This story is written in the form of a movie transcript.

Since I am not very good at English, the words and the sentences might be a little off and confusing. But nevertheless easy to know what the story is about.


In the midst of the Gummi ship travel, Marlene watches the endless space through the pilot room window while Max pilots the ship.

Sarox and PJ enter.

Sarox: Hey there. Is everything okay?

Max: (cheerfully and high-spirited) Quiet and well. We will be landing in the next world soon.

Sarox's smile fades as though something had struck him, and releases a sigh.

Sarox: You know, sometimes I wonder how many sleeping Keyblade Masters there really are in the worlds. I mean, we've been searching for so long, I have honestly lost count of how many we've already awakened. Not to mention we've only found three Princesses so far. I even wonder how many more worlds we have to visit to find them all.

Max's smile fades away now as Sarox's negative words begin to touch him.

Max: I think I get your point. We're always just passing through and fighting Heartless. Sometimes even I wonder when we'll see home again, if ever.

Marlene leaves her seat to comfort Sarox's shoulder.

Marlene: Let's just take one step at a time and believe that we can finish this someday. As long as we stay together, we'll be able to end this, and with people by our side, there's no way that we will lose. Isn't that why we're still fighting?

PJ: (cheerfully) C'mon, guys! This ship runs on happy faces, remember? Let's lift those frownings off your faces!

PJ and Marlene's comfort seem to work. Sarox immediately lightens up his spirits.

Sarox: Yeah, you're right. Thanks.

Max's frown lifts into a smile again. And then, he sees something up ahead.

Max: Hey, we're there!

He points to a small planet up ahead. Suddenly, Marlene's chest emits in a weak glow; the glow can only mean one thing.

Marlene: A Princess of Heart is in that world.

PJ: Let's go find her, then!

They head straight into the world up ahead. The Gummi Ship stops right above its atmosphere, frozen in place on auto-pilot and releases a sharp ray of light down to the planet.


The beam lands in an alley and forms the bodies of Sarox, Marlene, Max and PJ as it fades.

PJ looks around the alley as they take in the surrounding of the new world.

PJ: Seems pretty normal to me.

Suddenly a loud noise of explosion and people running in fear echo into the alley. The four of them rush toward the end of the alley together.


The quartet runs out to the streets to catch the co-motion. A gigantic robot with one eye stands 200 yards before them. In the background, many tall buildings have already been destroyed by the robot.

Marlene: (intimidated) Th-That's a real… really b-big one.

Max: (fearlessly) Uh, come on, we've faced worse.

PJ: (not as optimistic) No, never anything as big as a giant robot.

The robot readies to attack the quartet, but a woman in a red-blue cape flies past its eye and draws its attention. It tries to catch her with its metal claws, but she flies as fast as a bird and easily dodges its advances. She flies in circles around its head as a means to immobilize it.

Sarox, Marlene, Max and PJ: (together; amazed) Wow!

Then, without warning, a man in a compatible cape jumps down from the sky and knocks into the robot's core with one simple punch. The impact causes the robot to fall backward and break apart on the ground. As soon as the robot is defeated, the citizens re-emerge from their hiding places and cheer for the two superheroes that saved the day. The quartet also look on in astonishment.

Max: What world are we in now, exactly?

PJ: Sky High – the world of superheroes.

Before the hurray stopped, a swam of robot-hybrid Heartless ("Radar Loader") suddenly appear in front of the quartet and interrupt their moment.

Sarox: Heartless!

They draw out their weapons to fight the monsters. But before any of them could make a move, the superheroine flies forth and kicks one Heartless flying into its companions like bowling. The quartet observe the woman in amazement. The male hero comes jumping past them and knocks out all of the Heartless with punches, vanquishing them all.

Sarox, Max, Marlene & PJ: (amazed in idolization) Whoa!

The superheroes; the Commander and Jetstream, look heartfelt into each other's eyes with smiling faces.

The Commander and Jetsream: (together) "Nice teamwork!"

Max: (whispers) Surely saves us a lot of work, those two.

Jetstream turns her attention to the kids and walks toward them.

Jetstream: You kids have to be careful. These things don't look easy to fight. We've been trying to wipe them out for weeks.

Then, completely without warning, another Radar Loader Heartless appears behind the unsuspecting Jetstream and makes a jump on her. PJ, however, sees the Heartless.

PJ: (urgently) Look out! Fire!

He aim his wand at the Heartless and fires a fireball that bursts the Heartless into flames, vanquishing it. Jetstream and the Commander look impressed by his power.

The Commander: (approaches to them) That was quite impressive, I take it you're heroes-in-training, too.

Max straightens his back.

Max: (grins proudly) Of course.

Jetstream: Well, then what are you doing here? School is starting soon, you gotta go.

The Commander: Come on, honey. They're big kids, they can get to school in no time. (to the quartet) Right?

Sarox: (lies) Uh, actually, we sort of need your help. See, we don't know where this school is.

The Commander: (surprised) You don't know where it is?

Jetstream: Oh, it's not so weird, honey. That thing floats in the sky, it moves around all the time. How do you expect four kids to know where it is without jumping on the bus?

Marlene improvises her lies.

Marlene: Which we have missed, so we can't get there. That is why we're in town, we wanted to ask someone if they know how we could get there.

Jetstream: (offers kindly) Now, why don't I take you there instead?

A small object flies past them. From its shape, Jetstream recognizes it as the flying bus to Sky High. Her lips lift up to a smile.

Jetstream: Wait here.

She flies directly toward the flying bus, stops it with a stopping motion, and then flies back down with the bus following. She then motions Ron Wilson, the bus driver, to open the door. He does.

Ron Wilson: (asks in amazement) What can I do for you, Jetstream?

Jetstream: You have missed four kids, Ron.

She turns to the quartet again.

Jetstream: Come on! Off you go!

The kids put on fake smiles and hop on the bus followed by Jetstream and the Commander. As they look for available seats, Jetstream looks past the freshman students to find her son at the back.

Jetstream: Hey, Will!

She waves at Will, who feels a little embarrassed but doesn't dare to hide behind his seat and waves back. In the meantime, Sarox, Marlene, Max and PJ find their own seats – Sarox sits by Will, Max sits by Magenta, Marlene by Larry, and PJ by Ethan.

Will Stronghold: Hey, mom!

Jetstream: I'll see you when you get off school. Don't forget to use your notebook to write down the teacher's words.

The Commander: Come on, honey. He's going to be late. It's his first day, the first impression is very important.

She nods in agreement and gets off the bus, but the Commander stays behind for a moment.

Commander: I'll see you later, son.

Will nods in response. The Commander gets off the bus and Ron sets off for Sky High: the academy for future superheroes.