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I fell in love with this game, and after reading a few of them on sites, I began to get a few ideas, and off I went, as usual.

Disclaimer: I don't own Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow or any of it's characters – Konami does. I just like making them do things.


Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

By Zefie Kirasagi



Throughout the eons of time, there has always been a name that would be associated with the most fearsome and bloodthirsty form of evil. That name once belonged to a famously rich noble in the early sixteenth century, Count Vladimir Draculia, a man well known not only for his fierceness and blood thirst in war, but also for his unending wealth, as well as his constant seclusion in his grand castle estate in Transylvania. In the seventeenth century, it is know that Vladimir passed away and that his estate was sold off to rich nobles in England.

But Vladimir had not spent his secluded days wistfully. He had dabbled deep into the arts of darkness, evil, and necromancy. And so, four days after his burial, it was reported that the body of Vladimir Draculia was missing from its coffin. Graverobbers were blamed. But in reality, Vladmir was walking the earth again. He abandoned his old name to fashion a new identity as Count Dracula. Now a risen undead, Dracula dabbled even deeper into the dark arts in secret, hiding himself from the world until he could master his second life.

It is not known when Dracula obtained the powers of a vampire, but he did. In the late eighteenth century, he reemerged into the world, powerful, charming, tailored, and ready for a new beginning. He reacquired his old castle estate in Transylvania, a twisting labyrinth of a home. As he began to hire servant girls from nearby towns and villages, promising wealth to their families, many went to the castle to serve the new, rich lord. None were ever heard from again, but some said they could hear the screams of young girls from the estate from time to time. A shadowy, thick forest grew up around the cliff-bound estate, and a perpetual fog seemed to hang about the place.

Then the attacks started. Local villages reported paranormal happenings, ghostly creatures, man-wolves, fish-men, swarms of vampire bats. The people did not leave their homes for fear of running into these creatures. It was when the dead began to rise from the graveyards that true attention was gained – whole villages were swarmed with walking skeletons and zombies.

Into this chaos came a family of renowned vampire hunters called the Belmontes, who had come from afar to aid the people. The elder of the tribe, Simon Belmonte, traveled alone into the forest surrounding the castle, his only weapon being a whip made of lightweight leather with a bladed tip. Although many feared that he would not return, a month after his departure he returned, carrying with him a pale right hand, severed at the wrist. He claimed that the vampiric lord Dracula was dead.

But once again, Dracula was ready to thwart death. Of the many servant girls who he had brought to his castle and drained of their blood to give himself power and to create his first minions, one young maid of the castle remained completely loyal to him: an eternally youthful girl named Persephone. Although Dracula had many 'brides' in terms of his vampirism and she was not among them, Persephone had always held her master's heart close to her own, and so when many of his minions and wives fled the castle after his defeat, she remained to begin the process for his revival. Although upon his return Dracula was willing to offer Persephone anything she desired, she stated that all the wished was to be loyal to her master through the ages.

In the lath twentieth century, Dracula reemerged into Transylvania again, having been revived by Persephone one hundred years earlier. He chose the year 1999 for his reemergence due to a powerful solar eclipse that occurred on August eleventh of that year. His castle, which he now called Castlevania, absorbed the power of the ethereal eclipse and took to the sky, beginning a long journey towards England, where Dracula intended to establish his dominion over the modern world.

In secret, nations of the world began to send armies into the castle from the air by the thousands, sent from every country in the world. But they only served to fuel Dracula's armies as they fell and rose again under his command. Finally, the latest in the Belmonte line of vampire slayers, Julius Belmonte, traveled into the castle. Persephone attempted to defeat him in combat to protect her master, but she was unable to fell him as he struck her down and continued on to fight Dracula, wielding the same bladed whip that Simon Belmonte had carried so long before him. On that day, Dracula was killed entirely, with no hope of revival, and his castle and all his minions within it was pulled inside the eclipse, sealed away for all eternity.

Or so the world would hope. Governments quickly moved to cover up the happenings, and as the world moved into the twenty-first century, the whole occurrence and even the existence of Dracula and the Belmonte clan had been turned into a hypothetical myth by the leaders of the world.

Now the year is 2035. Weather experts have determined that a solar eclipse is coming. The last one was visible perfectly from England.

This one they predict will be best viewed from Japan.


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