familiar feminine voice from the distance.

"Uh oh, my Amy Alert is tingling… Gotta go!" And Sonic zoomed off at the speed of sound. "Catch ya later, everyone! See ya!"

As Sonic ran off into the horizon, the scene moves up to the blue sky where we see birds flying, clouds drifting, and also the warm sun shining its beam down to the earth.

Surely it is a happy moment and a time to rejoice.

The legacy of Gamfax has ended. Gamfax is no more and never will it come to existence again. The Smashers has once again saved the world. Even if the peace is temporary, all evil forces will not remain for too long so long as these heroic people exist in the world.

of the trilogy

Well, I'm glad that I got over with this trilogy at last! I hope you all enjoyed reading this epic 3-book long adventure!

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm stopping my fictions here. I still have in mind for several other stories in the epic SSB saga. I'll take a short break before working on my next story. What's the next story? Read chapter 40.